Review by Nemesis Z

"What looked like a hit was really beaten to death with an ugly stick!"

Easily, one would assume, with the incredibly enchanting plethora of graphics and art, that this PS2 release would rock the heavens.


Oni, without a doubt, was an incredible disappointment. The anticipation, ads in our favorite game magazines and raving quotes, which rippled vibrantly off pages are FALSE!

Why you ask? Anyone who took a hold of the shiny foil, adequately presented console game cane answer in one word. That's why I'm here.

First of all, the loading times, which one would expect to be superbly fast and suitable for such a powerful machine, fail to impress. Agonizingly slow, I resorted to changing the channel and observe fuzz than sit for ages watching a relatively repetitive screen of Oni beating someone up.

Secondly, the story line. It isn't really as bad as some may think, but come on, the game doesn't even have a solid plot until most gamers have gotten their money back! The game lacked what was needed to seal it's player in a void of beat em' up goodness.

third, the control. The incredible complexity and insufficiency of the control system still has me in a bundle of anger. The good gentlemen who devised the controls, were unaware that, a keyboard has 4 times more functions than a playstation 2 controller! I felt as if the game should have been released on PC, and that Rockstar should have spared our console playing souls. I've always hated analog, and it's almost a requirement to use it frequently in this pathetic control layout!

Last, and god let us hope least, the gameplay. I have never been so frustrated at a game since Ninja Gaiden back in the 1980s. This game is incredibly hard, even on easy mode. If you are not a strategic genius, kiss Oni's life goodbye. It's sick watching an array of 5 or more angry guards diminishing our poor protagonist's feeble attempts to do good. Expect to die, and expect the same art over and over while the loading bar takes an episode of Simpson's worth time to complete. The bosses, many of which are equipped with some sort of unfair weapon, are way to hard. Early in the game, you are expected to fight a bald moron with a gun that easilly depletes your health, and has one attack of which is nearly impossible to defend against. And, unlike in most generally decent games, your life bar is not refilled after. This means, that at the very beginning of the level, after a boss, your life is almost gone. A few punches from a group of soldiers and it's curtains; and the pain of having to fight the boss again. Ridiculous.

The only good aspect of this game is the lush graphics, variation regarding character appearance, and the sounds. Nice, and it earns this game a hovering position above the pit of spikes devoted gamers would love to throw it into.

Oni, is not worth more than a penny. Rent it, or forget about it. Those who have played it can probably agree with me, that it is a terrible disapointment. I actually found Evergrace more enjoyable than this waste of CD materials. Gamers, beware, and heed my warning. I need to go clean my PS2, Oni was just in it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 03/27/01, Updated 03/27/01

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