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    Mansion Walkthrough by Shinya

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    -TimeSplitters for Playstation 2-
    Written by Shinya  e-mail: kain_is_evil@yahoo.com
    -Walkthrough for Mansion on Normal and Hard-
    As I continue to write about this great game, I
    decided that why not do a FAQ/Walkthrough for Mansion.
    Inclosed in this walkthrough will be a very detailed
    way of going through Mansion on the Normal and Hard
    difficulties. I will write one walkthrough and specify
    if that part of the level is on the Normal or Hard
    difficutly, reason being is that both difficulties are
    very similar enemy wise and It will save me quite a
    bit of typing time. And also to get the Hardest stage
    out of the way. I know quite a few people are just
    pulling there hair trying to figure out how to get
    through this level and how I aquired such a great time
    on it. Well, I will tell you how I did it.
    Note: That speed strafing comes in handy on this
    stage. Speed is the main key in order to make this
    level look like cake. For those of you who don't know
    what speed strafing is, back in Goldeneye if you
    walked and strafed at an angle at the same time you
    could actually run faster than normal. This also works
    in this game, and is a key element in getting other
    timed secrets.
    Note: this symbol (*) means that this part of the
    walkthrough only covers what is in Hard. If you are
    trying to beat it on Normal, just disreguard that
    section until you try it on Hard.
    -You will start off in a room with 4 green Zombies.
    Shoot each of there heads off and continue through the
    wood door after it opens.
    *You will start in the same room with 8 green zombies
    instead of 4.
    -Once in the next room you will see 3 zombies appear.
    Only kill the one that is in your way, meaning shoot
    his head off. Head forward toward the outside of the
    Mansion. You should see 2 Overall Mutants w/ shotguns,
    one on the porch and one at ground level. Take them
    both out from far range quickly.
    *Right before you exit the room to the outside there
    is another Overall Mutant w/ a shotgun to your very
    left. Take him out if you wish to. I prefer not to
    save time.
    -Now take a right under the porch and head into the
    -Here there are 2 zombies, one to your right and one
    that will appear once you come to him at the top of
    the very small flight of stairs. Run toward the one at
    the flight of small stairs. Don't shoot him just lure
    him toward you out of your running path.
    *Here there will be 3 zombies, one to your left, one
    to your right, and the one on top of the small flight
    of stairs. This is a little trickier. You have to have
    good aim and shoot the zombies head off as he appears
    on top of the flight of stairs. That way you will not
    get caught on his undead body.
    -Once you have reached the hallway of the cellar
    entrance make a quick right, and quickly shoot the
    priest mutant w/ the shotgun. Then quickly turn right
    again to shoot another, then another quick right to
    shoot a Overall mutant w/ a shotgun, and head forward
    to shoot the last Overall mutant w/ a shotgun in the
    hallway. Now head down the hallway, a girl zombie will
    appear, shoot her head off.
    *Same stragety here, just that there are 2 more
    Mutants w/ shotguns. One which will come after you at
    the end of the hallway, and one sitting at the second
    to last opening on the left of the hallway. Just take
    the one coming down the hallway out after you have
    killed the first 2 Preist Mutants, he will come to
    you, dont worry. And as you head down the hallway one
    more Zombie will appear, take his head off and take
    out the last Preist mutant  to the left before you
    head any further.
    -Once in the last section of the cellar, 3 zombies
    will appear, strafe around them and run. Also don't
    forget to take out the Police Zombie w/ a shotgun in
    here too. Now look up the stairs to the Mansion and
    take out the last Preist Mutant w/ a shotgun.
    -Finally inside the Mansion
    NOTE: If you see a Overall Mutant and a Police Zombie
    both w/ shotguns in this room, you need to START ALL
    OVER AGAIN and do the beginning part a lot faster.
    This is the huge time saver.
    -Head straight forward behind the counter there is a
    small room w/ health and ammo if needed. Now head back
    and take a right toward the room with the dear heads,
    speed strafing past the stair case to avoid the 2
    jacket zombies shotguns.
    -Once in the room with the Dear heads, they will star
    shooting you. Don't try to take them out, just run.
    The room exits to the right and will bring you to the
    main room of the Mansion where the A-Challenges take
    -Here from a distance there are 2 Police zombies at
    ground level w/ shotguns, one to your right and one to
    your left. Disarm the one to your right first then the
    one to your left by just shooting them, you do not
    have to kill them, just have them drop there shotguns.
    Head underneath toward the stairs straight ahead of
    you. Go underneath that flight, there is health here.
    Now head out to your right after getting the health
    and just run up the flight up stairs on the LEFT side
    of the room. Once up the stairs take a left and head
    down the hallway.
    *Just one more Police Zombie at ground level to the
    very left of you once you come out of the hallway from
    the room with the Dear heads. Do the same thing as
    Note: Once in the upstairs hallway, if you see a
    Police zombie w/ a shotgun, guess what. You are GOING
    whole level over again a lot FASTER.
    -Ok, the hallway will turn right, head into the
    bathroom straight ahead of you, and look foward there
    should be a police zombie in the room right next to
    the bathroom, disarm him. Now look down the hallway
    past the stairs, there should be another, disarm him
    as well.
    -Speed strafe past the stair case and lure the 2
    jacket zombies with Shotguns down the stairs and wait
    for them. Disarm them both if you wish, but I like to
    shoot there heads clean off so I wont get caught on
    there corpses heading up the stairs.
    -Head up there stairs to the attic. Once up there head
    right, and take out a Preist Mutant w/ a shotgun. Now
    run straight foward and to the right, past another
    hiding Mutant, don't worry about him yet, just run.
    Now once you cant't go straight anymore you will take
    a left head down the hallway, you will run past a
    flight of stairs heading down, till you enter a room
    where the "Bones" are. Grab them and start
    backtracking to that flight of stairs. Remember the
    Mutant that you passed up, well now is the time to
    kill him. Knowing the AI, he should be right infront
    of you before the stairs heading out of the Mansion.
    -Now, head down the flight of stairs to another flight
    of stairs also heading down. Go down and out onto the
    back porch of the Mansion.
    -There is a mutant hiding under the porch, if you
    want, take him out, if not just drop down, turn a
    little to the left and hit the RED CIRLCE. If you are
    low on health I suggest you go down the stairs and
    take him out from a distance just to be safe. Then hit
    the RED CIRLCE.
    *Same thing just that in addition to the Mutant under
    the porch, there is a Jacket Zombie outside to the
    very left, I just ran, but them again if you are low
    on health I suggest you take both of these guys out
    from a distance. And then hit the RED CIRCLE.
    -What do you get?-
    Just For Beating- Mall (Arcade Level)
    Timed Secret- Overall Mutant
    Target Time- unsure of (I got 1 minute 37.8 seconds)
    Just For Beating- Preist Mutant (Playable Character)
    Timed Secret- Girl Zombie (Playable Character)
    Target Time- unsure of (I got 1 minute 33.1 seconds)
    -Last words-
    Now, I don't expect everyone to agree with my tactics
    on this level. This is what worked for me.
    This stage must be done very fast, trust me its a lot
    easier this way. And some of you it may take longer to
    do that others, don't worry this is by far the hardest
    stage in the game.
    I hope this will helps a lot of people out. 
    -Legal Stuff-
    This document may not be used for personal public
    re-distribution, and may not be posted on any other
    site other than GameFAQS. Any information you take
    from here and use it for any other FAQ or Tips Guide
    without my personal consent is prohibited by law. Do
    not ask me if you can use this walkthrough for your
    personal FAQ, I will say NO! All copyright laws are in
    -This document is a Copyright of Shinya 2000-
    Thank you for reading.
    11/17/2000 11:20PM PST

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