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Reviewed: 08/19/01 | Updated: 08/19/01

Tekken with a New Twist

Tekken Tag Tournament is a new game from Namco, and is a very good fighting game. It delivers in most every way, and with the new tag feature in the game, it gives all the Tekken fans a little something different. This is a great fighting game, and it also has more features that make it even more better. I score this game very highly.


I have always liked how the Tekken graphics are. This game is as good as before, but with the cool FMV's that are in the intro of the game, it makes it that much better. Every character is put together very well, and the have a whole bunch of individuality in them. Every level in the game is put together well, and has a lot of color, and life to them. Most fighters have their own level so there are a lot you get to see. The bowling alley also has a unique style to it also, and I like that. Excellent graphic job from Namco.


The music in this game is good as well. Namco has put together some very good music in the levels, and in the intro of the game. You can hear the punches, kicks etc. from the fighters hit the opposing fighter, and sounds well and sounds realistic. The music, and the sound in this game is great and Namco should be pleased with the effort they put in. It did seem like there was something missing though, but I can't place it. Good job overall though.


The Tekken gameplay is the same that you are used too. It is a fighting game so that means your objective is to defeat the other fighter in battle. The only difference is that this time, you have a partner with you in your fights. Combo's work the same way and different button combinations enable different combo's. Also pressing buttons in a certain way enables you to do a special type move with a fighter you are using. The gameplay is very straight forward and is very easy to use. You should have no problems and you will like it. The bowling is easy to do also, it is self explanatory and you should have fun with that. There are many features in the game also with bowling such as replay which shows the characters endings again, music boxes, and survival. It has a lot to keep you playing over and over.


Not really much of a story at all. There is another tournament in the world of Tekken but this time, fighters will team up with each other to climb the ranks. Everyone has their own little story at the conclusion of beating the game with a fighter and some of it is cleared up.


If you set the game on very easy you can climb through the ranks and still get all the endings, secret fighters etc. that you could if you have it on very hard. This game is not hard with any two fighters on very easy, but is nearly impossible on very hard. I suggest not using very hard until you are a master at this game. So, it is up to you how the challenge is.


You will play this game with all your friends whether it be VS, bowling, or playing survival to see who lasts the longest. You can always find something to do in Tekken Tag Tournament. Watch what time it is because when you are playing this game, time flies. You will love the amount of replay this game dishes out.


This is the only real fighting game for the Playstation 2 so far, and will be the best one until Tekken 4 comes out. Buy this game, because it will hold you until the release date of Tekken 4 comes by. This game will receive many hours from you so it is best to buy this game. People of all ages will love it.


This is an excellent game, and keeps the Tekken series strolling merrily along. With the addition of the tag feature, and bowling, you are sure to have more fun than ever. Make sure to add Tekken to your Playstation 2 stash because it is great, and you are sure to have a blast!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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