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"Don't buy the hype!!!"

First I'd like to say that Time Splitters is not what you'd call a bad game, but I feel that it is lacking in a few key areas. I heard that this game was going to be the best FPS of all time, but when I rented it I was disappointed.

Enough small talk on with the review!!!

Game play: 7
I was amazed to find that after everything I read about it this game actually turned out FUN. For the fist five minutes then after that it was just another pointless shooter that was fairly easy to beat. The control was very well done and it was easy to aim and shoot while running. And after your beat the game you unlock the challenge stage which is actually fun, but like the game it self gets boring after awhile.

Sound: 9
The sound in this game is actually really good. The guns sound real and the music is pretty good. I would have liked to here more TECHNO in it that's the only reason it doesn't get a 10.

Graphics: 10
This is where the game shines amazing graphics with no slow down. It is by far the best looking FPS out there and it really shows what the PS2 can do!!

Story: 0
Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm well as far as I can tell this game has no story line. You go from time period to time period killing things. If you buy this game for the story line you will be very disappointed. Thankfully it's a FPS and most of them have a very weak story line. This one how ever doesn't seem to have on. They don't even tell you what the Time Splitters are let alone why you're looking for all the stuff in the levels.

Multiplayer: 10
This is a really fun multiplayer game. The only problem with it is that you have to unlock all the weapons and characters by playing the single player.

Replay Value: 9
if you want to go back and get all the stuff for the multipler then do it, that's the only reason I'd play it through again.

Overall: 7
Sure sound, multiplayer and graphics were all good but this game just wasn't fun. I'd trade all that stuff in if they could make this game more fun. Most people when they go out and buy this game are buying the hype that has been spread around. Only to take the game home and realize that it's lacking in key areas.

Rent or Buy: Rent
I'd rent this game first and if I liked it probably go out and buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/02/01, Updated 07/02/01

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