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"One of the greatest fighting games hits the PS2!"

When I finally purchased a PS2, the first game I bought for it was Tekken Tag Tournament. This game ate many of my quarters at the arcade, and I was excited to be getting a console version. Namco is famous for adding extras to a console version of an arcade hit, and Tekken Tag Tournament is no exception.

Gameplay 10/10
This game is absolutely amazing. The controls are simple enough so that first time Tekken gamers can get used to them, but they are complex and may require several days to master them. The game moves along smoothly with very little loading time. The matches are fast paced, and characters can be switched in and out of battle without any noticeable slow down, giving the game a nice steady slow. All the fighters from previous Tekken titles have returned. Many of the characters have their own unique fighting style, so gamers can have a wide range of fighters to choose from. It's impossible for anyone to walk away from the game without having a favorite fighter.

Story 5/10
There really isn't a story to the whole game. After all, Tekken Tag Tournament is just an extension of Tekken 3. There are endings that Namco added for the PS2, which reveal some interactions between the characters. However, most of the endings leave the gamer to wonder what the scene was all about, and many of them don't add to the histories of the individual fighters. There really isn't an explanation as to why some of the Tekken fighters have returned from the dead (such as Jun), but the lack of a story doesn't hinder the gameplay at all.

Music and Sound 9/10
The music in TTT is mostly techno. Even if you aren't a big fan of techno, you'll barely notice the music while beating the living tar out of Kazuya. Many of the tracks fit nicely with the different ''arenas'' where all the action takes place, and none of them get too repetitive or annoying. The sound effects are also nicely done, and I enjoyed how each fighter had their own unique voice. The only complaint I have is that the sound effects are not as varied as they could have been. Still, the music and sound effects are great, they match the game nicely.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics are absolutely breath taking. The fighters are very life-like in their movements and facial expressions. Even the backgrounds of each fight are given a lot of attention. Look closely while fighting on Eddy Gordo's home turf, and you'll see the grass swaying in the wind and the shadows of the fighters falling perfectly on the uneven ground. The detail in the backgrounds are enough to make you drool in awe as you trade kicks with the best of them. Even the flashy light effects that occur every time a fighter is hit will leave you amazed. My only complaint about the graphics is the confusion between the foreground and background. Because fights in Tekken are supposed to take place in an infinitely open space, the background remains at a constant distance while the foreground shifts. This creates an awkward movement, making the fight seem as if it's taking place on a revolving platform. Despite this flaw, the graphics are amazing, and most gamers won't even notice it while playing.

Replayability 10/10
This game will make you constantly come back to it. There is a hidden mini game to find, and many other hidden extras. Each character now has an ending, so beating the game with all the fighters will definitely be a quest for many. Even if you manage to unlock everything and see all the endings, the game is a great way to pummel your friends and show them who the real king of the iron fist tournament is.

Buy or Rent?
This game is a definite must buy. No Tekken fan can live without it, and many gamers who are not fans of the series will definitely enjoy this one. With smooth gameplay and all the added features and bonuses, Tekken Tag Tournament hits a grand slam for Namco on the PS2.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/09/01, Updated 06/09/01

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