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Reviewed: 04/01/02 | Updated: 04/01/02

Underappreciated, but not quite excellent.

I've read some scorning review of poor Oni. Most of the sour ones were written by gamers obviously too concerned with visual graphics, and too unskilled with a playstation controller.

Take your time. Learn to play. You will be thankful. The fighting system is intricate and can be fun. It's not as smooth as later games, but remember this was one of the first games to come out for our dear PS2. It's not as smooth of fighting as you might wish, but it still has some decent style and innovation behind it. Combining fighting with gunplay was a risky manuever, and Bungie didn't do half bad. I barely use the guns at all, frankly. There are few fun ones, like the Vann-de Grafft pistol (Remember the static electricity orb in your Physics classroom?) and the rocket launcher is fun to watch the enemies fly about. The controls will baffle you at first, but after a day or two of on-and-off gaming you'll get the hang of it. If not, play some other games and learn how to use a playstation controller. The levels are pretty free-range, and quite varied. You actually feel like you're on a mission, not like many other games with similar storylines. However, the difficulty jumps incredibly at one point and you'll find yourself abandoning the game if you aren't talented. I'm stuck at the point where you enter a large expansive room and are instantly shot by 4 rocket launchers at once, two of which just appeared behind you.
It's interesting. If you know anything about Carl Jung's theory of a collective unconcious you know that it's pretty much impossible to come up with a new storyline these days. You'll enjoy the storyline, but will doubtfully become incredibly into it. The anime touch is fun.
Decent. Maybe a little better at times. This game MIGHT have been able to have been squeezed on a playstation. The load times are indeed very long. The music is very nice, you might even look for the soundtrack, but you probably wont find it. The fighting noises get repetitive, but you'll still enjoy the cracking of a neck after many many hours. There's no impressive CGI cutscenes, they might have been a nice addition. There's a few comic-book style animations that you might enjoy. The lead character is cute.
Replay Value:
If you finish the game then kudos to you, if you beat it twice go see a psychologist.

Rent it, see if you can beat it. Otherwise you're just paying for a dust collector. Currently it's down to about 20 dollars in some places. In that case it might be worth the money if you trade it with a friend later for another 20 dollar game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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