Review by Dninex

Reviewed: 06/01/05

An amazingly nice twist to Tekken's lineup.

Graphics (9/10)

Since the world has moved on to the PS2, everything seems to look better than the PSX. Although Most PS2 games look worse than the Xbox or the GameCube, Tekken fairs off quite well. The graphics definitely have improved from Tekken 3, and everything looks almost lifelike. The arcade version of Tekken Tag was not any better then the PSX version of Tekken 2. Seriously, it looked like a mid-nineties game. Obviously the Arcade machine's graphics are limited, but it was bad graphics. BUT the PS2's graphics are MILES ahead of its arcade counterpart. The endings are all done in In-Game graphics, so the endings look the same as the game, except for the boss, Unknown's ending. The graphics look like real-life footage. It's amazing, and Namco must have spent some time making the opening and ending. The particle effects have gotten much fancier, and more variety. Lightning, Fireworks and Flames all look great and have stepped upon a new generation's graphics.

Sound (8/10)

Some sounds seem to be recycled, but over 95% of the sounds are new. The SFX of the in-game part sounds great. The voices are no longer present, but it's still great. The in-game voices are filled with energy as well. When the characters punch, kick or do a special move, they all have voices that match the energy level and the pain level.The sound is nice, decent, but it seems to fall behind to the PSX's capabilities.

Controls (10/10)

The controls are smooth. They flow better than the PSX games with the Dualshock controller for the PS2, and every combos seem to go off right on time. Speaking of smoothness, the Tekken Bowl mode's control is smooth. You need to be precise, but it's slick just as itself. All of the commands enter well than ever before, and the fighting goes on smoothly just by itself. The get-ups are now more filled with variety, and the fighting is also highly customizable, as you pick two characters and figure your own fighting style combo mixes.

Gameplay (10/10)

A new revolution to Gameplay. Tagging allows whole new combos, even 15+ hit juggles. There are even Tag Combos, where you can execute by using skills or throws and pressing the tag button and pressing the corresponding button to execute the combo. Tekken Bowl mode is a nice addition, even better than the Tekken Ball mode of the previous Tekken. They got rid of the crappy Tekken Force mode, and added a new gallery mode to capture in-game screens. Characters have gained new moves and can perform all new combos with all of the characters (except 2) from the three previous Tekkens. For example, when you start a juggle and tag, the lift is higher, allowing the player to execute heavier combos. For example, let's pick Hwoarang, a quick fighter with nice juggle starters and Jun, a quick fighter who has nice connectors. You can start off a juggle with Hwoarang, land a few juggling kicks, tag with Jun to give a few punches and kicks, switch to Hwoarang to land a few more mid-kicks and tag with Jun to put in a few sweeps and finish with a flip and a step on the enemy. The gameplay gets to be lightning quick, and it's a nice treat for all the fans of Tekken who missed some of the characters in Tekken 2 cause they didn't appear in Tekken 3.

Replay Value (10/10)

With over three dozen characters to play with and earn their endings, not to mention all the modes to unlock, this game will last you for a long time earning all of the bonuses and characters, since some characters have two different endings, and they all have two to four of the same endings with different costumes. All of the characters have 1-6 endings and you'll be spending quite a while trying to earn them. But most importantly, this game is fun, addictive and fabulous, and it'll get you hooked for a long, long time.

Most people got to love Tekken when Tekken 3 came out, Tekken 2 for arcade junkies. I've played Tekken when it first came out in the arcades, and this is a nice treat for every Tekken fan.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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