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"Tekken, possibly one of the best 3d fighting games of all time. Tekken Tag Tournament adds a whole new perspective to this wonderful series."

I remember the first time I was playing Tekken for the Playstation. I thought that it was the greatest game in the whole world and to think they would come out with a Tekken that not only has characters from Tekken, but also from Tekken 2 and 3, plus a Tag system that allows you to play with up to 4 friends makes this game the best Tekken of all time and a must for the PS2.

The graphics have been enhanced, which will make your mouth water and your eyes pop. There are twenty characters to choose from when you start out, but there is an amazing 34 characters in all, and they look better than ever. There are tons of moves and tag combinations that are extremely powerful.

TTT's (Tekken Tag Tournament) opening movie is good, but not great. It shows off the PS2's graphics, besides it's pretty cool to see the look on the guys face as the cars crash. Too bad Namco didn't make this opening more like Tekken 2's, which I think is the most enjoyable of all the Tekkens.

The music isn't all that bad, actually, during my first battle I felt like dancing ^___^ I love the hitting and kicking sounds, BAAAAAMMM!!! KKKKK!!!! Turn up the volume and get in the mood to kick some rear end.

Control is an important factor in any game...well, this game has some characters for you button smashers out there and has other characters that require more skill, but preform better. All in all the control is exceptionally good, and will make any fighter fanatic happy.

Overall I'd give this game a 1...just joking, this game deserves a 10! I LOVE IT, and more than likely you and the three other peole that you choose to play it with will LOVE it also.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/28/00, Updated 10/28/00

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