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"Why do you all downgrade Oni like that?"

What’s wrong with most of you? I’ve read several reviews and they all seem to downgrade Oni which in my opinion is a great game! I realize you all have your own opinions but geez! Why are you complaining about the difficulty? Mad because you can’t beat it? You all sound like eight year olds. I’ll admit that the controls are hard to master but how else do you propose they put all those actions in there? Granted it took me a while to get used to but I did it and I love the game. Now, I’m sorry for going on and on but some of those reviews just piss me off. Amen to all of you who at least gave it an 8/10. Now on to my review.

Story: All right I have not beaten the game please note on this. I only rented it for five days and am only on mission five or six and have not read much of the diary in the game. The story does (so far) lack in some areas so I’ll give it 4/10.

Graphics: Ok the graphics weren’t astounding but they had very few flaws for what they were. Sure some decoration could have been used to liven this up maybe a little bit more blood (LITTLE) but other than that it wasn’t bad. 8/10.

Sound: That’s another thing. Most of you are complaining about there not being enough music? That’s pathetic. For one thing how on earth are you suppose to hear an enemies voice as a warning when music’s playing the reason for them putting music as a warning that a ton of enemies are probably about to ambush you, then you don’t need to have a warning they’re usually running right at you. Another thing When playing a video game I’m to interested in the game to notice music with this style where it only comes on once and a while makes me appreciate and notice it more. Well anyway what little music it had was in my opinion very good. Remember quality versus quantity. Also you don’t rate it by the quantity you rate it by the quality of what little sound it has. 7/10.

Game Play: This is seriously where I think people are wrong in their judgement. Oni is hard but that’s no reason for people to dislike it unless they’re wimps. I mean the whole idea is skill. You’re not suppose to beat each level the first time you try it. Is it just that annoying to have to go back and play it. Unless of course it’s like the fifth try, that’s when you take a little break not give up. As I’ve already stated the controls are hard to get use to but that’s all part of the challenge and once you get used to it you can seriously kick some @**. The one problem I have with this game is that I’d rather fight with my bare hands than with most guns especially pistols on account that you can’t hold the gun still it rises every time you shoot. The Mercury Bow and the Plasma Rifle (Along with others.) are great weapons when attacking from a distance just like every weapon (Excluding the Mercury Bow.) are hard to use and relatively weak. Besides I think the best part of the game is the hand-to-hand combat it just makes you feel great when you take out a group of five strikers. I give game play a 7/10.

Replay: Well to tell you the truth I wouldn’t really mind replaying this game and coming from me that’s pretty good normally once I beat a game with or without cheats I just cast them away and forget about the. (With the exception of games like Perfect Dark and their awesome multi-player modes.) I give replay an 8/10.

Overall: By now I’m sure you’re all tired of reading this but in case you’re willing my overall opinion on this is... GREAT!! I’ve told you my reasons prior to this so I won’t bother repeating how wonderful, action packed, extremely tactical, and overall educational in all the different ways you can beat people into submission I’ll just give my rating. Since I’ve never given a game a 10/10 even though this one deserves it I’m going to stick to 9/10 even though it’s still not as good as it deserves.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/22/01, Updated 05/22/01

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