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"Good game, but underneath the paint job, same ol thing.."

Hey, hey, hey FAQers. It been a long time since I graced the reivew set of this site. But am back to deliver what I've been playing during my hiatus (which is sadly, not a lot). For my retour-de-force, I'll start off with one of Playstation 2 first title of their launch and one of the game consles biggest fighting name. Tekken Tag Tournement!

Skinny: No story here, basiclly TTT is a combination of characters from the first three games all cram into one and teamed up together for one of the hugest battle royale ever. Not to mention a few minigames thrown into the mix. Not bad for a Namco on a new system.

The good:
Well for one thing, due to the power of PS2. The game much sazziner then it arcade counterpart. The background now team to life with people cheering you on and object moving to and fro. Next come the roster, proabably one of the biggest selections I've ever seen. All the character are here and can be mixed and match to your liking from the well balanced to the weakly bizarre. Music is also upgraded and sounds right at home in the mist of the tag battle. Which, now that I mention it, plays very well. The button configuration is still familar and switching between characters is as easy as 1-2-3. All you combo freaks will have your imganation blazing thank to this (by now you proabably have).

The bad:
Not much really. While the game plays great it still the same ol stuff we've played in the last Tekkens. The tag element seems more like a gimmick more than anything but who complaing. Also, the bowling mini-game does'nt seem like much of an extra. I'd rather stay with T3's battle beach ball thank you.

The ugly:

Overall: Basically your standard Tekken game for a new Playstation system. If your a loyal Tekken fan, than no doubt pick it up. But there are better fighters in the ring such as Dead or Alive 2 or even the 2-d Guilty Gear X and Capcom vs SNK 2. And let me say it great to be back,although it may take me a while before I play my next game. I'll get my next topic in as soon as I can. Till my next review, this is Funk Punk saying Hasta lasagua, I got my eye on ya. (where do I get this stuff?)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/15/01, Updated 11/15/01

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