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    Soldier FAQ by Ominae

    Version: 1.15 | Updated: 09/26/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Ring of Red by Konami
    Copyright (c) 2005 Ominae (Mark Soo)
    Date Created: March 17, 2003
    Version Number: 1.15
    System: Playstation 2 (PS2)
    Ring of Red is a registered trademark of Konami Corporation.
    Ring of Red is a (c) 2001 Konami Corporation. All rights are reserved.
    This document is only for your own use. It is under copyright law, which
    means that you can't use this to earn profit. You can't also copy this
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    me at arcamdunit@yahoo.com for permission. Use of this guide at any
    website or as part of public display is prohibited and is a violation of
    the copyright law.
    Type of Document: In-depth FAQ (Soldier)
    The following websites are authorized to post this document:
    This guide, although compatible with its European version, may or may 
    not be compatible with its Japanese version. So to those who own or 
    have access to the game's Japanese version, use this guide as your 
    Please contact me at my e-mail, which is arcamdunit@yahoo.com, if you
    have the following
    - Questions
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    - Things that I may have missed out
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          (In other words, when you have to ask/comment/suggest/correct/hint/tell
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    Table of Contents:
    I.     Version
    II.    Overview of FAQ
    III.   ROR's troops
    IV.    Soldier types
    V.     Soldier skills
    VI.    Soldier acquisition
    VII.   Credits
    I. Version
    - My 1st version of this FAQ (After a long period of absence!!)
    - Added Soldier 
    - Updated Legal Notice
    - Last version of this In-depth FAQ, no updates will be provided.
    II. Overview of FAQ
    This guide will help you understand about the various soldiers that you 
    can employ during as they battle alongside your AFWs.
    Training and mastering these soldiers will greatly turn the tides of your 
    battle against the enemies, thus giving you the upper edge in keeping the 
    peace in the entire Japanese archipelago.
    III. ROR's troops
    These soldiers are with the South Japanese Armed Forces. In the game, there 
    are primarily 6 kinds of soldiers that you will need to employ in order 
    to survive skirmishes and ambushes against enemy AFWs that you will 
    meet in the course of the game.
    Make your troop selection wisely. Some troops are handy in fighting 
    enemy troopers, while other are really neat in facing AFWs. Choosing 
    the right troop platoon will make a difference between life and death.
    IV.  Soldier types
    These are the six types of soldiers that you can use to wage war against 
    the enemy:
    - The most dangerous type of soldier ever in anti-soldier warfare.
      This is the most common squad that you'll find in the battlefield.
      You'll need these guys to fight against enemy soldier squads, but
      they can't handle the massive AFWs, as their rifles can't penetrate
      AFW armor. They are armed with Springfield M14 rifles.
    - Another good soldier, this time in anti-AFW warfare. They can save
      your life when you bring them with you and also when deployed, the
      enemy AFW will suffer massive damage from their missiles, but
      they're in big trouble if they are hosed down by enemy anti-soldier
      squads. They are armed with Anti-AFW Bazookas.
    - They specialize in AFW repair. They are also useful in a way that
      this squad helps increase the AFW's load speed. Not only do they
      speed up loading time, but they are also needed if you have to
      recover AFW body points during recovery. They are armed with
      Springfield M14 rifles with attachable rifle grenades.
    - When it comes to hazards such as mines and wires, have these guys
      ready in your squad. They give you an easy time if your opponent has
      these ready on you. They are the only ones who can help increase the
      AFW speed during in battle and in the map. They are armed with
      Springfield M14 rifles with attachable rifle grenades.
    - The best in defense. They have cool skills such as Hyper Morale,
      Gas Mask and Smoke Shot. While they have good offensive skills, they
      are best used on the defensive. To top it all, their main focus is
      to heal wounded soldiers after each battle. They are armed with
      Mauser M712 Maxi pistols.
    - If you want an anti-soldier squad that fights on short range, then
      go for this squad. Although their field is scouting, they are good
      at fighting soldiers using the skill snipe. To do this, they use
      their pistols with a shoulder stock connected to the pistol grip.
      They are armed with Mauser M712 Maxi pistols.
    V.  Soldier skills
    Pay attention to each of these skills employed by each and every soldier
    platoon. Maximize them to cause maximum damage to the bad guys and minimal
    damage to your group.
    Focus - Infantry
    The entire squad will aim for a single soldier in an enemy squad. If the
    squad is at close range, then this'll do bigger damage. Countered by
    Hyper Morale (reduces damage).
    Cooperation - Infantry
    The squad will join forces with another squad. Both of your squads will
    attack the enemy squad. All of your squads (except the ones in crew, of
    course) must be in the Vanguard and the enemy must do the same to make
    it work. Countered by Hyper Morale (reduces damage).
    Rapid Fire - Infantry
    Everyone in the squad will open fire on both enemy squads. This is good
    only when the enemy's squads are brought to the Vanguard. Countered by
    Hyper Morale (reduces damage).
    Grenade - Infantry/Shooter
    Everyone in the squad will rush to the AFW and throw a fragmentation
    grenade. If the range is near the enemy, then the attack will cause big
    Homing Shot - Shooter
    One shooter aims for the AFW while another does magnification for the
    range and another to help aim. Best used in long range, since it does
    heavy damage.
    Charge Shot - Shooter
    A shooter soldier runs to the enemy AFW and fires a missile at it. Like
    Grenade, more damage can be caused if the shooter soldier is near the
    Flash Shot - Medic
    Entire squad fires flash shells from their flare pistols at the enemy
    AFW and Vanguard units, which decrease enemy accuracy for about 20
    seconds & decreases base accuracy by a half for about 15 seconds and
    shell loading is halted. Useful if you don't have Dodge Action.
    Smoke Shot - Medic
    Everyone in the squad rushes to the AFW and throws a smoke grenade at
    it, which decreases its accuracy for about 20 seconds. During a night
    fight, it removes the enemy's Illuminated Shot and decreases enemy
    accuracy back to half.
    WP Shot - Medic/Recon
    Similar to Flash Shot, except they fire WP (White Phosphorous) Grenades
    from their flare pistols, which release tear gas and forces enemy
    soldiers to retreat to the Rearguard. This can only be countered by Gas
    Neutralization and Gas Mask.
    Snipe - Recon
    A soldier from your squad attaches a stock to the pistol grip, aims for
    an enemy soldier in the enemy unit and attacks the soldier, immediately
    killing him. Not only can this attack enemy soldiers in the Vanguard,
    but also in the Rearguard. Can't be countered by Hyper Morale, gives
    only low damage if attacked by snipe.
    Illumination Shot - Medic/Recon
    Similar to Flash & WP Shot, only this time it fires a shell that lights
    up the night sky, giving the same fighting conditions that you had
    during the day. The bad thing is that it lasts up to 45 seconds.
    Mine - Mechanic/Supply
    Plants a row of mines in front of you and the enemy. This was meant for
    C.C. (Close Combat) conditions. This can damage the legs of an AFW.
    Countered by Cleanup.
    Adhesion Mine - Supply
    Planted similarly to the mines, except that it'll magnetically clamp to
    the enemy AFW's own legs, destroying it and as well as causing big
    damage. Replace the mines with this for C.C. (Close Combat) conditions.
    Countered by Cleanup.
    Chain Mine - Mechanic/Supply
    Planted similarly to the mine and adhesion mine, except that this time,
    it'll cause BIIIGGGG damage to the enemy AFW and to any enemy squad in
    the Vanguard. Use this in C.C. (Close Combat), esp. when your enemy is
    an Anti-AFW and it can eliminate an enemy squad. Countered by Cleanup.
    Wire - Mechanic/Supply
    A single soldier from the squad attaches a rifle grenade and fires it,
    changing to a metal chain, which wraps around the enemy AFW's legs and
    stops them from moving. Good to use if your enemy has C.C. (Close
    Combat) capacity. Stops the use of Dodge Action, Straight Punch,
    Straight Strike, Rapid Punch and Rapid Strike. Countered by Cleanup
    Electric Wire - Supply
    A single soldier from the squad attaches a rifle grenade and fires it,
    changing to an electric metal chain, which wraps around the enemy AFW's
    legs and stops from moving by destroying its legs.  Good to use if your
    enemy has C.C. (Close Combat) capacity. Stops the use of Dodge Action,
    Straight Punch, Straight Strike, Rapid Punch and Rapid Strike. Countered
    by Repair/Fast Repair and Cleanup.
    Hyper Morale - Infantry/Shooter/Medic
    Boosts up the defense of both squads by 25%. Helps protect your ground
    forces from skills such as Focus, Cooperation and Rapid Fire. Lasts
    throughout the entire battle.
    Cleanup - Infantry/Shooter/Mechanic/Supply
    Eliminates all types of mines and wires from the battlefield. This
    is needed to all of your AFWs, especially to your Anti-AFWs, since
    mines and wires reduces the chance of your Anti-AFW to do Close Combat
    to your enemy.
    Repair - Infantry/Shooter/Mechanic/Supply
    Fixes any damage done to either the AFW's weapon systems or to its legs.
    It'll only upgrade the repair to one level for the legs and the weapons
    (For example, Destroyed - Damaged - Normal). If any AFW unit doesn't
    have this skill, then you're in big trouble.
    Fast Repair - Shooter/Mechanic/Supply
    Similar to the skill Repair, only it completely fixes any damage done
    either to the AFW's weapon systems or to its legs. Use this skill to
    replace any squad that uses the skill Repair. This'll be a big surprise
    to the enemy when they hit the weapons and the legs with shells, maximum
    attacks or being hit with good accuracy.
    Gas Neutralization - Medic/Recon
    This is only useful if the enemy squads contain the WP Shot technique.
    This skill will only be activated if the squad that has the skill moves
    to the Vanguard and retreats back to the Rearguard due to the WP Shot.
    They'll use their respirators to breathe in oxygen so that the WP won't
    affect them.
    Gas Mask - Medic/Recon
    Better than Gas Neutralization, it'll work in the Rearguard
    automatically if your squad detects the enemy has WP Shot. Basically,
    they'll order all of the squad personnel to wear their respirators. So
    you can move the squads to the Vanguard. Besides, they won't be affected
    by the WP anymore.
    HEAT Shell - Shooter
    Recommended for Short Range, this does fire damage when the shell
    explodes on impact on the enemy AFW. Kinasato, Jun, Ippei and Emilio are
    the ones who can make good use of it, provided that they enter Short
    Range combat. Countered by Dodge Action.
    APC Shell - Shooter/Mechanic/Supply
    When this shell explodes on impact on the enemy AFW, it dishes out more
    damage to it than any normal shell fired on to it. Therefore, use this
    shell only if you have enough time to finish off the enemy, but his AFW
    is almost ready to be destroyed. Countered by Dodge Action.
    APCR Shell - Shooter
    Similar to the HEAT Shell, except that damage is increased only if your
    target is far away when you initiate combat. John & Ayana can use this
    in long-range combat, provided that they enter into that combat range
    with the enemy. Countered by Dodge Action.
    Shrapnel - Infantry/Recon
    Shoots a shell with shrapnel over the enemy vanguard. I personally
    recommend this for those who want to eliminate enemy soldiers fast.
    Incendiary Shell - Infantry/Recon
    Similar to the Shrapnel, except that it causes more damage to the enemy
    vanguard. A better shell than Shrapnel.
    Incendiary Shrapnel Shell - Recon
    The most dangerous anti-infantry shell that can be used, this shell can
    give the most damage and it can eliminate your soldiers if they're sent
    to the vanguard. This is the best shell that you'll want to use if you
    want to eliminate the enemy vanguard pretty fast.
    WP (White Phosphorus) Shot - Medic/Recon
    When fired, it'll fire a shell filled with White Phosphorus gas that
    will force the enemy soldiers to retreat from the vanguard to the
    rearguard temporarily. Like its vanguard version, it can be countered by
    using either Gas Neutralization or by Gasmask.
    Illumination Shot - Infantry/Shooter/Medic/Recon
    When fired, it'll fire a shell that contains a flare, which will light
    up the night sky during night combat. Unlike its vanguard version,
    this'll last until time is up.
    VI. Soldier acquistion
    When you want to obtain more soldiers, they will come from three 
    types of troop platoons. Pay attention to these kinds of troop
    platoons and on how to obtain them.
    Orange Troops
    - Given to you by Rodriguez personally. These guys (and gals) have
      reasonable skills for you. So, they aren't that bad. In fact, you
      might get surprised by some special squads, such as a Shooter squad
      with Wire or an Infantry squad with Grenade. But in case that you want
      more of them, then you'd have to complete all the mission in less time
    White Troops
    - Acquired by occupying villages, town and cities with stars
      (See Operation Map for the types of stars that are placed when
       you're playing in the map). These people even have superior if not,
      better skills than the Orange Troops. So, make it one of your top
      priorities to grab these babies when you're starting your campaign.
    Green Troops
    - THE ULTIMATE SQUAD! These people sure sometimes don't have skills, but
      they have excellent and cool stats to compensate for this loss. These
      guys (and gals) will aid your AFWs very well, since they'll give your
      AFW pilots very high stats, such as Attack range and Movement. To get
      them, it'll depend on how you obtain them through dual objective, if
      you have to overtake an enemy structure (base, port, etc.) or to
      eliminate all of the bad guys. You must overtake the enemy/important
      structure in order to get them. They're available from Stages 4, 6, 7,
      8 and 10-15.
    VII.   Credits
    I would like to thank the following:
    Konami of America, Europe and Japan
    - for creating, developing and marketing the game
    Sony Computer Entertainment
    - for making the game compatible with the Playstation 2
    - for posting my FAQ
    My parents
    - for giving me allowance to buy the game
    My ex-classmate Timothee Cheng
    - for telling me more about the game itself
    http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ (ASCII Generator)
    - for providing the ASCII text 
    Everyone in the Ring of Red board at Gamefaqs
    - for supporting my progress in finishing this FAQ
    - for helping me with the game's in-depth details
    - for taking your time to read my FAQ
    * This FAQ is dedicated to the victims of the Korean War, as well as
      the various soldiers who served under the UN from 1950-1953. Our
      prayers will go to them. They will never be forgotten, especially
      to my countrymen, who served in the Philippine contingent to the UN

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