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    FAQ/Walkthrough by VmprHntrD

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/25/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Legion: The Legend of Excalibur
    A comprehensive FAQ, Walkthrough, and more.
    Developer: 7 Studios
    Publisher: Midway Home Entertainment
    Console Platform: Sony PlayStation 2
    Players: Single Player
    Genre: Mixed (Action/RPG/Strategy)
    Writer: VmprHntrD
    Email: kishi_no_gekkou@yahoo.com
    Updated: Aug 25th, 2002
    Version: 1.0
    Dedicated to...Kristy.
    That special someone in my life who means more to me than life itself.  You
    can always make the worst of days the best with nothing more than being
    yourself and sharing your loving presence.  To us, 'From This Moment On.'
    - Opening Thoughts, and the Title
    - Game Structure
    - Basic Strategy
    - Characters and Classes
    - Walkthrough (Including Item Locations)
    - Items and Locations
    - Easter Eggs and Amazing Bugs
    - Removed Items and Gameshark Codes to Unlock
    [Opening Thoughts, and the Title...]__________________________________________
    Now I know for many Legion: the Legend of Excalibur is a game that will likely
    get mocked and passed up maybe well into the bargain bin.  For those who hate
    it so, you would wonder why I'd bother right?  I worked on an aspect of this
    title for a portion of a year and through that I have great understanding of
    all it's workings and design.  I had seen many questions arise at the GameFAQs
    board for Legion and only saw a solitary guide so far with some less than
    stellar suggestions for conquering the missions.  With this in mind I decided
    I would give it a go and write up a definitive guide on how to tackle each of
    the missions with the greatest efficiency, with the quickest times, and the
    least likelihood of ever dying in combat.  Therefore, I present to you around
    a half year of handling this game rubbing off on me in the form of this guide
    so you too can survive Legion with ease.
    From the title screen you are presented with the options of:
    - Starting a new game
    - Loading a previous game*
    - The options screen which also houses a nice set of DVD extra movies.
    * If you finish the game it will attempt a save, if you allow it to and you
      try to reload the game later, it will just start a new one and all your
      stuff and progress to the end will be LOST!
    [Game Structure]______________________________________________________________
    Legion: The Legend of Excalibur was designed with 13 total missions in mind,
    yet one is optional (but HIGHLY recommended to do.)  The game is built along
    the old premise of try hard and be rewarded, don't try hard enough and do it
    all over again as it only saves when a mission is complete.  This in turn can
    be very aggravating to some, and to others a reward or triumph of overcoming
    a challenge.  While each mission gives you a list of primary and secondary
    objectives to do, more often than not all of them need to be done or the level
    will not end due to that, or your own (or a character in your parties) death.
    This game is designed to be party based, but for the experienced, daring, or
    perhaps stupid...it could be done entirely alone with Arthur with some real
    time consuming patience.  Up to eight characters will be yours to command by
    the end of the game and each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
    Depending on your own play style you will have to discover on your own what
    works best for you, and also what works best with the right equipment you find
    or buy as well.  As you play you will have the ability at times to choose up
    to three companions to help in your quest to defeat Morgan le Fay.
    [Basic Strategy]______________________________________________________________
    Basic strategy is needed once you have a character or more in your party with
    you and that comes into play using the L and R buttons sparingly in combat, or
    even outside it as well.  The player will need to learn when to instruct a
    member to attack a target (strongest, range, and magic user), when to guard a
    location, or flee combat (runs if someone gets close for a bit, sounds lame I
    know...it is.)  Learning when and where to place an ally, and what order to
    issue adds some depth to this game and can help make a battle much harder or
    easier as well.  Keep in mind never to rely on the AI to assist you much with
    your own characters, tab to them whenever you feel it is necessary and then go
    back to who you were (likely Arthur) as it's safer.  While certain AI is smart
    enough to snipe from good range or heal you when your life is down by around
    1/3, the rest can stick to a wall and act dumber than a brick.*  The AI though
    can be smart in some cases, my favorite being that you can choose to have
    someone not guard a location, but a person which will have them tag along and
    defend you pretty well.  All in all the AI isn't bad, it's just a mixed bag,
    but once you see where the brains lie and don't, you'll appreciate it a bit
    better.  Further on the concept of strategy in this game it is key to remember
    there's not as much depth as you may be lead to believe.  Basically you can
    all out attack, hit and fade, hit and defend with a shield, hack and heal (or
    be auto-healed making you damn near invincible with a high level magic level),
    hit through the combo cycle, use special attacks, or pigeon-hole and just
    level up to an insane level making the game a breeze.
    * Keep in mind any commands issued to the character will be canceled out once
      you tab to them for use, so when and if you switch back to another character
      you must reissue the command or they will just stupidly stand in place.
    Tactically speaking though, another major consideration in this game is that
    of the items you can acquire throughout the game.  The easiest and smartest
    answer is to horde the best stuff for Arthur, and then spread out the rest
    among your party.  Be warned though, anything equipped stays equipped so you
    lose the use of an item if you chose another character for the following
    mission.  So if you want the freedom of choice on what gear you can and can't
    use, remember to just remove it from them before the mission ends.  Some items
    you will find will be more appropriate used on some people than others.  A
    stupid choice would be to equip Percival with the Mask of the Demon King.
    This mask gives the user a knockback strike, but Percival's already oversized
    hammer does a knockback just by beating on someone.  But in reverse of that
    certain gear can really assure victory such as arming Arthur with the Crusher
    which allows a +7 to his already decently higher attack and a 15% chance to
    smite which is triple damage.  By the time you get this item, you could easily
    in a rhythm attack do triple digit damage with this item alone!  Items alone
    can also really insure a better defense and offense for a character so check
    and see what they're strong and weak against, and then plan accordingly for a
    battle ahead as it will help out a bit.
    [Basic Controls]______________________________________________________________
    This section refers to the 'Default' control scheme, check the game for the
    Battle and Strategy control schemes, but the default is best by far.
    X Button - Standard and Combo Attack:
    If you are smart in handling this game or just daring you'll find fast that
    one button, and one button alone is your only key to victory... the X Button
    which is used for your attack, and combo attack with the use of a little
    timing.  The key to the combo attack is the flash you learn about from 'Bors'
    in the first mission, but don't rely on his advice alone.  While it is right
    to look for the flash, you need to really get a general feel for it as the
    timing differs with all of the characters (except for Gwen who has none.)
    Square Button - Strong Attack:
    The strong attack is used for cases such as when you are surrounded by enemies
    as it does considerably more damage and also performs a knockback strike.  The
    one downside to the attack is that it drains a good chunk of your stamina bar.
    If your character is a magic user though it will perform your selected attack.
    X Button + Square Button - Special Attack:
    This special attack varies between all the different heroes.  Each various
    attack does considerable damage, but more noticeably just earlier in the game.
    These attacks like the strong attack will do considerable damage, but they
    take a moment to charge up in which your character is highly vulnerable.  A
    special case with the special attacks is Arthur in that his fire dragon will
    set fire to anything that is combustible in the game. This skill will severely
    deplete the stamina gauge for your character so use it wisely.
    Triangle button + D-Pad (Spell Casters Only):
    When pressed and held it brings up a choice of four spells for any of the
    magic casters in the game, and in conjunction using the D-Pad will select the
    spell of your choice.  Following up with the use of the Square Button
    mentioned above will then cast this spell.  Some spells though can be
    targeted and holding square will lay down an arrow for you to target an
    enemy, letting it go will then attack.
    Circle Button - Shielding:
    This is used to shield damage for any character, though depending on which
    they may just defend using a shield, staff, or their bow (Gwen.)  Damage tends
    to be greatly minimized, but you will still take a bit of damage.
    Those are the basic controls in order to combat your way through the game.
    Aside from this the L and R Buttons as stated previously are used to select a
    player to control or give a character a command to be issued such as a various
    attacking method, guarding, or fleeing the scene when it is most necessary to
    prevent their death or your own.
    [Characters and Classes]______________________________________________________
    Within Legion there are four classes of warrior to be found.  These classes
    are: Swordsman, Archer, Mage, and Cleric.  Each one has it's own strengths and
    weaknesses, but as a group it can make for a very powerful alliance, but at
    times when alone things can get insanely difficult for you so be aware.
    Swordsman - Arthur, Lancelot, and Anguish (though he uses an axe, go figure.)
    This class is designed for strength, moderate defense, and endurance.
    Lancelot and Anguish pack some pretty decent hitpoints, but their defense is
    only moderate.  They can endure a decent beating, but eventually if left alone
    can easily perish by AI control, and can be a challenge for a player as well.
    Arthur though, he stands alone in this category, a sub-slot as he has the best
    hitpoint, attack (by far), and defense values and can endure a great beating
    especially in the middle and surely later levels.
    Found in:
    Arthur - Starting character
    Lancelot - Camelot Siege, not playable until Fire Knight Mine
    Anguish - Fire Knight Mine, joins you if you save the dwarves in Fire Knight
    Archer - Gwen.  This class is build for distance fighting exclusively and thus
    has lower hitpoints, bad defense, low endurance, and a low attack power as
    well. Using even special items to boost up an archer doesn't help that
    tremendously and I suggest using a life restoring item on her once you get it
    (blood ring in Ambush for instance) or keeping her alive will be a challenge
    and a chore without a Cleric.
    Found in:
    Gwen - Castle Leo, not playable until Ambush
    Mage - Merlin and Nimue.  This class, much like the Archer is not build with
    much durability in mind.  Hand to hand strength, hitpoints and general
    endurance is lower, but there are bonuses.  As these are wizards they do have
    much more exceptional defense to magics and their magic attacks, especially at
    level 3 are quite fatal when used intelligently (not aimlessly blasting
    anything that moves with rapid button tapping.)  Like the Archer it is best to
    use one, or even both in the party, but only as a distance fighter as much as
    Found in:
    Merlin - First stage, not playable until Fire Knight Mine
    Nimue - Camelot Defense, not playable until Grail Maiden Stronghold
    Clerics - Percival and Galahad.  This class is a very special class which is a
    melding of a warrior and a healer in one.  These characters sport a higher hit
    point rating, a good defense with reasonable endurance, but they can't hit as
    hard as a swordsman with attacks.  As this class also has magical ability they
    can greatly aide your party in various ways.  While both have the ability to
    heal lost hitpoints they also have a general dome spell that can for any party
    member inside it boost their attack and defense points.  Exclusively though,
    Percival has an damage dome for the enemies, and Galahad has a holy light
    attack that can project to a target and eventually chain between many.
    Found in:
    Percival - Infestation, not playable until Avalon
    Galahad - Grail Maiden Stronghold
    Aside from being a basic guide for the game, also included in this section you
    will learn what items are to be found and my tried and true strategies for an
    easier run through the game to minimize your chances at death, and maximize
    your effectiveness.  I will not be listing the obvious like the objectives for
    the mission as they are easily accessible via your map screen within the game.
    Items will be capitalized in the walkthrough so you can find them easier in
    the guide so you don't miss out on them in the missions ahead.
    NOTE: My guide assumes my character preference over months of dabbling with
    the game.  Keep Gwen, Percival, and eventually Galahad in your party as they
    are by far the most effective in making it easier, and keeping you alive.
    Mission 1
    The Sword - Excalibur...
    Items to be found:
    Crown of the Crusader
    Death's Circle
    The game opens up with Arthur asleep in his tent and Sir Kay approaching to
    harass him for doing so.  Once Kay is done insulting Arthur head northeast to
    practice with Bors on how to fight with the sword.  Once completed, head south
    to the campfire and stand on the left side just below the guy sitting on the
    log.  A cutscene will trigger, and following it you will leave your tent again
    and be queued to go claim Excalibur to the east, do so.  Once Arthur has
    obtained the sword and some nice armor along with it take of anyone who gets
    in your way and head southeast across the bridge.  At the end of the path you
    will find the CROWN OF THE CRUSADER.  My suggestion for this entire leg of the
    map and for the entire stage up until the final battle, rhythm attack every
    character to death so you can get your levels up as soon as possible.
    Upon returning to base camp, head west and assist your friend with the fight
    he is in.  Once saved you'll be informed where the knights have fallen back to
    so take the path and head west, then north to a church.  Kill all three of the
    skeleton knights and then get healed by the priest.  Head south from the
    priest to a tomb, here you can fight one more skeleton and claim DEATH'S
    CIRCLE.  Now leave the church grounds and continue along the path north, then
    east until you find a few knights in combat passed some ruins.  Go through the
    top opening and flank the fight as minor backup will appear just after you run
    in.  Once dead, grab the gold bag in the area, and then head east over the
    bridge.  Stay back, and remain on the bridge and let the enemy come to you so
    you do not get surrounded.  Eventually once they have fallen a blademaster
    will then appear to try and stop you, he's an easy kill with all the help you
    should still have at your disposal...and that ends mission one.
    Mission 2
    Castle Leo - The Princess Gwenevere
    Items to be found:
    Fist of Needles
    This mission opens up in the southern regions of Leo D'Grance's territories
    outside of town.  Moving north you will approach an intersection that goes up
    and left or right.  The right side you can burn down or run across to take out
    two bothersome archers if you wish.  The left side is a stone bridge that sets
    off a cutscene for the opening objective of the game, burning down a bridge to
    stop the advancement of Morgan's flanking troops, but let's not get that far
    ahead yet as I have a special tip on leveling up for you here.
    Double back and go across the bridge and get the blademasters to follow you.
    Go back over the bridge with them in pursuit, then double back on its right
    side and wedge yourself between the bridge railing and the shoreline.  As the
    blademasters approach you will find they can never lay a hand on you, but you
    can slowly hurt them.  Given about 30+ minutes of work you can raise Arthur to
    around levels 5 to 7.  At this level you can easily crush this level, and make
    the following two easier as well.  The only thing you lose here is a two AI
    character backup that's quite useless.
    Now back to the guide.  Going north you can choose to take the highroad or the
    low road, either is fine, but the low road you will need to approach to burn
    down the bridge to stop the advancement of Morgan’s troops or you will fail
    the mission in about 5-10minutes time as the castle WILL GET FLANKED.  Also
    keep your eye out for a gold bag next to the tree on the left side of the
    bridge.  Heading eastward eventually you come across a lower class peasantry
    housing area.  Following the path until you come to a bend in the road if you
    go to the house there which has a tree just below it, and another house to its
    right if you burn it down you will get the FIST OF NEEDLES.  The other house
    there makes it easy to know what I speak of as a maiden runs out as it's set
    fire by two troops, so kill them and save her for fun.
    Afterwards again, head more to the east crossing a bridge and entering the
    main town which leads to the castle.  Your objective here is to make it to the
    church in the east, but it won't be that easy.  As you enter town you will see
    an ally run out of a home with a blademaster in pursuit who will now advance
    on you.  Use hit and fade tactics with this guy because he will lower your HP
    quite quickly.  Once he's dead, go for the church and take out anyone in your
    way in a straight line to there.  At the church you will need to kill two more
    blademasters, one will advance on you, the other on the priest.  Ignore the
    one after the priest as he will never die, but you will, so kill that one,
    then the other, and your AI backup will help slightly.  From this point on you
    can now get your life refilled.  There are now two things you can do from this
    point, help the priest find his daughter, or backtrack and head north through
    the main gate (which I prefer doing.)  If you choose to be helpful, she is
    found in the southwest part of town by the water, if you go directly south,
    then west you can find her, and a bag of gold by some crates.  Once she is
    found the priest will lead you to a side entrance to the castle grounds, but
    first you will have to kill a few skeleton knights in the way which is easy
    enough with the priest to refill your life, and you can get a pair of small
    change gold bags here too in a dug out grave.
    Now at this point I personally would kill them for the experience, but still
    head back to the main gate and go north.  Here you will find some troops
    trying to escape the barracks, but being slaughtered by ground forces and a 
    pair of archers so kill them and get a large pile of allies to assist you.
    Now head north up the stairs and into the main courtyard that branches into
    three paths.  From here head east and take out a pod of troops to free some
    archers from captivity, and they will inform you of the Princess Gwenevere
    being held in the west, so go that way, take out two blademasters and get
    (after this stage is over) a new ally.  With her heading northward, follow
    her to the back wall.  My advice is to get this over with fast to be on the
    safe side, and to do this, head to the far eastern siege tower.  Going down
    this you'll find three blademasters, a sorceress, and some other general
    lackeys.  Just go for the group of four as they're the siege captains and once
    they die, the level ends.
    Mission 3
    Ambush - The Attack of the Bandits
    Items to be found:
    Blood Ring
    Mask of the Ancient King
    Piercing Gaze
    Fire Arrows
    This level starts out now with your first shot at commanding a party, you and
    Gwen up against a set of three wimpy bandits that are an easy kill.  Once
    they die, you'll be pushed to the west to help the town as it is being raided
    by bandits.  Inside town, tell Gwen to attack strongest, and just go and kill
    people as fast as you can.  The key here is to not let more than 1/2 the 
    population during the level die, and to save the church so you have a healing
    refill point.  Once you have stopped the raid, you'll be rewarded with an
    unending supply of reinforcements which come in groups of two swordsmen and
    two archers for your party, and when they are bound to you and Gwen, another
    set come to guard the town and so on.  At this point time to do something a
    bit demeaning for a king, heard some sheep (4) to the pen in the south for
    the shepherd, your reward is the BLOOD RING.  Immediately equip this on Gwen
    as she has low HP and it refills 2HP per 2seconds which helps a lot.
    Now head out of town next to the church, and head as far as you can east
    until you come across a chest in a small clearly near a river because this
    will reward you with the PIERCING GAZE.  It gives +2 Defense, but it deals you
    one point of damage as well for doing so, so don't arm anyone with it at this
    time (or likely ever.)  From here backtrack a bit and head east through the
    forest until you eventually come across a low wide river with some reeds that
    stick out of it as you can cross here.  At this point just to the north you
    will come across some tents and a bit of decent resistance in the form of a
    few foot soldiers and some nasty archers, so get them fast with a rush so you
    lose the least amount of life as possible.  A bit northeast of the tents you
    approach you will find a chest and inside this is the FIRE ARROWS, and these
    are only for Gwen and give a chance at setting an enemy on fire when their
    life is very low (fun watching em roast.)  From this point just go directly
    east and you will approach another chest, and the Bandit King near a text
    and a campfire.  When you obtain the chest you'll get the MASK OF THE ANCIENT
    KING which is excellent for Gwen as it will boost her measly attack power a
    bit and give a nice 5% defense boost for her.
    Keep in mind if you hear a church bell ring during this battle or before hand
    you most likely will need to run back to town and kill some bandits before you
    fail for too many civilian casualties.  The only time I'd ignore this is if
    you feel confident that you've damaged the boss enough you can kill him fast
    enough before they do enough damage in town.
    Now to deal with that larger than life Bandit King with the annoying trite
    squeaky voice.  He's fairly easy if you keep two things in mind.  Never stand
    too far away so he can't get off his large fireball attack as it does quite a
    bit of damage.  And also have Gwen and her backup archers take out his bandit
    backup so you can focus on the fight.  With that said, rush the Bandit King
    and start rhythm attacking away only as he can just move away from the Dragon
    Attack fairly easily.  Keep chasing him down as he'll try and run so he can
    do his fireball spells and eventually he will take enough damage and die.
    Now that's all there is to this one, but as a piece of advice here, hit up the
    Treasury when you're back to the map screen and by Arthur the Chains of the
    Tormented as that extra 4% defense boost will be welcome in the next stage.
    Mission 4
    Infestation - The Barbarian Raids
    Items to be found:
    Blessed Arrows
    Frozen Rune
    Welcome to Illchester and to a very linear and usually pretty easy until the
    boss mission in the game.  This mission opens up with four barbarians that
    raid into the walled village, so kill them and learn that a farmers family is
    outside the gates which need rescuing.  Before leaving out of the eastern gate
    of this town you have a choice to make.  The game will try and talk you into
    leaving Gwen and her support team within the town for defense.  If you feel
    more safe leaving them behind go ahead, but as for my advice, take them along
    and make getting to the farmer's family even easier.  By the time you rescue
    who needs to be and return to town the gates should still be standing.  Before
    leaving town though talk to the priest, from then on at any time you can come
    back for a full life restore for your party.
    Now leaving town the path to the first objective lies to the east next to a
    windmill.  You will meet up with a barbarian here, kill him, and before going
    north head to the right side of the windmill to collect the BLESSED ARROWS
    which I suggest equipping Gwen with right away as they add +1 to her attack.
    Going north you'll go along a snake like path in the woods and come across a
    few barbarians in your way, make sure the farmer does NOT die.  This is why it
    is helpful to have the archers as they can range the barbarians and do some
    damage before you have to get in close.  At the top of the hill you'll cross
    a wooden bridge and head east until you find a body, the farmer's wife is
    dead.  All of a sudden there are screams of his daughter being chased by a
    barbarian, kill him.  Now backtrack down to town, you will have to kill a few
    more barbarians.  Once you are inside moments later the western gate will fall
    to a catapult attack.  Quickly run Arthur down to the Mayor and let him know
    the farmer and daughter are safe, and the farmer will thank you and let you
    the assistance of his sons.  A note, these kids are dumb, but they have really
    high hit points and will deal some good damage even to the boss.  Right about
    now the gate will fall and a pack of barbarians will enter town so kill them
    fast before they kill the Mayor as that ends the level, and before they burn
    all the homes to the ground.  It really doesn't matter where you stand because
    you can not fight them all alone, but they are slow and stupid so there is not
    much to worry about unless you stand around and watch them attack.  Outside
    the gate is a catapult and a few more barbarians, wipe them all out.
    Now follow the path again this time into the western woods.  The barbarian
    resistance for a bit will be very light that is until you come across another
    bridge with a campfire near it.  One barbarian will rush you, another will go
    for backup.  You can either ignore the runner or not, but if you go after him
    and can kill him you'll have a few less barbarians to deal with, but it's not
    that easy as he stupidly will keep running and not stop to defend himself.
    Either way, from this point just north of that upper bridge by the fire you
    have another option.  There is a path though the grove there, and this path
    serves two purposes.  One, at the very end it places you just over the area
    where you fight the boss, and it makes killing him quite a bit easier, and
    two, you get the FROZEN RUNE here as well in a chest.  My advice is to split
    the party and take Gwen alone with her backup (if it lives still) across that
    path killing a total of two barbarians who throw spears.  Place Gwen in the
    spot above the boss battle area and set her to guard as she will guard that
    spot and attack the boss to come from up there (and it stops him from also
    teleporting up top to cheaply damage Arthur and company.)
    Now take the rest of your party and move west though the hills, around the top
    of a small ridge you will get assaulted by around a half dozen barbarians who
    like to surround and splatter your characters.  This is the last of the main
    resistance until the boss.  Once they're dead head south and west until you
    come across the boss, the Orc Shaman.  Now this guy is a real treasure as he
    has some nasty magic attacks, and he can call for skeleton warrior backup in
    groups of four, oh and did I forget to mention he likes to teleport too.  The
    best way to handle this is have Gwen who you placed up top still guard her
    position as she'll try and hit him, or set her to attack strongest as that
    will work too (but she might try and stupidly run around to the lower grounds)
    where you are.  Now have Arthur with the sword alone (no Dragon Attack) start
    hacking away at the Orc Shaman.  Keep an eye out for his poison magic spell
    though as it's a high level attack that can chain between any nearby people so
    he could easily bounce it between Arthur and your AI buddies killing them and
    likely dealing a great deal of harm to Arthur too.  At times the Shaman will
    call forth some skeletons, these I'd attack a couple of but leave the rest to
    the AI character so you can focus on the Orc Shaman.  Keep this up, and soon
    enough he will die.  If you ever do need to run for it and restore yourself by
    all means do, but keep in mind, he will slowly follow you all the way back to
    town.  This is kind of funny though as you can fight him in town, get healed
    to have unlimited life, and making him so stupidly easy it isn't even funny.
    As the stage ends in comes Percival, and your next objective, visiting the
    Isle of Avalon.
    Mission 5
    Avalon - The Battle at Avalon
    Items to be found:
    Cross of the True Knight
    Crusader's Sheath
    Bone Arrows
    Arriving at the shores of Avalon while you are given a direction to go in I
    highly suggest ignoring it for the moment.  If you did or did not follow my
    leveling up trick in Castle Leo as you are now your life, and the life of your
    partners is a bit low for the fight ahead.  Fortunately though you do have
    finally a healer in your party, Percival.  When you get a 1/3 of your life off
    he will try and heal you, though keep in mind it maybe best to select that
    spell on your own, target who needs it and heal away.  And to heal Percival,
    just aim the arrow on no one and fire away, that's all you need to do.  As I
    was saying you need to really level up in this stage to survive so it is key
    to kill anything undead and moving throughout the entire stage, also by doing
    this you will find many large value treasure chests to use the cash in the
    treasury.  First I suggest heading south to a circular area and taking out
    the undead here, then sweep eastward to a bit of a challenge.  The initial
    attack here will be a few zombies and skeletons, but once they are dead you
    will have to deal with a strong zombie knight.  Here's where you can get to
    doing some serious leveling up, and again just to the north, and once more
    again a bit down the line.  As long as this knight lives, the lesser enemies
    will endlessly respawn.  By using this you can keep killing stuff and raising
    your levels, and not fear dying so much as Percival can heal you, though you
    may have to back off to do so.  Once you've had your fun here and killed the
    zombie knight you can get up to four ghostly helpers from the tombs, and if
    they die you can get more later from other tombs.  Now just head slightly
    north and do the same fight again with another zombie priest.
    When you've gotten tired of doing this then follow the arrow to your first
    objective.  You will on the way go up a path and end up talking to a fairly
    happy (as we liked to poke at him at work) 'Disney' sounding ghost who will
    inform you of three churches needing purification.  As soon as you pass this
    by a group of skeletons will attack, so finish them and go to the church.  My
    advice here is to take Arthur and quickly rush the Zombie Knight and finish
    him in any of the three churches as quickly as possible.  Once he's dead,
    Percival will step forward and sanctify the church in a latin chant.  Before
    leaving, collect the chest near the pew in the church for the CROSS OF THE
    TRUE KNIGHT which I suggest lending to Percival.  Now again immediately follow
    the arrow to the next church and do the same as before as the battle is the
    same.  Now grab this churches chest which holds the CRUSADER'S SHEATH and have
    Arthur equip it as it does holy damage to the undead.
    Now head away from that church and go north to a fork in the road where you
    can go west to what looks like a giant blast area or eastward to a gate.  I'd
    go into the blast area as this is the last area with tombs for more ghostly
    assistance, and because you can kill a lot of zombies until you choose to kill
    the zombie knight for more experience leveling up.  Finally when you go east
    you will talk with Sir Andrew, and he will let you know you need to purify the
    three churches to unlock the unholy magic sealing the way to Uther's tomb and
    the Black Knight.  A new arrow will have appeared, so march northward and
    follow the path west and to the south to the final church.  This one is not
    quite like the last as there are three necromancers who like to set fire to
    things such as yourself.  I suggest having a go at them first and leaving the
    AI partners to do their thing, then finish off the zombie knight last so you
    can claim your prize here, the BONE ARROWS.
    Now (yawn) backtrack all the way to the formerly sealed gate as it's time to
    play with the Black Knight and friends.  This battle sucks and it's not that
    much fun, oh and you can still die fairly easy.  My advice to not going to an
    early grave is pretty simple.  Take Percival and place him way back down by
    the opened gate to the area and have him guard location!  Now, have Gwen
    attack whoever, and have Arthur start off by ignoring the Black Knight and
    taking out the zombie knights.  The reason for this is that the Black Knight
    has a nasty habit of teleporting if you do more than around 100 points of
    damage, but if you kill the zombie knights he has less power to draw from and
    can not teleport as often.  With his backup out of the way it also greatly
    lowers the amount of grunts to deal with as well as you fight, but generally
    you should ignore them and have Gwen attack those guys on her own (the AI will
    just do it.)  The only thing I'd keep a heads up on now with the Black Knight
    is his nasty lightning shower attack as it can kill in a hit or two if you
    take the entire brunt of that blast.  At any time either character gets weak
    take both of them and run for Percival as he can heal them up and you can
    return a good distance back before they can catch up to you as the undead
    appear to be a lot slower than the living. :)  Eventually the big pain will
    die, you'll get thanks from your father which is about as unemotional and dry
    as it gets as neither seems to care, and the stage will end.
    Mission 6
    Camelot Siege - Trials of the Ancient Kings
    Items to be found:
    Belt of the Mountain King
    Royal Cord
    Ring of Three
    Mask of the Demon
    NOTE: This is the first stage on the map screen where you can have a character
    be recruited for a mission, and that is Percival.  I don't just suggest, but
    dare I demand you bring him along.  The trials here are hard and will lower
    your life quickly, he is essential to not dying with his life spell.
    Welcome to Camelot, or at least what's left of it.  Upon entering the grounds
    you will have to fight a battle of the bloated egos with Arthur vs Lancelot.
    Lancelot will just go through the motions of a rhythm attack or single swipes.
    As he is damaged, eventually he'll back off the bridge and start attacking
    again until his life is down around 1/3 of full.  Just use your rhythm attack
    and a Dragon Attack if you like to whittle him down as fast as possible.  At
    this point eventually Gwen will step in with a stupid threat (as if she could
    actually harm either of them) and Percival will apologuise and lead you to the
    first trial.  The first trial is the trial of hate in which you'll have to
    fight a hot tempered ghost with some very nasty spells.  Key to success in
    this is keeping your eyes open for openings and mainly to park your party
    members outside the gates to the east so they don't get involved or you will
    be screwed.  The key to killing this boss is to only attack him when he is
    not surrounded in flames.  When he is 'calm' you can do around 120HP of damage
    on him.  When he rages (gets on fire) he will run about and do a slow moving,
    high damage, ground attack you can easily avoid.  Never attack him during this
    period as there are two consequences.  One he heals, and more than you do to
    damage him, and two, he has a near full screen sized high damage multi-hit
    dome attack you almost never escape.  Just take your time and whittle him down
    so you can collect your reward, the BELT OF THE MOUNTAIN KING.  Arm Arthur
    with this, and then have Percival heal any wounds you may have.
    Now following Lancelot, he will take you south to the second trial, the trial
    of cowardice.  This ghostly king died as he refused to ever fight his own
    battles, and in this battle you'll need to force him to, and make him lose.
    It is best to have Gwen and Percival set to guard Arthur and just outright
    pursue this coward archer everywhere.  You will take a bit of damage, so if
    there are any backup skeleton archers in the way, hit them with a strong
    attack or dragon attack as they'll all go down as they have next to no hit
    points at all.  The only problem with this fight is annoyance value as the
    king will teleport, sometimes excessively if you're unlucky, and if you don't
    attack for a long period of time, he will slowly refill his health.  Once this
    one dies you will be rewarded with the ROYAL CORD.  Equip Gwen with this as
    never worry about her having a bad defense rating again, and then again
    follow Lancelot to the next trial.
    As you go back north and then west through the opened gate, first head just
    south of the gate to find a chest in the bushes, this holds the RING OF THREE.
    This boosts defense and attack by +3, and I suggest placing it on Percival.
    Once you reach the site, you'll be shocked by two events, no king, and Gwen
    gets teleported away.  Run all the way to the west, and you will find Gwen, or
    is she, as a second on appears.  One is the King of Deceit, the other is real,
    and since this is a guide time to spoil the lame trick, the Gwen next to you
    is a fake.  She will start to shoot the real Gwen, but if you hit her first
    then she stupidly attack you.  So much for trying not to blow your cover, nice
    one genius. ;)  Once you hit the fake a few times, then a really nasty battle
    will begin.  Around the fountain you just passed will be six ghosts, and only
    one is the real King.  The problem here is he likes to pick on Gwen, and if
    she dies, it's time to start over, but he won't every time.  If he decides to
    hammer on her, run her far far away and behind a tree so his holy light attack
    does not hit her.  If she is not picked on, have both Gwen and Percival set
    to attack strongest.  This dirty little trick will have the two of them only
    attack the real king so you will never have to try and figure out who he is on
    your own, nice eh?  Once he's done for you will have earned the MASK OF THE
    DEMON.  I suggest maybe equipping Arthur if you don't want the slow recharge
    and light boosts off the Crown of the Crusader, otherwise don't bother giving
    it to anyone as Gwen has a helpful mask on, and Percival's large hammer
    already has a knockback effect.
    And now onto the final trial north of your present location, the trial of
    greed.  This greedy wretch is not hard to kill, and you can even exploit this
    battle if you're cautious to make some serious cash, but I don't advise it
    unless you're feeling really lucky.  Key to this battle is to avoid the gold
    piles and just sword attacking the king.  The less gold you pick up, the less
    attacking and damage you will receive.  Take Arthur and him alone to the fight
    and leave the other two up by the gate to be safe.  If you choose to get a bit
    greedy here's the consequences.  Instead of level one minor attacks they will
    be ramped up to level two and three attacks which can be extremely fatal.  And
    if to not make matters worse, depending on the value of the gold you pick up
    that much life is restored to the king!  If you get a 500gold pile, he will
    get +500HP in return for your greed, so do be careful.  Just attack this king
    with basic sword rhythm attacks and avoid the gold as much as possible and the
    battle will be over quickly, and the restored Camelot is yours to call home.
    Mission 7
    Camelot Defense - The Siege of Camelot
    Items to be found:
    Blood Cross
    Death's Cross
    Fire Ring
    Constricting Ring
    Grand Crown
    Try as they may to have a party, Morgan won't allow it as she just sicked one
    of her lieutenants on you with a multi-wave siege on Camelot.  It's now time
    to push the enemy back so you can finally work to being on the offensive for
    once.  To bring the attack to the enemy north of your starting location are
    two areas, to the east is a healing spot, and to the west is a set of three
    teleporters which will open one at a time.  As you battle in this level you
    will find that Merlin tries to speed you up as if there is a time limit, but I
    can assure you there is not, so relax and explore for items.  Following that
    first teleporter you will have some enemies come at you and a few knights join
    you in combat.  You will be prompted to help out some knights in various areas
    and to take out some catapults, so do it.  But also keep in mind that south
    east of the teleporter is the BLOOD CROSS which can be used by Percival for
    life regeneration, so equip that when you can.  Going farther east you will
    eventually come across some fleeing knights and a challenge from a cowardly
    blowhard blademaster with two healer sorceresses for backup.  This fight can
    be a real pain, key to it is chasing down the sorceresses one at a time, and
    trapping them against the shore or an object and hacking her to death, but
    keeping tabs on the blademaster and the other healer so she can not be ever
    restored.  Once those two healers are dead the blademaster is an extremely
    easy kill with your levels so finish the job and prepare for wave two.
    During the second wave you now have control over Percival and Gwen in battle,
    so equip Percival with that Blood Cross now as it helps.  Again like in the
    last wave you'll be pushed around to various areas of the ground to fight off
    some troops and take out more catapults which isn't difficult at all.  To the
    northeast of this entry point to combat you can find DEATH'S CROSS which I do
    suggest not using due to it's reduction in stats.  In the area of this cross
    is also the final battle for this area, a pair of annoying giants and a few
    left over ground troops.  Focus on wiping out the little guys first, then just
    pound on the giants with your weapons as that's the quickest way to kill them.
    Now for the final wave of this level which once you teleport consists of a
    handful of soldiers and a necromancer.  Before dispatching them, for ease of
    item collection go southeast of them to collect the FIRE RING, equip it or not
    it won't help that much so it's up to you.  Now once these remaining troops
    are dead the fun begins, a one on one fight with the Red Knight, and he's very
    Something to keep in mind here for this fight is that I suggest you keep an
    eye out for his large fireball attack.  There is a bug in the game in which
    you can die at times from a single hit from that ball of flame no matter how
    high your levels and HP are, there's your only warning. :)  Sucks doesn't it?
    With that said the battle with this guy otherwise isn't that bad.  To start
    out you need to run to the western gate which is stuck and sucker that chump
    into burning it down for you.  Once you're into the courtyards inside of
    Camelot my advice is to stay just a few steps ahead of him out of range of the
    fire shield, but not too far so he doesn't do that damned fireball attack.  He
    only does the large one if you get a bit of a distance away so keep that in
    mind.  Once you pass into this area, a new character, Nimue, one of the clan
    of the Lady of the Lake, will assist you using a rain spell to short out his
    fire shield.  When she does this you can attack him for awhile, but once the
    rain stops, he puts it back up about 2 seconds later, so it's time to run
    again then.  Now there are two items you'll want to likely pick up in this
    area of the map before the stage ends which most people would never think to
    look for.  In the south eastern area of this expanse if a chest with the
    CONSTRICTING RING which hurts stamina, but gives an extra +10% experience so
    use that if you want to raise someone up a bit faster.  Then in the southwest
    part of this area you can find a small dirt path that curves a bit to the
    right and inside there is the GRAND CROWN.  I suggest probably using this on
    Arthur if you don't care about the 1HP per second boost of the Crown of the
    Crusader as it gives a +10% defense boost and an extra 20 HP to the wearer.
    Back on the Red Knight though, keep whittling away in the pattern I said to
    use before, and once he's down to about 40% of his life, the rain spell will
    no longer work, so just head towards the arrow and through the gate to end
    the stage with the Red Knight probably taking the first bath of his life.
    Mission 8
    Fire Knight Mine - The Clan of Anguish
    Items to be found:
    Elemental Fire Shard
    Hell's Crown
    NOTE: This is the one optional mission in the game.  If you do NOT do this
    stage you will not gain access to Anguish the Dwarf for later levels, and you
    will also never come across the two items from this stage either.  And as a
    final note, not doing this stage delays your ability to get the Crusher for
    a few more stages when you can buy it very late in the game, and it is a very
    useful item, probably the best piece of combat gear in the game.
    From the start of this level you will see a skirmish to the east.  You can
    either help in it or not, it doesn't matter as the dwarves will kill off the
    enemies.  Go south from this point until you find a southwest branching path
    that heads into an inlet with some dwarves.  They'll tell you they will help
    but only once their families are safe, so you need to find where they're kept.
    Go back up and out of there, and then go slightly right and head far to the
    south.  The last place you can go west before you can go south no more is
    where you need to go.  Inside here you will battle with a couple archers, a
    few sorceresses, some blademasters, and a few normal grunts.  When they've
    died a handkerchief will be dropped.  This you will need to return to where
    those dwarves you talked to were.  Before going though scout out this large
    chamber for a few thousand in gold and the ELEMENTAL FIRE SHARD.  Give this
    to Arthur as it has a good chance of incinerating near death enemies which is
    useful.  Once you head back to that dwarf with the handkerchief he will join
    you to free the families so backtrack there again.
    Now this is about the hardest part of the entire level so do be careful.  When
    the dwarf goes to free the families you will then be assaulted by around four
    large waves of troops that if left ignored will bypass you and go straight to
    the dwarf to stop him.  As he's going back to free them, put Gwen, Percival,
    and Anguish in guard mode somewhat spread apart in the cavern opening well
    before the main room.  If anyone slips by use the strong attack or the Dragon
    Attack of Arthur to stop their advancement and put their attention on you.  It
    is ok if a few slip by, I think you can get away around about6 or so before
    you fail, so keep sharp and kill everything you can.  Once they have been
    freed return yet again to where you found that pod of dwarves and they will go
    free.  Though random, usually on the return trip you will come across a dwarf
    that can fix damaged caves guarded by a small group, so free him, or whenever
    you do come across the guy.  From this point on you will have 2 arrows to
    follow to free larger groups of dwarves.  Otherwise all you need to do is to
    scout out the entire map and free every last white dot on the map.  And as for
    the HELL'S CROWN, go into the southeastern part of the map, you will find it
    in a lava cavern protected by a nasty Fire Golem.  Just stay close and pound
    on him and you will be just fire, an yes elements do play a factor so Arthur's
    Dragon Attack as it is fire based, is useless.  Once you have cleaned out all
    the white dots (dwarves) exit the cave the same way you came in to end it.
    Mission 9
    Fire Knight - Assault on Red Knight Castle??
    Items to be found:
    Grolic's Frost
    Ice Arrows
    Frost Sheath
    Golden Eye
    This stage is pretty large and you have a few options open to you on how to
    attack it.  As the player you can choose to wipe out the catapults or just
    rush the Red Knight.  If you did the previous level, you can also go and save
    a few dwarves and collect your reward for dealing with the mine.  I'm going to
    cover this level assuming you did the last level and go from there with my
    ideas on how to best knock this level off.  To start, if you don't mind being
    a bit bored for a little while you can get some insane cash and experience
    points from the get go.  Take your party north and destroy the first catapult
    just above the fort.  Then return to the forest and set Arthur, Gwen, and
    Percival on guard inside the opened up gates of the fort about half way
    between the open door and the tents below.  Eventually enemies will begin to
    try and enter the fort continually, and each kill will give more experience
    points.  Oddly the cash will also pile up all over as AI can not grab it, you
    have to, so in time it'll look like you're in a treasury fort.  Before leaving
    the fort head as far east as you can inside the base area and you'll come by
    a couple trees, and if you burn the rightmost down you'll get GROLIC'S FROST.
    Once you do leave that fort it is best oddly enough in this level to keep
    avoidance on your mind more than anything for most the time.  Head east, and
    then north some along the ridge and eventually you'll come across a path that
    will head eastward along a stone platform over a lava lake.  Proceed to the
    far side and you'll find a few enemy troops and some dwarves that need you to
    set them free.  Once they are free Anguish will appear and join your party,
    and also as part of your reward for doing the mines you will get the CRUSHER
    and the GOLDEN EYE (not doing Fire Knight Mine gets you only the GOLDEN EYE.)
    Now head back out the way you came, and head north again until you find
    another opening that can go east over a lava river that feeds the lake below.
    At the end is a catapult you can capture or kill, but most importantly behind
    it are the ICE ARROWS for Gwen that have a chance at freezing targets.
    Backtracking again, now once more go north and you'll see a pair of openings
    and female archers at each.  Go through there and you'll see a pair of double
    doors along a wall that enemies come constantly out of, just go passed them to
    the right and all the way to the back of the castle and up the stairs.  In the
    northeast corner of this area is the FROST SHEATH for Arthur, do equip it as
    it gives a chance of freezing which drastically slows down enemy movement.
    Going now back down the stairs and still only killing what's needed not to get
    blocked, head out the east exit of this castle over the bridge and along the
    way at some point do stop.  Here kill everything that's been trailing you for
    a bit, and also what appears in this area too.  Once the enemy has been
    trashed, just head slightly more east and it will trigger the final battle
    with the Fire Knight.
    This battle with the Fire Knight is far more easy than the last as he does not
    have that fire shield or that huge fireball attack.  The downside here is that
    you have to deal with a pair of nasty Fire Golems and a constant flood of
    enemy backup.  Once the two Fire Golems die, then you get to play with the
    Fire Knight.  To deal with the Fire Golems it is best to split your forces so
    that you have one AI character help you chip away at them, then have the
    others just placed back west a slight bit so they deal with the backup lackeys
    that butt into the fight.  With the Fire Golems gone the Fire Knight will
    lose his cool and attack, but I wouldn't call it much of an attack.  Stupidly
    this boss will tend to stay in one location unless you run far enough away his
    level one fire spell can't hit you within its range.  Just have yourself and
    as many of the AI backup and heroes just constantly hammer on him with your
    basic attacks.  His HP isn't terribly high, and he will stumble when hit so
    this fight ends really before you know it which is quite sad.  With him dead
    Nimue on behalf of the Lady of the Lake thanks you for the return of their
    lands, and now she and Anguish will be a selectable character from now on.
    Mission 10
    Grail Maiden Stronghold - The Grail Maidens
    Items to be found:
    Wolf Clan's Pride
    Brother Cedric's Faith
    Serpent's Coil
    Upon entering this snowy pass in the Seraphic Mountains you will be made aware
    of the sounds of a battle to the west.  Here you will find the Grail Maiden
    Sara who when the battle ends will point you to the way to the elders at the
    Grail Maiden Stronghold.  Going directly north of her before passing through
    the arch will net you the WOLF CLAN'S PRIDE.  Now heading west you will come
    across a bridge, and once you pass it, let's make a quick detour north up the
    long and winding path.  At the top you will have to fight a giant, but your
    reward for that will be BROTHER CEDRIC'S FAITH.  Backtracking to the bridge,
    now continue west along the path and follow it through the valley fighting
    any opposition along the way.  By this point had you kept my suggested party
    members the battles will be easy, just an annoyance as they keep respawning
    throughout the level.  Eventually heading to the west you'll find a branching
    path in the snow that heads west and south, go west for now to talk with the
    Elders and you will get an arrow to your first objective, saving an elder, and
    she is down that southern path you just passed.
    Heading south you will pass through an arch and over an ice bridge.  At this
    point you find a junction that will take you to various points in the level,
    but for now just head south.  A slight bit south of this spot you can see a
    slight detouring path to the right that parallels the main road, if you take
    it you can obtain the SERPENT'S COIL.  Eventually in the south you will come
    across the enemies base camp and a soldier will run to start the alarm.  I
    highly advise running after him and killing him fast as he will continue to
    stir a larger amount of enemies while he lives.  Once he's dead go to the
    middle area of the south part of the camp and you will have to fight a very
    cocky and stupid standard blademaster.  With him dead, your first elder is now
    saved and she should be returned to the stronghold by backtracking the way you
    came in.  Upon her return a small party of enemies will attempt a raid on the
    stronghold so dispatch them as you would any set of standard lackeys.
    With them dead, return again to that point beyond the ice bridge, but this
    time take the northeastern path into the mountains and follow the snake like
    winding road to the top of the mountain where you will find a secured fort.
    To most easily bust into this place DO NOT RUSH THE GATE, instead go south to
    a catapult and capture it.  It will begin to automatically fire on the gate,
    and the pack of blademasters in front of it as well.  During this time it is
    highly likely you will be attacked still by those randomly generated enemies
    so take them out, and don't let them lead you or your AI characters into the
    path of the catapult fire and the blademasters.  With the gate down go inside
    and take out the rest of the blademasters within the fort because once they
    are dead the second elder will be saved and you will also earn your final
    knight, the True Knight Sir Galahad.  Take the time now to pause the game and
    equip the best gear you can for him as he is the fourth and final character I
    suggest you keep in your party through the end to make this game run as easily
    and smoothly as possible.
    With them rescued you are notified of another elder to be executed shortly to
    the east of the fort, so head outside and take the back road east.  Down the
    mountain and to the east you will eventually come across a lone annoying
    archer you can kill or not, but beyond him is a stone fort which houses the
    Green Knight.  The cocky jerk is invincible, so just swing at him a bit as if
    you could do damage, and he'll get bored and leave you to fight off around
    ten spectres.  These things are annoying with their castanet like clicking
    and moving about, but they are easy kills.  When they're gone, take your party
    up the stairs and free that elder.  Now head east and follow the path back to
    the stronghold which needs to be reinforced quickly.  Along this path you will
    find before heading northward a side road.  This will take you to an annoying
    fight with an Ice Golem who hits hard and can slow you down to 1/4 of your
    speed with an ice attack.  I advise ignoring it as the experience gain is very
    minimal, and originally this area did house an awesome item sadly removed.
    Heading northward through an arch and back to the west again you'll come
    across a few archers and a swarm of blademasters in combat with a pack of the
    Grail Maidens.  My advice is to take Arthur dead center and either use his
    Dragon Attack twice, or the circular strong attack a few times to knock down
    their numbers fast.  In the end kill them all, but make it fast as a catapult
    with reinforcements will come from the east, and the catapult can drop the
    stone walls on you for instant death.
    Now run like crazy all the way through the familiar path again to the west
    back again to the stronghold.  Once inside the gates the elders will run into
    the compound and to the back to start the unlocking spell for you to gain
    access to the Valley of the Grail.  Your job, as you'll quickly find out with
    the two catapults and large swarm of endless enemies is to follow those elders
    to the back end of the fortress and guard their lives until the spell is
    completed.  The more elders that die the slower the spell gets (goes down in a
    speed increment of 25% per death, and when all die, game over so beware.)
    Continue by any means to keep your AI characters in that small area, and your
    own character too and attack with any means necessary to kill off the enemies
    fast.  At any time quickly switch to both Percival and Galahad and use their
    targeted heal spells primarily on the maidens so that they don't die.  When
    the spell is completed the Green Knight will appear again thanking you for
    getting him access to the grail site.  At this point you got two options, but
    they end the same, leaving the level.  My advice is to stick around for a good
    twenty minutes and just keep killing enemies and let the maidens swarm around
    the Green Knight to distract him.  You can rapidly increase your experience
    levels to a point that death should never be an option again, and also due to
    Galahad’s low experience level start point (Lv10) I highly advice leveling him
    up at least a few levels here before leaving.
    Mission 11
    Grail Castle - The Grail
    Items to be found:
    Holy Cross
    Cleric's Bind
    Hand of God
    The Holy Grail
    Grail Castle, or better yet the single character trails for Galahad stage for
    the most part.  Upon the opening of this stage you will be ambushed by a few
    of Morgan's troops, but you will be backed up by a Knight Templar that will
    let you know of three others that exist after the skirmish.  This level like
    the last is a random endless enemy stream so deal with them as quickly as you
    possibly can before the next group arrives so you can advance.  Until entering
    the Grail Castle I'll just walk you through the steps needed outside the
    castle grounds.  When you reach the end of this starting path it will fork,
    and I advise that you head south until you found a small path up a slight
    incline that heads to a priest who can heal your party, and shortly will as
    you will see him say, heal the insane.  From here, go south to the bottom of
    the map just below and then west as far as you can.  Here you will find the
    first Knight Templar, and he's hurt, so have Galahad heal him up and you will
    be rewarded with the CLERIC'S BIND.
    From this point I'd like you to head back to the east and take the first north
    fork and follow it up a ways until you come to where the path will widen up a
    bit with some trees on a hill and where it will allow you only to continue on
    to the left.  Eventually you will find a fork in the road, ignore it for now
    and move onto the next and fork to the south.  Here you will find the next of
    the Knight's Templar, and he's gone nuts.  Remember the priest?  Backtrack to
    his location and he will join your party temporarily.  Escort him back to the
    Knight Templar and he will cure him.  Don't worry about the priest getting
    killed, but do keep an eye on him just in case nonetheless, and do exploit him
    for free heals while you're at it.  Once this Knight is healed your reward
    will be the HAND OF GOD.
    Now backtrack slightly to that last fork I told you to ignore that goes north
    and take it.  You'll come to a left or right turn choice, either works as it
    is just a circle, but take the right to be quick about it.  Here you will find
    an opening that heads east and here is a Knight screaming like a little baby
    about a golem.  Kill that thing and he'll give you garbage about being able to
    handle it himself (whatever.)  When the golem dies, you will be rewarded with
    the HOLY CROSS.  Now before heading out it's time for a secret in this game.
    In the top right area of this opening you'll see what appears to be a small
    blocked off path by a pair of trees.  Walk Arthur up there and press the L3
    button and a red gas cloud will fan out, and you can proceed back there.  Here
    you will locate a secret fifth Knight Templar that never shows on the map.  He
    gives you the challenge of finding and killing what we at work dubbed 'Super
    Pig.'  In this area also is a nice lake you can run your party including the
    non-controllable AI through for an instant heal.  As for finding 'Super Pig'
    he pops up randomly on the map, but most often just south of that fork you
    took to the north to find this Knight and the one wussing out with the Golem.
    'Super Pig' can be highly damaging, but only to your heroes as he will squeal
    and fire off a ring of fire that does great damage.  Once it's dead all party
    members will level up once, now return to the hidden Knight to add him to your
    With the fifth and final Knight Templar in your party back out down to where
    I told you to head south to the crazy Knight's location and instead proceed to
    the west.  Eventually the road will come to a turn to the south, follow it to
    the end and you'll arrive at a beach.  Here you'll have to fight off a few
    waves of enemies while the tide goes out, do not enter the water as it is
    freezing and quickly fatal.  When the tides goes out after around 5 minutes at
    the top of the beachhead you'll see what appears to be a path west, take it.
    You will take a bit of minor damage almost assuredly, but this is the only way
    into the Grail Castle.  Once inside it's grounds, take your characters, and go
    up the stairs to the landing before the bridge to the Trial area.  Place your
    characters on guard mode towards the back of it, and take control of Galahad.
    I advise if not now, before the third (and final) trial equipping the Crusher
    as he doesn't do the best at dealing out damage without it.  Now proceed over
    the bridge and into the teleporter area for the trials.
    The first trial, the Trial of Chivalry is fairly easy.  Enter the teleporter
    and you will be given your quest by a farmer, save his daughter from a pig of
    a landlord.  Just follow the dirt path before you and you will make it to him.
    Along the way you'll be mocked and have to fight a single battle with around
    ten soldiers.  Use your holy attack and have it chain between them to kill a
    lot of them fast, or use your special magic attack to deal a lot of damage.
    When they're dead head east to the end of the path where you find a manor, the
    lady, landlord, and his thugs.  This battle should be handled just like the
    one you just had, the only difference is the landlord is a blademaster and he
    can take a few more hits.  When he's dead Galahad will be hit on by the lady,
    he will deny her, and that ends the first trial.
    Back in the trial area you will have to go north to the second teleporter
    which is the Trial of Bravery.  Here all you have to do is deal with a large
    group of dead Knights Templar in combat.  Each wave spawns one more than the
    last.  The waves come at a certain time and if you don't finish off the last
    you can get overwhelmed quickly.  It is best to either chop away at the enemy
    or use the holy magic attack.  Another strategy is hit and run using the
    special magic attack, then backing away and healing yourself so you can do it
    again.  Also due to a bug a cheap way to deal with this is to stand at the
    very back end of the teleporter you came in on and just magic attack from that
    point as they can barely reach you there and you'll never get surrounded.  Any
    of those work, do what you think is best for you.
    With that trial over the last one will be the most interesting, a battle with
    your dark side, welcome 'Evil Galahad' as we liked to call him.  This trial
    has two ways to fail it miserably, a bad decision, or getting your head cut
    off.  This trial has you decide to either stay on the holy righteous path, or
    take the big pot of gold and the kingdom for yourself.  Taking the greedy side
    you will be instantly smited, but if you wait too long or you just choose the
    path of righteousness Evil Galahad will get pissed off and take you into a
    combat zone up on a thin rampart.  The battle here can be annoying or easy, it
    kind of depends.  My advice is to warm him up to start due to range with a few
    holy magic attacks while closing the gap.  Now in close, just use standard
    rhythm attacks on this jerk.  Thanks to the Crusher you'll be doing some big
    damage, especially with the smiting chance (triple damage.)  Without this item
    you will find it nearly impossible to keep up with Evil Galahad because he
    likes to heal himself when he's down to around 1/4 of his life left.  Just
    keep the heat on him and he'll die quickly enough.
    With the final trial done, it's time to claim your prize, and be quick about
    it as the Green Knight has just busted into the castle grounds.  Head to the
    fourth teleporter and run north to grab the HOLY GRAIL (best looking scene in
    the game with the lighting and fog effects off the cup.)  The Holy Grail is
    even doggie bagged for you in a nice brown sack at your feet which disappears
    after one second, so take a look for a cheap laugh.  Now equip the items, and
    in a moment (either way) you'll be teleported back to the castle.  Right now
    I'll tell you the battle ahead with the Green Knight is the nastiest fight in
    the game by far.  Not only is he a pain, but those three healer sorceresses
    are a royal pain in the arse.
    The best strategy to kill off the Green Knight is to for starters quickly
    dispatch all the grunt support.  With them dead, now focus on chasing down the
    healers one at a time, but it's hard as they'll try and heal themselves too.
    Try and trap one of them around a corner against a wall and quickly beat the
    healer to death and move onto the next.  Once they are gone it's time to deal
    with the Green Knight finally.  The power of the Holy Grail when you are in
    close enough is that it sheds its light onto the Knight making him no longer
    invincible which is why it's best to still be controlling Galahad.  Set your
    party members at this time to either attack strongest or just back them far
    away from the fight.  Take Galahad and just follow the Green Knight around as
    he teleports and just keep hammering on him with rhythm attacks.  Using the
    holy magic and trying to time the special magic attack with him isn't worth
    the effort and the damage is little compared to standard attacks using the
    Crusher so don't bother.  The only problem with this fight should be the use
    of poison pads as they damage you and will heal the Green Knight.  As bad as
    it sounds, run into the pads, take the damage, and when you get low enough
    just use heal magic on your self quickly and return to beating on the Green
    Knight.  Keep it up, and eventually he will die, and that will end the stage.
    Mission 12
    Morgan Swamp - Morgan's Swamp??
    Items to be found:
    Poisoned Rune
    Crown of the Dead
    Elemental Poison Shard
    Death's Guard
    Lord Illoth's Visage
    Starting in your encampment you'll find yourself under attack by a wave of
    skeletons, kill them or not, your own troops could handle it.  To the west you
    can get endless reinforcement parties of four, and south of the northern exit
    is a healing rock which could be useful later on.  To cut this section shorter
    as this level can be a bit long with backtracking I'm going to tell you what
    you can find in the center circle in the level around Morgan's floating castle
    above.  In the top left area of the circle you can locate the POISONED RUNE.
    Then in the eastern end of the ring you can near a dormant (perhaps at the
    time) golem you can find the CROWN OF THE DEAD.  Then in the southern most
    area of the ring you can find some old ruins and behind another golem you can
    get the ELEMENTAL POISON SHARD.  In this entire circle you will have to deal
    with pre-decided hot spots of skeleton warriors, skeleton archers, a few
    spectres, and perhaps those two golems if they are awake.
    The first objective here is to enter the town in the northeast corner and take
    out the crystal, but you will have to deal with a poison mage there.  If you
    use the ring over the top part and go northeast and try crossing a bridge you
    got a 50% chance of dying having the catapults in town drop the bridge out
    from under you.  The other alternative is to head out the eastern reserve exit
    from your encampment.  Along the way you'll deal with a few skeletons and an
    annoying catapult.  I advise rushing to the catapult and removing it so it can
    do the least amount of damage to your party as possible.  Eventually going
    east you'll see a pair of dormant golems, we'll have to come back later, but
    for now head north and east a bit as possible.  Along the way a few skeletons
    and some spectres will try and harm you, but they're easy kills.  Eventually
    you will enter the southern entrance of town.  First, head west a bit and find
    a pier, here you can claim the DEATH'S GUARD.  North of this you will find in
    the northeast part of town the crystal, but it's guarded by the poison mage.
    He's quite a pushover if you just rush him and knock the guy out.  He will try
    a chaining poison dart attack, and he will run to places and put a poison pad
    ring around him on the ground.  Just rhythm attack him to death fast, that's
    all you need to do.
    Now head west, deal with those catapults I mentioned and head toward the west
    end of the map.  Along the way the usual will attack, but also a few zombies
    that you'll remember from back in Avalon, but you're a higher level and they
    are now pushovers.  Go south, eventually you'll hit a grove of trees blocking
    a crystal, use Arthur's Dragon Attack to burn them down and take out the
    crystal.  Once it's gone, the Golems for the entire level will wake up, so get
    rid of the one there, and head back to the north, but you'll need to take out
    a zombie knight and his friends too first.  Now backtrack all the way down to
    the southeastern corner with the two golems and remove them and go inside.
    Run passed the crystal and in the corner you'll find LORD ILLOTH’S VISAGE, but
    once you do have it, remove the crystal and you'll be attacked by a circle of
    zombies and a lone sorceress (non-healing type.)
    Not knowing where to go, one of your scouts will arrive and tell you that the
    last crystal is actually a large crystal golem that has arisen from the swamp.
    He's found in the stonehenge like circle of stones in the western part of that
    circle in the center of the stage.  Along the way there you maybe attacked by
    some skeletons if you skipped that direction before, if not you'll be fine.
    When attacking this guy just have everyone chop away at him as all he really
    can do to harm your party is trying to set them on fire, just heal if you need
    to otherwise ignore it.  Once he's gone, Morgan's Castle will in a cut scene
    crash to the ground and bring us to the final stage.
    Mission 13
    Morgan Castle - The Last Battle
    Items to be found:
    Charged Rune
    Shock Arrows
    Mask of the Lion
    King's Sheath
    You'll quickly notice that you're right back where you started the last time
    in the previous level, except the castle hit the ground and disturbed a lot of
    the area.  This stage just plays out in the bottom left third of the previous
    mission.  Some spectres this time will raid the camp instead of skeletons like
    last time, and you'll notice the healing stone is still there, but the backup
    is not this time around.  Head out of the camp and go north and you'll find
    the opening to the fallen castle.  As you approach you'll be attack by some
    more spectres and four golems at the same time.  A bit of advice, don't let
    those four surround you as it's hard to see, but no, at this level they can
    not kill you unless you stand there for awhile.  As you take out each of the
    golems you'll find behind them four gas clouds will vanish revealing a chest
    under each.  These four house the CHARGED RUNE, SHOCK ARROWS, MASK OF THE LION
    and the KING'S SHEATH.  I suggest equipping Arthur with the mask and also the
    sheath as it should push him over 40 on attack power, and give up a 25% chance
    to smite (triple damage) enemies.  Anyways, just head to the west and you will
    find Morgan, she'll taunt you, and once you hit her a few times, she'll vanish
    and open the way to the final battle.
    Now head east, and go through the formerly blocked passage and up the stairs
    at the back end of this area.  When you head west eventually she'll blow up
    the ground behind you and trap you inside.  Find the first stairway down to
    the lower grounds and approach Morgan on the dais.  She sadly isn't much for
    putting up a fight you'll find out quickly enough.  Her attacks range from
    simple swipes, fire spells, floating and raining down meteors, summoning up
    some spectres, and then her one other attack that is devastating.  Morgan now
    and again will make 5 copies of herself and place them up on the walls around
    the lower grounds.  If you don't find the right one in around 30 seconds she
    will do a very harsh attack that can take off around I think a quarter of your
    life or so (depends what level you are.)  The best suggestion I have is to
    stand against the wall below her and use your Dragon Attack the couple times
    you can and hope you get the right one.  Aside from that just batter on her as
    quickly as possible and she'll be gone before you know it.  Eventually her
    master who likes to use Mortal Kombat Shang Tsung quotes (YOUR SOUL IS MINE)
    will turn on her, sick a lot of golems and spectres on her and it's lights out
    for Morgan.  I won't go further, you can catch the pathetic ending on your own
    time.  Just as a final note as I said way above the guide, unless you want to
    lose your save data for the last level, DO NOT SAVE THE GAME.  This will stick
    you with starting over at mission one again.
    [Items and Locations]_________________________________________________________
    Amulet of Fire - Found in: Treasury
    One of the three elemental amulets made by the secretive druids.
    +5 Fire Protection
    +9% Chance to avoid burning
    Amulet of Ice - Found in: Treasury
    One of the three elemental amulets made by the secretive druids.
    +3 Ice Protection
    +8% Chance to avoid freezing
    Amulet of Poison - Found in: Treasury
    One of the three elemental amulets made by the secretive druids.
    +2 Protection from poison
    +8% Chance to avoid poisoning
    Amulet of Transference (Mages Only) - Found in: Treasury
    This artifact was created by the wizard Kas to aid him in his battles.
    The amulet transfers damage to stamina.
    Belt of the Mountain King (Swordsmen Only) - Found in: Camelot Siege
    Part of the raiment of King Tristan of Frozen Mountain.
    +10% Defense
    +50 Hit points
    Blessed Arrows (Gwen Only) - Found in: Infestation
    These superior arrows were consecrated in holy water.
    +1 Attack
    +2 Holy Damage
    Blood Cross (Clerics Only) - Found in: Camelot Defense
    This cross is said to contain the blood of the messiah.
    +1 hit point healed every 1 second
    +3 Unholy Protection
    Blood Ring - Found in: Ambush
    Life's energy is stored within this magical ring, but it takes time to use.
    +2 hit points healed every 2 seconds
    Bone Arrows (Gwen Only) - Found in: Avalon
    Necromancers offered pieces of their victims to create arrows.
    +2 Attack
    +1 Unholy Damage
    Bracer of Fire Protection - Found in: Treasury
    Merlin himself made this bracer to protect the wearer from the worst of the
    +4 Fire Protection
    Bracer of the Double Edge - Found in: Treasury
    An evil relic that uses the blood of the wearer to fuel its power.
    +2 Damage to attacker
    -10 Hit points
    Brodun's Belt (Swordsmen Only) - Found in: Treasury
    A fine trophy from the slaying of Brodun, the ice giant King.
    +1 Defense
    +4 Ice Protection
    Brother Cedric's Faith (Clerics Only) - Found in: Grail Maiden Stronghold
    A cross of the devout monk, this cross personifies his adamantine spirit.
    +15% Defense
    +4% Holy Damage
    Burning Fist - Found in: Treasury
    Once worn by the Red Knight, this gauntlet holds the power of fire.
    +4 Fire damage
    +11% Chance to burn target
    Burning Rune - Found in: Treasury
    A rune to hold a living flame.
    +4 Fire Damage
    +7% Chance to burn target
    Burning Sash - Found in: Treasury
    The salamander skin lining grants the wearer tolerance to fire.
    +5 Fire Protection
    Burning Sheath (Arthur or Lancelot Only) - Found in: Treasury
    Covers a blade with eldritch flame.
    +5 Fire damage
    +8% Chance to burn target
    Celt's Cloth - Found in: Treasury
    The north men have a brutal fighting spirit, captured within this sash.
    +2 Attack
    +10% Chance to berserk
    Chains of the Tormented - Found in: Treasury
    Slaves of evil, who are forced to fight, are gifted with extra protection.
    +4% Defense
    Charged Rune (Mages Only) - Found in: Morgan's Castle
    Lightning trapped in time.
    +5% Lightning damage
    +10% Chance to Electrocute target
    Circle of Fire - Found in: Treasury
    This was the only surviving item when Ariel the druid case a firestorm on
    himself when trapped.
    +5 Fire Protection
    Cleric's Bind (Clerics Only) - Found in: Grail Castle
    The sanctified ring of a saint
    +100 Stamina
    +10 Unholy Protection
    Reduces experience requirement by 15%
    Constricting Ring - Found in: Camelot Defense
    A fell ring to aid in rapid learning, but rapid knowledge comes with a price.
    +10% Experience
    -200 Stamina
    Cross of Cleansing (Clerics Only) - Found in: Treasury
    Father Francis studied the treatment of poisons in the church.
    +8 Poison Protection
    +25 Stamina
    Cross of the True Knight (Clerics and Arthur Only) - Found in: Avalon
    This blessed cross channels holy power to the bearer.
    +4 Holy Damage
    +10 Unholy Protection
    Crown of Pain - Found in: Treasury
    A crown to indicate an ancient pact with evil.
    +4 Attack
    -10 Unholy Protection
    Crown of the Crusader - Found in: The Sword
    This blessed crown improves the wearer's combat skills.
    +1 Attack
    +2% Defense
    +1 Hit point every 1 second
    Crown of the Dead - Found in: Morgan Swamp
    This crown saps life from the wearer but grants the power of the dead.
    +5 Defense
    +3 Unholy damage
    -50 Hit points
    Crown of the Northern King - Found in: Treasury
    Taken from defeated King Siggeir, this crown confers protection from the
    frozen north.
    +7 Ice Protection
    Crusader's Sheath (Arthur or Lancelot Only) - Found in: Avalon
    An anointed sheath that grants holy wrath to the sword within.
    +3 Holy Damage.
    Crusher - Found in: Treasury (Fire Knight, if Fire Knight Mine was completed)
    A gift from the Elemental Lord of Earth to the Templars.
    +7 Attack
    +15% Chance to Smite Target
    Death's Circle - Found in: The Sword
    Unholy strength from the black knight flows within his belt, causing a
    near-berserker rage.
    +1 Attack
    -5% Defense
    Death's Cross - Found in: Camelot Defense
    Unholy might from the black knight smites the foe at the cost of your body.
    +3 Attack
    -45 HP.
    Death's Face - Found in: Treasury
    Unholy essence lives within this mask, granting strength, but taking away
    +2 Attack
    -10% Experience
    Death's Guard - Found in: Morgan Swamp
    Unholy power from the black knight strengthens the arm, but weakens the mind.
    +8 Damage
    -100 Stamina
    Elemental Fire Shard - Found in: Fire Knight Mine
    This stone was enchanted in sacred fire for a year to hold its flame.
    +13 fire damage
    +32% chance to burn target
    Elemental Poison Shard - Found in: Morgan Swamp
    Distilled, hardened and enchanted poison.
    +15 Poison damage
    +35% Chance to poison target
    Fire Arrows (Gwen Only) - Found in: Ambush
    Elven arrows infused with the power of flame.
    +3 Fire damage
    10% Chance to burn target
    Fire Ring - Found in: Camelot Defense
    Made to help dwarves who are not hardy enough to stand the blazing head of the
    fiery mountain.
    +10 Fire Protection
    Fist of Needles - Found in: Castle Leo
    A trio of sorcerers worked in consort to create gauntlets of trickery and
    +3 Poison
    25% Chance to poison target
    Frost Sheath (Arthur and Lancelot Only) - Found in: Fire Knight and Treasury
    Covers a sword with a thin layer of ice.
    +3 Ice Damage
    +9% Chance to Freeze
    Frozen Rune (Mages Only) - Found in: Infestation
    A magical focus to help mages channel the power of ice.
    +2 ice damage
    +5% chance to freeze target
    Gauntlet of the Mountains (Swordsmen Only) - Found in: Treasury
    Part of the wartime armor of King Tristan of the frozen mountain.
    +4 Attack
    Knocks target back
    Golden Eye - Found in: Fire Knight
    Thought to be the eye of King Midas, this artifact finds hidden gold on some
    +25% chance of finding 35% extra gold
    Grand Crown - Found in: Camelot Defense
    A glorious golden crown suffused with life energy.
    +10% Defense
    +20 Hit points
    Grolic's Frost - Found in: Fire Knight
    The mighty warrior Grolic was given a ring by the gods.
    +4 Ice damage
    +5 Ice protection
    +7% Chance to freeze enemy
    Hadrin's Experience - Found in: Treasury
    All of the knowledge of King Hadrin the Scholar was put into this ring.
    Reduces experience needed for each level by 50%
    Hand of God - Found in: Grail Castle
    One of the most sacred church relics.
    +10% Defense
    +10 Unholy Protection
    +8 Holy Damage
    Heavy Belt - Found in: Treasury
    A well-made leather belt, a tanner's pride.
    +3% Defense
    Heavy Sash - Found in: Treasury
    Long worn by the wizards, the very cloth has absorbed some of their power.
    +3% Defense
    +50 Stamina
    Hell's Crown - Found in: Fire Knight Mine
    Forged in the fires of hell itself.
    +15% defense
    +5 Unholy protection
    +1 damage to attacker
    Holy Cross (Clerics Only) - Found in: Grail Castle
    Carved from wood touched by the savior himself.
    +5 Holy Damage
    +9 Unholy Protection
    +2 HP Healed Every 1 Seconds
    Ice Arrows (Gwen Only) - Found in: Fire Knight
    Ancient elven mages imbued prime arrows with icy power.
    +4 Ice Damage
    +10% Chance to Freeze
    Icy Wrap - Found in: Treasury
    A sash woven from the tears of the snow queen guards the wearer from frost.
    +6 Ice Protection
    Iron Arrows (Gwen Only) - Found in: Treasury
    Sturdy arrows made by human fletchers.
    Arrows knock targets back
    King's Sheath (Arthur Only) - Found in: Morgan's Castle
    The sheath carried by Uther Pendragon.
    +8 Attack
    +2 Hit points healed every second
    Lord Illoth's Visage - Found in: Morgan Swamp
    Lord Illoth the Bloody murdered hundreds until killed by a mob.
    +12% Life stolen from Target
    +15% Chance enemy will flee
    Loric's Grounding - Found in: Treasury
    Loric, the Alchemist, discovered how to protect himself in a storm.
    +7 Lightning Protection
    Luck Stone - Found in: Treasury
    Touched by a leprechaun under a full moon on May Day, this stone draws gold to
    +20% Chance to find 50% more gold.
    Mask of the Ancient King - Found in: Ambush
    A legend of the royal house of England, this mask was lost for generations.
    +2 Attack
    +5% Defense
    Mask of the Demon - Found in: Camelot Siege
    A gruesome mask holding the power of hell.
    Knockback Target
    +10% Chance to Smite Target
    Mask of the Lion - Found in: Morgan's Castle
    Druids called the brave spirit of the lion and trapped it.
    +5 Attack
    +10% Chance to Smite
    +10% Chance enemy will flee
    Piercing Gaze - Found in: Ambush
    This wicked helm damages anyone striking for the face.
    +1 Damage to attacker
    +2 Defense
    Plague Sheath (Arthur and Lancelot Only) - Found in: Treasury
    Coats a sword with a veneer of poison.
    +2 poison damage
    +6% chance to poison target
    Platemail Gauntlet - Found in: Treasury
    A superior armored glove protects the wearer and packs quite a punch.
    +2 Attack
    +1% Defense
    Poison Arrows (Gwen Only) - Found in: Treasury
    A special poison was made by sly thieves.
    +2 Poison Damage
    +8% Chance to poison target
    Poisoned Laurel - Found in: Treasury
    Gold smelted with enchanted poisons, this crown protects from those toxins.
    +3 Defense
    +12 Poison Protection
    Poisoned Rune (Mages Only) - Found in: Morgan Swamp
    Created to protect the faerie hill.
    +3 Poison damage
    +8% Chance to poison target
    Raven's Revenge - Found in: Treasury
    The trickster does not like being attacked and turns some of it back.
    +2 Attack
    +1 Damage to attacker
    Ring of Three - Found in: Camelot Siege
    This horrific ring holds the wrath of three forgotten gods.
    +3 Attack
    +3 Defense
    Royal Cord - Found in: Camelot Siege
    Elegant, yet practical, this guards nobility from attacks.
    +12% defense
    Serpent's Coil - Found in: Grail Maiden Stronghold
    A ring made with the venom of the deadly asp.
    +3 poison damage
    +10% Chance to poison enemy
    Shock Arrows (Gwen Only) - Found in: Morgan's Castle
    Superior arrows harnessing the storm.
    +3 Lightning damage
    +15% chance to electrocute enemy
    Storm's Defiance (Swordsmen Only) - Found in: Treasury
    A hero's rage lives within.
    +5 Attack
    +3 Lighting Damage
    25% Chance to electrocute enemy.
    The Holy Grail (Galahad Only) - Found in: Grail Castle
    +2 Hit points healed per second
    +10 Holy damage
    +40 Unholy Protection
    The Plague - Found in: Treasury
    A deadly mask from the Green Knight.
    +2 Poison damage
    +8% Chance to poison target
    +6 Poison protection
    The Tithing Cross (Clerics Only) - Found in: Treasury
    This blessed cross inspires those within its aura to give of themselves.
    75% Chance to find +110% gold
    Thorn Fist - Found in: Treasury
    These deadly gloves were made to damage enemies while they attack.
    +2 Attack
    +3 Damage to attacker
    Ulik's Fist - Found in: Treasury
    Ulik, Tristans champion, was renowned for his strength; his gauntlet holds
    some of that great might.
    +2 Attack
    Wolf Clan's Pride - Found in: Grail Maiden Stronghold
    The Wolf Clan Shaman created this mask to channel a wolven spirit.
    +25 Hit points
    +100 stamina
    +15% Chance to Berserk
    Wounding Rune (Mages Only) - Found in: Treasury
    A rune to strengthen defenders of the elven lands.
    +3 Attack
    +10% Chance to block
    [Easter Eggs and Amazing Bugs]________________________________________________
    Yes, the sneaks at Seven Studios saw it fit to shove some interesting easter
    eggs into this game.  Albeit they're more or less useless, they are fun to try
    out at least once to see how they change the mechanics of the game (if they do
    at all) for where they exist.  There are three easter eggs placed in the game
    I know of and they are:
    1) Castle Leo - A Man and His Horse.  Before entering the main gates of the
    castle where those two bridges are just above where the bald guy tells you
    about the soldiers stuck in the keep, head to the west along the shore.  At
    the end of the area you'll find a tree.  Burn that down, and when it is gone
    stand on that spot and press the L3 Button.  A horse eating some grass, and
    his owner in some decent clothes will be standing to his right.
    2) Grail Castle - The Hermit Knight Templar and His Super Pig.  In the area
    where you kill the Golem harassing the Knight Templar in the top right area
    of this opening you'll see what appears to be a small blocked off path by a
    pair of trees.  Walk Arthur up there and press the L3 Button and a red gas
    cloud will fan out, and you can proceed back there.  Here you will locate a
    secret fifth Knight Templar that never shows on the map.  He gives you the
    challenge of finding and killing what we at work dubbed 'Super Pig.'  When you
    find and kill this pig you get a level up, and upon returning to the Knight,
    an extra person in your party.
    3) Morgan's Castle - Traitorous Dogs, the Three Brother Knights.  This final
    easter egg nets you the Black, Green, and Red Knights as your partners for the
    final battle.  Enter the level with 3 heroes and play it out like normal up
    until you attack Morgan and get her to open up the passage to the east to go
    fight with her.  Backtrack to your compound and park your other party members
    in the grass around the healing stone.  Now take Arthur and walk out the
    southeastern exit from your compound and follow the path to the end.  Here you
    will find an out of the way square stone platform, stand on it and press the
    L3 Button.  Instantly your characters around the healing stone will become the
    three brother knights.  All of them suck pretty bad and you can't even use
    most of their moves they did on you earlier.  It's a fun diversion, and due to
    them stinking pretty bad it will make the final fight just a bit harder.
    Bug - Duplication Death.  Take a character into a level, equip some items and
    then have them die.  Finish the level and then enter the treasury.  You will
    find all the items equipped on the person who died listed in the treasury, but
    it will not have their face next to it as if it was no longer equipped.  Go
    into the next area though, you will find the items still are, and now you have
    an extra set of whatever gear was on that character who died for someone else
    to use now.
    Bug - Spontaneous Human Combustion?!  Believe it or not there is a random low
    frequency chance that the level three meteor fire attack can kill in a single
    hit.  Due to this be extremely careful in battle with the Fire Knight in the
    Camelot Defense stage as all your work can go for vain. This bug also applies
    as well to catapult fire, and friendly fire from your very own Merlin too!
    [Removed Items and Gameshark Codes to Unlock]_________________________________
    I don't believe in cheating in a game normally, and would tend to reserve the
    use of such devices until after I finish the game and/or move on.  The reason
    I've added these codes here is that these items were sadly removed from the
    games missions and were fun things to find and use during your quest.
    Bleeding Stone          F16DD996BCA99B84        Infestation
    Elemental Ice Shard     F16DD856BCA99B84        Grail Maiden Stronghold
    Fist of Ice             F16DD942BCA99B84        ???
    Mask of Ugliness        F16DD906BCA99B84        ???
    The top two items were extremely useful during gameplay, and perhaps they were
    removed due to making the game quite a bit easier, this I do not know.  The
    Elemental Ice Shard was the prize when you fought the Ice Golem in Grail
    Maiden Stronghold, and the Bleeding Stone was found where the Blessed Arrows
    now are in Infestation.  As for the other two I can not recall where they
    originally were and perhaps they never did get assigned a location, but I can
    not remember for sure.

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