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"Quite possibly the best PS2 launch title yet"

Graphics – 9
Man, if the graphics were any better, you’d think this was real fighting on TV. Well done backgrounds, even the fans cheering you on look real (well, compared to most games). But, like the Tekken series, still no blood. When you kick a guy, you expect him to bleed, not an explosion or a wave of energy. Well, I don’t know if not having blood is good or bad. But one thing that kind of annoys my about the backgrounds (those other Tekken fans will know what I’m talking about) the backgrounds just don’t look real while the cameras moving. It’s almost like there’s two stages, one inside of the other. And when one stage moves, the other can’t quite keep up. This is not too noticeable though, and certainly not enough to lower the score.

Sound – 10
Man, the sound effects are your average grunting and moaning but the music, good lord it’s awesome. Thank god that there’s a jukebox you can access. The music is hard to describe, but once you hear it, you may find that the tune sticks in your head for hours after.

Characters – 10
Man there’s allot, I’d say well into the 30’s. And each one is nicely detail with vibrant colors. And of course, being the part of the Tekken series, each character has multiple costumes ranging from two to six. The additional costumes are available by pressing different buttons as you choose your character. Costumes may be just changes in skin color to the addition of armor to a total change in wardrobe. And the ideas for the characters, of course you got the humans (which are the majority of the players) but you also have robots, bears, a kangaroo, a dinosaur, there’s even a wooden training dummy you can play as.

Control – 10
Quick, responsive, accurate, these all can be used to describe the control of this game. You know, I never thought I’d say this of any fighting game, but the rumbling feature of the Dual Shock actually adds to this game. TTT, although it is Dual Shock compatible, is not analog compatible. In simple terms, you can only use the d-pad.

Replay – 10
You’ll spend literally days trying to unlock all the secrets and modes of play in this game. For example, there’s Tekken Bowling Tournament, Theater mode, Gallery. Of course you also have your standard modes, arcade, 1 on 1, team the usual.

Overall – 10
A perfect 10! This game may perhaps be the best PS2 launch title yet! Buy it, buy it, BUY IT. It’s Tekken man, that means it’s instantly a classic as soon as it hits the shelves.

Various modes of play:
-Arcade mode: even novices to the series should know what this is, this is the main part of the game, the part to beat to unlock all it’s goodies.
-Time Attack: and another no-brainer, beat the game (like in arcade mode), see how long it takes you.
-Survival: see how long you can last. You have one life to see how many enemies you can murdelize. After battle, your life bar goes up a little, but it’s not fully restored.
-VS mode: duh, battle a friend.
-1 on 1: just you versus the CPU or a friend, no tag teaming here.
-Team mode: choose up to eight characters, fight up to eight characters, when all is said and done, see who’s the victor.
-Practice mode: this is were you get to perfect the art of fighting.

Modes to unlock:
-Theater: watch as your favorite character struts his/her/it’s stuff.
-Gallery: take snapshots during gameplay.
-Bowling: awe, now this one is perhaps the coolest of all. It’s bowling done Tekken style.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/28/00, Updated 10/28/00

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