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Reviewed: 02/16/01 | Updated: 02/16/01

Deep, involved, but too annoying.

Oni is an exciting game when things are going your way. There is no feeling quite like taking on two enemy soldiers with your bare hands, throwing them into each other and stomping on their fallen bodies. But I have found that the game, however good impressive some of the good points may be, lacks overall, and has ultimately disappointed me.

GRAPHICS By all means, Oni is pretty impressive. What the levels lack in texture or mood, they make for in sheer size. The high resolution of the PS2 gives a clear view for what could be thousands of virtual yards. There are giant skyscrapers and expansive rooftops, and you can see enemy soldiers strolling around from vast distances. For the first few levels the overall graphics are not too incredible, but this quickly changes as you progress. I give the graphics an 8 out of 10.

GAMEPLAY The control scheme in Oni is difficult to say the least, but like many modern video games, you do get used to it. Back in Super Mario days, all you need worry about was run and jump, occasionally hurl a fireball at something. In modern games like Oni, you can sneak, walk, run, jump, flip, cartwheel, roll, slide, punch, kick, throw, disarm, shoot, and even taunt, and most of these tasks have many different methods of delivery. So once you get adjusted to the controls, the game plays pretty smoothly. However, this game is flat out DIFFICULT. Nearly every level will require a massive amount of trial and error so that you can memorize where every enemy arrives, and how they may attack. The levels are huge, health power ups become more and more scarce as the enemies become more and more deadly, and the enemies themselves seem to have more life than you, and are often armed to the teeth with weapons and pretty impressive fighting skills themselves. 6 out of 10

REPLAY I can pretty much guarantee that unless the gameplay is the best you've ever experienced, you will probably not ever play the game again after you have beaten it. The sheer amount of trial and error this game demands will make sure you are sick of every level by the time you complete it. 2 out of 10

IMPORTANT An odd complaint that I think is very prevalent to would be players is that this game has EXTREMELY poor loading times. As I stated, you will be trying the same levels over and over again, after enemy soldiers pummel you into submission. Well, in games like SSX, after you complete a race, you can just hit restart, and you are instantly transported back to the beginning; the level's design is stored in the RAM until you definitely want out. In Oni, every time you die, you are treated to an extremely long load, just to start the level over again. Why the programmers couln't have just left the level in the RAM is beyond me.
Due to the overall annoyance of the astounding difficulty and long loading times, I can only give this game a 5 out of 10.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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