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"One of the best FPS out there!"

I love FPS, and that's enough! I was just looking for a good one with a lot of replay value, some one player games against bots or human players and extras. Believe it or not Timesplitters is all of the above!

Graphics 9/10
Fast, 60 fps, smooth...everywhere...everytime...that's all. Jaggies around, brrrr. The bad is that the environment are not detailed. In fact you can notice windows, objects, tables, but not too much detailed. The character are well made, they look like a bit superdeformed but they look good and some are funny. They are very well animated, just look at the Gingerbread man :)
The graphic isn't flawless but works funny.

Music/Sound 9/10
The musics aren't nothing special, but some of them are very good for me. The one of the Virtual scene, Planet X, Spaceport are terribly good :)
The sound effects are the same, nothing special, shots, bangs, boom etc.

Gameplay 10/10
Without keyboard/mouse? No problem, with Timesplitters you have total control of the game and the characters. The controls are FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE! That means that you can optimize the controls as you want!
Tip: mine controls work good. R1 fire 1, R2 fire 2, left analog move and turn, right analog strafe, L3 and R3 change weapon.
The movements are smooth, and the controls work fine in every mode. You can adjust the auto aim and everything you want.
Please don't misunderstand, I'm not a violent guy, but...without the blood sometimes it's hard to understand if you actually hit the enemy.

Game/Options/Modes of play 10/10
This is a game I love, plenty of modes of play!
The story mode is simple, lot of levels to beat at 3 difficulty levels. The missions are very simple, just start, take an object and return back. Easy? Ok, try it if you dare! You have to beat different levels from different years of the hystory, that make the levels different each others.
The arcade mode consists in the classic deathmatch, capture the flag (pardon...the bag!) etc. In the deathmatch you can play in 4 (four!!!) teams or alone against each other. You can play with 10 bots or 4 players and then bots. 10 bots are a lot!
You have 30+ character I think, lot of them I even tried to unlock! 30+ different weapons, but in a match you can choose 5, but what the h**l, they are a lot! It's impossible you can get bored! Lot of characters, lot of weapons, lot of possible matches = unlimited game! That's good if I spend lot of money for a game!
After the arcade mode you have the challenges. 9 different one each of them divided in other 3 sublevels. Some are really hard to beat.
Beat everything in this game to unlock characters, weapons and maps!
Isn't enough for a game? No!! In fact you also have a map maker that lets you make your own map on different floors, with the weapons you want. Can create any type of map, for CTF, deathmatches etc. can drop the start points, the energy packs etc. you can do everything you want. Make a map, choose the type of tiles (virtual, gothic, space etc.), choose a music (!!), give it a name and a description and play it with your friends!
The bad point is that you have to drop everytime the weapons and you cannot make it random, it's boring sometimes. Another thing is that you can't create outside map, just inside building. :(

Replayability 9.5/10
Lots of modes of play make this game unlimited and you will replay it a lot during your life :)
The bad thing is that it can get boring after sometimes...just shoot (or punch) and kill...

Buy or Rent
It's a must have, buy it! Rent it only if you aren't in FPS.

Timesplitters is one of the PS2 games out there, it's long, hard and almost unlimited. Lot of replay value, multiplayer and the map maker just add fun. Nuff said.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/17/01, Updated 08/17/01

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