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"Stunted Growth with kill this game!"

You ever see those stories where a tree limb falls off a tree and some woman one day on her way to work, sees the Virgin Mary somewhere within the exposed rings. Soon thousands are gathering to the sight of this miracle. They all see it too, of course. Heaven help you if walk by this miracle and unknowingly make a comment to one of the believers about how someone should cut down that ratty old tree. Heaven help you even more when after being inlightened to the fact of whats in in the tree insist you still don't see it. Well after playing TTT and reading all these wonderful reviews, I honestly can say...''I still don't see it''.

I will not dispute that this is one of the better fighting games available. There are many characters and move lists to keep you occupied for a long time. Graphically TTT is a large step forward from T3, as you would and should expect. But not all is perfect here as many of the reviews would lead you to believe. In fact to me it all sounds like a lot of happy drunks that are in love with being in love. I wish I could be drunk with happiness over this game too. But I've seen and played too many other better fighting games (Soul Calibur, DOA Hardcore)...and they've, unlike TTT, actually moved ahead.

Example: Soul Calibur...this is Namcos other fighting games. Admittedly, after this game nothing has been the same for me. I'm even a bigger picky S.O.B. because of it. This was/is perfection as it stands. I've tasted perfection and everything tastes bitter by comparison. That being said, It's also not, and I do not expect it to be TTT. It's weapon based. But Soul Calibur took the first Soul Blade and moved it into new teritory in many ways. The 3D movement of the first Soul Blade was what you get with TTT today. For crying out loud, Soul Blade came out in 96' didn't work well then, it doesn't work well now either. T3 used the same lousy 3D, 2 1/2 D double tap medthods. Soul Calibur made 3D much more user friendly by using the joystick.

The character graphics of Soul Calibur also put TTT to shame. When you compare Soul Caliburs Ivy next to TTT Nina Williams, the difference is painfully clear. Ivy's flesh looks and acts like flesh (you could just pinch those cheeks). Namco's so proud of their characters in Soul Calibur, they allow and dare you to inspect them up close. Wisely Namco kept the camera back in TTT. Inspecting Ninas face up close would probably scare you. Whats with her teeth anyways.

Comparing gameplay with Soul Calibur, DOA hardcore and TTT, I'm struck by how quickly TTT's matches end. Matches are much longer in the other games, and therefore more gratifying because of it. I personally like my matchs to last beyound a few lucky Paul Pheonix punches. Overall I find this is not that different from Tekken 2. Button jammers are given their cheap characters, to the fault of this game. Many of the more complex moves are many times rendered useless because cheaper and simpler moves come out too quickly and inflick too much damage.

Tekken 2 got me started into video games. It's a sentimental favorite and I'm pulling for it. I'm hearing alot about Tekken 4 these days. But I fear for this game. It may be a victim of it's own reputation and fan base. Will we only get safe little movements forward because they're too afraid to change their formula. Will they be so full of themselves that they feel they can keep making the same game because you will always faithfully buy it. The only change, the only new thing I'm hearing that Tekken 4 is bringing to the table (other than a female Eddie Cordo, yuck) is walls. This is not enough! How about fatigue.... yes fatigue. Jam buttons and run your character down to the point of falling over themselves. Namco...please make Tekken 4 a hardcore, realistic, buttonmasher punishing, fighting game.Please give the next one the treatment it deserves. And all you critics please save your 10's for a game that truely earns it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/17/01, Updated 07/17/01

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