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    Mini-FAQ by NStout

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                         Ring OF Red Gameplay Information
                                 By Nathan Stout
                               From: RingOfRed.Org
    This is a brand new site, so please be patient cause there aint much there 
    yet, but there will be!
    UPDATED! 03/31/2001
    Added at bottom:
     - Attacking Menu
     - Scope View
     - Solider Types
     - Solider Skills
    I just started this, so its incomplete. I will update it as soon and as often
    as I can! (Version 1.2 )
                                    GAME PLAY
    This section will help you understand game play and menu and controller commands.
                                         GAME PLAY CONCEPT
         Between levels you have the option to review your mission parameters,
    adjust your platoons, save/load, and advance to the next level (sortie). In 
    battle the concept is simple. destroy all enemy AFWs, recruit any soliders, 
    and gain control of any locations on the map. The only losing conditions are:
    go over the time limit for the battle, or lose your main character, Wei. This 
    sounds simple enough, but it's much more difficult than you think. Your enemy 
    (besides enemy units) is time. Time plays a very important factor in this game. 
    Once you are in a sortie you must act fast in order to win. You must command 
    your AFWs as well as the platoons, using the advantages of solider skills, 
    terrian, diatances, and pilot skills you can defeat your enemy.
         AFWs (for more info on what AFWs are, see the Information section) are 
    classified into 4 categories: Light AFW (battles best at short distances) 
    Standard (battles best at medium distances) Anit-AFW (battles best at close 
    distances) and 4 Leg-AFWs (battles best at long distances). It is vitally 
    important to remember which machines fight best at which distances. It makes
    defeating your enemy much much easier.
         Time is the most important factor in the game. I makes the game unique 
    from others in the same mech stragety genre, and it give the player the pressure 
    of real battle. (More to come.........)
         This section will take you through the gameplay and explain menus and 
    commands. There are not alot of button commands in this game which makes it 
    easier on the player. The main command is the X button. During the game (not 
    during sorties) there are a few options you can select. Here is a list of the 
         Operation Room:    Here you learn about the upcoming battle (sortie).
         Fromation Room:    Here you organize your soliders in your platoons. 
                            Placing the correct soliders in the correct platoons 
                            is very important. Some solider's special skills work 
                            best with certian types of AFWs.
         Information Room:  Here you can see information on your units, soliders, 
                            as well as memoirs (previous cutscenes), and combat 
                            manual (character bios). 
         Record Room:       Here is where you ave and load games.
         Sortie:            This will send youn into the next battle.
    When you are ready to begin a sortie you choose Sortie on the main menu and 
    battle begins. Once in battle (sortie), there are several commands and menus to 
    work in. The main menu during a sortie is called the Total Command menu. 
    Anytime during the Operation Map phase of a sortie (this is where you see the 
    battle Map), you can select an unoccupied square and press the O button or 
    START. On this menu are the commands:
         Turn:        Here you can see the individual order of each unit on the 
                      operation Map.
         Mission:     Here you can see the victory or loss conditions of the 
         Setup:       Here you can set basic game settings. 
         Stop:        This is a special save command. You may save during a sortie, 
                      but once you have restarted that sortie (using that special 
                      save point) it is gone forever. 
    After you begin a sortie the first thing you do is move your platoons. To do 
    this move the cursor over the current unit (the animated one) and press the X 
    button. A gray area will appear with a glowing yellow boarder. The gray is 
    the movement area of the AFW while the yellow area is the attack area. If you 
    do not wish to move at all you may just press X and the action menu will appear 
    with the option Standby, this takes the least amount of time (see Time above). 
    If you do want to more all you do is move your cursor to any space in the gray 
    area and press the X button again. Next the Acion Menu will appear:
         Attack:  When an enemy platoon is nearby (in the yellow area), you may 
                  attack it. You can attack platoons is areas that are adajacent to 
                  the square you are in. This includes platoons that are diagonal 
                  to you as well. Long range AFWs can attack up to 2 squares away!
         Stat:    This shows you the status of your platoon / AFW.
         Recovery:  This is the only way in Ring Of Red to regain your AFW's HP. 
                    You can move then choose Recover and do nothing for the rest 
                    of the turn and you will gain some HP back. The amount you 
                    regain depends on your character's level. However, this action 
                    takes time. For more information, see Time below.
         OK:      This will end your turn.
    Once you decide to attack an enemy platoon (or you are attacked), the game 
    shifts into the Battlefield Mode. This mode shows a close up view of both your 
    AFW and the enemy AFW. In the Battlefield Mode you see what the pilot sees. 
    Below is a list of items that appear on the screen:
    1.) AFW status: This shows green lights on W for weapon and L for legs if 
    they are undamaged. Red, if they are damaged. Next to that is a bar 
    showing the AFW's HP.
    2.) AFW's attack status: This shows the loading meter and two images of a 
    shell being loaded into a cannon. When the meter reaches all the way to the 
    top, a bell goes off and the bottom image is lit letting you know the AFW can 
    fire it's cannnon. You can see the enemy's loading meter as well (which is 
    very important!).
    3.) Shooting and Maxumum Attack: This shows you a bullet and a star it's the 
    number of special shells you can fire (see below in the Special Shell menu 
    option) and it shows you how many Maximum Attacks you can use (see below in 
    the Maximum Attacks menu option).
    4.) Player's AFW Rank: This shows a graphic of the direction the AFW is facing 
    and it shows the position, type, and HP of your support platoon (the 3 groups 
    of soliders with the AFW). For more info on the solider types see Solider Types 
    below. When you give the command for your troops (the 2 squads on the ground 
    on either side of the AFW) to take the reargrard or vanguard, you will see the 
    symbols on the display move into that position. Remeber that troops in vanguard 
    position are open to attack. Also remeber that troops have certian skills 
    that can can only be used if they are in the vanguard position (and even the 
    5.) Firing accuracy guage: This yellow number guage shows you your targeting 
    percentage. The higher the percentage, the more likley your shot will hit it's 
    target and the less time you spend targeting.
    6.) Unit commands: This (control on the right side of the screen) is the control 
    for moving your unit forward, back or to stop it. This is very very important 
    because, in order to increase you accuracy in battle, your AFW needs to be in 
    it's best position. Remeber the different AFW types (Light, Anit, 4 leg, 
    Standard) work best at different positions on the battlefield. What you do is 
    move into the best position by sing the unit commands control. Watch the Firing 
    Accuracy guage (#6.) until you reach the highest percentage. If you keep moving 
    (once you reach the highest percentage) the percentage will start to drop. So 
    you have to always keep an eye and keep your unit in the best location. The 
    higher percentage the quicker you can fire off a shot with confidence.
    7.) Time gauge: This (top of the screen) guage shows your operational capacity 
    (turn time). Once it reaches zero the turn is over, so keep an eye on it at all 
    times! under the time gauge is the distance to your enemy. Remember that each 
    AFW attacks best at different distances. Under the distance gauge is the slider 
    bar representation of the distace between units.
    --- NEW TO VER 1. 2 -----------------------------------------------------------
    Now that you understand the different gauges in the Battlefiled Mode you are 
    ready to take on the enemy. At anytime during battle (anytime) you may press 
    the X button to bring up the Command Selection menu. This menu lets you attack, 
    order your soliders to attack, use one of your special skills, or use one of 
    your solider's special skills. The commands are:
         VS AFW:  This will allow you to fire your main weapon at the enemy AFW. 
                  You can oly select this when a shell is loaded.
         VS Solider: This will let you target an enemy solider on the field. You 
                     can only select this when a shell is loaded.
         Rank:  Here you can change the formation of your soliders. In total you 
                have 3 squads, one on your AFW (the Crew) and 2 on the ground 
                around your AFW. The Rank command lets you order your soliders to 
                the vanguard (front of the AFW where they can attack but are 
                undefended), and you can order them to the rearguard (rear of the 
                AFW where they are safe from attack). It is important to know which 
                skills your solider have and where (vanguard or rearguard) they 
                will be most useful.
         Special shell:  This option can be used when one of the soliders that is 
                         on the AFW has some special skill. The skill can only be 
                         used once each turn (60 seconds). Make sure that the squad 
                         on the AFW has skills that are useful to being on the AFW. 
                         For instance you would not want a solider with the Grenade 
                         skill in the AFW crew, because he cannot use that skill 
                         while on the AFW.
         Maximum Attack:  These are the special attacks that the pilots have. You 
                          get more of these when you level up. You can always see 
                          how many Special shell and Maximum attacks you have on 
                          the main screen. They are listed under the attack status 
                          gauge. The shell is the number of special shell attacks 
                          you have while the number next to the star is the number 
                          of maximum attacks you have available.
    Remember that while you have to wait for the regular attack status gauge to 
    reach maximum, you may use these special attacks. So use them!
         When your AFW is ready to fire and you select VS AFW or VS Solider 
    your view changes to the Scope View. This is just before you actually fire your 
    main weapon. This is where you make or break in this game. As soon as you go 
    into this view a percentage shows up on the right side of the screen. As time 
    progresses, the percentage grows. The precentage is the precentage that your 
    shot will hit the target. The longer you wait the better your chances of 
    hitting the target. This is also bad baecasue it give the enemy more time to 
    attack you! Also, if kyou are hit while you are targeting an enemy unit, your 
    percentage goes back to beginning!
         So how come the percentage starts lower (and makes me wait longer) 
    than at other times? That is because of a couple of factors. The main factor 
    is your distance to the enemy unit. Remember the differet types of AFWs 
    (Standard, Light, Anti, 4 Leg)? Each attacks bast at a certian distance. 
    For instance the 4 leg AFW is a long distance AFW and the percentage starts 
    out higher when the AFW is at the 'long' distance. The standard AFW has a 
    higher starting percentage at 'medium' distance. What you do is move into the 
    best position by uing the unit commands control. Watch the Firing Accuracy 
    guage (#6 on the picture above) until you reach the highest percentage. If 
    you keep moving (once you reach the highest percentage) the percentage 
    will start to drop. So you have to always keep an eye and keep your unit 
    in the best location. The higher percentage the quicker you can fire off a 
    shot with confidence.
         Also remember to keep an eye on the time gauge, if you are waiting until 
    your percentage get really high, but you see that the time gauge is almost up, 
    you had better fire and hope you get lucky. Its better to try a long shot than 
    lose the shot altogether if your round ends and you didn't get to fire.
    During battle the two squads on the ground with your AFW can randomly preform 
    special skills. So make sure that those squads have the skills you want during 
    battle. During the game when you occupy an enemy object (like building, harbor, 
    etc...) on the main map you can sometimes pickup new soliders with better and 
    more skills. You can also pickup new soliders from the star icon on the main 
    map, but the enemy can beat you to them!
    Once you have all the information mastered and you know when and how to make 
    the most of each action, you can defeat your enemies and win! This game is 
    great at making you use all your available resources to win! 
                                            SOLIDER TYPES
    There are several different solider types in Ring Of Red. Each type has his or 
    her own speciality. The are basically 6 main classes of solider:
         Infantry:  Anti-troop soliders that (with their bolt-action rifles) are 
                    used to attack enemy soliders in the enemy vanguard.
         Shooter:  Anti-armor soliders that attack the enemy AFW with their rocket 
         Supply:  Anti-armor soliders that know how to work on the AFWs inside 
                  and out. They can also attack enemy AFW with grenades.
         Medic:  Anti-troop soliders that are there to heal other soliders.
         Mechanic:  Anti-armor soliders that setup equipment, place and remove 
                    obsticles in the field and attack with grenades.
         Recon:  Anti-troop soliders that determine target distance and assist in 
    Here are the different skills that soliders have and where they can use them. 
    It is up to you to make sure that the soliders are in the right place so they 
    can utilize their skills.
         Co-Op: VS solider special attack.
         Rapid Fire: VS solider special attack.
         Charge Fire: VS solider special attack.
         Grenade: VS AFW special attack.
         Homing Shot: VS AFW special attack.
         Wire: Inhibits enemy AFW movement and destroys the legs.
         Mine: Damages the enemy AFW and destroys the legs.
         Adhes Mine: Damages the AFW (more than mine) and destroys the legs.
         Chain Mine: All soliders and AFW are damaged and destroys the legs of 
                     the AFW.
         Straight Strike: During Close Combat (C.C.) it destroys enemy AFW 
         Smoke Shot: Enemy accuracy rates are temporarly reduced.
         WP Shot: (White Phosphorous) Same as smoke shot and soliders temporarly 
         Snipe: Allows soliders to attack enemy reargurad as well.
         Flash Shot: Immobilizes enemy AFW and temporarly inhibits enemy attacks.
         Illumination Shot: Allows your night time attack the same accuracy as 
                            a day attack.
         Hyper: Soliders defense is increased temporarly.
         Cleanup: Removal of obsticles set by enemy soliders.
         Fast Repair: Damaged legs and weapon is repaired slightly on the spot.
         Gas Neutralization: The effects of WP Shot are neutralized.
         Gas Mask: Soliders will not pull back, even with WP Shot.
         Repair: Damaged legs and weapon is repaired completely.
         Heat Shell: VS AFW special attack. Best when used at 'close' distance.
         APC Shell: VS AFW special attack. Damage is increased.
         APCR Shell: VS AFW special attack. Damage is increased. Best at 'long' 
         Shrapnel: VS AFW special attack. All soliders in the vanguard are damaged.
         Incendiary: VS AFW special attack. One squad in the vanguard is heavily 
         Incendiary Shrapnel: VS AFW special attack. All soliders in the vanguard 
                              are heavily damaged.
         Illumination Shot: Allows unit to attack during night time with the 
                            accuracy of day.
         Smoke Shot: Enemy firing accuracy rates are temporarly reduced.
         WP Shot: (White Phosphorous) same as Smoke Shot but soliders are forced 
                  to temporarly retreat.
    If you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections mail them to:
    This is brand new, so at the moment there not much there, but keep an eye out!
    Nathan Stout
    updated: 03/30/2001

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