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    Combat FAQ by Selesque

    Updated: 04/15/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    I wrote this for those who have trouble with ONI (hope it helps). So, in
    respect to my small work, please e-mail me if you want to make money with it,
    or putt on sites or whatever illegally you want to do with it.
    My e-mail address is           Selesque@yahoo.com             , so feel free to
    flame me. I currently play Cultures, therefore questions about it would be
    answered (no FAQ for Cultures would come from me, since the training levels
    tell you all you need to know).
    SPECIAL THANKS t	o Reid Wason (freckles800@hotmail.com) for helping me to
    finish ONI (you should also read his guide for ONI).
    Last thing, this FAQ contains MY OPPINIONS about the characters in the game,
    and some of them might still be subjective, although I have tried to keep it as
    much as possible objective. Also, my computer is not intended for playing ONI,
    so more mistakes could come from this, regarding the speed of the kicks or
    speed in general.
    SO HERE STARTS THE HELP (If you are interested in a particular character, use
    the number to get there).
    0. Konoko
    1. Engineers (the guys usually dressed in blue shirts and brown trousers that
    roam in the first level)
    2. Common trooper (henchman as referred to in the game, you'll meet first guy
    in the first level, at savepoint 2)
    3. Bomb trooper
    4. Brown Striker
    5. Blue Striker
    6. Red Striker
    7. Brown Elite
    8. Blue Elite
    9. Red Elite
    10. Brown Fury
    11. Blue Fury
    12. Red Fury (absolute ruler of unarmed combat. Fast, dangerous, good life,
    very good attacks, nobody could survive them. Just Barrabas if he uses his
    Earth Quake special before she gets to work on him.)
    13. Brown Ninja
    14. Blue Ninja
    15. Red Ninja
    16. Brown Tanker
    17. Blue Tanker
    18. Red Tanker
    19. Cop
    20. TCTF Agent, guard
    21. TCTF Elite Agent
    22. TCTF Trooper
    23. TCTF Elite Trooper (TCTF Black Ops Trooper as referred in the game)
    24. Last minute tips
    My favorite characters in game are as follows: first place by far the FURY
    class (they are incredibly fast attackers, have cool moves and deal decent
    damage, and look dashing), then the TANKER class (since they are easy to master
    and they look cool flying through the air). Third the ELITE (a pleasure to play
    with if you are looking for short fights or brutality). The last is the STRIKER
    * Counter = counterattack
    * Twin punch = crouch + punch (at the same time)
    * Sweep kick = crouch + kick (at the same time)
    * Low kick = kick while crouch
    * Low punch = punch while crouch
    * Head kick = while crouch, press forward then kick
    * Hook = while crouch, press forward then punch
    * Push = press forward then kick (careful not to make steps)
    * Slap = forward and punch (careful not to make steps)
    * Jump = jump and crouch in midair (can be done forwards, backwards or
    * Spin kick = Striker class uses this, although TCTF trooper and TCTF elite
    trooper have this. Careful, since is considered a special attack (if you
    crouch, you block and you are not staggered, while if you only block, you will
    stagger but not take damage)
    * Knee kick = a useless kick aimed at your knee. Is a low attack for little
    * Ram = Elite class specific (sometimes Striker class perform this). They run
    towards you and throw themselves into you, inflicting some damage unless you
    defend by crouching
    * Staggering Ram = is a ram specific to elite class. This one is not a low
    attack, but it will stagger you if you block it
    * Step on (Konoko) = what the name is saying. They use this a lot, and is
    considered a low attack
    * Whip kick = is also a specific kick to the elite class and is very brutal (I
    named it whip kick because of the sound it makes when it stars). This is
    probably the best single kick in the game, since it does much damage for a
    single kick, but if is blocked, it will stager
    * Flight = specific to Tanker class. It is a ram from sideways (left or right).
    Actually it looks pretty cool, and it is a tanker flying through the air
    * Jump punch = used by TCTF trooper and TCTF elite trooper, also strikers and
    elite can use this
    0.  Konoko is in my opinion somewhere between strikers and tankers; actually
    she's weak for a leading character, and only the fact that she has the back
    breaker, triple punch and lariat makes her superior to strikers. Bear in mind
    that she is not a very fast attacker (low speed attacks), but that makes the
    game more challenging and ruins it at the same time (to many attacks that are
    useless). Back breaker is the most powerful attack in the game (does the most
    damage, and in overpower mode it will kill anything else but a boss), and
    sledgehammer heel is Konoko's second most powerful attack. Triple punch is
    quite fast, so use it plenty.
    Triple kick is (in my opinion) very difficult to use, and I still don't master
    it. To close to the opponent and he throws you; to far and third kick won't
    hit. I also think that is almost useless; is faster then a striker triple kick,
    but not fast enough nor staggering effect on it ... it's a great move to get
    yourself killed, so be careful with it (use it on tankers and brown strikers
    only). It seems that Crescent Moon Kick is slightly slower then Triple Kick and
    the third kick it's impossible to block (I believe), since it starts low. But
    the big difference is that after the triple kick your opponent is still on his
    feet, and staggering, witch allows you to throw or lariat him and this does not
    apply for the crescent moon kick, since the opponent would be floored.
    Sledgehammer heel should be used from behind or sideways, where it cannot be
    counter (and preferably when you are overpowered). Also, Konoko is hit and run
    type of character, so plan accordingly: hit the guy, then do a cartwheel or
    move away and attack again. If you are the kind of player that "hangs in
    there", then get used to throw, use throws to counter attacks, get used to move
    the camera around so you can see what the others do and get used to Devil Spin
    Kick a lot.
    Combos (I'll define here combinations of attacks that work for good damage):
    1. Double kick plus hook then jump (quite difficult to get, but almost deadly)
    2. Push twice is great for pushing opponents from high places, or to jump on
    3. Push and running throw or lariat + jump or rising fury
    4. Triple punch and slide or jump
    5. Triple punch and slide or jump and devil spin kick
    6. Triple kick + running throw + slide + devil spin
    7. Triple kick + lariat + rising fury
    8. Slide + devil spin kick
    9. Lariat + rising fury
    Don't bother to learn the WILLOW KICK; this kick shouldn't even be in Konoko's
    arsenal. It's THE MOST USELESS KICK IN THE WHOLE GAME. Why? It's slow, 95% of
    the kicks are blocked by opponents, and is difficult to do at the right moment
    (I swear I used this twice on a syndicate henchman and even thought I hit him,
    it had no staggering effect as it should). Probable could be used as a counter
    to the striker running punch, but I can't see any real use for this (when you
    finish the game, play with a fury and press crouch and kick at the same time; I
    wish Konoko could do that).
    Also, for those who played Rooftops, Konoko learns there the twister kick (if
    you got there why are you still reading this????!? ). For those who didn't, the
    kick is obtained by pressing left (or right) and forward + kick at the same
    time. But, without doing the twister kick you could do standing running throws
    or standing lariats. At any time in game this work, so test 'till you get this
    right (press left or right and forward and kick or punch when you have the
    Lariat move. The idea is to start moving to one side, while you are still close
    to your opponent, and then throw him with a sudden change in your direction of
    The Rising Fury Punch is a punch that starts low and ends low, witch means that
    it can be used to counter on running punch (simply duck under their punch and
    let them have it) or on floored adversaries. But careful with it: they can kick
    or punch you while you perform it and when you land for a short period of time
    you can't do anything.
    Try to out maneuver your opponent, try to get behind him and try to stay there
    (is the safest place). If you are floored, don't simply get up; Konoko can kick
    it's opponent as she gets up if you press kick or punch for forward attack or
    back key and kick or punch for backward attack. Also use the side attacks when
    opponents are close to your left or right to get that little extra time to get
    into a more favorable position.
    1.  Engineers are the slowest guys in the game and they don't pack a punch even
    if you let them. They are not common through the game, but are plenty of them
    in first level of the game (Syndicate warehouse). I strongly recommend playing
    this level a few times to get used with sideroll-backbreaker, witch will become
    very useful later. Use this tactic when the engineer is using his double kick.
    Roll to one side and get behind him and press forward and kick at the same
    time; if done correctly and fast, the guy is gone. This will be useful later,
    when fighting tankers or the blue striker.
    On this guys works anything you have, and sledgehammer heel doesn't kills them
    only on the hardest level.
    2.  Common trooper: not particularly strong, but watch out for their triple
    punch. If the first hits you, the other two will too. They're attack starts
    with a running kick, easily blocked, then use a sledgehammer heel and slide in
    them. That should be enough. Bear in mind that this guys tend to hit and run
    and hit again, so mobility is the name of the game here.
    3.  Bomb trooper. They appear during the game even less then the engineers do,
    and are a little faster then engineer. To make the maters more interesting,
    they EXPLODE IN 3 SECONDS after being killed, so don't stick around to see it
    (it kills you). Best tactic with them is the triple punch or kick, but feel
    free to experiment.
    4.  Brown striker. The basic syndicate trooper (actually they have great
    movements, but the computer doesn't use them: never seen a lariat move from
    them, or a jump punch, or a ram), slow and not very powerful, but watch out for
    the triple punch.
    Best tactic: run towards them, and stop at a longer distance then his foot can
    reach. They will use a kick that has a long reach, followed by either triple
    punch or another attack. Just before the finish that attack, start sprinting
    toward them and use the running throw, followed by the low kick, then get to
    one of their sides and use the twin punch, or the slap. All this must be done
    rapidly and right one after each other. If they try to use triple kick, then
    use the backbreaker.
    A second tactic is to wait for them to attack you, witch is predictable a
    running punch, then press forward and kick and do a backward jump flip. Repeat
    till they do not move any more.
    Their favorite tactic when fighting close is to hit your knee, grab and throw
    you, witch is more annoying then powerful. So do not engage in close fighting
    with them. It's not rewarding.
    Very useful here are the twin punch, low kick, sledgehammer heel, triple punch,
    triple kick and the throws.
    5.  Blue striker. The most predictable and less damaging from the Striker
    Class. And they are opportunistic: if you fight two units, and one is a blue
    striker, kill him first. Otherwise, he will try to get behind you and throw
    Usually they jump kick you, and then try either the triple kick, witch by
    chance is slow enough to allow you to roll to your right (ALLWAYS TO YOUR RIGHT
    on the striker class triple kick) and use the backbreaker. Other preferred
    attack is the knee kick, followed by a pushing kick. The first attack is
    blocked if you crouch and the second by standing up again. Then use a forward
    kick throw, a low kick and triple punch. I don't remember them to perform the
    forward throw, but if they get behind you, they would use the throw, and that
    hurts. By the way, they can use the Striker Slam, and you cannot counter it,
    but can be blocked, or use the time to reposition for a new attack. Also, the
    triple kick can be countered after the second kick. One more thing; they enjoy
    to counter on your triple kick, so better use Crescent Moon Kick, and even
    better, don't use any.
    6.  Red striker. They are not at all predictable and get up faster after being
    floored then the other striker classes. They have the Striker Slam, and a
    headfirst dash that does damage whatever you block it or not (does more damage
    if you don't block). I always block, since I can throw him after, or triple
    punch, or devil spin him. He might also run towards you, that meaning that he
    is going to throw you so start running backwards and hit kick until he stops
    (probably twice). I have no good tactic for them, except to attack
    continuously. They also do the most damage, since they prefer to throw you as
    much as possible (sometimes they start a triple kick and stop after the second,
    get close and throw you).
    7.  Brown elite. The elite is practically evolved from striker. But don't be
    mislead to believe that they are just as weak (he moves a lot slower then a
    striker, but is considerably harder to kill). They have incredible amount of
    live, they are strong, and they hit like sledgehammers. Very powerful hits (two
    triple punch combos or a triple kick and a punch are enough to finish a brown
    striker), they start with the Hand Grenade roll (a roll forward that cannot be
    blocked and does little damage) and they use extensively, almost every time
    they engage you. But overall they are incredible easy to beat. More important
    here is to know how to take them.
    Annoying is the fact that they repeatedly ram you, and you can only defend this
    by crouching, then use a twin punch or a low attack, or stand on them and use
    Devil Spin Kick (to stand on someone, just jump on him and crouch in midair).
    But whatever you do, do not let them to get too close to you. Triple kick is
    highly indicated here, crescent moon, triple punch, sledgehammer heel, slaps
    and hooks, all work here very well (I believe that on elite can be used every
    move that you can think of), as do the throws. When they use the triple kick,
    after second kick, if you are close, throw him then jump on him (later in the
    game use the Rising Fury), or otherwise use triple kick. Also, don't try the
    running throw, since they will throw you, but you might just get away using
    And very important: always roll to your left when avoiding their attacks, since
    otherwise you have a big chance to get hit.
    Hint: Their triple kick is slow enough to allow you to roll behind them and use
    the back breaker (a maximum of three for the red elite).
    8.  Blue elite. Same as 7.
    9. Red elite. Same as 7, with the exception that a new attack is added here.
    This attack is similar with a Striker Slam, but lasts longer and moves a
    little. Watch out 'cause this is used to counter slower combos or attacks (like
    triple kick or sledgehammer heel).
    NOTE: The Elite class has a combination of attacks impossible to stop, but
    never use it. Try Whip Kick followed by a low punch (shift and punch at the
    same time) then a step on and Hand grenade roll.
    10. Brown fury is considered by Reid Wason to be "a quicker, but less stronger
    version of a blue striker". Well, she is a lot quicker, and a good combination
    of close combat and "keep your distance" attacks. And they are pretty damaging
    (if you wonder how a thin one can do so much damage, look at their high metal
    heels). They are quite easy to go down after you gain a lot of experience in
    fighting them, but if you have problems or you do not want to consume your life
    on them, shoot them. Triple punch works here best, rising fury punch if done at
    the right moment, devil spin kick and some throws if done at the right moment,
    but that's pretty much it. Other attacks are too slow for them.
    They can perform willow kick, although I have never seen them doing it. They
    have a better move then willow that allows them to throw their adversary.
    11. Blue fury. Even more problematic, with more life and speed then the brown
    ones. This would deal easy with two TCTF troopers and walk away. The Whirl kick
    is added here, and cannot be countered, but can be defended. Their favorite is,
    unless I much mistake, triple kick followed by the whirl kick. Use weapons on
    then and devil spins with throws, but use the rising fury only when you are
    sure of success. Otherwise, you won't be able to defend their attack as you
    land. When you'll first meet them you should have the stunt gun with you.
    Triple punch is the combo of the day with them.
    12. Red fury. Here only life is added, and the Ten shell punch. This new attack
    is defendable, but you cannot counter. Same combat tactic as with the blue
    fury, and prey not to fall down from that height (but perhaps she could fall).
    NOTE: Worst triple punch award goes to the Fury class. The only way you could
    hit with the third punch is when your opponent is unable to go back anymore or
    when he insists to come towards you. Otherwise, the third punch is useless
    (only the first two will hit, but deliver about the same damage as two of
    Konoko's double punch).
    13. Brown ninja. Personally, I do not like to play with or against ninjas, so
    you might find some errors here. They are the best at avoiding attacks, but
    they are not the kind of guys to hang in there. Ninjas use the hit and run
    tactic and are unorthodox fighters; they have quite long range attacks, and are
    very good tacticians (I think they are the only ones that think a fight). Watch
    out for the low attacks (they quite overuse low attacks), and use low attacks
    on your on, or lariat, running throw, twin punch, plenty of devil spin kick and
    slaps, and if possible, weapons. Do not counter on their attacks, since their
    attacks are fast and you risk to get hit by the hardest of the hits. And slide
    them lots. Probably running throw + slide + devil spin kick work here, but I
    never tested this. But throws work here well.
    If they throw you, their next move is a jump up that is supposed to land on
    your head when you get up. If you get up before they jump, use a n escape move;
    otherwise, use Devil Spin Kick and turn to face them at the same time.
    The charging punch should be avoided with a side roll, since you cannot block
    14. Blue ninja. More live is added.
    15. Red ninja. More live is added.
    16. Brown tanker.
    If you wander why are they named so, that's because they do what a tank does.
    Mainly, they are the spearhead of an attack, capable of taking massive damage,
    but also to deliver death.
    Usually start with a jump attack. He is easy. Triple kick or triple punch are
    slow, so you can get behind him. They don't fly, nor use the nuclear tackle or
    elbow drop. Slap him lots, triple punch, triple kick, crescent moon kick,
    sledgehammer heel, anything you want works on them. If they use the
    blockbuster, and you are far from them, do a cartwheel, sprint + running throw
    + slide and slap him some more. Otherwise, use throws or attacks. They should
    go down quite slow, thanks to their lots of life (on heavy level they take a
    mercury shot and still live).
    NOTE: The tankers have only one attack that is impossible to counter, and I
    speak about the Elbow Drop. The rest can all be countered by some other
    attacks: Blockbuster by a Devil Spin Kick, or low attacks; Nuclear Tackle and
    Flight with a Devil Spin Kick. And even more, they DO NOT HAVE AN AREA ATTACK
    (like striker slam or devil spin kick).	
    17. Blue tanker. Fighting them might seem confusing, but it only takes time to
    get used to their stile. They are in my opinion average as opponents, but
    deadly to play with (they have incredible mobility and good close combat
    attacks, although they lack any area effect attack). More live and speed then
    the brown tanker, and also use the Nuclear Tackle, blockbuster and flight.
    Favorite tactic for engagement is to avoid your attack with sideways jumps and
    fly on your head. To prevent this, either shorten the distance with a slap in
    his direction (if he is close to you) until you can fight him again, either
    move away. The nuclear tackle can be ducked, avoided by doing a forward roll,
    sideways rolls, or cartwheel, or countered with devil spin kick, then simply
    attack with a twin punch or a low kick. Same as the brown tanker, he is still
    slow, so you can use on them anything you have. They also slide you, so be
    there on them and do not let them get a throw on you; are very, very painful,
    but look cool. Stay behind them and you should be OK.
    HINT: they have a huge gap in their combat tactics. An empty skull is good for
    hitting others heads, but with no brains they rely on you to make mistakes.
    Sometime, they simply turn their back on you and attempt to hit you as they
    advance with the back. If is done against Konoko, then this almost puts an end
    to their live, while against others not.
    18. Red tanker. More speed and life added here and Elbow Drop. This guy should
    not be left to catch his breath. And stay behind them, since they also use the
    elbow drop. On them use only triple kick, triple punch, sweep kick or low kick,
    slaps, and from behind the sledgehammer heel or back breaker.
    19. Cops. They are the ones in blue, who help you through the early levels
    (TCTF I), and fight you towards the end of the game. The guys have the same
    moves as the syndicate henchmen, but less live and they are less aggressive.
    Throw them, triple punch, rising fury or devil spin kick is what they need.
    The female cops, they are different. Are inferior to Konoko in just that can
    only use double punch or kick, twin punch, and some low attacks. But otherwise,
    they are just Konoko with less life and damage. Are fast and evade attacks
    well. Throw them and triple punch.
    20. TCTF agents are the guys that are helping you at the beginning of second
    level of the game. They have a triple punch, no triple kick, no lariat and some
    life. One attack they use lots is low punch followed by a low kick. Move lots
    and use triple punch, throws, lariats and rising fury. I can't give you
    guaranties that triple kick works here.
    21. TCTF elite agents: a slightly faster and with more live then a TCTF agent,
    with one move added: static fist (similar to the one used by the Syndicate
    Henchmen). Apply the same tactics as above for this black agents.
    22. TCTF trooper is the big brother of the TCTF agents. They have some cool and
    effective moves, but must rely on triple kick too much. They are slow and you
    can use this to your advantage. Stay well away from the Lion Fist punch and
    Lion Axe kick, since this two attacks are impossible to block (but they take
    some time to start, especially the Lion Fist punch). The special moves are Lion
    Fist (similar to the Striker Slam), and Lion Axe (similar to the Head Butt Dash
    that red strikers use). They have a very good triple kick, even though is just
    as slow as the one used by the Striker class, but is more difficult to block,
    because each kick has a staggering effect. Overall they have good moves, but
    don't take advantage of them. Don't get to close to them, use hit and run
    tactics, and above all Lariat + Rising Fury. If they use the triple kick, use
    the triple punch or any attack if close to them after first kick, or side roll
    and get behind them or use Devil Spin Kick. If they try a Jump punch, do a
    Cartwheel or a forward roll, or use Rising Fury or Devil Spin Kick. Use triple
    kicks, punches, hooks and ... anything imaginable.
    Best combo I could come up with this class is triple kick followed by two low
    kicks and a Lion Axe kick; sometime is enough to kill a brown striker, but not
    23. TCTF elite trooper is a version of a TCTF trooper in "black kevlar". They
    make better use of their moves, but still are no match for Elite, Ninja or
    Fury. Same moves as above, but with this guys keep an eye for a slide at the
    beginning of their attacks or for a throw. Lariat + rising fury work very well
    here too, triple kick not so well, and use the Sledgehammer Heel only from
    behind. They will go down slowly, but they will ... eventually.
    Interesting is that the TCTF trooper and TCTF elite trooper have the worst
    triple punch in the game, after the Fury class. The first two punches are fast,
    but the third is too slow to prevent it from being blocked, unless the opponent
    is trying to counterattack.
    Favorite tactics:
    I. With a little practice, you will learn how opponents start their attacks.
    Use that to your advantage and get behind them.
    II. Triple punch 'till the end. Simply block first attack and then triple punch
    the guy. When he goes down, circle and get sideways and (or) behind him, so
    when he gets up he doesn't kick you. Triple punch again, and move. Very useful
    against strikers, tankers, elite, TCTF Elite Trooper, TCTF Trooper, policeman,
    guards, agents. You can also throw in a sledgehammer heel for more damage.
    III. Running and throwing is good when fighting more opponents at a given
    moment. Running throw or lariat work well while sprinting around.
    IV. Side roll and back breaker work very efficiently on pretty much anyone:
    striker, tanker, elite, agents, trooper and elite trooper. The ninjas and
    furies are too fast for this to work on them, but you could use the triple
    punch instead of back breaker.
    24. Last minute hints.
    The cooling time (time a weapon has between two shots) can be reduced to almost
    nothing, if you drop the weapon and then pick it up again.
    Learn how to use the escape moves in conjunction with camera moves (you can do
    a cartwheel and turn 180 degrees at the same time). This way you can avoid
    attacks and move into a position where the opponent cannot defend your attack.
    Eg: side roll and back breaker or sledgehammer heel. Also, when performing slow
    throws (mainly from behind an opponent), you can move the camera to get a
    glimpse at what's coming at you.
    Konoko starts with a special attack that can be done only when you hold any
    weapon that needs to be held with two hands (plasma rifle, sniper bow...). It
    looks something like Rising Punch but slower, and is done just like Devil Spin
    Kick (press and release crouch and immediately hit kick).
    Mukade is more difficult then Muro, partially because of his speed, partially
    because of his fighting technique. I don't really know if he ever uses triple
    kick, but after the second kick you should always use a Devil Spin Kick. It
    will help more then you think, even if it doesn't hit him.
    Also, kill Griffin when you have the chance, so the final fight is with a very
    gigantic and slow Muro.
    The small MURO is not that great as you might expect, but you will need a
    little help (nobody can take on Muro and a Red Fury at the same time and hope
    it can win). If he jumps at you, use Devil Spin Kick. Triple punch works here,
    and lariat also. If you have a weapon, preferably a sniper bow, use it rather
    on the fury to your left, therefore helping the TCTF Elite Trooper to your
    left. When she is dead, take out the fury to your right, the one Griffin and
    another TCTF Elite Trooper fight with. Two Red Elite guys come to help Muro, so
    shoot them also. Probably by now Muro is fighting with Griffin, so you should
    be safe to deal with the rest. When the elite are dead, a red ninja comes to
    bother you a little bit more. Is preferably to fight the elite and ninja out of
    Muro's sight, so when he finishes Griffin and his men, he cannot see you and he
    will stay put, giving  you the chance to sneak behind him and use back breaker
    (but bear in mind that Muro can take an overpowered Back breaker). This is how
    I finished the game.
    There is a gigantic bug in the game. Is not really a bug, but is a small thing
    that was overlooked during testing. The TCTF ELITE TROOPER and TCTF TROOPER
    have NO DAMAGE for the throws made from behind an adversary (in fact it takes
    over 8 rear throws to kill a striker).
    And the computer is "cheating". Sorry, but is true. Perhaps is just a mistake
    in programming, or is intended to be like that, but certainly is cheating. Or
    ... any of you have a believable and reasonable explanation for how a striker
    can throw you from a foot's length distance? Or why the computer doesn't need
    to be next to you in order to throw you, or why he can lariat you even when you
    defend? Or why is Konoko staying so much in blockage, even after the attack is
    over? (perhaps is just my computer guilty of this!)
    And speaking of mistakes, why Konoko has no kick with more strength so
    adversaries  should remain in blockage for longer (after all, she has the
    superhuman strength to lift the Wave Motion Cannon, but not the strength to
    stager an opponent with a kick like the Elite's Whip Kick).
    Overall, there is a long way 'till the huge potential of the game is fully
    exploited; and is good, considering that it was released before being finished.
    Very cool, careful worked sounds, cool visual effects and some work done on AI,
    overall a good game, but as any game nowadays, it has thinks that miss. But if
    you look for only fighting, in small arenas and nothing else, I'm sure you can
    find something more to your taste, since Virtua Fighter 4 is due to be
    Ah, almost forgotten. It doesn't have multiplayer. So is only you vs. computer.
    But maybe they will think on one, 'cause I have a few ideeas.
    This should help you finish the game, and if you have any questions or
    misunderstandings or suggestions or corrections, you know my e-mail.

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