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"Great if you played it, but not too much of it"

Ah Tekken. The button-masher Consomme. If there was any game that was for the chain-combo experts, the technique masters, or the sheer luck beginners - it's Tekken. In that way, it has always been my fighting game. Many scoff at it's premise of not requiring any real knowledge of the game to get results. I however, like the fact you don't have to be constantly fighting little hole-in-the-wall junkies, who spend hour after hour playing and can bore you to death with their 'tactics'. In short, unlike Street Fighter, this is an everyman's game. I can play my wife, and she can trounce me sometimes. She doesn't play for days and days to get better, and who should to have fun with it? The moves are uncomplicated, the attacks are flashy, and they take off scores of damage.
So, when the new system arrived, I was curious of Tekken Tag; not curious enough to buy it, but I figured I should review it for you good people. As I said, Tekken is my kind of fighter, but Tekken Tag seemed like a rehash...


It's Tekken and it's got my favorite old character!
Strictly for me, I was pleased to see Lee back in action. The old characters have come back with new moves, and look much sharper than anything you're used to. So for all you with a favorite that didn't make it to tekken 3, this is a good way to see how your character would do against them. Plus, you can team up with two of your favorites, with the tag feature.

Forget the lame Tekkenball and Tekkenforce, Tekkenbowl is actually a pretty fun minigame.

The largest list of characters
The largest to date, taking characters from 2 and 3.

Can't decide who to be? Pick two!
You control 2 characters, and switch between them in the heated battles. Hence, the name Tekken Tag.


Bruce IS still just Bryan in a different body ...
Even with the old characters back, you can not help but see the characters they
inspired in Tekken 3. There are a few moves different, but nothing can hide they use
the same string list.

This is it?!
The game is short, for having so many characters, a seasoned tekkener can unlock these guys in a few hours. Heck, a beginner can do it in a day.

For all this old school, where something new?
There is only one new character, and there is hesitation in even calling her that. She shares a very similar look of one of the combatants, and uses many fighters moves. Nothing really original about her.

Graphics: 8
The beginning movie is awesome. The characters do move fluidly without slowdown, but the backgrounds are pretty static, but if the action is hot, who has time to look at that? I was quite depressed that only one ending is CG, they all used to have those.

Gameplay: 9
What can I say? This engine is for everyone. You don't have to look very hard for someone to give you a little challenge in this game.

Sound: 5
The sound is not catchy. The biggest blow to this score is from the 'endings'. They all feature the same annoying muzak.

Story: 2
There is even less of a plot than usual for a fighting game. Somehow time seems to have been spliced (maybe) as all these killed fighters are fighting the present ones. Or something. Actually there is no story.

Originality: 3
If you have played Tekken 3, this is it again. Only the addition of the tag feature is anything different, and while it does add more depth to the game, it's not as well executed as in games like Dead or Alive 2.

Challenge: 4
Nothing a Tekken player has not faced before.

Replay: 3
Well TekkenBowl is pretty fun. But once you see that none of the characters have been so updated you can't tell them from their 'twin' (Think Ken/Ryu but not that carbon copied). It's quite a drag. You have over 20 characters (minus Gon and Dr. B. from Tekken 3- thank goodness) and basically it amounts to having 10.

Overall (Mr. T's bottom line): This game would be great, if you had played Tekken 2, but never bought tekken 3. Or maybe have Tekken 3, lost it, and never got it back. Yes it's hard for me to say, being a Tekken fan, but it's true. This game is for tekken players, that haven't played too much tekken. Strange isn't it? You'll like it most if you know the old characters, but yet if you've played it enough, this is nothing but a walk down trails already seen with fancy graphics and a tag feature.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/30/01, Updated 01/30/01

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