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"Tekken Tag is a great PS2 title"

Tekken has been a great series both in the arcades and on the PlayStation. Ever since it's graced both platforms it has been a genre defining fighting game. Tekken Tag Tournament is another great game under Namco's belt and a good PS2 title.

TTT breaks the mold of the usual Tekken fighting fare. Instead of one-on-one fights, You fight with a partner that you can tag in at any time as long you aren't the one taking the beating. Just the tap of a button brings you're partner in while whoever sits on the sidelines slowly recovers lost health. Unlike the tag system of Dead or Alive 2, only one fighter on a team needs to be K.O. for the fight to end. You can perform some nice tag team moves with your partner but they don't have the ''wow'' factor of the tag team moves in DOA2. More devastating team moves sure would have been nice.

The gangs all here in this special version of Tekken. (Well, except that vertically challenged dinosaur Gon who was a pain in the rear to fight with.) Everyone from Law to Tekken 1 and 2's Lei is present. Each of the fighters sport some cool threads that vary depending on what buttons you use at the fighter select screen. TTT has the largest character lineup of any Tekken game sporting more than 30 selectable fighters.

Speaking of buttons, like every other Tekken, this one has smooth controls that even newbies won't have a problem with. The only tough part comes from executing some of the more complex moves and some of those 10-hit combos that the Tekken series is so famous for.

Visually, Tekken shines on the PS2, each fighter is highly detailed and the backgrounds are a sight to behold. You'll see crowds of well animated people cheer you on as you bash Eddy Gordo's skull in. The only real drawback is the fact that the 3D backgrounds aren't attached to the floor and as a result they don't look as if they are 3D at all.

On the sonic side of things, TTT has some killer techno tracks. The soundtrack is enough to make you just want to listen to the tunes without playing and you can do this once you've unlocked the Theater mode.

Speaking of unlocking things TTT has a cool bowling game called Tekken Bowl. Just like the Arcade mode, you bowl with a partner and some characters are better than others. While Roger isn't every strong and as a result rolls the ball lightly, others like True Ogre are a powerhouse blasting the ball down the line.

If you've got a multitap, you and three pals can engage in two-on-two tag battles. Once you've unlocked all the fighters and all the secret modes, call over some buddies and have yourselves a good time, Tekken style.

Some have said TTT is nothing more than a flashy Tekken 3. To be blunt, TTT really doesn't bring a lot of new things to the table and it isn't a sequel, but more of a side game in the Tekken series. Still, for Tekken fans, this game is a no brainer and anyone looking for good PS2 games should get TTT.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/02/01, Updated 06/02/01

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