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    Weapons FAQ by Odge

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/30/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Timesplitters Gun Guide
    Version 1.2 by Odge (djgaunt86@hotmail.com) written 30/11/01
    i) Introduction
    ii) Guns
    1. Pistol (x2)
    2. M16 (x2)
    3. Assault Rifle
    4. Sniper Rifle
    5. Raygun
    6. Raygun Carbine
    7. Scifi Autorifle
    8. Scifi Handgun
    9. Rocket Launcher
    10. Mauser Pistol (x2)
    11. Minigun (x2)
    12. Grenade Launcher
    13. Scifi Sniper Rifle
    14. Proximity Mine
    15. Remote Mine
    16. Timed Mine
    17. TNT
    18. Tommy Gun (x2)
    19. Assault Shotgun
    20. Uzi (x2)
    21. Blunderbuss
    22. Colt Pistol (x2)
    23. Shotgun (x2)
    24. Brick (bonus weapon)
    iii) Legal Stuff and Credits
    I’m not normally a shoot-em up fan, and when I got my PS2 for Christmas, I 
    was not best pleased when I found I had been bought Timesplitters, and was a 
    little sceptical. However, when I got round to playing it, I found it was 
    actually a great game, with stunning visuals, atmospheric sound, and a great 
    Arcade mode and Mapmaker. In fact, I have found that this is the finest game 
    on the PS2 so far, and until Dark Cloud makes its way onto the shelves, I 
    will have to be satisfied with gunning down my brother in Deathmatch mode.
    Anyway, on with the FAQ. This time, I’ll give you the low-down on some of 
    the tactics which I have used for each of the guns in the game, and some of 
    the details on each. Whether that’ll be useful for you or not, I don’t know, 
    but hey, you might enjoy it. I have not included separate categories for 
    twin weapons – whenever a weapon occurs as a double, I will put (x2) after 
    it. If I say nothing about the double, you can safely assume that it is 
    twice as powerful – it has twice the ammo, twice the firing rate, and is 
    generally twice as dangerous.
    ii) Guns
    N.B. After each weapon’s title, there are two numbers separated by a colon. 
    The first indicates the maximum amount of ammo that one magazine of that gun 
    can carry, and the second indicates the maximum total ammo of that gun that 
    you can carry (not including the first full magazine.) If there is only one 
    number, then you can only fire one shot per reload, and that number is the 
    maximum ammo for that weapon that you can hold. Assume that if you can get 
    two of one weapon, then the other weapon can hold just as much ammo, and has 
    just as much ammo in each magazine.
    1. Pistol (x2) 10:490
    This is your bog standard, slow firing, pistol. On the other hand, you can 
    hold a lot of ammo for the pistol, and it is one of the best pistols you can 
    get (apart from the obviously superior Scifi Handgun.) If you are up against 
    somebody with this thing, it is better to tap R2 repeatedly rather than just 
    holding it down, because it fires faster that way. The gun reloads quite 
    slowly, so it is useful to be able to strafe behind some cover while you 
    reload. Pistol x2 is, obviously, 2 pistols, one in each hand, if used 
    cleverly, can be better than the Scifi Handgun. There is the advantage of 
    the increased amount of ammo, and also the increased rate of fire.
    It is also possible to make the pistol fire just as fast as the Uzi, if you 
    use the correct tactic. Equip one pistol, and alternately press R1 and R2 
    very quickly, and bullets ought to come streaming out. Useful if you’ve got 
    lots of bullets to spare.
    2. M16 (x2) 30:170
    The M16 you can also obtain as either a single or double form. It is your 
    typical machine gun, and fires quite quickly, as well as having 30 shots per 
    reload, which is quite decent. The best tactic with this weapon is just to 
    blast a whole cartridge-worth into an enemy, and that should finish them 
    off. However, this weapon can also be used tactically in the Story levels 
    such as China, because when you go into Aim Mode, you discover that this 
    weapon has a very decent Zoom function, with which you can snipe enemies at 
    a distance. This is especially useful in Chinese, where you need to snipe 
    several of the enemies, and accuracy is often necessary because of the 
    shortage of ammo early in the level. The M16 x2 is a very powerful weapon, 
    and you can usually win many a firefight with these two. You’d only have to 
    strafe if the enemy was packing something super-powerful, such as a Minigun.
    3. Assault Rifle 30:170
    Another fine weapon, this fires quickly as well, and has a very nice Zoom 
    Function. You get the opportunity to use this in the Docks level, in which 
    it is one of the best weapons, and it is both useful for sniping the people 
    standing high up on the packing crates and metal structures, and for killing 
    the grenade slingers on the ground. It is easily comparable to the M16 and 
    the Uzi, but sadly, you can’t get 2 of it. If in a firefight, try to strafe 
    as much as possible, but you can also use the ‘madly running through throngs 
    of enemies firing wildly tactic’, and that usually works as well.
    4. Sniper Rifle 5:195
    This is sadly a wasted weapon in Timesplitters, especially in Arcade Weapon, 
    where everybody is running around wildly, and many have machine guns. 
    Obviously this weapon is useless in a firefight, due to its slow fire rate, 
    and its low rate of 5 shots per reload, so its best, if confronted with many 
    enemies, to either switch to anything else, if possible, or just run for the 
    nearest cover. However, in Story Mode, it does have its uses, as many of the 
    guards stand still, and you can simply Zoom right in (note that this weapon 
    has easily the best zoom rate of all of the guns in Timesplitters), and pop 
    their heads off, which is incredibly satisfying.
    5. Raygun 20:180
    This is a very odd weapon, and is also very rubbish. It is a bit like a 
    futuristic blunderbuss, and does tend to behave similarly to one. The fire 
    rate is quite slow, but the shots do a large amount of damage when they hit. 
    Sadly, when up against an enemy packing a Scifi Autorifle or even a Pistol, 
    this weapon just doesn’t stand a chance. You’ll get a chance to use this 
    weapon in Story Mode in Spaceways, but try not to use it if possible, since 
    the alternatives are the ultra powerful Scifi Autorifle, Minigun, and the 
    Rocket Launcher.
    6. Raygun Carbine 20:180
    This weapon is no better than the Raygun. It fires very quickly, and you can 
    get the shots to bounce off the walls, but each shot does negligible amounts 
    of damage. If up against an enemy with this weapon, just try and get as many 
    shots into them as possible, while dodging their shots. It also looks cool 
    (I am told.) However, that won’t help you in a battle with a Scifi Autorifle 
    wielding madman, I am sure.
    7. Scifi Autorifle 50:150
    This is quite possibly the best weapon in the game. Why? Because this weapon 
    can either be used as a machine gun (press R2), or a high performance 
    grenade launcher (press R1). You get 50 shots per reload, which is decent in 
    itself. However, each grenade launcher shot uses 10 shots, so you only get 5 
    grenade shots per reload, which is fair enough really. Since the grenade 
    shot takes up so many shots, I advise only using these against people 
    packing machine guns, as many machine guns have faster fire rates than the 
    Autorifle, and you’d probably die if you didn’t just blast them out of the 
    way. For people packing weak weapons and rocket launchers, it is best to gun 
    them down while strafing. You can get through most of the Spaceways and 
    Planet X story levels using this weapon, as just a general purpose machine 
    8. Scifi Handgun 20:480
    Another fine weapon from the Scifi range, this is perhaps the best pistol. 
    It has an extremely quick rate of fire, comparable with a machine gun, and 
    two fire modes – normal pistol fire (R2), and ricocheting shots (R1), which 
    bounce off all the walls, usually killing everyone, including you. The 
    ricocheting shots are useful in a small room which is frequented by everyone 
    (such as the kitchen in Chinese.) Here, the shots will ricochet around and 
    kill everyone in the room. In all other situations, you should use normal 
    shots, and strafe if necessary.
    9. Rocket Launcher 30
    This is another super powerful weapon, and this too has two modes. Pressing 
    R2 will release one rocket that has reasonable homing powers, while pressing 
    R1 will release three rockets that usually just fly straight forwards. You 
    should usually just use the normal shots when encountering a single enemy or 
    a group close together. Point the launcher at whoever you want to kill, make 
    sure you’re not too close to that enemy, and fire the launcher. Usually, the 
    three rockets are useful to fire down a large tunnel or alleyway, because 
    anybody in the tunnel will be hit by the shots. In Story Mode, you get the 
    Rocket Launcher in Cyberden and in Spaceways. It is very useful to take out 
    the autoguns, as well as just being used to blow enemies away, simply use 
    Aim Mode, get the cursor over the autogun, and blast it. You have to be 
    especially wary of the grenade launching autogun in Hard Spaceways – you 
    should strafe and fire rocket launcher shots at it.
    10. Mauser Pistol (x2) 15:485
    The Mauser Pistol, despite being an ancient weapon, is actually quite a 
    decent pistol, and is very similar to the normal pistol. The fire rate is 
    not too bad, it reloads quite quickly, and you get 15 shots in your magazine 
    – which is a lot better than many other pistols. In Story Mode, you can get 
    this weapon in Tomb, and it should serve you well until you get the Tommy 
    Gun. When using the weapon, you should try to strafe as much as possible, if 
    the enemy has a powerful weapon.
    11. Minigun (x2) 60:140
    The Minigun is, of course, a hugely powerful weapon with an enormous fire 
    rate, and at 60 shots per reload, you probably won’t have a problem of 
    reloading during a firefight. Strafing is usually unnecessary since an enemy 
    won’t get a chance to fire at you before you fire about fifty shots into his 
    lower abdomen. Your biggest problem will probably be running out of ammo, 
    since the weapon can only hold 200 shots in total, so always be on the 
    lookout for more ammo. However, in the Story Levels where you encounter the 
    Minigun, there is more than enough to keep you firing until the level’s end. 
    It is possible to get Minigun x2, though how the characters manage to 
    support the immense weight and cope with the kickback is beyond me. Two 
    Miniguns are just powerful to the extreme, and usually nobody will be able 
    to stop you, except somebody else with a Rocket Launcher, two other 
    Miniguns, or somebody who has snuck up behind you and blown your head off 
    before you could turn round.
    12. Grenade Launcher 8:12
    This weapon is similar to the Rocket Launcher, except that it does not have 
    such a great range. Pressing R2 will launch a Grenade that explodes on 
    impact, and pressing R1 launches a Grenade that bounces around before not 
    exploding. The R1 grenades can be used by the professional to kill enemies 
    beneath you and round corners by bouncing them off the walls and the like, 
    but I rarely use them. The Grenade has a disadvantage against the Rocket 
    Launcher in that the Grenade is not self propelled and so will fall to the 
    ground eventually and explode. However this is not a great disadvantage, 
    since many of the enemies you face aren’t that far away anyway. In a 
    firefight, simply point and shoot, and that will usually sort out the 
    problem. In Story Mode you get a chance to use the Grenade Launcher in 
    Chemical Plant, where you can use it to blast a lot of the guards there. It 
    is especially useful against the guards toting Shotguns, because you want to 
    kill them before they see you.
    13. Scifi Sniper Rifle 10:190
    This weapon is similar to the normal Sniper Rifle, except that it is more 
    powerful, and you get more shots per reload. It is still useless in a normal 
    firefight, because of its slow fire rate, and the only time you really need 
    to use it is at the beginning of Planet X, where you can use the Zoom to 
    snipe some aliens on a ledge. I advise against using this in a normal 
    firefight, however.
    14. Proximity Mine 10
    The first of the three mines, you should probably know how this works. If 
    not, you attach this weapon to a surface (a wall, or a floor) and if anyone 
    comes near it, it’ll blow, taking the enemy with it, and adding one to your 
    kills total. Personally my favourite mine, this is best used in narrow 
    tunnels, or near power ups – the enemy will be blown up just as they near 
    their treasured prize. You can also be very sneaky and attach one of these 
    to an enemy’s back – if the enemy gets near a wall, then they will blow up. 
    You should change weapon if an enemy approaches – throwing the mines wildly 
    at an enemy with a Minigun is not a good idea. You get the Proximity Mines 
    at the beginning of the Cyberden Story level, and it is best to use it in 
    the pit in the first large level outside the ventilation duct you start in – 
    a lot of enemies drop into this, and the mines will usually deal with them.
    15. Remote Mine 20
    The second mine, you can throw these out using the R2 button, and detonate 
    them using the R1 button. It is best to put these at strategic points in the 
    level, and lie in wait, detonating them when people come near. I prefer the 
    Proximity Mines, because you can just throw them out and run off, whereas 
    you have to lie in wait with the Remote Mine, which wastes you time.
    16. Timed Mine 10
    This is probably the worst mine, since it goes off after a set time period, 
    so the only way you’re going to kill an enemy with this is to stick the mine 
    to them, or put the mine onto a wall with an enemy following close behind. 
    Mind you, they are good to just stick to walls in a place which is 
    frequented by people, and try to kill some people as they enter.
    17. TNT 20
    This weapon is simply a stick of TNT which you throw, it bounces around, and 
    finally explodes. This weapon is largely unsuitable for firefights because 
    of its unpredictability and slow fire rate. It is good just to lob into a 
    chamber or off a ledge, and see if it hits anyone below. You can obtain this 
    weapon in Tomb, and you can use it to lob into the various different 
    chambers of the Tomb to kill the Cultists, but it isn’t that effective, to 
    be honest.
    18. Tommy Gun (x2) 32:468
    An ancient machine gun, this weapon is still quite effective, especially in 
    its double form. Admittedly its fire rate isn’t quite as high as you might 
    expect from a machine gun, but you can hold quite a lot of ammo for it (an 
    incredible 468 shots, plus 32 in your beginning magazine – that’s a lot for 
    a machine gun.)  Also, you can fire 32 shots before you have to reload. In a 
    firefight, you should try to unload as many shots as possible – you might 
    need to strafe if the enemy is packing a Minigun or the like. You get a 
    chance to use this weapon in Story Mode, in Tomb, and in Village. The weapon 
    comes into its own in Tomb, and you will use it to gun down most of the 
    Cultists, Skeletons, and Timesplitters you encounter. In Village you will 
    probably use it less due to the presence of the Shotgun, but when the 
    Shotgun runs out of ammo, it is the next best thing.
    19. Assault Shotgun 8:92
    This is an extremely powerful Shotgun, which fires a small spray of bullets 
    towards the target. In a firefight, a single shot from this baby will 
    usually kill the target, even if he is packing a Minigun, unless it strafes 
    out of the way. The advantage of this weapon over the normal Shotgun is the 
    larger amount of shots per reload (8, compared to 2 in the Shotgun.) However 
    this is a great advantage, because the Shotgun has only two shots per 
    reload, and the character is very vulnerable when reloading, since reloading 
    with the Shotgun takes ages. However, this gun is inferior to the double 
    Shotgun, which is just incredibly powerful. You can use this weapon in Docks 
    in Story Mode, and it comes in useful for disposing with the autoguns, and 
    the guards with Autorifles.
    20. Uzi (x2) 20:480
    The Uzi is another stereotypical machine gun, and is useful due to its quick 
    fire rate, and the enormous amount of ammo which you can carry, but sadly 
    suffers because you can only fire 20 shots before having to reload. It is 
    very useful to gun down enemies as you run past them, or to shoot enemies 
    while ducking behind structures. It comes in useful in the Chinese Story 
    level as a general purpose weapon to machine gun down goons. The double 
    version of the weapon is useful, not only because of the larger reserves of 
    ammo, but because you can fire 40 shots per reload, which eliminates the 
    reloading problem.
    21. Blunderbuss 100
    This is more of a novelty weapon than a serious killer, but it can be used 
    quite effectively in certain circumstances. The weapon only has one shot per 
    reload, and the reloading takes ages, but that shot does a lot of damage to 
    the enemy – two shots is sometimes enough to kill them. The best way is to 
    blast an enemy, and then run off. As he follows you, you should reload, turn 
    round, and blast him, which will usually kill him, if your shots were aimed 
    in the right direction. If you simply shoot an enemy and then wait for your 
    weapon to reload, this will usually give him enough time to turn round and 
    gun you down, so this is not advisable. You get an opportunity to use this 
    weapon in Tomb, but I would advise against it due to your alternatives of 
    the Mauser Pistol and the Tommy Gun.
    22. Colt Pistol (x2) 6:494
    This weapon is perhaps the worst pistol in the entire game. It has a slow 
    fire rate, you only get 6 shots per reload, which is poor, even for a 
    pistol, and the reloading takes ages. Its only advantages are the amount of 
    damage you can do per shot (allegedly two shots can kill the target) and the 
    large amount of ammo you can get for it, but in many pistols, you can get 
    just as much ammo. I advise against using it for anything, and in the Tomb 
    level, you should not use it at all. It is just too slow to be useful. The 
    double version is slightly better, but still doesn’t improve it enough to be 
    worth using.
    23. Shotgun (x2) 2:98
    This is a superb weapon despite its age, and can be used to easily kill 
    someone in one or two shots. However, you should be aware of its slow reload 
    time, and be ready to duck for cover if your shots fail to kill your target. 
    However, the reload time stops you from wasting your ammo after killing your 
    target, so there is an upside to it, since Shotgun ammo is often precious. 
    You can get this weapon in Village and Mansion, and the weapon is ideal for 
    blowing the heads off the ghouls and zombies inhabiting the area. Indeed, 
    the Shotgun is the only weapon you can get in the Mansion, which has its 
    advantages (you can kill all the enemies in one) and its disadvantages (they 
    all have Shotguns too.) The best way to kill an enemy with a Shotgun is to 
    hide behind a wall, and shoot them as they come out (if they are playing 
    duck and cover) or to lure them out, run round a corner, and then shoot them 
    as they come looking for you. The double Shotgun is sublimely powerful, and 
    there are few enemies that cannot be eliminated using it – it is even 
    superior than the Assault Shotgun. However, it brings up the question again 
    – can somebody cope with the weight and the recoil of two Shotguns?
    24. Brick (bonus weapon) 20
    This weapon is uncovered by beating challenge 4C (Brick Flung High) in which 
    you have to knock out all the windows in the Chinese restaurant using just 
    some bricks. There are two crucial things you need to know in order to 
    complete the challenge. Firstly, there are some windows lining the top of 
    the wall in the room with the gong, which you may have missed. Secondly, the 
    two shoulder buttons do different things: R1 gives you a high lob which you 
    can use to break high up windows, and R2 throws a brick forwards – you 
    should use this to get the low windows. The brick is not really a suitable 
    weapon when mixed with proper guns – you will always lose with a brick. If 
    you use the ‘Brick’ weapon preset, then all the weapons are bricks, and it 
    is extremely amusing to watch everyone as they try to hit each other with 
    bricks. The technique when throwing a brick is simple – you have to be at 
    the right distance from the enemy. Too close, and the brick will just bounce 
    off them and hit you, and they seem to be not damaged at all. Too far, and 
    the brick will not hit them. If you are just the right distance from them, 
    the brick will smack into them and usually kill them in one. It takes a lot 
    of skill to be able to throw a brick effectively, and you should practice 
    until you can kill an enemy quickly and easily. Running after an enemy 
    throwing bricks sometimes works but is often reliable, and you will often 
    get the odd ‘bouncing brick’ problem.
    iii) Legal Stuff and Credits
    All material © 2001 Odge
    Thanks to REking16@aol.com for his tips on the sniper rifle, colt pistol, 
    raygun carbine, shotgun, and the grenade launcher. Although I couldn’t 
    praise the shotgun enough, he managed to find a few more good points about 
    it, and PSXtreme2222@aol.com for his tip about making the Pistol fire as 
    fast as an Uzi.
    You may put my FAQ on your website without asking, but you must do a few 
    things in order to be able to put this article on your site. Firstly, you 
    must not change anything. Secondly, you must accredit me as the author of 
    the article. Thirdly, you must send me an e-mail telling me who you are and 
    what website you have put my FAQ on. Lastly, if possible, you should put a 
    link to www.satsumaonline.com on your website.
    Any further tips or techniques you have would be greatly appreciated.

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