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"Best 3rd Person Game"

I bought this game cause I like martial arts--and when I put the blue disc into my PS2, I was happy I bought this game.

The game starts out slow, and the story-line is rather uninteresting--as well as the levels--but I kept playing because it was fun to maul you opponents with real martial art techniques...

But when I reached level 6--the game shot off--in terms of level design, graphics, and especially story-line.

The game that was just ''fun” turned into an exciting game with awesome techniques--knocking over four enemies with the spin kick and watching them bounce and roll when they hit the floor is just too cool.

The weapons also start out uninteresting and imaginative—also rather weak—but when you pick up the Mercury Bow and blow away a thug with a stream of frozen and poisonous mercury – I guarantee you that your going to say—wow!

Why is this the best 3rd person game in my opinion? Tomb Raider—run, shoot, pick up gold, watch n occasional cutscene about Laura somebody or stealing treasur—rather uninteresting—plus the locked auto aim detracts a lot from the action…Rune—go through dark caverns slashing up crabs and skeletons and getting over you. I would list more, but their all Tomb Raider clones—Oni has a point, and though it’s straight forward, pressing a button, moving on to next button—you will be rewarded with lots storyline throughout each level, and the NPC’s are great, as they duck and cower they scream—“don’t hurt me, oh please, not in the face!!”

Oni’s AI is very good—and hands down the best in any 3rd person game. enemies sneak up behind you, and perform fluid blocks to your attacks, and punch and kick when they should…they get annoying sometimes—picking up guns you dropped, reloading them and firing at you while another guy grabs your from behind. Annoying things like people getting stuck in doors or walls don’t happen in this game—in fact, all characters have very good navigational skills. Enemies learn from your attacks, making them more likely to block the spinning sidekick the second time around than the first.

The best thing about this game is the wide variety of attacks Konoko has. You can punch and kick from any angle—making brawls very cool—and the number and variety of the moves you have make combat interesting—you wont find yourself using just one combo to take out your opponets. Only a few guns are powerful enough to be of any use—the makers obviously wanted had to hand melee’ style combat to be the main focus on this game—which makes it different.

3rd person game style, 1rst person gameplay-action, action, action. That sums up gameplay.

Sound—great—bullets fired from a distance whiz and zip by—take the sounds from the beach landing in Saving Private Ryan and you get the picture. When you connect with a punch or kick you get a satisfying sound, somewhere between a and a thud—sounds good and blends in nice with the graphic effects-snapping someone’s neck will make you sick.

Graphics—this is the only part that is not perfect in Oni. While all characters are very well done—the levels seem—dry I guess, especially the first handful—later on their great, battling with ninjas on a banks rooftop, or running through the core of the City’s power generator will make you notice. Graphic effects are very cool though—bullet marks stay on the wall no matter how many you put there—and bodies do not disappear either. The wind effects of Konoko’s powerful kicks look cool.

This is a great game; well worth the money…but give it a chance, because the first handful of missions can deter your want to play the game—stick with it, and you will enjoy the experience.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/01/02, Updated 02/01/02

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