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An awesome game with a snag or two...01/09/02Chronos v2
ZOE and a free MGS2 demo? Or the other way round...03/25/01danza86
Greatest Fantasy game ever05/22/01Gillermo
A great game that will pave the way for a legendary gaming series and anime.04/03/01HimuraiKenshinX
Armored Core on steriods...a winning combo!05/12/01Infested Taco
The producer of Metal Gear Solid has a new game in town, is it up to par with his other major franchise, well not exactley.04/02/01JGosnell
Mechs=Evagalion; Battles=Gundam Wing; Replay from Hell03/28/01JumbocactuarX27
Anime, Robots and plenty of Mayhem...05/14/01KasketDarkfyre
What? It's over already?01/14/08Keith_da_Hybrid
Look at the score.... This review is by someone who hasn't even opended the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo package.07/17/01Lagunathemoron
A brilliant game, extrodinary gameplay.03/29/01Lordaeron
A good demo of the PS2's power, and some fun. But not much else...07/16/01metathran7
Kojima strikes again, and gives us one of the best mech games around.01/26/02Mike D.
Flying robots make me happy.12/16/02mr pantalones
Fun, but repetitive07/29/01poochie 2001
A non-stop action mech thriller03/30/01QSeal00
Fantastic game with few dissapointments03/24/01Roy
The perfect example of a good game damaged by not thinking it through07/05/06Silent_Partner
One of the most hyped games...doesn't live up...08/17/01tyltyl
A game for mecha and anime fans alike.03/31/01Valkryie_X
Great game and not just for the demo10/12/07wolverinefan
MAJOR Disappointments04/16/01xcredia
Pretty graphics, pretty dismal.05/22/01Zack

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