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"The best fighting game out"

a brilliant fighting game, definitely one of the best out there

As you switch on your PS2, you could be caught thinking this will be just another addition to the fighting game world. Well believe it is not. For one you now fight with four people at a time, taking turns to tag out of the arena. With backing like Tekken 3 with its A+ reviews, this game could do no wrong if it equaled the last, but it has gone one better.

Gameplay: 10/10

For a fighting game, this must be the most important criteria, and Tekken does it so well. Without adding any blood or weapons (except for Yoshimitsu and his cyber blade) this game is a white knuckle fighter. With many old characters from previous incarnations, and a few new ones you will spoilt for choice at the character select screen, except now you can pick two of your favorite characters! The controls are simple enough and even a beginner can pull off specials without too much help and a period of button mashing can bring out some satisfying and surprising results. Many of the characters have individual moves that are specially designed for them and the capability to pull off any one is easy. As long as you practice you will get the hang of it. Switching between characters is a valuable skill needed to be learnt. It can easily save you from defeat but if you feel like having a one on one choose vs. from the title screen. The best part of this game however, is the multi player, especially a team battle. Things can get very tense as you both have only one character left and you will be lashing out at your friend if they beat you. You will be really drawn into the Gameplay and spend hours perfecting moves, waiting for your mate to come round and give him a royal thrashing.

Graphics: 10/10

Being one of the earliest games out on the Playstation 2 you might think that the picture quality would be average. Indeed it is not with a number of exquisite backgrounds to feast your eyes on through the game. The players are always fluent and look real. There is no slow down in the game when you change character and best of all, the foreground will play a part. The grass will swish as you wade through it and the dust will rise as you hit the ground. The endings are very good quality and the introduction scene looks very real. As you fight with your enemy and pull off a move the flashy light effects will appear with every individual person has there own different one.

Sound: 9/10

Again every character has there own voice when kicking and being hit. They all sound realistic and compensate for the mediocre music the game plays in the background. Even so the music does suit the environment that is played in, and the introduction music is quite superior to the rest of the game. The voice that answers to you selecting a character and calling time ups is back from Tekken 3. I like the voice personally and you could find yourself repeating it sometimes.

Play time: 8/10

For a veteran of fighting games this is nothing new and you could find yourself whizzing through the game, collecting every single character and unlocking all the extras like Tekken bowl mode, which is a pretty decent side game and is enjoyable. The only other thing to unlock though is characters and lots of them. From the start you have twenty characters to choose from. As you progress through the arcade mode, you will be rewarded with one character each time and an ending for the person you completed it with. This can then be viewed in the gallery. Of course, you could always set the difficulty level to ultra hard and set yourself a challenge. To win with this setting on is a minor miracle and you should be proud of yourself if you do.

Replay ability: 10/10

After you do however unlock everything, invite a friend over and get ready to kick some butt. Multi player can go on for weeks with each other trying to get revenge from the last battle. If you do not have any friends you could always practice your moves for every person and perfect them. You can then try survival modes and beat your old records, and such like. This game can go on forever and you can never get tired of it.

Overall: 9/10

The best fighting game out there in my opinion, and to all fighting fans this is the game for you. Now the price has dropped and is very cheap you can pick it up for a bargain. This game should be worthy of a place on your gaming shelf even if you are a not a fan of fighting games, I am sure one of your friends will be. Buy it now!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/14/03

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