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    Secrets FAQ by Shinya

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    -TimeSplitters for Playstation 2-
    Well Shinya's very first FAQ. I hope you all enjoy and
    use this FAQ to the very fullest.
    *First post was 11/12/2000
    *Updated on 11/16/2000
    -Challenge Mode added
    -More Hard secrets
    -Grammar and text fixed
    -My personal e-mail has been added
    -And Special Thanks section updated
    *Updated on 11/19/2000
    -Story Mode secrets Complete
    -Challenge Mode secrets Complete
    -Everything revealed
    -Text chances
    *Updated on 12/23/2000
    -Level switches and secrets
    -Format changes
    -More text changes
    *Updated on 12/31/2000
    -Text fixes
    What I will be describing in this FAQ is how to obtain
    "all" the extra Characters, Cheats, Bots, and Bot Sets
    through "Story Mode" and "Challenge Mode". Also
    revealing a few time savers for the first 3 levels.
    I will first start off by using a "KEY" to cut down my
    typing time (I'm lazy, I know).
    (PC) = Playable Character
    (C) = Cheat
    (AL) = Arcade Level
    (B) = Bot
    (BS) = Bot Set
    *Story Mode*
    *Challenge Mode*
    -All challenges 1-A -> 9-C
    *Level Secrets*
    *Special Thanks*
    *Legal Stuff*
    -Story Mode- 
    I'm going to start with Easy and work through Hard. I
    will list both, what you get for just beating the
    stage, and what you get for beating it in a certain
    time. Also each and every stage must be done "cheat
    free" to obtain anything.
    NOTE: That each timed secret that I have revealed is
    the time that I aquired and I am not sure of the
    target time for these stages. Any info on these,
    please let me know. I will give you full credit.
    >1935 Tomb
    Just for beating- Cultist (PC)
    Timed secret- Paintball (C)
    Time- 58.5 seconds
    >1970 Chinese
    Just for beating- Chinese Chef (PC)
    Timed secret- Chinese Waiter (PC)
    Time- 1 minute 9.6 seconds
    >2005 Cyberden
    Just for beating- Badass Cyborg (PC)
    Timed secret- Siamese Cyborg (PC)
    Time- 48.4 seconds
    >1950 Village
    Just for beating- Period Horror (BS)
    Timed secret- All Heads Detachable (C)
    Time- 27.2 seconds
    >1985 Chemical Plant
    Just for beating- Usual Suspects (BS)
    Timed secret- Male and Female SWAT (PC)
    Time- 28.4 seconds
    >2020 Planet-X
    Just for beating- Space Opera (BS)
    Timed secret- Green Alien (PC)
    Time- 49.8 seconds
    >1965 Mansion
    Just for beating- Horror Shocker (BS)
    Timed secret- Big Heads (C)
    Time- 55.1 seconds
    >2000 Docks
    Just for beating- Law and Order (BS)
    Timed secret- Male and Female Soldier (PC)
    Time- 1 minute 12.2 seconds
    >2035 Spaceways
    Just for beating- unlock Challenge Mode
    Timed secret- Red Alien (PC)
    Time- 1 minute 2.3 seconds
    >1935 Tomb
    Just for beating- Graveyard (AL)
    Timed secret- Priestess (PC)
    Time- 2 minutes 33.9 seconds
    >1970 Chinese
    Just for beating- Site (AL)
    Timed secret- Gun Sounds (C)
    Time- 2 minutes 33.2 seconds
    >2005 Cyberden
    Just for beating- Streets (AL)
    Timed secret- Tuxedo Cyborg (PC)
    Time- 1 minute 35.1 seconds
    >1950 Village
    Just for beating- Castle (AL)
    Timed secret- Hick Hyde (PC)
    Time- 1 minute 14.9 seconds
    >1985 Chemical Plant
    Just for beating- Bank (AL)
    Timed secret- Infinite Ammo (C)
    Time- 55.1 seconds
    >2020 Planet-X
    Just for beating- Spaceship (AL)
    Timed secret- Float Alien (PC) and (B)
    Time- 1 minute 32.0 seconds
    >1965 Mansion
    Just for beating- Mall (AL)
    Timed secret- Overall Mutant (PC)
    Time- 1 minute 32.8 seconds
    >2000 Docks
    Just for beating- Compound (AL)
    Timed secret- Big Hands (C)
    Time- 1 minute 29.5 seconds
    >2035 Spaceways
    Just for beating- Warzone (AL)
    Timed secret- Female Alien (PC) and (B)
    Time- 1 minute 4.5 seconds
    >1935 Tomb
    Just for beating- Eyes Mummy (PC)
    Timed secret- Teeth Mummy (PC)
    Time- 2 minutes 19.0 seconds
    >1970 Chinese
    Just for beating- Suit Hoodlum (PC)
    Timed secret- Mr. Big (PC)
    Time- 6 minutes 4.7 seconds
    >2005 Cyberden
    Just for beating- Female Cyborg (PC)
    Timed secret- Enemy Rockets (C)
    Time- 1 minute 52.9 seconds
    >1950 Village
    Just for beating- Fishwife Mutant (PC)
    Timed secret- Insect Mutant (PC)
    Time- 2 minutes 17.7 seconds
    >1985 Chemical Plant
    Just for beating- Lumberjack (PC)
    Timed secret- Malehood (PC)
    Time- 2 minutes 34.0 seconds
    >2020 Planet-X
    Just for beating- Pillar Alien (PC) and (B)
    Timed secret- All Characters Headless (C)
    Time- 2 minutes 29.3 seconds
    >1965 Mansion
    Just for beating- Priest Mutant (PC)
    Timed secret- Girl Zombie (PC)
    Time- 1 minute 33.1 seconds
    >2000 Docks
    Just for beating- Gasmask Soldier (PC)
    Timed secret- Shock Tropper (PC) and (B)
    Time- 2 minutes 39.0 seconds
    >2035 Spaceways
    Just for beating- Spaceways Stewardess (PC) & (B)
    Timed secret- Small Heads (C)
    Time- 2 minutes 54.5 seconds
    These secrets are all accurate. I have confirmed every
    single one myself. Please don't e-mail me saying I'm
    -Challenge Mode-
    Once again, this FAQ will tell you what you get for
    beating a certain challenge. There are no hits, tips,
    or tactics. If you need help in beating a challenge,
    post your question on the GameFAQS message board.
    Myself or someone else will be able to get you some
    help. Or you may e-mail me.
    Challenges are done in sets of three A,B and C. I will
    give you the number of the challenge as well as the
    name of it. There are 27 challenges in all.
    1-A Behead the Undead
    Get- The Living Dead (BS)
    1-B Putrid Punchout
    Get- Green & Brown Zombie (PC)
    1-C Dusk of the Dead
    Get- Police, Skull, & Jacket Zombie (PC)
    2-A Flock Around the Dock
    Get- Duckman (B)
    2-B Dock Duck Shoot
    Get- All enemies are Ducks (C)
    2-C Crispy Duck
    Get- Duckman Drake (PC)
    3-A Tin Man Trial
    Get- Robofish (B)
    3-B Lobster Run
    Get- All enemies are Robofish (C)
    3-C Bowl them Over
    Get- Robofish (PC)
    4-A Shame if Something got Broken
    Get- NOTHING
    4-B Don't Wait Around
    Get- Enemy Bricks (C)
    4-C Brick Flung High
    Get- Brick is now available as a weapon
    5-A First Impressions
    Get- Impersonator (B)
    5-B Lasting Impressions
    Get- All enemies are Impersonators (C)
    5-C Who's he Trying to Impress?
    Get- The Impersonator (PC)
    6-A Barrel Blast
    Get- NOTHING
    6-B Bodyguard
    Get- Gasmask SWAT (PC)
    6-C Heist
    Get- Veiled SWAT (PC)
    7-A Shop `til you Drop
    Get- Ginger (B)
    7-B Sorry, Was That Your Bag?
    Get- All enemies are Gingerbread's (C)
    7-C Everyone Must Go!
    Get- Gingerbread Man (PC)
    8-A Girls `n` Boys
    Get- Fun-bunny (B)
    8-B Dinner Dates
    Get- All enemies are Bunnies (C)
    8-C Bone Grab
    Get- Farrah Fun-Bunny (PC)
    9-A I Can't Hear Anyone Screaming
    Get- TimeSplitters (BS)
    9-B Flight Delay
    Get- TimeSplitter #2 (PC)
    9-C Space Vandals
    Get- TimeSplitter #1 (PC)
    That is the complete list of unlockable stuff to get
    in Challenge mode. Again, these are all accurate.
    -Level Secrets-
    Many people have had trouble finding the way through
    Cyberden on Normal and Hard, and wondering where that
    secret exit is on Tomb on Hard. This section will tell
    you all about it.
    >1935 Tomb<
    NOTE: This secret will only appear on Hard only. 
    Familiarize yourself where each and every health icon
    is on the level. After you obtain the ahnk at the
    bottom of the Tomb, work your way back up. Where the
    third health icon is/was, a wall will have opened up.
    Work your way through the hallways worry free, if you
    are fast enough. This will lead you right outside to
    the right side of the main entrance.
    >1970 Chinese<
    NOTE: This will work on any difficulty.
    After getting the brief case from the basement and
    getting back into the kitchen, you can actually open
    the door farthest back using the activite buttom [x
    buttom by default]. This will lead you right by where
    are started in the alleyway making it a huge time
    >2005 Cyberden<
    NOTE: This is only needed on Normal and Hard.
    Many people have been troubled by this one. To get
    into the Launch Room with the Rockets to obtain the
    disk you must activate a switch. The switch is in the
    control room where you found the disk on Easy. Run up
    the the computer farthest from you and hit activate [x
    buttom by default].
    -Special Thanks-
    -LordMasterBob- For giving me some great tips on the
    Tomb level as well as some other stuff.
    -jwhys- Also gave me a great tip on the Tomb level on
    -fader- For helping me out on some of the Challenges.
    I couldn't of done it without you buddy.
    -MrEPinky- Giving me the tip in Challenge 4-C to punch
    out the lower windows, and giving me the idea to post
    the Challenges section, Thanks.
    -def46- for catching a major error that I made in
    reguards to the developer, Thank you.
    -Eidos- For releasing this PS2 title.
    -Free Radical Design- For developing such a great
    And to everybody else on the GameFAQS message boards.
    Thanks guys.
    -Legal Stuff-
    This document may not be used for personal public
    re-distribution, and may not be posted on any other
    site other than GameFAQS. Any information you take
    from here and use it for any other FAQ or Tips Guide
    without my personal consent is prohibited by law. I've
    spent many hours working on this game and FAQ, I will
    not share my info "AS LONG AS" I say it is ok. Thank
    -This document is a Copyright of Shinya 2000-
    Thank you for reading.
    For personal help my e-mail address is 
    kain_is_evil@yahoo.com or just check out the message
    -Submitted by Shinya-
    12/31/2000 12:00PM PST

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