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"Eat your heart out Dead or Alive 2!"

After Tekken 3, this is the best fighter and ever shall be. All of your favorite Tekken characters are here! Even Mokujin!When you hear the word ''Tekken'', you think of a fast paced fighting game with great sound, well designed characters, and crisp, top -notch graphics. This game totally lives up to it's sequels and blows them away at the same time! this game has every character from all the tekken games! Plus they have some brand new moves too! All the Tekken 2 characters are updated with side-throws, side-stepping attacks, and more! The soundtrack is no slouch either, with 20 techno-styled tracks, the music will get your aldrenaline flowing and blood pumping in no time! Plus all new aspects of gameplay are introduced in this game, such as tag throws, tag combos, low parries, and more! There are also brand new modes, like gallery, and Tekken Bowl! you'll have to find these out yourself

Now the total reveiw,

Graphics 10/10, perfect score! this game has the best graphics I have ever seen in my life! No Dreamcast could do this. You could see people moving around in the background, helicopters flying around, fire coming out of the walls, and more!Anti-Aliasing is used to the greatest effect in this game! absolutely no jaggies, ever! even with my glasses on, i still cant see any, period!

Sound 10/10, another perfect score! the music is exellent, no tracks are repetitive and boring! they get you pumped up!

Control 10/10, perfect! this game has great control! no slowdown whatsoever! everything runs smooth and sharp! the character moves perfectly and responds accurately!

Replay value 10/10, insanely high! i'll still be playing this for another 3 years! just like Tekken 1,2,and 3, when you're hooked, you stay hooked, indefinitely!

Overall 11/10, yes, it's that good! if any other designers manage to top this, it will be a miracle! the thing is, nobody ever will top this game, ever! this will remain the best playstation 2 fighting game, forever! if you have a Psx2, and you dont have Tekken Tag Tournament, throw that copy of DoA2 out the window, and speed right over to your nearest video game store, and buy it! you wont be dissapointed!


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/04/00, Updated 11/04/00

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