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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BBailey3

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

        MMMMM MMM+MMMMM     NMMMN     NNM             MNN    MMNMNNNNNNNMN
       HH     NMM     HH     MMM       NMN           NMN      MN         NY
       2.     NMM     2.     MMM       NMNN         NNMM      MN
       I      NMM      I     MMM       NMNNM       MNNMN      MN
              NMM            MMM       NM NMM     MMN MN      MNM     Y
              NMM            MMM       NM  NNN   NNN  MN      MNNMNNNNM
              NMM            MMM       NM   MMM MMM   MN      MNNMNNNNM
              NMM            MMM       NM     NNN     MN      MNM     Y
              NMM            MMM       NM      W      MN      MN
              NMM            MMM       NM             MN      MN
              NMM            MMM       NM             MN      MN
              NMM            MMM       NM             MN      MN         NY
             SMMMS          SNMMM     NMMN           NMMN    MNNMNNNNNNNNM
      NHHJ   JHHN
     MMN        HNN  NM      NM            NNN                  HNM  MN
     MMN         NM  NM       NM   NMNNMM  NNN                 VBN   MN
      NNM            NM      NM     NNMM   NNM  YMMNNNMNMMN    NNM    I
       NMMN          NM     NM       NM    NNM  YMMMNNNMN       NMM
         NMMN        NMMNMMNM        NM    NNM   NM              NMM
          NMMMN      NM              NN    NNM   MN      MNMNMMN  NMM
           MMNNN     NM     MMMN     NM    NMN   MN       MN   MN  NMM
             NMMN    NM     MMN      NM    NNM   MNNNM    MN    MN  NMM
    HNN        NMMN  NM     NNM      NM    NNM   MNNNM    MN   MN    NMM
    NHHJ      JHHN   NM     NNM      NM    NNM   MN       MNMNMM      NMM
     NHHJ     JHHN   NM     NNM      NM    NNM   MN       MN   MN  I   NMM
      NHHJ   JHHN    NM     NNM      NM    NNM   MN       NB    MN HN   NN
       NNNMMMMMM     NMM    NNM    y NN    NNM   MNN      NM    MN HN   HJ
    (I know I'm missing one T, the page is too small)
    Created by: Blake Bailey (BBailey3)
    Started on: June 3, 2003
    Finished on: June 4, 2003
    Version: 1.2
    Last Update: June 23, 2003
    E-Mail: Baileygkbm@aol.com
    Table on Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Controls
    3. FAQ/Walkthrough
    ------A. Tomb
    ------B. Chinese
    ------C. Cyberden
    ------D. Village
    ------E. Chemical Plant
    ------F. Planet X
    ------G. Mansion
    ------H. Docks
    ------I. Spaceways
    4. Weapons and Items
    ------A. Items
    -----------1. Health low
    -----------2. Health Hi
    -----------3. Armor Low
    -----------4. Armor Hi
    ------B. Weapons
    -----------1. Pistols
    -----------2. Shotguns
    -----------3. Machine Guns
    -----------4. Rockets and Grenades
    5. Challenge Mode
    ------A. Challenge 1
    ------B. Challenge 2
    ------C. Challenge 3
    ------D. Challenge 4
    ------E. Challenge 5
    ------F. Challenge 6
    ------G. Challenge 7
    ------H. Challenge 8
    ------I. Challenge 9
    6. Arcade Mode
    ------A. Games
    7. Legal Stuff
    8. Credits and Thanks
    9. Version History
    10. Contact Info
                               1= INTRODUCTION
    I know that this is a little late for this, I just found out about it
    like a month ago. This is a cool game; it seems to never get boring at
    all. So, I decided that I'll just write a FAQ for this game, even
    though there are very few people who are going to read it. For those
    who are going to read it, thank you. This FAQ will be pretty short, but
    it covers just about every thing you probably need.
    D-Pad Left    - Change Weapon
    D-pad Right   - Change Weapon
    D-Pad Up      - Zoom in
    D-Pad Down    - Zoom out
    L3 Analog UP/Down     - Move forward and backward
    L3 Analog Left/Right  - Strafe left and right
    R3 Analog Up/Down     - Look up or down
    R3 Analog Left/Right  - Turn left or right
    L1 - Kneel
    L2 - Aim
    R1 - Secondary fire
    R2 - Primary fire
    Triangle - Reload
                             3= FAQ/Walkthrough
    Easy Mode Walkthrough
    # Tomb #
    Note: Before you come here, practice in the Arcade mode so you can
    learn the controls better. If you think you have them down, go ahead
    into Story Mode
    When you start, run up the ramp you see right in front of you, kill the
    guard that is walking past then move on. Take a left form where you
    were, you can see the entrance just ahead of you, so run in. Make your
    way through, until you come to a set of guards in a corner behind the
    To make this go fast, peek for just a few seconds and shoot the crates
    so they would blow up killing the guard behind it. Before you leave,
    grab any ammunition that may be in this corner, then you can move on.
    Head to the next section on your left, kill the guard that rolls out,
    keep going, and take a right turn. Kill the guard that is now in front
    of you; take a left up the ramp. Keep moving up, until you come to a
    bunch of crates with more guards. Again, shoot the crates to blow up
    the guards that are behind them.
    Jump down the hole in the floor, grab the key in a little section, and
    then Zombie things will try to kill you. Shoot their heads to kill them
    (It is the only way), then move on. Go backwards from the starting
    point, once you make it outside, kill the Zombies you see running like
    dogs after you, and then go into the shed on your right.
    # Chinese #
    When you first start, grab the Uzi up ahead to the left of your
    starting point. Walk to the position where you can see the end of the
    tunnel, back up towards the wall and wait for the guard to come by,
    kill him. Move on, turn the corner and kill the guards on the other
    side of the bridge.
    Move up a bit, take a right, kill the guard and move to the kitchen.
    Kill any of the remaining guards, grab the health, and move on the next
    Look around the corner to the right, there are two guards. One is in
    the upper-left corner, kill him first, and then kill the guard in the
    upper-right corner. Keep moving through killing guards on your way
    until you make it to the end.
    Again you'll see a bunch of crates, with enemies behind them, do what
    you did before, and shoot the crates. Also, if you have a shot at the
    body, take it as well. Once you've taken out the guards, take a right
    and shoot the three guards waiting here. Before you go, there is a
    large amount of ammo here, so take it all.
    Take out the guard on the roof here, take the stairs up, to your right
    go down another set of stairs, and take the few guards down there. Go
    into the stall in the bathroom for health if you need it. Take out all
    the guards in the kitchen area, take their ammo that they drop, and
    then go to the right for a door, shoot the guy at the bottom of the
    stairs, then move on through the tunnel until you get to a room with
    the bag.
    Now gain, go backwards through the level, up the stairs, out the door,
    through the room, down the stairs, take a right, across the bridge,
    through the alley, and to your starting point.
    # Cyberden #
    When you start, grab the mines, equip the scifi-handgun, and then move
    on. Shoot the guy on the top of the truss, then shoot the guy in the
    drain, get his ammo then equip the assault shotgun. Take a left to the
    hall, shoot the guy on the left in front of you, and grab the health by
    the ventilation shaft if you need it.
    Take another right and shoot the guy at the end. Go all the way down,
    right and then a left to a colored room. Kill the guy just forward of
    you, then shoot the next guy by quickly popping out from the corner of
    the wall. Run up the ramp, kill the guy with the mini gun, and take the
    disc in the room.
    Run back down the ramp, through the hall, and back the way you just
    came. The timesplitters only appear in random locations, kill them as
    you see them.
    Make your way to the very beginning in the opening in the wall, and now
    you're done with this level.
    # Village #
    This level I think is the easiest to complete. When you start, pull out
    your Mauser pistol. Turn the corner and the shoot the guard ahead of
    you. To your left is another guard between the buildings.
    Keep moving and shoot the guard hiding in the window. Take a left and
    shoot the guards in this area, another is hiding in a window to your
    Shoot the guards, take a left, another left, and then shoot the guards
    that you see. Run around the corner, shoot the two guards then grab the
    package between them. Run through all the way back to where you started
    to complete this level.
    # Chemical Plant #
    Use the pistol instead of the sniper. Go out of the little room you're
    in, look up at the metal walkway, shoot the guy walking across. Then
    take out the guy to your right also. Take a left, shoot the other guard
    on a high platform. Turn the corner and shoot the guy on the right on
    top of a building.
    Take a left, then a right; you'll see metal crates that you can't blow
    up. Just rush in behind the crates and kill the people there. Before
    you leave, grab the grenade launcher behind all those crates near the
    back wall.
    Now heading back, take a right, just across from where you just came,
    into the doorway. Shoot the guard under the stairs (He's hiding in the
    shadows so you can't see him at first), then wait under the stairs for
    a few seconds and soldiers will run down with shotguns, so kill them
    quickly. Then head on up the stairs.
    Once you reach the top, take a left after killing the guard, and
    quickly run through past the torrent on the wall in front of you (Don't
    shoot at it). Go around the corner, and again where all the crates are.
    Kill the enemies, grab the bag then head back.
    When you reach that gun torrent, jump down off the side to get where
    you need to be quicker, and so you don't get shot. Kill the
    timesplitters that appear, and make your way to the beginning. Put the
    bag in the circle, now you're done.
    # Planet X #
    This, I think, is the coolest level in the game. The only thing is the
    background music, but that doesn't matter right now. When you start,
    grab the SciFi - Sniper, and switch to the Scifi - auto rifle. Move
    forward until you see a ramp that curves around to a cave.
    Two aliens will appear, shoot them, and continue across the bridge into
    another cave. If you want armor, then go through the hole in the wall
    and to your left is armor.
    Take out the guard on the bridge, and continue to the next room. There
    are quite a few guys spawning here so be careful. When they are dead,
    go through the tunnel, and up the slope. Kill all the guards that
    appear here, and take a right at the door.
    Go all the way to the top. Take out the enemies that appear here. Grab
    the bag and this time. Don't head to the same place where you started.
    Go back down the path and go down the slope. Take the path to your left
    and go all the way up until you find the drop point.
    # Docks #
    Once you start, you're going to grab that stupid sniper. Then you'll
    notice a guard walking away from you, shoot him with the pistol, and
    move on. Take a left and a guard will be standing there, and two others
    will pop up behind crates. Kill them all, and kill the guy behind the
    wooden crate just ahead of you. Now look above you and shoot the sniper
    just on the lower platform.
    Take a right and kill the guard just ahead of you on the medal boxes.
    Keep moving, take a left, run past the gun torrent, and take a right.
    Run past the stairs, until you come to three guys. One is behind the
    fence; one is in front of the crates, while another is behind them.
    Kill them all and run up those stairs you saw earlier. Equip the
    assault rifle; kill the guard on the lower level first, then kill the
    guard on the far end of the platform.
    Go up the small group of stairs, then head down the next set of stairs,
    kill the three guards that pop out in front of you. Go up the third set
    of stairs. Immediately, run into the little gap just off to the left,
    and wait for the guards to come to you.
    Kill the remaining guards, take a left, kill those guards and grab the
    suitcase. Take the supplies in the next room. And go out the way you
    just came in. go down the stairs, past the crates that you saw earlier,
    and keep heading down the path. Take a right, keep going straight, run
    past the gun torrent, and take out the final timesplitter, now you're
    done with this level.
    # Spaceways #
    This one can get kinda cool. When you first start, equip the Scifi -
    auto rifle. Don't worry about getting hit by the taxis, because it
    won't hurt you, just run through the entrance. You'll have a guard on
    both sides of you, take then both out. Take out all the guards that you
    see in here and move on up the ramps and through the door. Keep going
    straight (The door will open automatically), kill the two guards
    standing in the room, and then keep going through the path.
    Kill the four guards at the end, and then take a left. Kill another
    four guards and shoot a grenade with your auto rifle to destroy it.
    Keep going and kill the two guys behind crates. Once you're done with
    them, take a left into the door. There will be another four people,
    except now there are two gun torrents and two of the guys have rocket
    launchers. So be careful, peek in for a moment to shoot a grenade, and
    take them all out to make it quick.
    Run through to the launch pad when you're done. Take a left into the
    tunnel, take another left at the top, and go to the top of that one.
    Take out the guards that appear, and then grab the bag. Run back down,
    take the tunnel on the left side, go all the way to the top, and take
    out the two guys up there. Then, take a right at the end; go across the
    bridge then you're done. Now you've beat this game on easy mode.
                              4= WEAPONS AND ITEMS
    A= Health and Armor
    When you find Health -Low, it looks like you're picking up a Bible. It
    heals hardly any of your HP, but every little but helps.
    Now this will fill up your entire HP even if you had one hit left on
    you. Really hope you find this one when you're playing.
    Armor - low
    Same as the Health - low, except it looks like regular body armor. It
    is the blue bar that indicates how hi your armor is. Whenever you pick
    up armor, it's like having a boost of max HP.
    Armor - Hi
    Again, same as the Health - hi, and it looks like heavier body armor.
    When you pick up these, you'll have full armor instantly with one pick
    B= Weapons
    This would probably be the worst weapon to use in the game, but it can
    be pretty powerful as well. You can only find pistols in these levels:
    Chinese, Docks, and Chemical plant. I'm not sure, but I think the
    Scifi-handgun is noted for being a pistol. Well. Anyways here are the
    This name tells all. This gun can kill rather quickly, it is mostly
    exceptional for close range, but if you're good enough, you can use it
    for long range combat. Since this is a semi- automatic handgun, tap the
    firing button really fast to shoot like a machine gun, but not as
    powerful. There are better pistols to use other than this one, because
    this one isn't really that cool.
    +Mauser Pistol+
    This pistol is sort of like an automatic one. It shoots really well, is
    a powerful weapon. This one is probably the best pistol in the game as
    it comes to accuracy, and speed of its shooting. It is found in the
    first level and the second, so you can get quite a bit of ammo then.
    This is a good form of the scifi-handgun, except it uses bullets and it
    can only be found in future levels.
    +Scifi - Handgun+
    This weapon is only used in future levels only. Like I said before, the
    mauser pistol is in the same classification, except for other reasons.
    This can be best pistol; it probably has the same rating as the mauser
    does. Anyway, this pistol is pretty powerful, and you can hit people
    behind walls. You can bounce the shots of different things and send
    them into other behind walls and other items. You can only find this
    weapon in Cyberden. It has a rapid fire, and again, bounce the shots
    off of walls.
    +Colt Pistol+
    Well, this gun is not the best I've seen, it looks like an old western
    type of gun that cowboys use. It does come with duel capabilities, it
    also has good power to it. But still this weapon is probably the worst
    in the game. It can't shoot fast and it takes about 3 hits on a guy to
    kill him. I wouldn't recommend using this gun ever, unless it is your
    Okay, shotguns are my favorite weapons in the game. They have excellent
    power, good accuracy, and their awesome to use. There is only two
    shotguns, and they're both worth using in the game.
    This gun is another Okay type. It does have excellent accuracy for head
    shots, and it does have power. But the only thing that can be a pain is
    that it has only two shots in its clip size. This weapon is famous in
    the Mansion; it's used to shoot of the Zombie's heads. But still,
    reloading that many times when you're fighting multiple Zombies can be
    a pain in the butt.
    +Assault Shotgun+
    This is the best shotgun. It can kill a person with one hit exactly,
    depending on where you hit them, it can take two. But still, this gun
    is powerful, and it has an accurate shot. This is mostly found in
    future levels, such as the Cyberden. I highly recommend using this gun
    in the game when you get it.
    3=Machine Guns
    +Assault Rifle+
    This gun is another Okay gun. The thing that makes this gun good is its
    zoom ability. You can snipe people out and have an automatic gun at
    once. I only used this gun the Docks; it is the only level with the
    assault rifle. Still, this gun is pretty good, it has a high power
    level which means it can kill very quickly.
    This weapon is very cool. I like it for many reasons: one, it has a
    high rate of zooming capability. The only gun with this much zooming is
    the assault rifle. There is only one difference, the M16 can be used in
    a duel. That's twice the fire power than the assault rifle. This gun is
    pretty good, and I would recommend using it in the game if you get it.
    +Tommy Gun+
    Again, an Okay weapon. This is probably the weakest machine gun. You
    can find it in the Village and in tomb. It takes a very long time just
    to kill the enemy you're shooting at, giving them the chance to shoot
    you. So, never use this gun is story mode, except for the tomb, where
    it is one of the best weapons in that level only.
    +Mini Gun+
    This gun is my favorite. This gun can do real damage to a lot of people
    at once. Take my word this gun is not a mini, it is one of largest and
    is probably the most powerful. This baby can go through 80 rounds in
    like 10 sec. This is a really powerful weapon as well. I would
    recommend using it in Cyberden, but not spaceways.
    The UZI is not used in TS2, but that's Okay, because they have a lot
    other good weapons. Anyway, back on the subject, the UZI has an
    excellent firing rate, and it has excellent fire power as well. But,
    this is not the best (that's the minigun). But this is an excellent
    weapon to use in the story mode. The Chinese is the best place to use
    this kind of weapon.
    +Scifi-Auto rifle+
    This weapon is one of the best, it can kill very quickly, and it can
    shoot a grenade if you press R1. This can be good if you're fighting a
    large group of people. It is found only in the future levels such as:
    Planet X, and Spaceways.
    4=Rockets and Grenades
    These of course, are the best weapons in the game, well certainly the
    most powerful in the game.
    +Rocket Launcher+
    This weapon is awesome, it can shoot just one plain rocket, or you can
    shoot three rockets at once. If you're shooting one guy, it's best to
    just shoot one rocket, but if you see a large group of people, shoot
    three. This is only found in Spaceways (if you're playing easy mode),
    and Cyberden.
    +Grenade Launcher+
    This weapon is only found in Chemical Plant on easy mode. It is pretty
    cool; it fires one single shot to the ground. This makes it a little
    better than the Rocket Launcher, because you don't have to aim straight
    down, you can just shoot a grenade.
                             5 = Challenge Mode
    A = Challenge 1
    +1-A Behead the Undead+
    When you first start out, go to your left down the hall. When you reach
    the corner, turn around. Shoot all of the Zombies as they come after
    you. Just watch your left and make sure that none of them are coming
    through the other way.
    There is another way if you want to use it, run outside, grab the armor,
    and guard the stairs. Shoot the Zombies as they come out. If you want
    to, just run around inside shooting the Zombies hoping they don't hit
    you, because they can do a lot of damage. Just shoot like mad until the
    time runs out or you complete it. It took me a few tries to get this
    +1-B Putrid Punchout+
    Now this one is a bit harder, you have to kill the zombies with your
    fists. What you want to do is to run pas them as fast as you can, your
    fist has a good reach so punch the zombies as you run by. If you punch
    them a little earlier before you reach him, you'll still probably knock
    hi head off. This one took me a lot of tries before I could get this
    one down. There really is no more strategy to this one.
    +1-C Dusk of the Dead+
    This challenge is really a challenge. It is extremely hard to beat. You
    try to survive wave after wave of zombies, after each wave you'll get a
    certain number of points, if you make it past 10,000 you'll complete
    Just do what you did on the first one, except now you can't go down
    into those rooms for more than 3 seconds. After each Phase, more and
    more zombies attack you. Man, this one took me probably took me over 50
    tries. This one is the challenge.
    B=Challenge 2
    +2-A Flock around the Dock+
    This one can be fun and frustrating. This one is sort of like Death
    match in the arcade mode, except your hunting ducks, and the ducks are
    also hunting you. They don't do that much damage, in fact, it takes
    them about three hits to even make your bar move, you just have to
    shoot them a few times. There is no possible strategy on how to beat
    this one; it's just like death match.
    +2-B Dock Duck Shootout+
    This one is a little harder than the first. Green and Red alien will
    come into the picture. They do a little more damage than the ducks, but
    they can still be hard. Again to these death match type challenges, I
    can only give you information; I can't give you a strategy.
    +2-C Crispy duck+
    This one is pretty hard. You'll be introduced to a new type of game,
    escort; you need to escort the duck to the red circle. You can do that
    by not letting him die, kill the Chinese chef and the Chinese waiter.
    Use the M16 when you get it, it'll make things a lot easier for you.
    Don' let that duck die.
    C= Challenge 3
    +3-A Tin Man trial+
    The character you're going to pick is tiny, robofish is the name. What
    you want to do is grab the brain, and hold on to it as long as you can.
    When you grab, run into a room where you can shoot the people as they
    come running in, there are very few rooms, you can probably find them.
    That's really all you need to do.
    If you need to know where the bag is, look on your radar, grab the bag
    and then hide somewhere. Use the rocket launcher or the Scifi - auto
    rifle once you get the bag.
    +3-BLobster Run+
    This challenge relates to the game, knockout. It can be pretty simple;
    all you need is some skill in it. What is going on is the Chinese Chefs
    and Waiters are cooking lobsters and serving them up hot and fresh.
    Stop that from happening by collecting the lobsters and bringing them
    base; that's one point. Now go to the next.
    You need to get 15 lobsters in the amount of time given, grab the two
    weapons to right of your base, and then go to the pier. You can either
    grab the lobster at the pier, or kill someone and take their lobster,
    it doesn't matter which.
    There are a few bases just around you, you can trap their base, kill
    the dude trying to take back the lobster to his base, grab it, take it
    back to your base. This challenge will over pretty soon, so keep up the
    good work and you should complete it.
    +3-C Bowl them over+
    This challenge takes place in the castle; you need to shoot off 40
    enemy heads in 5 minuets, that's about one head every 8 seconds, still
    think this is going to be easy. Use the pistol to make it easy, find a
    double and use it.
    As soon as you start, look for a weapon, generally the pistol as I
    mentioned earlier. If you find an enemy on the way, just punch his head
    off, then grab his weapon; make sure that it is a good one though.
    Now try to find a narrow ally or a corridor, wait until they come
    running around the corner and then shoot their head off. Sometimes they
    come in groups, so shoot all of their heads off. If they kill you, then
    run out of your base and go to the same spot as you just were, and
    D= Challenge 4
    +4-A Shame if something got broken+
    This challenge is easy; all you have to do is break all the glass in
    the site. The only problem is you have to get every square centimeter
    of glass, not one shred is supposed to be left.
    You'll get the minigun in this challenge times 2. And to top it all off,
    you'll get unlimited ammo. Now it's time to destroy, There are four
    glass windows just behind from your starting point. Shoot the 2 lower
    level glasses, and then go to your right, look up and shoot the glass
    up there, now go back to the lower glass you destroyed, look through it
    and shoot the glass through that.
    Go back to that office and shoot out the three windows in there. Then
    every thing else is located on that big wall. Never let go of the
    trigger, shoot every inch of that building and you should complete this.
    See I told you it was easy.
    +4-B Don't wait around+
    This challenge is another really easy one; you get the M16 x1 in the
    Chinese level. You need to destroy all of the glass panes and plates in
    5 min.
    When you start, look up and shoot the glass window, and then shoot the
    other two on the left and right side of you. Then go to the top of the
    stairs in the next room, look up and shoot all of the windows
    surrounding that room. Make sure you get all of the glass panes, and
    move to the next room. Take a left, shoot all of the glass in here;
    there are two panels on each side of the room. Keep moving through.
    You should now have 47 glasses broken. If you don't then you missed
    some glass.
    If you have 47, then go into the kitchen. There are plates to destroy
    in here, 5 sets of shelves with plates on them. Destroy them all before
    the remaining time runs out and you're done.
    +4-C Brick Flung High+
    This is probable the hardest challenge in this section; you need to do
    exactly what you just did the last time, except now you're using bricks.
    First, you need to go to the kitchen after smashing the glass in front
    of you. While going to the kitchen, you need to smash the glass at the
    next window (hopefully at the bling things as well). Then destroy all
    the plates as you can (don't get too close though, or else the brick
    will bounce back and kill you).
    If you do get killed, go to the room in front of you and destroy the
    side glass things, then the windows at the edge of the ceiling. Then go
    to the room near the blue base, and destroy anything that can be
    destroyed and then go to the kitchen through the inside, smashing
    breakables along the way. Then destroy the rest of the plates in the
    If you don't get killed, then just go into the room near the blue base,
    while destroying anything that breaks.
    E= Challenge 5
    +5-A First Impressions+
    This is probably the easiest challenge in this mode; you have a rather
    large amount of time. Now you'll be introduced to Elvis, no wait it's
    just an impersonator. You need to try and help him get 10 kills, which
    is very easy.
    When you start, grab the mauser pistol and kill 10 people, the
    impersonator kills really fast, so don't worry about failing this the
    first time if you die.
    +5-B Lasting Impressions+
    This is another easy challenge; all you have to do is kill 25 people
    this time; this set is the easiest in the challenge mode.
    There really is no strategy in this one, all you have to do is keep the
    king alive, and kill 25 people.
    +5-C Who's he trying to impress? +
    This one is just based on luck; you can only kill three people, and
    leave the rest to the king. If he gets killed you fail, and if you kill
    more than three people you fail. Again, there is no strategy.
    F= Challenge 6
    +6-A Barrel Blast+
    This challenge is quite hard to complete, if you accidentally skip one
    barrel, it will cost you a complete failure. It's hard for me to
    mention all of the barrels that are scattered around the level, just
    look around you, find them. There are some barrels that are hidden in
    secret areas, and some that are just placed out of the way.
    In this challenge, you are a SWAT member with an assault shotgun
    (infinite ammo). When you see a barrel, then hold down the firing
    button until it is destroyed. I've heard a theory that pressing the
    firing button, instead of holding it, is faster.
    You need to destroy the barrel completely; it has three stages that it
    goes through to its destruction. There is the first stage which is the
    taller and bigger explosion. The second is when it gets smaller to
    about mid height. Then the third stage is the last one, the barrel is
    destroyed. There are 47 barrels in the entire level, and don't stand
    right next to the barrel when it explodes, or you'll get hurt from the
    poison in the barrel.
    I can't tell you exactly where all 47 barrels are, but I can tell you
    where some of the barrels that you might miss. There are two hidden
    barrels under the stairs in that dark area (remember in story mode). If
    you take the metal stairs up, then you'll have to come back to those
    two. So I will recommend taking the wooden stairs up so you won't have
    to come back to them.
    +6-B Escort+
    This challenge is an easy one to complete. Christy Malone has
    volunteered to go through the plant and draw away the enemies. You must
    kill these enemies before they kill you.
    All I really need to say is go around shooting all of the enemies that
    pop out to shoot you. Try to get all of the enemy's attention on you,
    instead of everybody shooting Malone.
    G=Challenge 7
    +7-A Shop 'til you drop+
    This one is hard. When you start you're trying to get the bags just
    ahead of you, back to your base. The only thing is that the three other
    bases are right next to yours. So you'll be getting shot just as you
    You'll have 5 min to return 15 bags. Here you'll be getting shot a lot.
    It only takes a few shots to kill you, so try to bring the bag closer
    and closer to your base until you get their. Repeat the process and
    you'll eventually win.
    +7-B Sorry, was that your bag? +
    This is another hard one; it takes the same as the arcade game, capture
    the bag. You need to try and find everyone's base and take their bag,
    and bring it back to yours.
    +7-C Everyone must go+
    You need to try and get 45 kills in 3 min. This one is sort of like
    team death match. Just try to kill all the people you see that are not
    on your team. There really is no strategy in this challenge.
    Challenge 8
    +8-A Girls 'n Boys+
    Another death match game. All the boys and the girls are trying to
    figure out who's better. You'll be fighting as Farrah Fun Bunny, she's
    a pink bunny that looks like a girl. You need to win a score of 80 in
    just 5 minuets. There is no strategy on how to beat, except just go
    around and shoot the blue team until you run out of time.
    +8-B Dinner Dates+
    This game is just like capture the bag. You're going to be that stupid
    Farrah Fun Bunny again. Get a score with at least 5, but you can do
    some yourself and some the computer players, which do most of the work
    anyway. Again, no possible strategy.
    +8-C Bone Grab+
    This is the hardest challenge in this section. Your team needs to hold
    the bag of bones for at least 3min total, out of the five they give you.
    Once you grab the bag, run into a place (the church area is the best),
    and shoot the people as they come in. If you have the rocket launcher
    with you, kill your team members too, they walk in circles around you,
    making it hard to shoot the other team without shooting yourself. Keep
    those things in mind and you'll eventually complete this challenge and
    move on to the last.
    Challenge 9
    +9-A I can't hear anyone screaming+
    Another hard one. In this one you need to kill 60 timesplitters in 5
    minuets. The only hard part about this is: You don't have any team
    members to help you out, and the map is just a maze of sections to run
    through trying to find them. Well, I can't give you a strategy on how
    to complete this, it's just a run around while killing thing.
    Note: I have not made it past this part. FAQ coming soon.
                                 6. Arcade Mode
    If you want to have fun playing different games, instead of playing
    Story Mode, go to the Arcade mode. You can choose between a bunch of
    different games, choose you weapons and Bots, then play the game.
    Note: I will update this once I get all characters, and cheats.
    # A=Games #
    In this game, set the amount of bots you want to play with you, and
    take them on in a death match. All you need to worry about is to use
    your gun and kill the other team. If you want, you don't have to do
    team death match, you can also do an every man for himself thing.
    +Capture the Bag+
    This is sort of like capture the flag, except it's not a flag. You need
    to try and find the other team's bag and bring it bag to your base,
    which will score one point for your team. You also need to protect your
    bag from being stolen (I don't think I needed to say that).
    +Bag Tag+
    Here, you need to try and hold the bag for a long as you can. There is
    a timer on your screen that indicates how long you have been holding
    the bag. In the end, whoever has the longest time holding the bag total
    is the winner. Again, you can either have a team, or all on all.
    This is like Capture the Bag, except you won't be defending, you'll
    only be attacking. There are different bags hidden throughout the level,
    find them and bring them back to your base for one point. Keep doing
    +Last Stand+
    Here you need to try and survive wave after wave of Zombies. Shoot
    their heads off to kill them, using whatever gun that stage gives you.
    In Planet X, it gives you a gin torrent, in the Docks, you use a sniper
    rifle, and in the Mansion, you fight them off.
    In this game, you try to escort someone to a specific spot in the level,
    by defending him from the opposite team. If you get him there safely,
    you'll win. This game is boring though.
                                7 = Legal stuff
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright to BBailey3. It may not be reproduced
    under any circumstances except for personal, private use only. It may
    not be placed on any website outside of game faqs (and those listed
    below), or distributed electronically without written permission before
    time. Use of this guide on any other website, or as any kind of any
    public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    These web sites are only permitted to place this guide on their website:
                             8 = Credits and Thanks
    Game FAQs = for placing this guide on their website.
    Games (User name on Gamefaqs) = for giving me the walkthrough for
    Challenge 4-C.
                               9= Version History
    Version 1.0 (June 4, 2003)
    I finished my FAQ (It went pretty quick to), and I send it in tomorrow.
    Version 1.1 (June 8, 2003)
    I added the Arcade Mode, the Map Maker guide, I also changed the title
    of my guide to make it look better (the page is a little small, so I
    left out the second T), and I added more to the Challenge mode
    strategies. I also fixed some minor mistakes.
    Version 1.2 (June 23, 2003)
    Added the Credits and Thanks section, and Games (User name on gamefaqs)
    sent me the guide for challenge 4-C. Also fixed some minor mistakes.
                                 10= Contact Info.
    Although there may be few readers, just in case there will be, I added
    this section in.
    What to send:
    +Do send intelligent questions, ones that are not stated in this FAQ
    +You may ask if you can place this guide on your own website, if you
    ask nicely.
    +Do send me any Challenges that I do not have (If you have them).
    What not to send:
    +Please do not send any foul language when you E-mail me, it will be
    deleted immediately.
    +Don't send anything like "This FAQ sucks".
    Again, my E-mail is Baileygkbm@aol.com
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