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"Once you gat passed the controls, you'll love every second of it!"

Oni is a great game from Rockstar games and Bungie. It's one of the few good non-japanese games for the PS2 right now. It features a unique blend of hand-to-hand fighting with high-tech guns.

Story- 8/10
You play Konoko, a special agent in the TCTF. The TCTF is a special division of the police, it takes care of technological crimes. The action takes place in 2032 in a big city (the name is never mentioned). The TCTF is at ''war'' with the Syndicate being lead by Muro. The Syndicate is the main cause of chaos in the world and for unknown reasons Muro always eludes police. The game picks up when Konoko is on her first mission. As you progress you learn more about the plot. The story really starts after level 8.
The story is nothing impressive but I enjoyed it to an extent. It gives you a good motive to keep going. A nice effort, not great, but a nice effort.

Audio- 7/10
There is no music during most of the game. The only time you get to hear music is when an intense action scene is about to take place. The music fits the action and the spirit of the game, it's mostly techno style. I don't really like techno but when I'm taking on 3 guys at the same time, the music really helps to pout you in the mood.
The games has voice-overs and I find them to be very good: intonation, feelings.... Everything is there.
The sound effects are pleasing: nothing major but nothing bad: your usual fighting game sound effects.

Graphics- 8/10 (or 3/10)
Oni is based on Anime: japanese cartoons. I love Anime so I really like the graphics, it adds a cyber-punk feeling to the game! If you don't like anime then they'll seem ordinary. People complain about the fact that rooms are most of the time empty, it's true rooms in this game don't have much furniture but when you start fighting 3 guys at once you're happy that there aren't any obstacles! The lighting effects are very nice though. So if you want a showcase games to impress chicks then this isn't your game, if you want good looking graphics then this will be your cup of tea!

Controls- before you get used 2/10- after 8/10
This is the factor that will decide wether you like this game or not. This was intended to be a PC game so the controls are PC like: keyboard to move, mouse to move your head and your direction. So the two sticks are what makes Konoko moves. At first it will be weird, maybe even annoying. But after a couple of hours (2 or 3) you'll get the hang of it, and once you do you'll see that this controls make this game much easier.

Final- 9/10 (not an average)
I loved every second of this game and if you try to get passed the controls anybody can enjoy this game if they like this kind of game. The game is also pretty long and HARD like hell! If you aren't used to this kind of game, prepare yourself!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/28/01, Updated 08/28/01

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