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"Do we really need another Tekken??"

A home port of the popular Tekken Tag Tournament arcade game was always on the cards. Namco's conversion actually surpasses the coin-op, much like Soul Calibur on Dreamcast, and is handled with such style and panache that you can't help but be impressed.

But, it is the same old Tekken, dressed up in 128-bit clothing. From the cinematic intro to the animated victory poses, everything has that highly polished, almost clinical Namco feel. The graphics are, in my mind, the greatest yet on any home console, from the way the grass sway in the wind- to the ripples in the fighter's bodies as an attempt to strike is executed, and the expression on your character's face as they take hits.

Upon completion, additional charcters are unlocked, thus lengthening the title's life-span, as per usual in Namco games. Customary training and survival modes add a little variety to the proceedings, but it really comes alive in 2 player mode, with support for up to 4 participants. Having two evenly matched competitors of equal ability involved in some versus play is an exciting and engrossing experience, even breathtaking at times, akin to watching two genuine martial arts masters at action. There is plenty of scope for comboes and juggles. In fact, just check the FAQs to see just how much depth there is, for those who wish to take their game to high levels of play.

There is little doubt that TTT is a technically accomplished game, bearing all the typical hallmarks of Namco quality. And fans of the genre will be overjoyed to see their favourite protagonists in 128-bit glory, but even they would have to admit that little has evolved since Tekken 3. Very little. And this, perhaps, is TTT's major stumbling block- those who played and enjoyed any of the other Tekkens will find this a repetitive, if aethetically pleasing, experience. Even the confusing addition of a Tekken Bowl mini-game fails to prevent one from thinking that this is little more than clinical marketing from Namco. Those new to the Tekken games will be in for a treat. The rest of us will be wondering what the fuss is all about. It'll sell bucketloads, and probably undeservedly so, yet it probably is the most technically accomplished title yet seen on any of the home formats.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/10/00, Updated 09/10/00

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