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"Oni: Great on PC, average on PS2"

Okay, I was hoping for much more out of this game than I got. Maybe I should have lowered my standards. When I saw my friend playing it on PC, it looked like a sleeper hit, one of those awesome games that no one knows about. Well, it turns out it's not underrated without reason.

Gameplay: 3/10
In the PS2 version, the change between forward/backward and strafing movement is so drastic that it really hampers the gameplay. You have to practically stop dead then go in another direction if you want to strafe. The weapons system is also awful, even on the PC version. The control style is that of a first person shooter, thus you can move the crosshair with one joystick, and move yourself with the other. But the weapons don't lock on too well, and the sensitivity is bad with the right joystick, thus targeting anything more than 10 feet away is hell. Where the game gets it's only prose is the combo system. The first few combos you get (punch punch kick, punch x3, kick x3) are all really good looking and fun to bust out. But later on you are expected to hit backwards then forwards then kick to do a move, and it's so unbelievably hard to pull this off with the given control scheme that the move never seems to get any combat use.

Story: 6/10
For basically a first person shooter, the story to this game is really nice. The main character is a mystery, and as you go on you realize more and more about her. The game is similar to Max Payne in it's story style. There are twists and turns to the plot at every level.

Music: 5/10
I really do look for music in all my games, and this one had good music, when it was ever audible. The music generally kicks in right before a boss, or a room chock full of guys. So you get hyped, and run in, and are once again let down by the control style. All and all, when the music kicks in, it's a turn for the best.

Graphics: 7/10
For when this game came out, this game has very good graphics. Sure, Konoko's hair may be a bit spiky, but I'm sure all the hard core anime fans out there love it. And the animation videos are great when they show up as well. Too bad the voice acting wasn't better.

Sound: 3/10
Besides the music, the voice acting was fairly cheesy at times, and most often bad. From Konoko flat out stating ''You're gonna get beat by a girl'' to Shinatama's ''Konoko, help me,'' I never could really get past it's cheesiness. There could have been a lot done to spice up this section of the game.

Replay Value: 4/10
As with all action games, this one is good for replay because you can experience the action all over again. However, there are only 2 different endings, and both are fairly trite, so it gets dull, especially with the control scheme, fairly quick.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 02/01/02, Updated 02/01/02

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