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"As close to the arcade as you're gonna get..."

Tekken has been a game in good standing with fighting game fans everywhere. Giving you control of several different types of fighters, each with their own style and move sets, it could take literally weeks to master just one character and then move onto the next. With a main storyline in which the fighters are brought together for a big time tournament, you'll find that there are smaller intricate storylines wrapped up into the main part of the game.

-Visuals 9/10-

Beautiful lighting effects and with certain familiar stage enhancements you'll find that there is quite a change of pace from the last Tekken game. Offering you several new move animations as well, you're given characters that haven't been seen since Tekken 2 and then with new character outfits to boot. The frame rates are fast enough to rival even the arcade, and the moves are fluid that you'll find your eyes trying to keep up with the action.

-Audio 9/10-

A killer soundtrack that has been completely re-done in true fighting fashion. Every stage has a hybrid dance/house music style that will keep your pace moving and grooving through every battle. Sound effects haven't changed much in the past couple of Tekken games, so where most of the improvements have come in, are with the music section of the game.

-Control 9/10-

Tekken has been 50 percent control and 50 percent fighting. You'll find that the massive amount of moves in the game will keep even the seasoned Tekken player playing for weeks just to learn the ranges on all of the moves, all of the moves themselves and then to learn how to control the character in side stepping situations. Using an arcade stick can be difficult, but with the regular Dual Shock controller, you can set up the tag button, a side step and two different throws. A little practice will get you through the basics, and the learning curve isn't too steep to learn the control settings.

-Game Play 9/10-

Tekken has been known for one on one battles against the computer or an opponent. This time around, you can choose two characters, and then tag in between them both when one runs low on power. If that wasn't enough, some of the tag team combinations have special tags that really show off some spectacular moves.

Gaming modes for the most part allow you to play against a friend, or with a multi-tap, you can play 4 player battles, with one person controlling each of the characters during the battle. That opens up a new aspect of multi-player gaming that hasn't been possible before in a Tekken game and brought to life here in Tekken Tag.

Bowling Mode is probably one of the funniest modes in a fighting game to date, replacing that stupid Tekken Ball mode from Tekken 3. Each fighter is a bowler that has a certain style, and it matches in a very realistic way. The big characters throw a heavy and fast bowling ball while the smaller characters throw a weak and slow ball. Playing through this mode allows you to open up a special option to play songs from the game during the bowling mode. A small but neat reward.

Playing through the actual game allows you to open up other characters and practice out different character combo's during the battles that come up. With that, you'll find that you can open up endings that aren't the CGI endings of Tekken 3, but they do give a vague {as always} view of what happens to the characters after the tournament.

-Overall 9/10-

Possibly one of the better launch games to date, you'll find that all of the visuals and audio tracks from the arcade are found right here in Tekken Tag for the PS 2. With several new enhancements that include new gaming modes and the ability to play up to four friends in a battle at any given time, any PS 2 owner will find that their Tekken dreams have been answered. A rental for weekend warriors, this is a purchase choice for any collector or any PS 2 owner.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/05/01, Updated 05/05/01

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