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Tekken Tag Tournament is Namco's update to their flagship fighter. The game saw its initial release in the arcade, and has three prequels on the PS and in the arcade: Tekken, Tekken 2, and Tekken 3.

Game Play-

The game play is exactly like all of the previous Tekken fighting games, except that now there is a tag option, which makes multiplayer a heck of a lot more fun. The problem with all of the Tekken games, and maybe I just like Capcom's fighting games a whole lot more, is that the fighting in Tekken is all karate, and I think only hardcore gamers would like that style of fighting game. But alas, I was wrong. The game play in Tekken Tag Tournament overall is nothing different from any previous Tekken fighting game. It’s just the same fighting, but now as a tag team. So it’s not really anything special. The extra modes are not anything new. Except for the bowling mode, which does not really fit in with a Tekken game, but alas, Namco added the bowling mode option in. The other modes are just the same from Tekken 3, except they are now more high-resolution. So there is not much of an improvement to this from its big brother.

But still, those modes are loads of fun, especially the eight-on-eight mode. What that mode is that you select eight characters, and your opponent selects eight characters, and whoever beats all of their opponents characters in fighting wins. And the new theater mode movies are pretty nice too. But they are more the same and not as silly as Tekken 3's Theater Mode Movies. This is indeed, right now, the best 3D fighter available on the PS2.


This game is a button-mashers paradise. On easy, most of the characters can beat an opponent by just mashing the buttons on the controller really easily. Of course, I'm not a button-masher, because I have incredible fighting game control.

Each character has their own moves, and with the huge amount of characters in this game, there are hundreds of moves to master.


Now the musical tunes in Tekken has lyrics in it. Those combinations do not mix. It just sounds so...Capcom-like. (Thank you, King Broccoli, for quoting this from me) And this game is not anything else like a Capcom fighting game. The sound effects are your standard Tekken fare. The hits and kicks and groans are all there. One funny thing is Wang's groans. When I saw him in Tekken 2, I cracked up. His groans are sooo ****ing funny. I’ll give kudos to Namco on their part with the development of the game.


This section is where Tekken Tag Tournament really, and I mean REALLY, shines. For those of you, like me, who were lucky enough to have snagged a Playstation 2, or those who have played the arcade version know what I am talking about. I am talking about jaw-dropping, eye-popping, screaming graphics. There is no other way to describe the graphics. The characters look very nice and detailed. The stages are very detailed, especially the ground and backgrounds. Everything in Tekken Tag Tournament looks soooooo high-res it isn't funny. Of course, why would you find it funny? Maybe you’re stoned or something.


There is so much stuff to unlock in this game, it's kind of funny. You'll have a blast playing this game. It'll keep you hooked for a long time, if you play this for five minutes every day. Problem is is that it's pretty easy to unlocke everything in this game.



Percentage of Gaming Goodness-84%

Doodleheimer's Recommendationitivity

This is the shining game so far for the Playstation 2. In this game, the fighting engine, the AMAZING graphics, the nice music, the secret modes, the extra characters, and the overall fighting engine makes Tekken Tag Tournament the best fighting game EVER. So go spend fifty bucks on it today. Well, what are you waiting for? Go get it! Don't make me quote The Book of Doodleheimer again.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/21/00, Updated 05/20/02

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