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"A few major flaws keep it from achieving greatness"

Oni is a game which is quite similar to the USA series ''La Femme Nikita.'' You play the role of Konoko, an agent for the anti-terrorist organization TCTF. This organization uses violent and questionable tactics to deal with the terrorists. Konoko is one of the newest agents of the TCTF and her first mission is supposed to be a simple one. But, soon it explodes into something big and Konoko ends up chasing one of the top terrorists in the world, while evading bad guys from everywhere, even the TCTF. The game consists of Konoko trying to find the truth about her past while trying to stop the terrorist.
Storywise, this game is very engrossing and will make you want to play more to find out what's going on. But, the gameplay has some serious flaws in it that make it pretty frustrating. The biggest complaint most people have is the controls. They are awkward at first, but you will get used to them soon. The problem is that you are forced to use both analog joysticks, which makes it pretty confusing. Another problem, I have with the controls is that its hard to always move wherever you want slowly. For example, I wanted to side step a bit to the right to grab an item, but Konoko took 2 or 3 steps and ended up falling to her death. Since, there are a lot of levels where you are high atop the ground, this can get frustrating. Another problem I have is the lighting of the game. A lot of the game is played in almost full darkness, and thus it is quite difficult to make out the difference between the floor and the edge of a building. Having a flashlight or something would have really helped.
Oni does have its good points however. The story is really good and the fights are pretty fun too. You can kick, punch and shoot using various moves and weapons you get as you play along. You can engage in physical combat against enemies who are close by and shoot the enemies that are far away. There is a large selection of moves, most of which you get by playing through the game. There are also tons of weapons for Konoko to use. I wish there were more enemies in every level however, because sometimes you may find yourself running for a while, while you fight only 1 or 2 people. The enemies aren't very easy to beat however, especially in the later levels where they constantly come in groups.
Overall, Oni is a good addition to the Playstation 2, but with a little more work, it could have been spectacular.

Graphics: 8.
There is nothing mind-blowing about the graphics, but they are pretty decent for the PS2. The huge levels do seem a little bland, however.

Sound: 7.
There is very little music in the game. You hear bursts of music when something exciting is happening, but then it becomes quiet again. This does give a scary feeling to the game however. The sound effects are decent, nothing great.

Gameplay: 7.
The controls are a little confusing, but the fights are pretty cool. It is not an easy game, as i have died many times while playing on the easiest setting.

Replay Value: 7.
I still haven't beaten the game yet, although I am close. There are 3 different difficulty settings to play with. Its not a bad game to go back and play again. The game itself is pretty long.

Overall: 7.
A few flaws aside, this is a good addition to the Playstation 2.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/05/01, Updated 03/05/01

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