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    Armor King by Blacksmith

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/10/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    + ARMOR KING FAQ version 1.2                        +
    + By The Blacksmith - oahfab@tin.it - ICQ# 60357620 + 
    + Disclaimer 
    + Version history
    + The purpose
    + A brief Armor King profile
    + Basics
      - Conventions
      - Get up from ground, sidestep and parry
      - Tagging    
    + Moves
      - Throws and multiparts
      - Arts
      - Tenstrings
    + Use of the moves
      - Throws and multiparts
      - Arts
      - Tenstrings 
    + Juggles
    + Credits
    This Faq is property of The Blacksmith Workshop: therefore it can't be reproduced without 
    the permission of the author. TTT and all characters are copyrighted by Namco.
    0.1 - First version ever. Inserted all the moves and names according to 
          www.tekkentagtournament.com. and to Catlord's move list at www.tekkenzaibatsu.com;
    0.2 - Added the "Use of the moves" and "Juggles" sections and corrected grammar 
    0.3 - Corrected grammar errors and completed sections;
    0.4 - Completed the "Use of the moves" section; 
    0.5 - Added the Tombstone Piledriver trick and corrected "Multipart" section;
    0.6 - Completed "Basics" section; 
    0.7 - Found errors and corrected them. Added two more arts and added the damage amount of
          Double Shin Kick and Mini Spinning Headboot. Added another juggle, taken from Tekken
          Zaibatsu's arcade movie for Armor King; 
    0.8 - Corrected "Tagging" and completed "Arts";
    0.9 - Inserted Lee's note about Jumping Knee and corrected and completed "Credits" 
    1.0 - Inserted "The purpose" section to clarify my aim. Added juggles and Tag-In juggles 
          either taken from Tekken Zaibatsu's Armor King arcade and PSX2 juggle movies;
    1.1 - Made corrections, added comments in the "Arts" section and a juggle;
    1.2 - Made corrections, added a juggle and the new Tombstone Piledriver trick, suggested 
          by IluvMoMo.
    The purpose of this Faq is to provide an help using Armor King in Vs battles: therefore
    I will not include methods of combat against CPU opponents as, and you'll have certainly 
    noticed, CPU is not a hard opponent (even if Unknown can cause problems sometimes) and you 
    don't need particular tactics to beat it as it uses the same fighting style over and over. 
    Use the CPU to train yourself, try and discover juggles, learn tricks and understand arts' 
    properties. Ok, let's start!!!   
    Armor King is back in TTT and he's quite changed. Now he's a more complete character 
    with some multipart throws and an interesting juggle possibility. He's a well balanced 
    fighter that has his advantages (in fact you can use the Crouch Dash to confuse your 
    opponent, have a good okizeme possibility and count on a mid/high move power), and his 
    weaknesses (Armor King lacks about power shots as he cannot count on monsters like Paul's
    Phoenix Smasher or Bryan's Mach Punch, he has an unblockable move that an expert player 
    can  prevent easily and, above all, he's not a very fast fighter). 
    I use him a lot because I like his fighting style and, maybe it's strange to say, I like 
    his mask and the red glowing eye on it.
    + Conventions + 
    1 = left punch;
    2 = right punch;
    3 = left kick;
    4 = right kick;
    5 = tag in / out;
    f = tap forward; 
    F = hold forward;
    b = tap backward;
    B = hold backward;
    N = leave the joystick neutral;
    ~ = press immediately after previous command;
    WS = while standing;
    df = down+forward;
    DF = hold down+forward;
    db = down+back;
    DB = hold down+back;
    u/d = sidestep right / left of your opponent;
    U = hop;
    Uf = hop forward; 
    Ub = hop backward;
    f, f = dash forward;
    b, b = dash backward;
    f, f, f = run;
    HCF = half circle forward;
    QCF = quarter circle forward;
    Crouch Dash = f, d, df;
    Okizeme = attack a grounded opponent with techniques like Corporate Elbow, Staggers 
              Kicks, Double Shin Kick.  
    + Get up from ground, sidestep, parry +
    If you have played enough time to TTT you'll have certainly noticed that the game offers a 
    lot of basic techniques that an average player must know and understand. 
    It's important for example to know how and when get up from ground, how to use the sidestep, 
    how and when, but it's not fundamental, to parry.
    Speaking about "while-on-the-ground techniques":
    - you can perform a rising mid kick hitting 4, or a rising low kick using 3;
    - you can make a tech roll by hitting a button as soon as you hit the ground; if you tap a
      button after a tech roll you'll perform the corresponding while-standing-attack;  
    - you can roll forward or backward using the joystick or roll sideways using 1 (back) or 
      D + 1 (front); after a roll you can use a rising mid kick or a rising low kick;
    - with b, B + 3+4 you can do a Spiral Lunge that leaves you back turned. Quite useful if     
      you want to surprise the opponent that's running towards you to try an okizeme. Remember
      that the back turned position leaves you quite vulnerable;
    - with f, F + 1+2 you can perform a Head dive. Use it when you are at a medium distance 
      from the opponent. If you hit the opponent, he will be knocked down and you'll have the
      chance for okizeme; 
    - with d+4 you can perform a quick Ankle Kick, good to interrupt an okizeme attempt.
    About sidestep, you have to learn to use it at the right moment and remember that you can't
    avoid every move as some of them like Jin, Heihachi, Devil, etc., etc. Dragon Punches and 
    some unblockables will "follow" you even during the sidestep.
    The parry it's not, in my opinion, a fundamental technique: all the charachters can perform
    a  low  parry simply tapping df at the moment the low hit is going to strike. Some other 
    character, like Law or Bryan, can use also an high/mid hit parry but, as Armor King has
    not this possibility I will not speak about it. Therefore if you want to use the low parry, 
    try to use it to interrupt opponents that are trying tenstrings or others strings that you 
    know have low hits at a certain point. You'll notice that sometimes is better to block the 
    low hit and follow with a quick counter attack.
    + Tagging +
    Tagging in is another thing that it's important to learn. For example, if you tag in at 
    the  wrong  moment and the  opponent is near, you'll take  a granted hit like a Phoenix 
    Smasher, a Mach Breaker, an unblockable, or one of your opponent's juggle starters and you 
    don't want this to happen. You  have  many different ways  to tag in: with f, f, f, N 1+2 
    you can perform a Head Dive; with f, f, N + 4, 4, 4 you can perform 3 Stagger Kicks: very 
    useful as they hit low and quite quickly.
    + Throws +
    Name                        Command              Damage        Escape
    °Knee Bash                     1+3                  30             1
    °Suplex                        2+4                  30             2 
    °Reverse Death          close to opponent's         40             1
     Valley Bomb           left side 1+3 or 2+4                         
    °Heavy Fall             close to opponent's         40             2
     Reverse DDT           right side 1+3 or 2+4                             
    °Reverse DDT            close to opponent's         55            No
    	               back side 1+3 or 2+4
    °Giant Swing                f, HCF +1               70*            1
    °Pile Driver                 QCF + 1                25      1 or 3+4
    °Tombstone Piledriver       db, F + 2               58             2
    °DDT                       db, DB + 1+2             45           1+2
    °Jumping Pile Driver    2+4, d, d, D + 1+2          35            No
    °Armor King Driver **      d, DB + 2+4              32             2
    °Mount Position ***         D, DB + 1+2              -           ****   
    °Mount Position *****     DB +1+3 or 2+4             -
    °Frankensteiner              df + 3+4            Variable         No
    * Damage inflicted is halved if the opponent does a tech roll;
    ** If your partner is King you can link this throw into a Tag Flying Lariat
    hitting 5 during the Armor King Driver;
    *** Follow the Mount Position with Mounted Punches: 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2;
    **** Reverse with d+1+2, escape with d+3+4;
    ***** Use this variant of the normal Mount Position only on grounded opponents.
    + Multiparts +
    Name                        Command              Damage        Escape
    A) Choke Sleeper           f, d, df+1+2            32            1+2
    B) Falling Sleeper        3+4, 3+4, 1+2            15             2  
       Chain Throw        
    C) Triple Mount Punches     1, 1, 1+2              20             1
    D) Stretch Muffler       3, 4, 1+2, 3+4            23             2
    E) Half Nelson Press      2+4, 1+2, 1+2            25             1
    Possible sequences       Total Damage 
    1) A, E.                      57
    2) A, B, C.                   67
    3) A, B, D.                   70
    + Arts +
    Name                        Command              Damage         Hits
    °Hammer Strike *              df+1                  15           M
    °Gut Punch                    df+2                  12           M
    °Left Right Upper           1, 2, 1             6, 10, 10       H, H
    °Shadow Lariat             f, d, df+1               32           H
    °Left Straight               d+1, 2                5, 15        M, M
     Light Upper
    °Water Parting Chop           b+1                   30           H
    °Lifting Elbow **       While standing 1            10           M
    °Palm Upper                f, d, df+2               21           M
    °Crouching Uppercut ***      D, DF+2                20           M
    °Uppercut                  Sidestep 2               22           M
    °Jab Uppercut                 2, 1                12, 12        H, M
    °K's Flicker ***             f, f+2                 20           M
    °Stomach Smash ****         f, f, N+2                6           L
    °Capital Punishment      f+1+2 or uf+1+2            35           M
    °Head First Lunge           f, f+1+2                15       Variable
    °Burning Knuckle            f+1+2, D 
                            or uf, N, D+1+2             45    Unblockable
    °Corporate Elbow *****       d+1+2                  21           M
    °Toll Kick                    b+3                   20           H
    °Blind Kick            When back turned 3           25           M
    °Konvict Kick               f, f+4                  26           M
    °Jumping Knee             f, d, df+4                25           M
    °Staggers Kicks ******   d + 3+4, 4, 4          17, 7, 7      L, L, L
                           or D, DF + 4, 4, 4
    °Straight Arrow ****         B+1+4                  30           H
    °Black Shoulder              F+1+4                  36           M
    °Double Shin Kick            db+4                   16           L
    °Mini Spinning Headboot       3+4                   42           H
    °Drop Kick                  f, f+3+4                32           M
    °Running Drop Kick     While running 3+4            52           M
    °Jumping Roundhouse       Sidestep 3+4                           H
    °Jump Moon Drop           U, N + 1+4                25    Unblockable  
                            or UF, N + 1+4
    * knocks opponent on the ground on counter;
    ** backturns opponent on counter;
    *** you can tag these moves only if you hit;
    **** stun on counter;
    ***** use on grounded opponents;
    ****** on counter you can perform two more kicks.
    + Tenstrings +
    Armor King has only a tenstring: you can change it in a ninestring starting with f+2
    Tenstring         1,  2,  1, 1, 2, 4, 4, 4, 1,  3  
    Damage per hit   12, 15, 10, 6, 6, 5, 5, 5, 7, 24
                      H,  H,  M, M, H, L, L, L, M,  M
    + Throws and multiparts + 
    Knee Bash: follow it with some okizeme technique, like the Staggers Kicks; you can 
    follow the throw with the Corporate Elbow too, but you have to be very fast. Other 
    good follow-ups for this throw are the Double Shin Kick ,or the Black Shoulder even 
    if they are not guaranteed.
    Suplex: if you want to use this throw, always link it into the Jumping Pile Driver: 
    it looks better, it inflicts more damage and favours okizeme. When the Jumping Pile 
    Driver link starts, the throw is not escapable.
    Side throws: Maybe it's strange to say but I don't use side throws often. They can be 
    avoided easily as they have a one button escape so I use the Uppercut, a Jumping 
    Roundhouse or, best of all, use the Palm Upper to start a juggle. You can follow the 
    Reverse Death Valley Bomb with the Mount Position, Mounted Punches.  
    Reverse DDT: when your opponent is backturned, use this a lot as it is better of a 
    juggle. 55 pts of damage are a considerable amount of damage.
    Giant Swing: a good throw, easy to perform that has a drawback: it can be tech 
    rolled and the damage halved. Nevertheless, after it you can try a running attack.
    Pile Driver: I don't use it a lot as it's only 25 pts damage, even if you have 3 
    Staggers Kicks granted after it.
    Tombstone Piledriver: the strongest throw in Armor King's arsenal (remember that 
    the Giant Swing can be tech rolled). Plus, you can try an okizeme after it. The 
    great drawback of the Tombstone Piledriver is the command: there aren't a lot of 
    joysticks with good diagonals. Lately I learnt (thanks go to "invincible" Bax for 
    this) a very simple trick that allows you to perform the Tombstone every time you 
    want: simply tap db twice, then f + 2. I'm not sure, but I think that you can follow 
    the Tombstone with the Mount Position, Mounted Punches. Another great way to perform
    the Tombstone, and this method is better than the 2 x db method, is QCB, f+2 (thanks 
    goto IluvMoMo for this).
    DDT: interesting, the motion is easier and faster than King's version but, as I 
    said for the Tombstone Piledriver, there's the problem of the diagonals. Good amount 
    of damage. 
    Armor King Driver: use it only if you have King as a partner, and you want to tag
    out in a different, and spectacular, way. 
    Mount Position, Mounted Punches: I use this move only after the Shadow Lariat or the
    Lifting Elbow, as after being hit by these moves the opponent is face down, so the 
    Mount Position cannot be reversed. You can use the Mount Position infinite times on 
    an opponent that's face down as after every mount he will be stunned for enough time 
    to allow you to do another mount and so on. This glitch is possible ONLY when the 
    opponent is face down. Therefore, don't use this "bastard variant" if you don't want 
    your opponent to kill you because you won with such a cheap move.
    Frankensteiner: if it connects properly, it becomes a throw that inflicts a good 
    amount of damage. Use it when the opponent tags in and you are at close distance. 
    Another good use of this move is after a blocked Jumping Knee: immediately after
    getting blocked, try the Frankensteiner. You can also tag out after this move.
    Multiparts: use them as a part of your Crouch Dash confusing strategy. Remember that
    Armor King has only a multipart starter, that can be easily escaped with 1+2, but 
    multiparts remain a good opportunity of damage. If the starter lands, feel free of 
    follow with the sequence you prefer; even if 2) and 3) are the most damaging, their 
    enders are both preceded by the Falling Sleeper Chain Throw, that's easy escapable 
    with 2, so use also 1) sequence: you'll be less predictable and your multipart will
    be harder to interrupt. 
    + Arts +
    Hammer Strike: use this when the opponent is trying a combo: you will knock him on the
    ground and have, but I'm not sure, an okizeme possibility.
    Gut Punch: even if this move has the same name as Kazuya's, it's completely different
    and quite useless. 
    Left Right Upper: use them a lot like a counter, because they are fast and damaging.
    Shadow Lariat: a very good move: fast, damaging and allows you to perform a granted 
    Mount Position, Mounted Punches; plus, remember that Mounted Punches on an opponent 
    that has face down cannot be reversed. If blocked, this move lets you recover without 
    problems. You can use it also during juggles, even if you have to be very fast.
    Left Straight Light Upper: a fast and useful string that you can use to stop an 
    opponent that's trying to attack. Very useful to stop all kinds of strings.
    Water Parting Chop: I don't use it a lot because it has a quite long recovery time;
    you can try to use it when opponent tags in and you are at close distance or during 
    juggles, right after a Palm Upper.
    Lifting Elbow: a strange move, that proves useful only if it becomes a counter: the 
    opponent will be backturned, and you'll have the opportunity of starting a juggle 
    with a Palm Upper; you can also try a Konvict Kick or a Shadow Lariat. The Reverse DDT
    is not granted as you need time to get near the opponent. If the Lifting Elbow doesn't 
    counter, the opponent will be face down head towards so you can follow with Mount 
    Position, Mounted Punches. If you hit a backturned opponent with the Lifting Elbow, the 
    move will become a juggle starter.  
    Palm Upper: the best juggle starter in your arsenal. Don't use it always, but mix it
    with the other moves that start with a Crouch Dash or you'll eat a reversal. You can 
    tag after this move.
    Crouching Uppercut: an interesting move. Use it to stop an high attack or after avoiding 
    a throw attempt and juggle at the same time.
    Uppercut: try to use it to stop an opponent that is getting near to try a throw or that
    has started a string. I use it more than the side throws, as throws are easy to escape. 
    Moreover it is a quite damaging  move, that stuns  on hit. After this you can  try some 
    follow-up, like the Double Shin Kick or the Konvict Kick.
    Jab Uppercut: use it only during a juggle. In close combat it's too easily reversable
    and slow.
    K's Flicker: use this move as a counter. If you're smart, you can learn to use it as 
    a counter adding another juggle starter to your arsenal. Like the Konvict Kick, you can 
    perform this move after a Crouch Dash, tapping f, d, df, f + 2.
    Stomach Smash: I ignore this move. You can't follow it with a throw like King, and
    it's rather difficult to stun the opponent. If you want to use this move follow it 
    with Toll Kick or Stagger Kick.
    Capital Punishment: I use this move after juggles or after sending the opponent to the 
    ground. You'll get a  granted and quite damaging hit if the opponent try to get up except
    for side roll get ups: in the last case in fact, you'll be open to a side throw or any 
    other type of attack. When you use this move try to "foresee" how the opponent gets up.
    Head First Lunge: when I do this move, if I get blocked I try a Left Straight Light Upper 
    string. Therefore, you don't have a very fast recovery after the move and often you will 
    be thrown or hit. Don't use this move, it's better.
    Burning Knuckle: this unblockable has to be used carefully: it can surprise almost every 
    opponent, even experts but it can be prevented and avoided easily with a simple sidestep. 
    When you use this move try to calculate distances: if you land close to your opponent but
    you don't hit him, you will be completely vulnerable. A plus of this move is that if you 
    jump behind the opponent Armor King will turn and still hit.
    Corporate Elbow: I use it after the Knee Bash, or to finish a juggle when the opponent 
    is on the ground (see "Juggles" section).
    Toll Kick: excellent as juggle ender and as a counter move. Its good priority gives you
    the opportunity to take away the opponent if you are under pressure or tag out if in trouble.
    Blind Kick: very good to surprise and stun someone who wants to attack when you are back 
    turned. You can try this move also after the Frankensteiner (throw). However it's not very 
    fast and remember that the back turned position is not very safe as you can't count on other
    specific moves like Lei or Xiaoyu.
    Konvict Kick: use it to hit at mid/long distance, to finish juggles or hit an opponent
    when he tags in . Don't use a lot on players that use reversals or you'll have to regret.
    You can perform this move even after a Crouch Dash, simply tapping f, d, df, f + 4.
    Jumping Knee: a very good move, maybe Armor King's best Crouch Dash move. It can't be 
    reversed so alternate it with the Shadow Lariat, that hits high, and the Palm Upper. If the 
    opponent crouches he will get the hit and a good amount of damage. You can use this move to
    hit big characters like the Jacks or Kuma when they are on the ground and try to get up rolling 
    forward or to hit them during a juggle (thanks go to Lee for this).   
    Staggers Kicks: I use this move as an okizeme or when opponent tags in and try an attack: 
    you'll crouch, avoid the attack and hit. Plus if you counter you can perform 5 granted kicks 
    instead of the standard 3.
    Straight Arrow: use it only with beginners and with computer in the first stages. It's too 
    slow and even an intermediate fighter will punish you. Therefore, if you manage to hit on counter,
    follow the move with a Palm Upper to start a juggle.
    Black Shoulder: the great advantages of this move are priority and good damage. Use it mainly
    on opponents that try to get up rolling away, that are charging an unblockable attack, or that
    are tagging in.
    Double Shin Kick: (wé!) I use it to surprise the opponent and hit low, or as an okizeme. The 
    great drawback of this move is the very low damage it inflicts. Use a lot this move when you 
    want to be aggressive and pressure your opponent, alternating it with the Jumping Knee. 
    Mini Spinning Headboot: use it when you want to hit high and your opponent is at mid distance. 
    Drop Kick: I don't use this move because it's slooooooooow.
    Running Drop Kick: can inflict high damage but you will hit the opponent with this 0,00000001 
    times you'll try it.
    Jumping Roundhouse: use it as an alternative to side throws or when  opponent is not at throw
    distance. I think this move is better than the Mini Spinning Headboot: the sidestep position 
    is better for this move as leaves you recover with less risk to suffer okizeme from your
    Jump Moon Drop: it's the same as King's but,  because of its stupid command, you'll have to wait
    centuries before hitting someone with it.  
    Tenstring: use the complete string only with beginners as they will take it all; with other 
    players simply use the first 2 punches as they are quite quick. The rest of the string is easy 
    to block and during the 3 Stagger Kicks, the opponent can parry.
    You can start juggles with these moves:
    1) Hop right kick: UF + 4
    2) Palm Upper: f, d, df+2
    3) Crouching Uppercut: D, DF+2
    - Juggle opener, 2, 1, Toll Kick;
    -       "      , 2, 1, Corporate Elbow;
    -       "      , 2, 1, f, 1, Staggers Kicks. 
    Other juggles:
    - Hop right Kick, 2, 1, Konvict Kick;
    - Counter hit with Lifting Elbow, Palm Upper, 1, 2, 1, 2, Toll Kick;
    - Counter hit with Straight Arrow, Palm Upper, Jumping Knee;
    - Lifting Elbow, d + 1, 1, 2, Toll Kick;
    - Lifting Elbow, Gut Punch, Left Straight Light Upper, Stagger Kick;
    - Counter with Lifting Elbow, Palm Upper, Shadow Lariat;
    - (Against a big character) Palm Upper, 1, Palm Upper, 1, Toll Kick;
    - Counter hit with Straight Arrow, Palm Upper, 1, Palm Upper, Double Shin Kick;
    - Palm Upper, Palm Upper, 1, Palm Upper;
    - Palm Upper, Palm Upper, 3 Stagger Kicks;
    - Palm Upper, F+1, 1, Palm Upper;
    - Palm Upper, F+1, F+1, Palm Upper, 2 Stagger Kicks;
    - Palm Upper, Water Parting Chop, 3 Stagger Kicks;
    - (Against a big character) Palm Upper, Palm Upper, 1, Shadow Lariat, Left Straight Light Upper.
    Tag-In juggles:
    - Michelle's Tigers's Claw (df+3+4) ~5, 1, Jumping Knee;
    - Heihachi's Wind God Fist (f, d, df+2) ~5, f,f+1, f,f+1, f,f+1, f,f+1, Palm Upper; 
    - Yoshimitsu's Kangaroo Kick (4~3) ~5, 1, Konvict Kick;
    -               "                    , Jumping Knee, d+1, WS+4; 
    - Hwoarang's Sky Rocket (f, d, df+4) ~5, Straight Arrow.
    - www.tekkentagtournament.com for the names of all the throws, some art names, hit damage 
      and properties;
    - Catlord's movelist (catlord@tekkenzaibatsu.com) for other art names;
    - www.tekkenzaibatsu.com for juggle movies and other great stuff like its forums. Check this 
      site because there you can find all you need about Tekken;
    - Castel (castel@tekkenzaibatsu.com) for his movies, and all other people of Tekken Zaibatsu;
    - My friend Bax for the Tombstone Piledriver trick;
    - Lee for his note about juggle possibility using Jumping Knee against big characters;
    - IluvMoMo for his new Tomstone Piledriver trick.
    That's finished! It was my first Faq, I hope you will find it useful. I apologize for grammar
    mistakes but I'm Italian so  I can't write in English  perfectly. If you  find errors or have 
    hints, please e-mail me, and I'll give you credit. Remember that you can find me with ICQ too.   
    11/07/2000                                                                     The Blacksmith    

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