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    FAQ by SqueakyD

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    ESPN International Track and Field (PS2)
    FAQ v1.31 (6/21/2002) by SqueakyD
    "Ladies and gentlemen, we'll now begin the Men's 100 M dash..."
    Athletes from other countries, all with a thirst for gold.
    "On your mark..."
    You take a deep breath.  The crowd goes quiet.
    "Get set..."
    This is it.  Fight to win!
    The first ever Konami Track and Field game to reach the PS2.  This is the third
    to reach a Sony console (International Track and Field and IT&F 2000 on PSOne).
    The T&F games date back to the NES, Commodore 64, and Apple II days.
    I recommend playing with a friend or two in this game.  A must have button
    mashing party game for a ten and a few bucks.
    What to expect
       I) Menu Controls
      II) Game Options
          a) Save/Load
          b) Sound Mode
          c) Vibration
     III) Game Modes
          a) Trial
          b) Championship
          c) Player Entry
      IV) Event Guides
          a) 100M Dash
          b) 100M Hurdles
          c) Long Jump
          d) Pole Vault
          e) Javelin Throw
          f) 100M Freestyle
          g) Weight Lifting
          h) Horizontal Bar
          i) Trap Shooting
          j) Rhythmic Gymnastics
       V) Awards
      VI) Other Questions?
     VII) Codes (Gameshark)
    VIII) Submitted Scores and Records
      IX) Special Thanks
       X) Updates
      XI) Legal Stuff
    Menu Controls
          D-Pad: Scroll selection
          O:     Cancel/Back
          X:     Confirm/Advance
          Start: Confirm/Advance
    Game Options
       SAVE:      Save all records and awards on a PS2 Memory Card
       LOAD:      Load all records and awards from the Memory Card.  
                  (Happens automatically at boot-up of game.)
                  If records are broken, results are saved after an event.  
                  This is before returning to the menu screen.
                  BGM Music
                     00) Nothing
                     01) Opening FMV Song
                     02) Trial Mode menu
                     03) Championship Mode menu
                     04) Replay and Results
                     05) "
                     06) "
                     07) Tutorial and (drum loop) Awards
                     08) Ending Medal Ceremony
                     09) Rhythmic Gymnastics Easy Song "Body Heat"
                     10) Rhythmic Gymnastics Hard Song "Hold on Me"
                     11) Rhythmic Gymnastics Normal Song "Finger Illusion"
                     12) Rhythmic Gymnastics Expert Song "Fight to Win" (Locked)
                     13) End Credits (Locked)
                  FUNNY SE (Locked) Replaces in-game sound effects with funny stuff.
                     NORMAL - Default sounds in the game
                     ROBOT - Includes whizzing of motors and stomping of feet.
                     ANIMALS - Includes a howl of a wolf and a moo from a cow.
                     CARTOON - Includes splats, boings, and kabooms.         
                  Enables Controller vibration during events
    Game Modes
    All 10 events are available for the you to choose.
    Great for practice and familiarity.  Records can also be 
    set in this mode.  Events can be played as many times you want.
    After an event is completed, a menu shows up
       CONTINUE:      Play the selected event again
       EVENTS SELECT: Choose a different event
       QUIT:          Go to title screen
    A player is put up to the task in three days of competition of
    all 10 events.
    Points are accumulated depending on the player's placement 
    in each event.  The player with the highest score at the
    end of the three days gets a gold medal, followed by the second 
    place silver and third place bronze.
    Day 1 and Day 2 have three events, while Day 3 has four.  
    The events are selected at random, and can not be redone.
    This is where you and 3 other friends can choose a country and 
    enter a name.  Only eight characters are allowed in name entry.
    Countries selectable are
    Great Britain
    Other countries featured but unselectable are
    Trinidad and Tobago
    Event Guides
    100 M DASH
       Location:     Subtrack
       Default W.R.: 9.79/sec
       Controls:     At the gun, press the O/X buttons alternately.
                     The faster you press the buttons, the faster the athlete runs.
       Fouls:        If the O/X buttons are pressed BEFORE the gun.
                     Two false starts by the athlete results in disqualification.
       D's Tips:     The starting takeoff is the most important part of the race.
                        Anticipate the gun.  A quick start means less time.
    110 M HURDLES
       Location:     Subtrack
       Default W.R.: 12.91/sec
       Controls:     At the gun, press the O/X buttons alternately.
                     The faster you press the buttons, the faster the athlete runs.
                     To jump a hurdle, keep your eye on the bottom power meter.
                        Press L1 when the two horizontal lines overlap.
       Fouls:        If the O/X buttons are pressed BEFORE the gun.
                     Two false starts by the athlete results in disqualification.  
       D's Tips:     The starting takeoff is also important.  Know when the gun 
                        goes off.  Quick starts mean less time.
                     Also, time your jumps.  You should be able to set a rhythm.
       Location:     Subtrack
       Default W.R.: 8.95/m
       Controls:     Press the O/X buttons alternately as fast as possible to run.
                     To jump, press and hold the L1 button.  
                     Release when you reach the desired angle.
       Fouls:        The athlete's foot touches or reaches past the GREEN line.
       D's Tips:     The best angle to jump is 30 degrees.  You should do fine if 
                        your step is WAY before the foul line.  It's better to be
                        safe then foul sorry.
       Location:     Subtrack
       Default W.R.: 6.14/m
       Controls:     Press the O/X buttons alternately as fast as possible to run.
                     As the athlete places the pole, the circle will rise up.  
                     Press L1 when the diameter line of the circle reaches 
                        ABOVE the recover bar (inside highlighted area).
                     The circle will rotate clockwise 180 degrees and then fall.  
                     Press L1 again, keeping the diameter line above the 
                        recover bar (inside highlighted area).
       Fouls:        Knocking off the horizontal bar.
       D's Tips:     In this event, the athlete gets three attempts.  
                        Placement in the top three is your first priority.  
                        Then you can try to break the record.
       Location:     Ground
       Default W.R.: 98.48/m
       Controls:     Press the O/X buttons alternately as fast as possible to 
                        build up power.
                     The angle bar will start rising.  Press or hold the DOWN 
                        button to adjust the throwing angle.
                     To throw, press UP when the desired angle is reached.
       Fouls:        Stepping across the line at any time before or after throw.
       D's Tips:     The best angle to throw is 45 degrees.
                     Hold DOWN.  Release DOWN after about 4 strides and hit UP 
                        on or before you cross that white V shape on the ground.
                        It's all about the timing.  Practice makes perfect.
       Location:     Pool
       Default W.R.: 0:53.80/min
       Controls:     At the signal, press the L1 and R1 simultaneously and rapidly
                        as fast as possible.  
                     The closer the buttons are simultaneously pressed, the more
                        the meter rises, therefore the faster you swim.
       Fouls:        Pressing L1+R1 before the signal results in a false start.
                     Two false starts is a disqualification.
       D's Tips:     Know when the signal goes off.  The starting leap can help
                        you break that record.
       Location:     Gymnasium
       Default W.R.: 260.0/kg
       Controls:     A white bar will shoot up the meter.  Press L1 as the bar is 
                        in the highlighted area.
                     For the jerk, rapidly press the X/O buttons alternately.  
                        While you are building up power, the white bar will go up 
                        and down the meter.  Press L1 once the white bar reaches 
                        the highlighted area.
                     Finally, rapidly press the X/O buttons alternately to build up 
                        the meter.  Keep the power in the highlighted area for 
                        three signals.
       Fouls:        Running out of stamina (yellow bar on left).
                     Not holding barbell up for the required three seconds.
       D's Tips:     Like the pole vault, concentrate on placement first.  Then 
                        break the record.
                     Don't let the white bar go up and down the meter too much.
                        You will waste stamina that way.
       Location:     Gymnasium
       Default W.R.: 9.92/pts
       Controls:     To stop the timing gauge, press the X button when the falling 
                        bar reaches the flashing area.
                     A series of five arrows will be displayed.  Use the D-PAD to 
                        enter the commands within the time limit.
       Fouls:        None.  But being inaccurate in the timing gauge or missing 
                        a command will result in point deductions.
       D's Tips:     Take your time when entering the arrow commands.  But, high
                        scores are possible if you enter them faster.
       Location:     Riflerange
       Default W.R.: 375/pts
       Controls:     Choose between NORMAL or REVERSE controls.  Pushing UP on the
                        analog stick raises the crosshairs in NORMAL, drops the 
                        crosshairs in REVERSE.
                     Call out "Pull!" with the O button.
                     Move the crosshairs with the left analog stick.
                     Shoot with the X button.
       Fouls:        None.  Points are deducted when clay targets are missed.
       D's Tips:     Notice that the best time to shoot is when the crosshairs turn
                     YELLOW.  It can't get any easier.
       Location:     Gymnasium
       Default W.R.: 9.89/pts
       Controls:     There are a series of four outline arrows at the top of
                        the screen.  
                     You will see arrows scroll from the bottom of the screen. 
                     Press the corresponding arrows when the arrows overlap.
                     You can also use TRIANGLE (Up), SQUARE (Left), X (Down), and
                        O (Right)
       Fouls:        None.  But missing an arrow or pressing a 1/16 off of the
                        beat will deduct points.
       D's Tips:     If you've played Dance Dance Revolution, you know what to do.
                     Also, if you have any musical experience, all arrows shall be
                        pressed on the downbeat of the song.  Try to get all
    Getting a required number or medals on any mode will unlock a few goodies.
    5 Bronze Medals -- Interview w/ Larry Wade (110m Hurdles)
    5 Silver Medals -- Interview w/ Jeff Hartwig (Pole Vault)
    5 Gold Medals   -- Interview w/ Ato Boldon (100m Dash)
    10 Gold Medals  -- Interview w/ Maurice Greene (100m Dash)
    Get all Golds for each Rhythmic Gymnastics Tune
                    -- Bonus Track in Rhythmic Gymnastics ("Fight to Win" Expert)
    Gold in every event
                    -- Funny Sound in Options Menu
    Complete the game
                    -- Staff Roll Movie
    Other Questions?
    Q: Can I use a turbo controller?
    A: I recently borrowed a PS1 turbo controller.  To tell you the truth, it wasn't
       all that useful.  The only event the controller did do well was the 100M 
       freestyle.  It seems that turbo controllers can only send a rapid signal
       from different buttons simultaneously, not alternately.  It isn't useful for
       the dashes.
       Even if there is a turbo controller out there that does work well with this 
       game, do yourself a favor.  DO NOT USE A TURBO CONTROLLER.  No fun in that.
    Q: I saw the high jump and hammer throw in the opening intro.  Where is it?
    A: Ah, you found two events in the opening FMV that are not playable in the 
       game.  Don't try looking for it.  Too bad, eh?  You can play those events in 
       the earlier PS versions of International Track and Field.
    Gameshark Codes
    brought to you by Gameshark.com
    (M) Must Be On         ECB6210C1456E60A 
    Silly Robot Noises     4CE997F61456E5A6 
    Silly Animal Noises    4CE997F61456E6A6 
    Silly Cartoon Noises   4CE997F61456E4A6 
    10.0 Gymnastics        1C3A52B4D336E7A5 
    Submitted Scores/Records
    I'm going to stop posting new records.  You can find updated ones on the
    GameFAQs IT&F Message Board.
    100M Dash:            9.67/sec (D)
                          9.47/sec (No6ndacprm@aol.com)
                          9.46/sec (hematoma@sympatico.ca)
    110M Hurdles:         12.86/sec (D)
                          12.78/sec (hematoma@sympatico.ca)
    Long Jump:            8.98/m (D)
                          9.03/m (hematoma@sympatico.ca)
    Pole Vault:           7.00/m (D)
                          7.00/m (hematoma@sympatico.ca)       
    Javelin Throw:        103.84/m (D)
                          103.77/m (hematoma@sympatico.ca)
    100M Freestyle:       0:51.23/min (D)
                          0:48.52/min (No6ndacprm@aol.com)
                          0:50.04/min (hematoma@sympatico.ca)
    Weight Lifting:       280.0/kg (D)
                          280.0/kg (hematoma@sympatico.ca)
    Horizontal Bar:       9.90/pts (D)
                          10.0/pts (hematoma@sympatico.ca)
    Trap Shooting:        426/pts (D)
    Rhythmic Gymnastics:  10.00/pts "Hold on Me" (D)
                          10.00/pts (hematoma@sympatico.ca)
    CHAMPIONSHIP Ranking: 12162/pts (D)
                          14448/pts (hematoma@sympatico.ca)
    Special Thanks and Contributions
    Before I give thanks, I'd like to say that this is my FIRST ever FAQ!
    GameFAQs -  I think it's against the law NOT to give thanks to CJayC.
    MechNinja - For saying "Do it!" regarding this FAQ.
    Sprite -    Yeah, the soda.  I had a few cans while typing this up and playing.
    FuncoLand - The only place where I could find this game.
    Other places you'll see this FAQ in...
    Note that the most updated FAQ will be on GameFAQs.
    v1.3(6/21/2002)- Just added some records.  Fixed tips on horizontal bar.
                     Also added Gameshark codes.
    v1.2(4/10/2002)- Given permission for the above listed sites
                     Made this Update section
                     Updated some records
    v1.0 (4/3/2002)- Submitted FAQ to GameFAQs.
    Disclaimer and all that legal stuff
    This ESPN International Track and Field FAQ may not be reproduced without 
    my permission.  This includes copying, publishing, selling, etc.  
    This FAQ is copyright SqueakyD, 2002.
    ESPN is a trade mark of ESPN, Inc and affiliates.  (c) 2000 Disney
    Konami and International Track and Field is Copyright Konami Co., Ltd.  
    (c) 1996 2000 Konami  
    All rights reserved.

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