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"A great fighting debut for the ps2"

Gameplay: 9
The gameplay in Tekken is very similar to the gameplay in older versions. However, one of the great things about this game is that characters have new moves. Many of them have all of their moves from previous versions of Tekken and new ones, and some characters have move lists which have been re-done.

The game has tons of combos to execute, which is very good for gameplay. From 2 hit combos to the amazing 10 hit combos, each character has a wide variety of moves at his or her disposal. Furthermore, all the characters are balanced fairly well, and any character can beat any other character. However, some characters are a bit better then others, which is the main area in Tekken where gameplay is bad. Some characters have such a wide variety of damaging moves, recoveries, unblockables, and reversals, that they are definitely better then the other characters. Luckily, the difference is not large enough that these characters will always win. A player skilled with his or her characters strengths and weaknesses, and the opponents strengths and weaknesses, can always come out on top, which is very rare in fighting games. This is one of the things that sets Tekken apart from other fighting games on the Playstation2.

Lastly, there are many things to unlock in Tekken Tag Tournament. From characters to videos to a special gameplay mode, players can play through this game over and over and over and still have more to unlock. This adds to the replay value of the game immensely and was the most fun part of the game for me.

Story: 3

Ok, so Tekken Tag Tournament does not really have a story, per se. If one compares it to, say, Final Fantasy IX, there is a huge difference. However, Tekken Tag Tournament is a fighting game and relative to other fighting games, the story is fairly decent. With many videos to unlock that show scenes with characters together, it has something that many fighting games lack.

However, I think that story should not really contribute to the final score of a fighting game. Fighting games generaly just dont have stories.

Audio / Video:

This is where Tekken Tag Tournament really shines. Finally, the graphics of an arcade game have been reproduced on a home console. Simply put, the graphics of the Playstation2 version of Tekken Tag Tournament are simply breathtaking. The cutscenes unlocked by beating the game are also great looking. The characters are richly detailed, and the backgrounds fit right into the fight. The backgrounds are very well done. They are 3-d, and have many intricate details in them. They match the homelands of the characters that they are set to. This is a nice touch. For example, one of the characters has an Aztec theme in his background, and I think that this adds greatly to the quality of a fighting game.

The characters animations when attacking are done very well. The picture never skips, and it never has any trouble drawing anything. The special combo animations make a player's mouth drop open the first couple of times he or she sees them.

The sound in Tekken Tag Tournament is very similar to the sound of earlier versions. The sound is very detailed, right down to the old characters letting out a weird grunt when they get hit. If a player breaks a bone, they hear a crunch. The music is very fast paced, and it does a great job of exciting the player.

Replaybility: 10

Tekken Tag Tournament has endless replayability in the form of multiplayer games. However, this is not all there is to replayability in a console fighting game. Tekken Tag Tournament has 14 characters to unlock and this adds a large amount of replay value to the game. On top of that, each character has videos to unlock, and it takes a long time to unlock all the special and hidden videos for all the characters. For these 2 reasons, Tekken Tag Tournament gets a 10 in replay value, and has much higher replay value then other console fighting games.

To buy or rent? :

I definitely recommend buying this game. It's worth every penny and will give the buyer hours of entertainment. If you are not sure, rent it first, and once you play the game your mind will be made up.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/25/00, Updated 11/25/00

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