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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Muddy Paws

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/05/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   Legion: The Legend of Excalibur
                            By: Muddy Paws
                    Date last Updated: 5 July 2002
                             Version: 1.1
                     email: pawsmuddy@hotmail.com
                      Copyright: Muddy Paws 2002
         Game Play
           Fighting Strategies
         Mission 1 - The Sword
         Mission 2 - The Castle
         Mission 3 - Ambush
         Mission 4 - Infestation
         Mission 5 - Avalon
         Mission 6 - Camelot Siege
         Mission 7 - Camelot Defense
         Side Mission - Fire Knight Mine
         Mission 8 - Fire Knight
         Mission 9 - Grail Maiden Stronghold
         Mission 10 - The Grail Castle
         Mission 11 - Morgan's Swamp
         Mission 12 - Morgan's Castle
         Item List
         This is a walkthrough for the PS2 game "Legion: The 
    Legend of Excalibur".  The game was created (and 
    trademarked and copyrighted) by Midway and Seven Studios.  
    All the mission titles, objectives, and item descriptions 
    are copyrighted text from the game.  The game is a sword 
    hacking action game with a little magic, RPC, and strategy 
    thrown in.  I have purchased 11 PS 2 games and I would 
    place this 7th.
    Version 1.0
         Thanks to kz109 for help with the item list for 
    missions 3, 4, and 5 and XxcerealkilerxX for help with the 
    item list for mission 1.  
    Version 1.1
         Thanks to Tsatziki for some leveling up strategies.  
    Thanks to ThunderClaws for pointing out some weak spots in 
    the walkthrough.  Thanks to Skald for help with the fire 
    arrows on mission 3 and TBaGGz69 for help with the Ring of 
    Three on mission 6.  Thanks to Xorpion251 for help with 
    Grolic's Frost on mission 8 and John R. for help with the 
    Hand of God on mission 10.
         I have found 81 items and the game web site says there 
    are over 100, so if you find any other items, let me know 
    and I will credit you here.  The latest ones found were 
    hidden in bushes or you had to burn down stuff.
    Arthur to the bandit leader, "Turn yourself over to the 
    authorities or face the King's wrath".  Hint Arthur, you 
    are the authorities.
    Game Play
         The game is divided into 12 missions with 1 side 
    mission.  When you successfully complete a mission, the 
    game auto saves and you may then play the next mission.  If 
    you want to replay a mission, die before the end or get 
    another memory card to hold another saved game.  When you 
    complete a certain objective in a mission, the mission 
    ends, whether you wanted to open one last chest or not.
         The game has 8 playable characters.  You control one 
    character at a time.  In some missions, up to 3 other 
    playable characters will join you.  In those missions, you 
    control one character a at time and the computer controls 
    the rest.  You may issue commands to the other characters 
    and you may switch which character you are playing.  For 
    example, you start mission 2 with Arthur.  After a while 
    you find Gwenevere and she follows you into battle.  You 
    may continue hacking enemies with Arthur and let Gwenevere 
    do as she pleases.  You may issue a command to tell 
    Gwenevere to guard a particular spot.  Or you may switch to 
    Gwenevere and let the computer control Arthur.  You may 
    switch as often as you like.  Finally, each playable 
    character may have up to 4 computer controlled assistants.  
    The assistants follow their leader around and (hopefully) 
    attack enemies when present.
        Characters gain experience by defeating enemies.  More 
    experience means more hit points, stamina points, and 
    stronger magic spells.  Nothing is assignable, its all 
    HP:                175
    Stamina:           100
    XP Level:          1
    Attack:            10
    Defense:           15%
    Fire Attack:       2
    Fire Defense:      30%
    Lightning Defense: 10%
    Holy Attack:       1
    Unholy Defense:    20%
    HP:                175
    Stamina:           300
    XP Level:          2
    Attack:            4
    Defense:           5%
    Fire Defense:      10%
    Lightning Defense: 20%
    Poison Defense:    10%
    Unholy Defense:    10%
    HP:                800
    Stamina:           800
    XP Level:          5
    Attack:            12
    Defense:           10%
    Lightning Attack:  2
    Lightning Defense: 10%
    Holy Attack:       3
    Holy Defense:      30%
    HP:                1016
    Stamina:           650
    XP Level:          10
    Attack:            10
    Defense:           5%
    Fire Attack:       2
    Fire Defense:      30%
    Poison Attack:     2
    Poison Defense:    30%
    Unholy Defense:    10%
    HP:                1200
    Stamina:           400
    XP Level:          9
    Attack:            20
    Defense:           10%
    Fire Defense:      10%
    Ice Attack:        4
    Ice Defense:       50%
    Poison Defense:    10%
    Unholy Defense:    20%
    HP:                2100
    Stamina:           350
    XP Level:          9
    Attack:            15
    Defense:           10%
    Fire Attack:       3
    Fire Defense:      30%
    Lightning Defense: 10%
    Holy Attack:       1
    Unholy Defense:    20%
    HP:                1100
    Stamina:           800
    XP Level:          11
    Attack:            8
    Defense:           5%
    Lightning Attack:  1
    Lightning Defense: 20%
    Ice Attack:        1
    Ice Defense:       30%
    Unholy Defense:    20%
    HP:                1100
    Stamina:           900
    XP Level:          10
    Attack:            7
    Defense:           8%
    Ice Defense:       20%
    Holy Attack:       1
    Poison Defense:    30%
    Unholy Defense:    30%
    Black Knight
    Uses magic fire bolt attack
    HP:                1880
    Stamina:           2230
    XP Level:          20
    Attack:            22
    Defense:           30%
    Next Level XP:     77000
    Fire Defense:      20%
    Lightning Attack:  4
    Ice Defense:       50%
    Poison Attack:     4
    Poison Defense:    100%
    Unholy Attack:     15
    Unholy Defense:    100%
    Red Knight
    HP:                1480
    Stamina:           995
    XP Level:          20
    Attack:            22
    Defense:           40%
    Next Level XP:     77000
    Fire Attack:       15
    Fire Defense:      100%
    Lightning Defense: 30%
    Poison Defense:    20%
    Unholy Attack:     7
    Unholy Defense:    30%
    Green Knight
    Equips arrows, throws javelin
    HP:                1380
    Stamina:           100
    XP Level:          20
    Attack:            10
    Defense:           30%
    Lightning Defense: 10%
    Ice Defense:       20%
    Poison Attack:     7
    Poison Defense:    100%
    Unholy Attack:     2
         There are 4 sets of controls, equipment, map, command, 
    and attack.  The start button brings up the equipment menu.  
    You can equip all your playable characters.  Use X to 
    switch between playable characters.  You cannot equip or 
    dequip characters that aren't in a mission.  So if you want 
    armor for Anguish in the side mission, take it off Percival 
    in mission 7.  The game pauses while the equip menu is up.
         The select button brings up the map.  Pushing the X 
    button while the map is up displays the objectives.  The 
    game pauses while the map menu is up.
         The R1, R2, L1, L2 buttons (shoulder buttons) issue 
    commands to the playable characters.  Pushing one of the 
    shoulder buttons and immediately releasing it switches to 
    that character.  A legend in the lower left corner shows 
    which buttons are assigned to which characters.  Pushing 
    and holding a shoulder button brings up the command menu 
    for that character.  The command menu has 4 choices, 
    attack, summon, guard, and flee.  Attack lets you tell the 
    AI whether to target the strongest enemy, most ranged 
    enemy, or magic users.  Summon may only be used by the 
    character you are controlling.  It lets you summon one or 
    all of the remaining characters to your position.  Guard 
    tells the AI to guard a particular spot or character.  You 
    could tell Percival to guard Gwenevere and he might heal 
    her when she is hit.  Better yet, you can tell Percival and 
    Gwenevere to guard Arthur.  Then when you run around they 
    will automatically follow Arthur.  Flee tells a character 
    to flee from danger.  The game does not pause while the 
    command menu is up.  The command menu may be dismissed by 
    pushing the circle menu if you don't want to issue a 
    command.  When you switch to a character, its previous 
    command is forgotten.  So if Percival was guarding Arthur, 
    but hadn't gotten around to healing Arthur.  After you 
    switch to Percival to heal Arthur and switch back, you need 
    to reissue the guard command.
         The X, O, square, and triangle buttons are used for 
    battle.  X is the basic attack button.  In the first 
    mission, Bohrs explains how to time the basic attack to do 
    a combo attack.  While you hold the circle button, you hold 
    your shield up to block attacks.  I didn't really get the 
    hang of blocking.  If you are fighting one opponent, you 
    can learn their attack sequence and block at the right 
    time.  If you are fighting more then one, you would end up 
    blocking all the time.  Triangle is used by magic users to 
    set one of their 4 spells.  Square is used by magic users 
    to cast the chosen spell.  It is used by knights to issue a 
    strong attack.  In either case, it uses stamina.  The 
    stamina meter slowly replenishes.  Square is used by 
    archers to lock on to a particular target.  
         Starting in mission 3, pushing both the X and square 
    buttons results in a major attack.  Arthur's major attack 
    is a flaming dragon.  It takes a second to wind up and 
    deals major damage to all the enemy near Arthur.  It may 
    also start flammable objects on fire.  It uses a lot of 
    stamina.  It is a great way to clear or weaken a lot of 
    enemies.  All other characters have their own major attack.
    Arthur:       Fire Dragon
    Lancelot:     Ice Blast
    Galahad:      Holy Attack
    Gwenevere:    Lightning Storm
    Percival:     Holy Attack
    Anguish:      Earth Golem
    Nimue:        Ice Blast
    Merlin:       Fire Pillar
    Black Knight: None
    Red Knight:   None
    Green Knight: None
         Each mission starts with a set of objectives.  Some 
    objectives you need to complete to advance the mission.  
    For instance, when you have to stop the catapults from 
    firing in mission 7, nothing else will happen until you 
    complete that objective.  Some objectives cause you to lose 
    the game if you mess up.  If too many townsfolk die in 
    mission 3, you lose.  Some objectives are optional.  If you 
    don't save the church in mission 3, the mission keeps 
    going.  However, if you do save the church, the priest will 
    heal you for the rest of the mission when you return.  Some 
    of the optional objectives do not show up until you walk to 
    the correct spot.  When you walk near the sheep farmer in 
    mission 3, he asks for help recovering his sheep.  When you 
    complete the objective, he gives you a Blood Ring (which 
    you really want).  Each mission has a final objective.  
    When you complete that objective, the mission completes, 
    whether you wanted to do something else or not.  The game 
    does not tell you what type each objective is.  While the 
    map shows check boxes next to objectives, it doesn't always 
    check them when the objective is complete.
    R Required
    O Optional
    T Terminal
    H Hidden
         The game has a few bugs.  It never crashed or 
    destroyed a save file while I was playing and I didn't hear 
    anyone else have those problems.  However, sometimes 
    characters get stuck or the game fails to trigger the next 
    sequence.  If this happens, try wandering around the 
    trigger point or checking to be sure you really completed 
    the previous objectives.  If you still can't complete an 
    objective, you'll have to die or restart your PS2.
         At the end of each mission, you have the option of 
    purchasing items from the treasury with any gold you may 
    have found.  Different items appear in the treasury as the 
    game progresses.  I'm not sure if they appear based on 
    Arthur's experience or based on the number of missions 
         Here is the experience needed for each level
         Art    Lance  Gal    Gwen   Perc   Ang    Nim    Merl
    2    2k                   0
    3    5k                   3k  
    4    13k                  10k  
    5    20k                  18k    0
    6    29k                  27k    6k  
    7    38k                  37k    13k  
    8    48k                  48k    21k  
    9    59k    0             58k    30k    0
    10   71k    10k    0      69k    40k    10k           0
    11   83k    20k    11k    81k    51k    21k    0      10k  
    12   95k    31k    23k    95k    63k    33k    12k    21k  
    13   108k          36k    107k   76k    46k    24k    34k
    14   122k          40k    120k   90k           37k    47k
    15   136k          55k           104k          50k    61k
    16   149k          71k                         64k    76k
    17   165k          88k                         78k    90k
    18   182k          106k                        92k    106k
    19   196k          125k                        106k   122k
    20   210k          145k                        141k   138k
    21   225k          155k                               158k
    22   240k                                             177k
    23   255k
    24   270k
    25   285k
    26   300k
    27   315k
    28   330k
    29   345k
    30   360k
    Fighting Strategies
         Are you getting killed all the time?  Then read this 
    section.  There are 7 basic strategies for fighting and all 
    of them involve hacking.  I have listed them from simplest 
    and least useful to the most time consuming and also most 
    Hack and slash
    Hack and run
    Hack and shield
    Hack and heal
    Hack and combo
    Power up and hack
    Level up and hack
         Hack and slash is what you are already doing.  See 
    enemy.  Push X button.  Kill enemy.  See enemy.  Push X, 
    ..., oops.  Die.
         Hack and run is just a little different.  Keep running 
    around to make sure that only one guy can hit you at a 
    time.  Better yet, so that no one can hit.  Run around and 
    hit the enemy from behind.  Let your knights engage the 
    enemy and them attack from behind.  Stand beside a tree or 
    wall so less enemies can hit you at a time.
         Hack and shield is starting to get tricky.  The O 
    button raises your shield.  When you have your shield up, 
    the enemy can only hit you from behind.  If your back is to 
    a wall, they can't hit you.  Then watch the enemy.  In 
    between his strikes hit him.  See if each type has a 
    pattern.  Many knights use a shield for a few seconds, 
    strike, and then go back to the shield.
         Hack and heal is just time consuming.  After every 
    battle run to a priest or wait for your healing items to 
    fix you up.
         Hack and combo takes advantage of the special bonus 
    you get for timing 3 swings in a row.  If you hit the X 
    button when your sword flashes, the fourth swing will go 
    around in a circle and come down overhead.  It will do more 
    damage to a wider area, it generally goes through shields, 
    and it often knocks the enemy back so you can get in some 
    extra swings.  I will mention the dragon attack here.  Even 
    on mission 2, when you first get the dragon attack, it will 
    completely destroy lots of enemies.  Are you surrounded by 
    knights with a full stamina meter?  Don't die, burn them.  
    Don't forget the square button.  While it uses more 
    stamina, it does more damage, tends to go through shields, 
    and knocks the enemy back more often.  Finally, there is 
    just plain careful timing.  Get in the first attack and 
    make every attack count.  If you don't miss, you can often 
    have the leading enemy killed before the others arrive.
         Power up and hack means to equip those items you find.  
    This walkthrough tells you where more then enough special 
    items are to win the game.  I recently replayed mission 2, 
    with the first three items (Crown of the Crusader, Death's 
    Circle, and Fist of Needles) and no level ups.  I didn't 
    have to run away, shield, or heal to finish the level.  As 
    the game advances you can find or buy better and better 
    items.  I always choose to increase my attack power where 
    possible, but increasing your defense is just as effective.
         Level up and hack starts out as the slowest strategy, 
    but it pays off in the end.  The enemies don't get any 
    harder no matter how many levels you have.  Kill every 
    enemy in every mission.  Starting with the side mission, 
    where there are unlimited enemies, make sure you spend some 
    time just fighting enemies.  Once you can scrape together 
    35000 gold, buy Hadrin's Experience.  An extra ten levels 
    makes the game much easier.  Then you don't need any 
    fighting strategy other then hack and slash.
    Mission 1 - The Sword
    Required Characters:         Arthur
    Optional Characters:         none
    Characters found in Mission: none
    R 1) Learn to fight with Bors.
    R 2) Talk to the other knights.
    O 3) Prepare for your turn on watch.
    R 4) Find a weapon.
    T 5) Rally the knights of the tournament to fight the enemy 
    O 6) Help the other victims of the attack.
    O 7) Search for artifacts that may help in your quest.
    No time limit.
    Playing time 7 minutes, skipping videos
    Crown of the Crusader
    Death's Circle
         The game starts with Sir Kay putting Arthur down.  
    Funny how Sir Kay never shows his face again after Arthur 
    gets Excalibur.  Walk by the knights near the training 
    dummies.  They will explain how to use the combo system.  
    Give it a try.  Then walk near the knights by the central 
    fire.  After a little chitchat, Morgan blows them to 
    pieces.  A little more to the left Morgan and you could end 
    the game right now.
         Go northeast and you will find Excalibur.  Any nearby 
    enemies get blasted when you pickup the sword.  Now for the 
    most important optional quest of the game.  Take the 
    southeastern bridge over the river.  Carefully kill any 
    enemies you meet.  Follow the path to an item chest holding 
    the Crown of the Crusader.  When you equip this, it slowly 
    heals you.  It is the only healing you get in a lot of 
         Now go back to the starting point and take the 
    southwestern bridge.  Kill the enemies by the bridge and 
    the knight there will join you.  When you cross the second 
    bridge, you will see a graveyard on the west side of the 
    path.  Enter and help the priest destroy a few skeletons.  
    In return the priest will heal you any time you walk near 
    him.  There is a little gold in one of the open graves.  
    There is a path from the southern edge of the graveyard.  
    Take it to a small building holding a Death's Circle.
         Go back to the north path from the church.  When you 
    reach a ruins, save another knight and he will join you.
         Continue across the next bridge.  There a group of 
    enemies attacks a knight.  Wade in to help and a large 
    knight arrives from the building nearby.  When you defeat 
    him, the mission completes.
    Mission 2 - The Castle
    Principal Objective: Protect Castle D'Grance from Morgan's 
    dark army.
    Secondary Objective: Gather forces by helping the besieged 
    castle defenders.  Help the civilians.  They may be able to 
    provide help.
    Required Characters:         Arthur
    Optional Characters:         none
    Characters found in Mission: Gwenevere
    T 1) Locate Castle D'Grance and help the defenders against 
    Morgan's Dark Army.
    O 2) Continue to gather your army.
    O 3) Help the villagers where you can.
    R 4) Gwen must survive.
    No time limit for these objectives.  At the start of the 
    level, you need to burn the wooded bridge before the 
    reinforcements arrive.
    Playing time 17 minutes, skipping videos.
    Fist of Needles
         This mission starts with Merlin giving you the Dragon 
    Summoning attack, push X and square.  The attack is very 
    useful.  It uses most of you stamina, but that doesn't 
    matter because you don't use your stamina for much else.  
    If you are in a fight and your stamina meter is full, let 
    the dragon rip.
         Now ignore the advice I just gave you.  This is the 
    one time you need to have the dragon attack ready for a 
    particular place.  Just before the first bridge is a path 
    to the north.  At the end of the path are two archers.  
    Kill them to keep them from sniping you later.
         When you cross the bridge, a knight comes to warn you 
    of the enemy reinforcements.  A large group of enemy 
    knights are coming down the path behind you and you almost 
    certainly can't kill them.  Run down this path till you 
    find a wooden bridge.  Stand on the bridge and use your 
    dragon attack.  The bridge will burn down and the 
    reinforcements will be stuck.  You have time to kill the 
    enemies you meet on the way if you are quick.
         If you want to gain some extra levels, there is a 
    sniping spot to get the reinforcements.  At the very first 
    stone bridge, go down to the water to the east of the 
    bridge.  The reinforcements will crown around you, but they 
    won't get close enough to hit you.  You can hit them.  So 
    whack away.  I got 2000 experience for a whole group.  Once 
    you finish the first group, another will come along.  Play 
    as long as you like.
         Once across the wooden bridge, 4 more enemies attack.  
    After defeating them, you can go north and sneak back over 
    the river at a ford.  There is a gold chest in a clearing 
    near the ford.
         There isn't a time limit for the rest of this mission, 
    so take your time.  As you go through town, two knights 
    start a house on fire and then attack you.  When you kill 
    them a lady thanks you.  If you wait for the house to 
    finish burning, you find an item chest with a Fist of 
         When you reach the next bridge you are attacked by 3 
    enemy knights and 2 archers.  When you cross the bridge a 
    knight exits a house followed by a large red enemy knight.  
    When you defeat him, the first knight joins you.  Along the 
    south side of town you meet a group of enemy knights and 
    archers.  Remember what I said about the dragon attack?  
    There is some gold by the river near some barrels here.
         On the east side of town is a priest in need of 
    assistance.  If you save him, he will heal you and the 
    knights helping you.  He asks you to find his daughter.  
    She is standing by the river on the south side of town.  
    When you return her, the priest goes to the east side of 
    the church.  Kill some skeletons and pick up two bags of 
    gold from the open grave.  The priest opens the north gate 
    from the church, saying it is a safer path.  After 3 
    battles, you end up in the same place you would if you took 
    the north town exit described below.
         Leaving the north side of town, you talk to a villager 
    about helping the guard.  To see a bonus, go west along the 
    shore before crossing the river.  When you get to the tree 
    at the bend in the path, push L3 (push down on the left 
    analog joystick).  A man and a horse will appear.  Cross 
    the bridge and defeat a group of enemy knights and archers 
    at a building.  The guard now exits the building and goes 
    off to reinforce some other guards.  Cross the bridge to 
    the north to enter the next courtyard.
         You can kill some enemies on the east side to free 
    some more guards.  Then go to the west side.  Kill some 
    more guards to free Gwenevere.  She joins you with a group 
    of archers.  She goes to fight on the north wall.  You 
    don't get to control her till the next mission.
         When you get to the north wall, ignore Gwenevere's 
    advice about keeping the enemy out of the castle.  Stay 
    close enough to Gwenevere that you can see if she is being 
    attacked on the radar.  Always clear out any enemies near 
    her when she gets attacked.  If she dies, you lose the 
    mission.  When you find a mage and 3 large knights, you 
    need to kill them to end the level.  Once they start 
    chasing you, they will leave Gwenevere alone.  You could 
    run to the priest for some healing during the battle.  When 
    you finish that group, the mission completes.
    Mission 3 - Ambush
    Principal Objective: Kill the bandit leader.
    Secondary Objective: Protect the town and save the 
    Required Characters:         Arthur and Gwenevere
    Optional Characters:         none
    Characters found in Mission: none
    R  1) Kill the bandits attacking the town.
    O  2) Protect the peasants in the bucket brigade to save 
    the church.
    T  3) Find and kill the Bandit King.
    HO 4) Bring the sheep back to the farmer's field.
    Time limit to save the church.
    Playing time 33 minutes, skipping videos.
    Blood Ring
    Mask of the Ancient King
    Piercing Gaze
    Fire Arrows
         The mission starts with 3 bandits to kill.  After they 
    go down, the townsfolk say the town is currently overrun 
    with bandits.  Ignore the gold the bandits dropped and run 
    straight for the town.  Kill any bandits you encounter on 
    the way.  The mission ends in failure if too many townsfolk 
    die.  When you get far enough in the town, a movie warns 
    that the church is burning.  Although you do not need to 
    save the church to complete the level, if you do save it, 
    the priest will heal your party whenever you return for the 
    rest of the mission.  Park Gwenevere near the bucket 
    brigade and run Arthur around killing bandits.  
         After all the bandits are killed, if you saved the 
    church, go to the priest in front of it to be healed.  Park 
    Gwenevere just inside the north end of town to attack any 
    more bandits that show up.  Walk Arthur to the south west 
    corner of town where a man is standing next to a sheep pen.  
    He will ask Arthur to help return his sheep.  There are 
    four sheep running around town.  Get behind on sheep and it 
    will run away from you.  Use this technique to herd the 
    sheep into the pen.  I had one get stuck on the west hill 
    of the town.  After you collect all for sheep, return to 
    the farmer and he will give you a Blood Ring.  Equip this 
    on Gwenevere to provide her some healing.  Periodically 
    additional knights or archers will wait on the daisy field 
    in the middle of town.  Run Gwenevere by the archers to 
    pick them up.  Run Arthur by the knights to pick them up.
         Now its time to start clearing out bandits.  There are 
    two exits on the north side of town.  Bandits will 
    periodically enter the town from both of these and start 
    killing townsfolk.  Leave Gwenevere by this exits and take 
    Arthur through the east one.  Clear out all the bandits all 
    the way to the bridge and ford.  If you take all right 
    turns as you leave town you will find an item chest with a 
    Piercing Gaze.  If you cross the ford you will find some 
    more bandits and a gold chest.  Return Arthur to town.  Now 
    take Gwenevere out the east exit, the one Arthur just 
    cleared, and park her at the first crossroads outside of 
    town.  This will give her a chance to kill any bandits 
    before they get into town.  If you hear the church bell 
    ringing, check Gwenevere and have her run into town to make 
    sure no bandits got past you.
         Heal Arthur and go out the west exit on the north side 
    of town.  Start clearing bandits.  There are some chests of 
    gold.  At the first ford you can go northwest, west, east, 
    or north east.  The two west paths are short, clear them of 
    bandits.  It is possible to climb the hill across the ford 
    to the north east.  Kill more bandits.  Head east along the 
    river.  Before you reach the corner of the map, turn north 
    to find a chest with fire arrows.  If you encounter the 
    Bandit King in the corner of the map you will trigger the 
    end of the mission.  Go back to town and heal if you want 
         If Gwenevere warns of bandits, leave Arthur along and 
    help Gwenevere kill any bandits in her area.  Then send 
    Gwenevere to town to insure no bandits snuck past before 
    parking her back at the crossroads.
         Finally, go to the north side of the map, just before 
    the east corner.  There is the bandit leader.  Slay him.
    Mission 4 - Infestation
    Principal Objective: Find and destroy the source of the 
    barbarian raids.  Defend the village.  The mayor must not 
    Secondary Objective: Aid the villagers.
    Required Characters:         Arthur and Gwenevere
    Optional Characters:         none
    Characters found in Mission: none
    R 1) Protect the vollagers against attacks from marauding 
    barbian skirmishers.  The mayor must not die.
    O 2) Safely take the farmer to save his daughter.
    O 3) Return safely to the village with both the farmer and 
    his daughter alive.  Speak to the mayor.
    T 4) Find the barbarian Shaman leading these raids, and 
    send him back to his maker.
    There are time limits on objectives 1 and 3.
    Playing time 20 minutes, skipping videos.
    Frozen Rune
    Blessed Arrows
         The mission starts with 4 barbarians attacking the 
    town.  Kill them.  The mayor asks for help protecting the 
    town and a farmer asks for help finding his family.  There 
    is a priest on the north side of town who will offer 
    healing if you walk close enough to him.
         Park Gwenevere on the wall by the west gate.  Take 
    Arthur out the east gate.  Kill one barbarian near the 
    windmill.  Pass the windmill to find an item chest with 
    Blessed Arrows.  Go across the ford and follow the trail to 
    the end as quickly as possible.  After a few more 
    barbarians on the trail, you reach the farmer's dead wife 
    and one more barbarian.  Defeating that barbarian saves the 
    farmer's child.  When you get back to town, one of the 
    farmer's older children joins Arthur to help with the 
         Just about now, Gwenevere will warn of catapults 
    attacking the town.  Switch to Gwenevere and have her 
    summon Arthur.  I don't know if the catapult can be killed 
    before it knocks down the door.  It doesn't show damage 
    when attacked now, and it does later.  Have Gwenevere shoot 
    the barbarians.  Switch targets when they put up there 
    shields, when no more damage numbers show up.  When Arthur 
    arrives, put him in town, near the priest.  If you put him 
    right by the door, the barbarians get to run right past him 
    during the door breaking movie.  Kill all the barbarians.  
    Heal everybody and talk to the mayor again.
         Now it is time to kill some more barbarians.  This 
    time go out the west gate.  Take Gwenevere with you (switch 
    to Arthur, hold R2 until the menu comes up, select guard, 
    then Arthur, now Gwenevere will follow Arthur around).  
    Kill the catapult and any barbarians that you meet.  When 
    one runs off to rouse some help, you are in for a big 
    battle.  The barbarians will find you no matter where you 
    are.  Try to find a spot that will keep some of your 
    knights alive and wait.  Waiting by the priest is great 
    because he heals everyone during the battle.  Heal everyone 
    after the battle because you'll need help with the boss.
         Now head for the boss.  Along the way, the path turns 
    west and heads up a hill.  Go northeast through the woods 
    instead.  You'll find a path running west along the edge of 
    the hill.  Follow it to the end to find another item chest 
    with a Frozen Rune.  Gwenevere can shoot the barbarian 
    guard below the hill just off the screen.  Hold the square 
    button and aim till the aiming line turns red.  Keep 
    shooting till the guard dies.  Now return to the normal 
    path and follow it to the end.
         After a short movie, its time to kill the shaman.  The 
    shaman shoots various magic attacks at Arthur, teleports 
    around the level, and summons skeletons.  I set Gwenevere 
    to defend Arthur and use Arthur to attack the shaman.  
    Whenever Arthur encounters a group of skeletons, I use the 
    dragon attack to weaken them enough for Gwenevere and the 
    knights to finish off.  Note that Gwenevere has a lightning 
    attack when you push the X and square buttons.  When 
    Gwenevere's stamina is full, switch control to her, run up 
    to the shaman or some skeletons, use the lightning attack, 
    run back a bit, and switch back to Arthur.
    Mission 5 - Avalon
    Principal Objective: Percival must purify the churches on 
    the island.  Arthur must kill the Black Knight.
    Secondary Objective: Save the families gravesites from 
    desecration.  Percival is integral to the task and must not 
    Required Characters:         Arthur and Gwenevere
    Optional Characters:         none
    Characters found in Mission: Percival
    T 1) Kill the Black Knight.
    O 2) Destroy the undead in the family tombs.
    R 3) Purify the 3 churches to open the sealed gate.
    There is no time limit for this mission.
    Playing time 25 minutes, skipping videos.
    Cross of the True Knight
    Crusader's Sheath
    Bone Arrows
         After the movie ends, head south and west.  When 
    skeletons appear, defeat them.  A magician should appear 
    from one of the buildings.  Defeat the magician and 4 
    ghosts come from the buildings to serve as knights.  Hunt 
    around looking for gold chests.  Don't forget to check 
    behind buildings.  Heal everybody because there are several 
    points with this kind of battle on the island.  After about 
    4 such battles you complete objective number 2.
         There are three churches to purify.  One is in the 
    middle of the island.  The other two are in other parts of 
    the island.  As with the family gravesites, each church is 
    guarded by skeletons and a magician.  Defeat the magician 
    to see a movie of Percival purifying the church.  Each 
    church has an item chest.  Although the Black Knight gate 
    is blocked until the churches are purified, the one west of 
    it is not.  Approach it and it will open.
         After the churches are purified, head to the north 
    east corner of the island.  The gate there will open now.  
    Pass through to confront the Black Knight.  Although the 
    movie says to defeat the Black Knight before his army 
    attacks, I found that my knights cleaned up the army before 
    I finished off the Black Knight.  The Black Knight 
    teleports around using magic and sword attacks on Arthur.  
    I had Arthur attack the Black Knight and let everyone else 
    clean up the army.  Use Arthur's dragon attack to attack 
    the Black Knight and groups of enemies.  Occasionally 
    switch to Percival for healing or Gwenevere to use her 
    lightning attack.  While Percival also has a lightning 
    attack, his stamina is better used for healing.
    Mission 6 – Camelot Siege
    Principal Objective: Defeat the four Ancient Lords.  Gwen 
    must not die.
    Required Characters:         Arthur and Gwenevere
    Optional Characters:         Percival
    Characters found in Mission: Lancelot (not playable in this 
    T 1) Defeat the four Ancient Lords.
    R 2) Gwen must not die.
    No time limit
    Belt of the Mountain King
    Royal Cord
    Mask of the Demon
    Ring of Three
         This is the first mission with optional characters.  
    That means if you just accept the mission, without 
    selecting Percival, you only play the mission with Arthur 
    and Gwenevere.  If you want Percival, when the game shows 
    you the round table, use the left analog controller to spin 
    the table till you see Percival.  Then push the X button 
    till he stands up.  These rules apply to all the remaining 
    missions in the game.
         Fight Lancelot at the bridge.  Gwenevere and Percival 
    can not help or be controlled.  If you buy the Gauntlet of 
    the Mountains before starting this mission, the knockback 
    effect keeps Lancelot from getting a turn to attack, making 
    this an easy battle.  After taking quarter of his health, 
    Lancelot runs down his side of the bridge.  After taking 
    some more health, a movie shows.  Lancelot now leads Arthur 
    to the 4 Ancient Lords.  Gwenevere and Percival may now be 
         Fight the first ancient lord.  The lord is a flaming 
    swordsman with two special attacks.  The first is a flaming 
    ground attack that makes a path.  It is slow and easy to 
    avoid.  The lord has a large lightning/ice dome that 
    damages all players in the dome repeatedly.  I took control 
    of Percival and used him to heal.  When Arthur got too 
    hurt, I took him out of the battle and ran Percival around 
    while Arthur healed.  After defeating the first lord, you 
    get the Belt of the Mountain King as a reward.  Then 
    Lancelot leads you to the next ancient lord.
         Fight the second ancient lord.  The lord is an archer.  
    He teleports whenever anyone approaches him and has summons 
    up to 20 skeleton archers to defend him.  As the archers 
    are killed, more are summoned.  Use Arthur's dragon attack 
    to remove any large groups of archers.  Switch to Gwenevere 
    and set Arthur and Percival to guard her.  Use Gwenevere to 
    shoot the lord.
         After defeating the second lord, you get the Royal 
    Cord, a waist item, as a reward.  Then Lancelot leads you 
    past a previously closed door to the next ancient lord.
         The third ancient lord steals Gwenevere.  The third 
    lord is the King of Deceit and takes the form of Gwenevere.  
    You have to decide which is real.  The one standing by 
    Arthur is the ancient lord.  Hit him for a while and he 
    drops the deception.  Then he splits into 6 images which 
    run around and periodically shoot lightning bolts.  As you 
    damage the fakes, they disappear.  When all the fakes are 
    gone, the lord summons 5 more.  As the battle progresses, 
    you can identify the real lord by hitting a ghost.  The 
    real lord shows a partial health bar.  The fake lords have 
    a full health bar.  I set Gwenevere to attack strongest, 
    Percival to defend Arthur, and used Arthur to hack things.
         After defeating the third lord, you get the Mask of 
    the Demon as a reward.  Then Lancelot leads you to the last 
    ancient lord.  There is a Ring of Three in a bush in this 
    courtyard.  As you enter the courtyard from the east, turn 
    south at the first fountain.  Walk through the bushes in 
    front of the building in the eastern corner to find the 
         Fight the fourth ancient lord.  The lord creates piles 
    of gold and threatens Arthur not to take them.  The lord 
    teleports around shooting Arthur with fire, ice, and 
    lightning bolts.  Occasionally the lord freezes whoever is 
    attacking him in place.  I don't know what happens when you 
    take the gold.  When you defeat the lord he gives Arthur 
    the castle and the mission ends.
    Mission 7 - Camelot Defense
    Principal Objective: Defend Camelot
    Required Characters:         Arthur
    Optional Characters:         Gwenevere and Percival come 
    and go.
    Characters found in mission: none, but Nimue helps out a 
    R 1) Protect Camelot from the Red Knight's forces.
    R 2) Stop the catapults from firing.
    R 3) Aid your soldiers near the inn (appears after battle 
    near second portal).
    R 4) Destroy two more catapults (appears after completing 
    R 5) Protect Camelot from the Red Knight's forces (appears 
    when attacking the first catapults).
    R 6) Stop the final wave of soldiers (appears after 
    defeating the giants).
    R 7) Defeat the Red Knight (appears after completing 6).
    T 8) Lead the Red Knight through the main doors (appears 
    after fighting Red Knight for a while).
    Objectives 1 through 5 appear to have time limits.
    Teleporter, left to right.  There are return teleporters, 
    but they are disabled.
    1) Middle of eastern half of the map.
    2) Middle of northeast quarter of the map.
    3) Southern edge of southeast corner of the map.
    Blood Cross
    Death's Cross
    Fire Ring
    Constricting Ring
    Grand Crown
         Only the 3rd teleporter works at this point.  After 
    passing through the portal, some knights join you to help 
    defeat some enemies.  Merlin makes comments implying there 
    is a time limit to complete this objective.  When you 
    approach the catapults a short movie appears and the 
    knights disappear.  
         A chest southeast of the portal, just past the 
    buildings, contains a Blood Cross.
         Upon approaching the catapults the red knight attacks 
    with two sorceresses with fire spells.  The sorceresses run 
    away when approached, but can be cornered and then easily 
    killed.  They must be killed first or they will heal the 
    Red Knight.  The Red Knight is vulnerable to knockback.  At 
    this point a movie plays, the catapults disappear, and 
    Arthur is returned to the starting point.
         Now Gwenevere and Percival join Arthur.  There is a 
    healing sphere east of the teleporters.  Only the second 
    teleporter works at this point.  Again, there are some 
    knights and some enemies in the area.  After defeating the 
    enemy, a message indicates there is another battle near an 
    inn.  After defeating those enemies another message warns 
    of more catapults.
         There is a chest northeast of the portal, past some 
    hills that contains a Death's Cross.  After defeating the 
    catapults, another message warns of some giants.
         After defeating the giants, Arthur teleports back to 
    the start and Merlin warns of another attack.  This time 
    Gwenevere and Percival stay behind and Arthur uses portal 
    1.  Again, some knights are fighting the enemy including a 
    sorceress with a fire attack.  
         After defeating them, the Red Knight returns with a 
    fire dome.  There is a chest with a Fire Ring just south of 
    the portal, now destroyed.  The Red Knight shoots fire 
    balls.  If you get hit even once, even with max HP and the 
    fire ring, you lose.  Unless, of course, if you get hit 
    when standing next to the door to the west.  Then the door 
    gets destroyed and you don't get scratched.
         When the Red Knight passes through the door, Nimue 
    helps by intermittently calling rain to disable the fire 
    doom.  Knockback is still more effective at hitting the Red 
    Knight then a fire ring.  Running around a fountain lets 
    you avoid the fireballs and still be close when the rain 
         In the south eastern corner of this courtyard is a 
    chest containing a Constricting Ring.
         In a niche on the southern edge of the courtyard, near 
    the west corner, is a Grand Crown.
         After you take half the Red Knight's hit points, the 
    rain no longer stops the fire shield.  Everyone decides 
    that Arthur should run into another courtyard.  When Arthur 
    arrives, Nimue floods the courtyard and the Red Knight 
    portals away.
    Side Mission - Fire Knight Mine
    Principal Objective – Arthur and Anguish must save dwarves 
    from the mines.
    Secondary Objective - Anguish must not die.
    Required Characters:         Arthur
    Optional Characters:         Choose 2 of Gwenevere, 
    Percival, Lancelot, and Merlin.
    Characters found in mission: Anguish, does not join round 
    R 1) Save the dwarves
    R 2) Save the dwarven families.  Find evidence of where the 
    dwarf's families are being held.  Appears after finding cul 
    de sac of dwarves on western edge of map.
    No time limit.
    Hell's Crown
    Elemental Fire Shard 
         This mission is in the mines.  The first room contains 
    some dwarves and enemies.  Kill the enemies and some of the 
    dwarves join you.
         If you go out of the first room to the east and take 
    the first southern tunnel, a dwarf will join you that can 
    repair unstable tunnels.  Continue to the northeastern 
    corner of the map.  Walk kill any enemies and walk near the 
    dwarves.  One will talk to you.  Go to the room directly 
    south.  Again, kill all the enemies on both sides of the 
    river.  Walk near the dwarves and one will talk to you.  
    Now dwarves will start to leave the mines.
         The tunnel in the southeastern corner of the map is 
    unstable.  The tunnel leads to a circular tunnel around a 
    room containing a fire golem and a bunch of clawed ghosts.  
    Walk into the room to wake up the ghosts.  Then walk out of 
    the room and around the outer tunnel.  This will draw out 
    the ghosts to defeat in small groups.  The outer tunnel 
    contains some gold chests.  The golem guards a Hell's 
         Since there is no time limit, if you didn't bring a 
    healer, you can always sit around and wait for the Crown of 
    the Crusader to heal you.  In the southwestern corner is a 
    group of enemies.  When you defeat them you see a lace 
    handkerchief and find a chest containing an Elemental Fire 
    Shard.  There are also 3 gold chests.  Return to the dwarf 
    cul de sac.  One sees the handkerchief and wants to see 
    where you found it.  Return to the southwestern corner.
         The dwarf goes down the tunnel to save the families.  
    A group of guards come to attack.  You need to stop them 
    from going down the tunnel to the southwest.  
    Unfortunately, the guards can run right through you.  There 
    are about 4 waves of guards.  Apparently some can get past 
    without the game ending.  You have to engage as many as 
    possible as they run past.  Using a major attack is a good 
    way to engage a lot of enemies, but since it takes so long 
    to start, you have to time it.  Finally, make sure the 
    enemies don't gang up on Anguish.  A good way to protect 
    Anguish is to play him and use his golem attack every time 
    the soldiers arrive.
         After defeating the guards, return to the cul de sac 
    to tell the dwarves to escape.  Some dwarves join you and 
    the rest escape.  Arthur says you can leave the mines or 
    free any remaining dwarves.  If you go back through the 
    mines, any dwarf you find will leave the mines.  Of course, 
    if they run into any guards on the way out, they will be 
    cut to ribbons.  Go to the northwest corner of the map to 
    complete the mission.
    Mission 8 - Fire Knight
    Principal Objective: Find and destroy the Red Knight in his 
    Secondary Objective: Destroy or take over the Red Knight's 
    resources.  Be aware of other helpful resources.
    Required Characters:         Arthur and Gwenevere
    Optional Characters:         Choose one of Percival,
                                 Merlin, and Lancelot.
    Characters found in mission: Nimue, Anguish if you complete 
    objective 2
    1) Find and destroy the Red Knight in his castle.
    2) Destroy the guards at the mine exit.
    3) Take control of any enemy weapons or emplacements that 
    may be useful.
    4) Return to camp if you need reinforcements.
    No time limit.
    Grolic's Frost
    Ice Arrows
    Frost Sheath 
    Golden Eye
         This is the mission were you finally take out the Red 
    Knight for good.  You start on the bottom of the map with 3 
    characters, 4 knights, and 4 archers.  When you lose those, 
    as you will many times, you can come back and get more.  
    This mission has a bit more freedom then the others, you 
    can complete the objectives in any order.  Do you want to 
    stop those pesky catapults from smashing your archers?  
    Would you rather get Anguish on your side?  Do you just 
    want to end the level quickly?  You pick.
         Before you leave camp, head east.  The path dead ends 
    by some lava and two trees.  Burn down the east tree to 
    find Grolic's Frost.
         Do you want to automatically gain as many levels as 
    you like?  Take out the first catapult and return to the 
    line of reinforcements.  Set all your characters to guard 
    that spot.  Put the controller down and come back the next 
    day.  The enemy will keep attacking you.  With the help of 
    the reinforcements, you will keep defeating the enemy.  I 
    tried this for 20 minutes, but eventually Arthur wandered 
    away on his own and I had to take control to save him.
         There are 3 catapults on the level.  To take control 
    of one, simply kill all the enemies near the catapult.  
    Then it will start shooting at enemy troops automatically.  
    The first catapult is directly north of your encampment.  
    The second is in a castle on the western edge of the map 
    near the north corner.  It has a small gold chest.  The 
    third is just north of the middle of the map, across a 
    bridge.  It has a chest with ice arrows.  The enemy army 
    only targets the playable characters.  Once you capture a 
    catapult, leave the area, and the enemy won't return to 
    retake it.  Very rarely Arthur takes a direct hit from a 
    catapult and the mission fails.
         The enemy on this mission come in small bands of all 
    types, archers, knights, mages, living, and dead.  Each 
    group is easy to kill, but they keep coming.  The castle in 
    the northwest corner has a barracks, and the enemy keep 
    coming out and chasing you down.  While you can run away 
    from them, they keep following, and more enemies keep 
    joining them.  Major attacks are a good way to wipe out 
    lots of enemies.  Don't forget to pick up reinforcements 
    when you lose some.  Remember that everyone follows 
    whatever character you are playing.  So if your tired of 
    fighting in one spot, just move to another, the enemies 
    will let you kill them there.
         To free Anguish, go to the middle of the level and 
    head east over the bridge.  There are 2 gold chests past 
    the end of the bridge by the hills.  Clear out all the 
    guards on the other side of the bridge.  Anguish will join 
    you with a group of 4 dwarves.  He also gives you a Golden 
    Eye and Crusher.  Possibly the items depend on how many 
    dwarves you freed in the side mission.  Beware the stairs 
    on the north side of the area.  The AI doesn't have much 
    luck passing the stairs and sometimes characters fall off 
    and get stuck on the cliffs on the side.
         There is an item chest with a Frost Sheath in the 
    castle in the northwest corner.  The item chest is on the 
    upper level in the northeast corner of the castle.
         To find the Red Knight, go to the northwest castle.  
    Go out the exit on the east side.  This takes you across a 
    bridge with groups of enemies waiting on the side and a 
    generator directly behind you.  At the end are two fire 
    golems.  Defeat them and the Red Knight comes down to 
    battle.  The Red Knight has a nice fire beam attack.  
    Arthur's dragon attack doesn't hurt him.  I just whacked on 
    the Red Knight with Arthur till he fell.  As before, 
    knockback was very useful.  I only wish I had taken the 
    mask of the Demon back from Lancelot before the end of the 
    Fire Knight Mine.
    Mission 9 - Grail Maiden Stronghold
    Principal Objectives: Make contact and ally with the Grail 
    Maidens.  Find the True Knight, Sir Galahad.  Exit the pass 
    and continue on towards the Grail.  Galahad must not die.
    Required Characters:         Arthur
    Optional Characters:         Choose 2 from Gwenevere, 
    Percival, Merlin, Anguish, and Nimue
    Characters found in mission: Galahad
    T 1) Find a way through the mountain pass in order to 
    continue on toward the Grail.
    R 2) Find and rescue the Grail Maiden Elders.
    R 3) Galahad must not die.
    R 4) Protect the Grail Maiden Elders whilst they perform 
    the unlocking ritual.
    There is a time limit for objective 4.
    Wolf Clan's Pride
    Brother Cedric's Faith 
    Serpent's Coil
         This mission starts in a snowy pass.  Go west a bit 
    and help out a Grail Maiden.  She offers to show you to her 
    elders to discuss visiting the grail.  Directly north of 
    your meeting spot is a chest with the Wolf Clan's Pride.  
    This mission is infested with bands of enemies just like 
    the Fire Knight mission.
         After you cross a bridge, turn north on the trail by 
    the river.  Follow it up the hill and defeat an ogre to get 
    a Brother Cedric's Faith.  Nimue's lightning paralyses the 
         Continue following the main trail west.  There is a 
    turn off to the north that follows the main trail and lets 
    you take out some sniping archers.  Shortly after the 
    trails merge, they split again.  The north branch leads 
    into the stronghold.  The maiden informs Arthur that the 
    elders have been kidnapped and must be rescued.
         Now take the south branch outside the stronghold.  
    After it crosses a river, the path goes three ways.  The 
    south path goes a small hill to a Serpent's Coil.  The 
    southwest path goes to the enemy encampment.  Go south to 
    the circular tent and a knight comes out.  Defeat the 
    knight to rescue the elder.  Take the elder back to the 
    stronghold.  After arriving at the stronghold, you fight a 
    slightly larger battle and then get tasked with saving the 
    second elder.
         Go back to the bridge and take the east path.  At the 
    top of the path is a keep.  Just past the keep is a 
    catapult.  Touch the catapult and it will blast open the 
    door.  Go inside, kill the knights, and free Sir Galahad.  
    I don't think Sir Galahad is a maiden.  He says the elder 
    is being held at a different keep and is about to be 
    executed.  Hurry on down the path.
         At the next castle you encounter the Green Knight.  
    You can't hurt him and after trying for a bit, he decides 
    to go destroy a castle.  He leaves a few claw ghosts behind 
    for you to kill.  After that, head up the stairs to free 
    the next maiden.  She wants to return to the stronghold.  
    You can continue down the path if you want to kill an ice 
         When you reach the stronghold, the elders agree to 
    unlock the gate to the Grail Castle.  But the enemy attacks 
    with catapults.  A timer appears showing what percentage of 
    the unlocking spell is complete.  The catapults are just a 
    diversion.  You cannot destroy them and enemies enter the 
    stronghold via some other entrance.  Take everyone with the 
    elders to the exit from the valley.  All the enemies 
    congregate there.  Kill them and heal the elders until the 
    spell is complete.
         At that point the Green Knight shows up and the elders 
    ask you to exit the valley while they slow down the Green 
         For bonus experience, take out as many enemies as you 
    can before the elders die.
    Mission 10 - The Grail Castle
    Principal Objectives: Find the Grail Castle.  Obtain the 
    Holy Grail.  Defeat the Green Knight.  Galahad must not 
    Secondary Objective: Find the missing Knights Templar.
    Required Characters:         Arthur and Galahad
    Optional Characters:         Choose 2 from Gwenevere, 
    Percival, Merlin, Anguish, Nimue, and Lancelot
    Characters found in mission: none
    R 1) Discover the location of the Grail Castle and obtain 
    the Holy Grail.
    O 2) Seek out the remaining Knights Templar, for they shall 
    aid you in your quest.
    R 3) Successfully endure the trails of the Holy Grail.
    No time limit.
    T 4) Vanquish the Green Knight.
    No time limit.
    Holy Cross
    Cleric's Bind
    Hand of God
    The Holy Grail
         The level begins with an ambush.  Defeat the enemies 
    and you meet a Knight Templar.  He offers to join you for 
    the level and suggests that you find the 3 other Knights 
         This mission is like the last few in that enemy 
    parties continually attack you during the level.  Sometimes 
    its better to wait till two parties are following you 
    before you attack or you won't ever get anywhere.
         Follow the path south till it forks.  There is nothing 
    on the eastern fork.  Take the western fork and go south 
    when possible to find a priest who offers healing for the 
         Continue south and turn west at the bottom of the map.  
    You find the second Knight Templar in a cul de sac.  Heal 
    him and he will give you a Cleric's Bind and join you.
         If you take all right turns from the first fork, you 
    find the third Knight Templar being attack by a golem.  
    After defeating the golem, the Knight gives you a Holy 
         There is a path hidden behind the trees in the 
    northeast corner of this clearing.  It leads to the fourth 
    Knight Templar.  He won't join you till you kill the pig.  
    Leaving his hideout is a little tricky.  The trees block 
    you from passing, but because of the camera angle, the 
    trees are invisible.  I slipped past the east edge of the 
         The pig is a bit hard to see because it is so small.  
    If you see a red dot on the radar or hear a squealing, 
    that's it.  The pig keeps bursting into flames which do a 
    lot of damage.  Just hit it a few times and then backup to 
    avoid the flames.  Make sure none of the other characters 
    are attacking it, because their not so smart.  This is 
    particularly tricky if a guard patrol happens on you while 
    you are finishing off the pig.  When you return to the 
    Knight Templar, he joins you.  Unfortunately, there seems 
    to be a reason why he lives in the hideout, because he 
    can't figure out how to get out.
        There is one path that leads from the east wide of the 
    map to the west.  Take the first south turn to find the 
    fifth Knight Templar.  He is crazy.  Return to the priest 
    and he will want an escort to the 5th Templar.  The priest 
    heals the 5th Templar who joins you and gives you the Hand 
    of God.
         Continue west, then south.  Finally you reach the 
    beach.  Go all the way north along the beach.  Here the 
    water splashes over some rocks.  Run from the beach to the 
    rock while the water is low.  If you stay in the water too 
    long, you loose hit points due to cold.  When the water 
    lowers again, run west to the grail castle.  Take your 
    characters one at a time if they are too stupid to stay on 
    the rock.
         In the castle, another Knight Templar says only 
    Galahad can go to the test area.  This would be fine except 
    the enemies keep coming from the beach.  The water doesn't 
    seem to bother them.  Take everyone up on the castle walls 
    near the beach and the enemies will stop attacking.  If 
    that Knight Templar doesn't want to let you pass, let some 
    of Morgan's knights take him out.  The only disadvantage of 
    this strategy comes later when you fight the Green Knight.  
    You characters get teleported to the courtyard for the 
    fight, but some of them are stuck in mid air.
         Now run Galahad through the first portal on the second 
    floor of the castle, for the test of chivalry.  A farmer 
    asks help recovering his daughter.  She has been taken by 
    the landlord because the farmer couldn't pay his rent.  
    Going south, Galahad encounters a group of soldiers.  One 
    holy attack (X and square together, not the holy spell) 
    takes out the group.  Continuing east, you encounter a 
    larger group of tougher soldiers with the landlord.  It 
    takes two holy attacks to handle the soldiers and a few 
    whacks of the hammer to finish off the landlord.  The test 
    ends immediately, so I don't know if there are any items 
         Go through the second portal for the trail of prowess.  
    First you fight one ghost Templar, but very shortly another 
    joins.  Before you know it two more joins.  As you kill 
    them, even more join.  This continues until you have maybe 
    twenty ghost Templars after you.  Fortunately, your trusty 
    holy attack saves the day.  Fight until you have four 
    ghosts and then blast them.  Run around and collect any new 
    ones and blast them.  Repeat until all the ghosts are gone, 
    running a little extra when your stamina gets low.
         Go through the third portal for the test of virtue.  
    You may choose the right door with gold, power, and women, 
    or the left door with morality and virtue.  Hmm, which 
    answer would be the correct one for the test of virtue.  
    After you pick virtue, you are attacked by your inner 
    desires for not picking gold, power, and women.  This time 
    the holy spell proves more useful then the holy attack.  
    Whack away on your inner desires a while and its time to 
    claim the big prize.
         Go through the fourth portal to claim The Holy Grail.  
    Unfortunately, the Green Knight wants it too.  Claim it and 
    equip it.  It doesn't hurt to equip anything else you have 
    that does holy damage.  The Green Knight can only be harmed 
    when Galahad is near him.  Some silver blue particle effect 
    happens between Galahad and the Green Knight when they are 
    close enough.  Since Lancelot and Percival were floating in 
    mid air when I played the level, the computer AI was a 
    little confused, so my strategy may not work for you.  
    First hit the Green Knight a few times till he teleports.  
    When you chase him down, he doesn't bother running any more 
    because two mages are healing him.  Kill the mages.  Now 
    start using the holy attack on the Green Knight.  If any 
    enemy knights are nearby, then great.  Pretty soon the 
    Green Knight will start making poison traps on the ground, 
    green squares.  The poison traps do hardly no damage and 
    the Green Knight is healing himself, so get in close and 
    hit him hard.  Make sure your other characters are set to 
    attack strongest too.  I switched to Arthur and used the 
    dragon attack to take the Green Knight out.
    Mission 11 - Morgan's Swamp
    Principal Objective: Find and destroy the crystals that 
    allow Morgan's fortress to defy gravity.
    Required Characters:         Arthur
    Optional Characters:         Choose 3 from Gwenevere, 
    Percival, Merlin, Anguish, Lancelot, Nimue, and Galahad
    Characters found in mission: none
    R 1) Find and destroy the four crystals holding Morgan's 
    Castle afloat.
    R 2) Defend the camp.
    R 3) Find a way to get past golems.
    T 4) Go to the standing stones.
    No time limit.
    Elemental Poison Shard
    Poisoned Rune 
    Crown of the Dead 
    Death's Guard 
    Lord Illoth's Visage 
         This mission has both reinforcements and a healing 
    stone in the camp.  It also has bands of marauding undead.  
    The mission has a lot of water.  You can cross it any time 
    it is the shallow, lighter color.
         Go to the north side of the map and turn east.  When 
    you reach the corner turn south.  You will reach a crystal.  
    Use the dragon attack to burn the trees surrounding it.  
    Then attack the crystal to destroy it.  That wakes up all 
    the golems on the map.  The nearby golem who also needs 
         There is a castle in the middle of the southern edge 
    of the map.  If has a golem and a Elemental Poison Shard in 
    the southwest corner.
         There is a Poison Rune by the northwest corner of the 
    ring around Morgan's Castle.  There is a Crown of the Dead 
    by the east side of the ring, just past the golem.  You 
    have to wade to get it.
         The southeastern corner of the map is guarded by two 
    golems.  Past them, in the very southeastern corner of the 
    map is a Lord Illoth's Visage.  There is also a crystal to 
         There is a catapult on the south side of the map that 
    can be destroyed to stop its bombardment.
         The town is on the northeast corner of the map.  If 
    you approach from the west, the catapults will get one of 
    their instant kills, so approach from the south.  There is 
    a Death's Guard on a peer on the southern side of town.  Go 
    to the northeastern corner of town where a mage, golem, and 
    crystal await.  The mage tries to poison you.  Kill him and 
    destroy the crystal.
         At this point a guard arrives to tell you a crystal 
    has been found on the northwestern corner of the ring 
    around Morgan's castle.  This crystal is also a golem.  
    Kill it and the castle falls.
    Mission 12 - Morgan's Castle
    Principal Objective: Kill Morgan le Fay
    Required Characters:         Arthur
    Optional Characters:         Choose 3 from Gwenevere, 
    Percival, Merlin, Anguish, Lancelot, Nimue, and Galahad
    Characters found in mission: none
    T 1) Enter the castle and Kill Morgan.
    No time limit.
    Charged Rune
    Shock Arrows 
    Mask of the Lion 
    King's Sheath 
         This mission is on the southwestern quarter of the 
    last map.  It has the same healing stone, but no 
    reinforcements.  The mission starts with some ghosts 
    attacking the base.  Attack them and move on to the castle.
         The castle is in the center of the map.  The entrance 
    is on the southeastern side of the castle.  After defeating 
    some claw ghosts and 4 golems, you enter the first room 
    which has 4 item chest.
         Go clockwise to meet Morgan.  She opens a path on the 
    other side of the first room and teleports there.  
         If you want to get the Black, Red, and Green Knights 
    as playable characters, return to the base now.  Leave all 
    your characters except Arthur at the healing stone.  Take 
    Arthur out the west exit of the base.  You will reach a 
    glowing pad.  Push L3 (push down on the left analog 
    joystick).  Your characters have been converted into the 
    Black, Red, and Green Knights.  However, they took anything 
    they had equipped with them.  Return to the castle.
         Now take the east door.  When you enter the center of 
    the castle Morgan breaks your return path trapping you 
    there.  When you walk to the central dais, Morgan attacks.
         First she teleports around and shots you with 
    lightning and fire.  After you teach her how futile that 
    is, she calls some more ghosts.  You quickly demonstrate 
    how useless that was and she floats out of reach and calls 
    down some meteors.  When she gets tired of the meteors, the 
    pattern repeats.  Morgan is vulnerable to knockback.  Using 
    knockback prevents her from doing most of her attacks.  
    After you finish her off, you get the ending movie.
    Appendix - Item list
    Amulet of Fire.  One of three elemental amulets made by the 
    secretive druids.  +5 Fire Protection.  +9% Chance to avoid 
    burning.  Treasury
    Amulet of Ice.  One of three elemental amulets made by the 
    secretive druids.  +3 Ice Protection.  +8% Chance to avoid 
    freezing.  Treasury
    Amulet of Poison.  One of three elemental amulets made by 
    the secretive druids.  +2 Protection from poison.  +8% 
    Chance to avoid poisoning.  Treasury
    Amulet of Transference.  This artifact was created by the 
    wizard Kas to aid him in his battles.  The amulet transfers 
    damage to stamina.  Mages.  Treasury
    Belt of the Mountain King.  Part of the raiment of King 
    Tristan of Frozen Mountain.  +10% Defense.  +50 Hit points.  
    Swordsman.  Mission 6
    Blessed Arrows.  These superior arrows were consecrated in 
    holy water.  +1 Attack.  +2 Holy Damage.  Gwen only.  
    Mission 4
    Blood Cross.  This cross is said to contain the blood of 
    the messiah.  +1 hit point healed every 1 second.  +3 
    Unholy Protection.  Clerics only.  Mission 7
    Blood Ring.  Life's energy is stored within this magical 
    ring, but it takes time to use.  +2 hit points healed every 
    2 seconds.  Mission 3
    Bone Arrows.  Necromancers offered pieces of their victims 
    to create arrows.  +2 Attack.  +1 Unholy Damage.  Gwen 
    only.  Mission 5
    Bracer of Fire Protection.  Merlin himself made this bracer 
    to protect the wearer from the worst of the flames.  +4 
    Fire Protection.  Treasury
    Bracer of the Double Edge.  An evil relic that uses the 
    blood of the wearer to fuel its power.  +2 Damage to 
    attacker.  -10 Hit points.  Treasury
    Brodun's Belt.  A fine trophy from the slaying of Brodun, 
    the ice giant King.  +1 Defense.  +4 Ice Protection.  
    Swordsman.  Treasury
    Brother Cedric's Faith.  A cross of the devout monk, this 
    cross personifies his adamantine spirit.  +15% Defense.  
    +4% Holy Damage.  Mission 9
    Burning Fist.  Once worn by the Red Knight, this gauntlet 
    holds the power of fire.  +4 Fire damage.  +11% Chance to 
    burn target.  Treasury
    Burning Rune.  A rune to hold a living flame.  +4 Fire 
    Damage.  +7% Chance to burn target.  Mages.  Treasury
    Burning Sash.  The salamander skin lining grants the wearer 
    tolerance to fire.  +5 Fire Protection.  Treasury
    Burning Sheath.  Covers a blade with eldritch flame.  +5 
    Fire damage.  +8% Chance to burn target.  Arthur or 
    Lancelot only.  Treasury
    Celt's Cloth.  The north men have a brutal fighting spirit, 
    captured within this sash.  +2 Attack.  +10% Chance to 
    berserk.  Treasury
    Chains of the Tormented.  Slaves of evil, who are forced to 
    fight, are gifted with extra protection.  +4% Defense.  
    Charged Rune.  Lightning trapped in time.  +5% Lightning 
    damage.  +10% Chance to Electrocute target.  Mages only.  
    Mission 12.
    Circle of Fire.  This was the only surviving item when 
    Ariel the druid case a firestorm on himself when trapped.  
    +5 Fire Protection.  Treasury
    Cleric's Bind.  The sanctified ring of a saint.  Cleric 
    Only.  +100 Stamina.  +10 Unholy Protection.  Reduces 
    experience requirement by 15%.  Mission 10
    Constricting Ring.  A fell ring to aid in rapid learning, 
    but rapid knowledge comes with a price.  +10% Experience.  
    -200 Stamina.  Mission 7
    Cross of Cleansing.  Father Francis studied the treatment 
    of poisons in the church.  +8 Poison Protection.  +25 
    Stamina.  Cleric.  Treasury
    Cross of the True Knight.  This blessed cross channels holy 
    power to the bearer.  +4 Holy Damage.  +10 Unholy 
    Protection.  Clerics and Arthur only.  Mission 5
    Crown of Pain.  A crown to indicate an ancient pact with 
    evil.  +4 Attack.  -10 Unholy Protection.  Treasury
    Crown of the Crusader.  This blessed crown improves the 
    wearer's combat skills.  +1 Attack.  +2% Defense.  +1 Hit 
    point every 1 second.  Mission 1.
    Crown of the Dead.  This crown saps life from the wearer 
    but grants the power of the dead.  +5 Defense.  +3 Unholy 
    damage.  -50 Hit points.  Mission 11
    Crown of the Northern King.  Taken from defeated King 
    Siggeir, this crown confers protection from the frozen 
    north.  +7 Ice Protection.  Treasury
    Crusader's Sheath.  An anointed sheath that grants holy 
    wrath to the sword within.  +3 Holy Damage.  Arthur or 
    Lancelot only.  Mission 5
    Crusher.  A gift from the Elemental Lord of Earth to the 
    Templars.  +7 Attack.  +15% Chance to Smite Target.  
    Mission 8
    Death's Circle.  Unholy strength from the black knight 
    flows within his belt, causing a near-berserker rage.  +1 
    Attack.  -5% Defense.  Mission 1.
    Death's Cross.  Unholy might from the black knight smites 
    the foe at the cost of your body.  +3 Attack.  -45 HP.  
    Lancelot only.  Mission 7
    Death's Face.  Unholy essence lives within this mask, 
    granting strength, but taking away learning.  +2 Attack.  -
    10% Experience.  Treasury
    Death's Guard.  Unholy power from the black knight 
    strengthens the arm, but weakens the mind.  +8 Damage.  -
    100 Stamina.  Mission 11
    Elemental Fire Shard.  This stone was enchanted in sacred 
    fire for a year to hold its flame.  +13 fire damage.  +32% 
    chance to burn target.  Side Mission
    Elemental Poison Shard.  Distilled, hardened and enchanted 
    poison.  +15 Poison damage.  +35% Chance to poison target.  
    Mission 11
    Fire Arrows.  Elven arrows infused with the power of flame.  
    +3 Fire damage.  10% Chance to burn target.  Only Gwen may 
    equip..  Mission 3.
    Fire Ring.  Made to help dwarves who are not hardy enough 
    to stand the blazing head of the fiery mountain.  +10 Fire 
    Protection.  Mission 7
    Fist of Needles.  A trio of sorcerers worked in consort to 
    create gauntlets of trickery and guile.  +3 Poison.  25% 
    Chance to poison target.  Mission 2.
    Frost Sheath.  Covers a sword with a thin layer of ice.  +3 
    Ice Damage.  +9% Chance to Freeze.  Only Arthur or Lancelot 
    may use.  Mission 8 and Treasury
    Frozen Rune.  A magical focus to help mages channel the 
    power of ice.  +2 ice damage.  +5% chance to freeze target.  
    Mage only.  Mission 4
    Gauntlet of the Mountains.  Part of the wartime armor of 
    King Tristan of the frozen mountain.  +4 Attack.  Knocks 
    target back.  Swordsman.  Treasury
    Golden Eye.  Thought to be the eye of King Midas, this 
    artifact finds hidden gold on some enemies.  +25% chance of 
    finding 35% extra gold.  Mission 8
    Grand Crown.  A glorious golden crown suffused with life 
    energy.  +10% Defense.  +20 Hit points.  Mission 7
    Grolic's Frost.  The mighty warrior Grolic was given a ring 
    by the gods.  +4 Ice damage.  +5 Ice protection.  +7% 
    Chance to freeze enemy.  Mission 8
    Hadrin's Experience.  All of the knowledge of King Hadrin 
    the Scholar was put into this ring.  Reduces experience 
    needed for each level by 50%.  Treasury
    Hand of God.  One of the most sacred church relics.  +10% 
    Defense +10 Unholy Protection.  +8 Holy Damage.  Mission 10
    Heavy Belt.  A well-made leather belt, a tanner's pride.  
    +3% Defense.  Treasury
    Heavy Sash.  Long worn by the wizards, the very cloth has 
    absorbed some of their power.  +3% Defense.  +50 Stamina.  
    Hell's Crown.  Forged in the fires of hell itself.  +15% 
    defense.  +5 Unholy protection.  +1 damage to attacker.  
    Side Mission
    Holy Cross.  Carved from wood touched by the savior 
    himself.  +5 Holy Damage.  +9 Unholy Protection.  +2 HP 
    Healed Every 1 Seconds.  Mission 10
    Ice Arrows.  Ancient elven mages imbued prime arrows with 
    icy power.  +4 Ice Damage.  +10% Chance to Freeze.  Only 
    Gwen may equip.  Mission 8
    Icy Wrap.  A sash woven from the tears of the snow queen 
    guards the wearer from frost.  +6 Ice Protection.  Treasury
    Iron Arrows.  Sturdy arrows made by human fletchers.  
    Arrows knock targets back.  Gwen.  Treasury
    King's Sheath.  The sheath carried by Uther Pendragon.  +8 
    Attack.  +2 Hit points healed every second.  Arthur only.  
    Mission 12.
    Lord Illoth's Visage.  Lord Illoth the Bloody murdered 
    hundreds until killed by a mob.  +12% Life stolen from 
    Target.  +15% Chance enemy will flee.  Mission 11
    Loric's Grounding.  Loric, the Alchemist, discovered how to 
    protect himself in a storm.  +7 Lightning Protection.  
    Luck Stone.  Touched by a leprechaun under a full moon on 
    May Day, this stone draws gold to it.  +20% Chance to find 
    50% more gold.  Treasury
    Mask of the Ancient King.  A legend of the royal house of 
    England, this mask was lost for generations.  +2 Attack.  
    +5% Defense.  Mission 3
    Mask of the Demon.  A gruesome mask holding the power of 
    hell.  Knockback Target.  +10% Chance to Smite Target.  
    Mission 6
    Mask of the Lion.  Druids called the brave spirit of the 
    lion and trapped it.  +5 Attack.  +10% Chance to Smite.  
    +10% Chance enemy will flee.  Mission 12.
    Piercing Gaze.  This wicked helm damages anyone striking 
    for the face.  +1 Damage to attacker.  +2 Defense.  Mission 
    Plague Sheath.  Coats a sword with a veneer of poison.  +2 
    poison damage.  +6% chance to poison target.  Only Arthur 
    or Lancelot may use this.  Treasury
    Platemail Gauntlet.  A superior armored glove protects the 
    wearer and packs quite a punch.  +2 Attack.  +1% Defense.  
    Poison Arrows.  A special poison was made by sly thieves.  
    +2 Poison Damage.  +8% Chance to poison target.  Gwen.  
    Poisoned Laurel.  Gold smelted with enchanted poisons, this 
    crown protects from those toxins.  +3 Defense.  +12 Poison 
    Protection.  Treasury
    Poisoned Rune.  Created to protect the faerie hill.  +3 
    Poison damage.  +8% Chance to poison target.  Only Mages 
    may use this.  Mission 11
    Raven's Revenge.  The trickster does not like being 
    attacked and turns some of it back.  +2 Attack.  +1 Damage 
    to attacker.  Treasury
    Ring of Three.  This horrific ring holds the wrath of three 
    forgotten gods.  +3 Attack.  +3 Defense.  Mission 6.
    Royal Cord.  Elegant, yet practical, this guards nobility 
    from attacks.  +12% defense.  Mission 6
    Serpent's Coil.  A ring made with the venom of the deadly 
    asp.  +3 poison damage.  +10% Chance to poison enemy.  
    Mission 9
    Shock Arrows.  Superior arrows harnessing the storm.  +3 
    Lightning damage.  +15% chance to electrocute enemy.  Gwen 
    only.  Mission 12.
    Storm's Defiance.  A hero's rage lives within.  +5 Attack.  
    +3 Lighting Damage.  25% Chance to electrocute enemy.  
    Swordsman.  Treasury
    The Holy Grail.  +2 Hit points healed per second.  +10 Holy 
    damage.  +40 Unholy Protection.  Only Galahad may use.  
    Mission 10
    The Plague.  A deadly mask from the Green Knight.  +2 
    Poison damage.  +8% Chance to poison target.  +6 Poison 
    protection.  Treasury
    The Tithing Cross.  This blessed cross inspires those 
    within its aura to give of themselves.  75% Chance to find 
    +110% gold.  Cleric.  Treasury
    Thorn Fist.  These deadly gloves were made to damage 
    enemies while they attack.  +2 Attack.  +3 Damage to 
    attacker.  Treasury
    Ulik's Fist.  Ulik, Tristans champion, was renowned for his 
    strength; his gauntlet holds some of that great might.  +2 
    Attack.  Treasury.
    Wolf Clan's Pride.  The Wolf Clan Shaman created this mask 
    to channel a wolven spirit.  +25 Hit points.  +100 stamina.  
    +15% Chance to Berserk.  Mission 9
    Wounding Rune.  A rune to strengthen defenders of the elven 
    lands.  +3 Attack.  +10% Chance to block.  Mages.  Treasury

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