"The best fighter I ever played."

Intro: I wake up and it's my birthday. I go downstairs, and i get fifty bucks from my mailbox. I hurry over to the mall, and pick up Tekken Tag Tournament for my PS2. I had heard it to be good, but it was better than i thought...

Graphics: 10/10: The opening FMV is so gorgeous. It looks very real. The graphics on the game even resemble real people, and best of all it's in 3d. The move hits look impressive, and these are the best graphics i ever saw (no i haven't played ''The Bouncer'' yet, so how would i know?) The levels look impressive. They have a snowy landscape, where Gun Jack turned a tint of blue thanks to the snow. They also have one in an amazing looking cave. Like i said before(just like the product ''I can't believe it's not butter''), ''I can't believe it's not fake!'' It's cool how they add ending movies, and you get to see a recap of how you beat your last match. So here's a ten for you, beloved graphics.

Sound: 8/10: I don't really pay attention to the sound of the game when i play it (normally with the volume way down and the stereo on), but the groans and grunts of each character were pretty cool. The voice that announces each fighting round, character, etc. is pretty neat also (but it's not as good as ''The Mighty Voice'' in Gauntlet games). The animals almost sound always ''super cool'', and you have to love it when Heihachi loses to you and he lets out that groan, but it's too late because the next fight starts...ha.

Gameplay 8/10: The game moves fast paced and nicely. It's easy for beginners, and you have to go beat the game atleast 17 times for secrets. The tag option is a neat function, along with the triangle and square pressing together (which normally results in a very good combo). Also, Tekken Bowl is included, and is in itself a whole new game. It's a bowling game with all of your favorite Tekken characters. This game even makes the last fight in arcade mode a cinch for you. The only thing that makes me mad about this game is that they didn't include the ''Beat em up'' game that came with some Tekken (I believe it was Tekken 2). Even when all of the games secrets are unlocked, you still have to get all their movies in the Theater mode to be a ''Tekken Master''. Also, when you press pause while fighting, the game gives you a list of moves to perform.

Rent/buy/Rent then buy:

I would rent and buy. I just bought though. But when you just buy, you don't know what to expect. I bought without rent, and it's still good. But it's up to you. (But i would just buy it now, I MEAN NOW!).

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/25/01, Updated 06/25/01

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