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"Underapreciated Gem or Sloppy Game?"

When I play a game I don't expect to master it in 10 minutes and I don't give up on it if it is "too hard". But when I play a game I do expect it to have smooth controls and game play that matches (unless the game has an amazing story that outweighs it's problems, which is definitely not the case with this game). I had heard many bad things about this game and also seen quite a few favorable reviews here in GameFaqs. As usual I ignored what official reviewers said about this game and picked it for $3 at my local up Gamestop, hoping to find a good under appreciated game. I was mistaken to do so.


Let me make one thing clear about this game and me. According to other reviewers on this website anybody who didn't like this game is just a whiny sissy who doesn't like hard games. I hated this game and I love hard games. I hate it when I finish a game and say "Gee that was fun, too bad it was over in 8 hours and I never had to replay anything". Anybody should like a challenge, that's one of the reasons I play video games. Shoddy controls are NOT applicable to the difficulty of a game. Running around in this game is even messy. When you jump you will miss the place you want to land a lot. Why because some idiot made it so that you move forward when you land. And some of the jumps you have to make are supposed to be extremely precise. Shooting is also sloppy and a chore to pull off because it is impossible to aim at anything unless it's five feet away from you. Finally when you are just fighting hand to hand you will quite often just punch right past your target.

I have to say though, if you look at some of the good game play videos of this game on youtube you will be amazed at how fluid some of the grabs and some of the fighting look. Don't be fooled. This is why I got this game; because it LOOKED cool. You can "master" this game but you wont be satisfied because you aren't actually "mastering" it, you're just adopting to the bad controls and you will still mess up a lot.

The game play gets a 3/10.


This is not a bad looking game. The environments are kind of bland but they are pretty big sometimes. I have to say that it is an old game that originated on the PS1 so it won't look like Metal Gear Solid or God of War. It's going to look like a clean hi-res PS1 game... with lag. Yes this game also has choppy frame rate which IS unacceptable for a game that has been remade from a PS1 game to a PS2 game. Sure you can have terrible graphics in a game. I won't care, just don't make the game lag. Bad frame rate makes games extremely difficult to play. If it wasn't for that I'd give this section a higher score.

The graphics get a 5/10


This game really doesn't have a lot of sound. Sure it has you're average game's grunts and yells from the main character, but music is rarely heard unless it's before a big battle or in a boss fight. It works with other games but in this game it doesn't. It almost sounds like awkward silence. As for the voice acting it was pretty bland. Not too exciting, with your typical anime girl sounding voices. The game just sounds barren and uninteresting.

The sound gets a 4/10


Game Play: All I can say is sloppy controls. Sure when you pull off a move it looks cool, but a key word in that sentence is "when". 3/10

Graphics: They are bland PS1 graphics that are sharp, but sadly the frame rate drops quite often. 5/10

Sound: Uninspired voice acting and rare music. 4/10


This game does not break any new ground and if it had good control it would be much better. Sadly this game is not enjoyable and will just leave you frustrated. You will die a lot and the enemies are cheap at times. If you are getting this game hoping for a hidden gem, pass this up. You will find way better games out there. I picked this game up with "Way of the Samurai" (also rate quite low by official reviewers) which I believe has a hard to master control scheme, but the game is extremely enjoyable and I have a great desire to actually master the game and play it. You will not have that feeling with this game. Spend your money elsewhere.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 02/20/09

Game Release: Oni (US, 01/29/01)

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