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    Character FAQ by Denim

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 07/25/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                             Character Faq
                                     By: Bradley "Denim" Flikeid
                                             July 25, 2001
                                              Version 0.2
                                 If any questions or additions E-Mail to:
                                            Table Of Contents
                                       III.How to get character's
                                        IV.Weapon Upgrade Shops
                                         V.Abilities List
    	Ephemeral Fantasia is one of the fist true RPG's for the Playstation 2 console. This is 
    my first ever faq written and I am happy it is for this game. As for a lot of people this game 
    took me by surprise. 
          I think this is the funnest game I have played since Final Fantasy 7. This game has it's 
    own unique battle and ability system. You start out going with the flow of the game and then 
    end up on your own. Another fun aspect to this game is that you have to search for pieces of 
    the your map of Pandule.
          The ability system is pretty straight foreward. You start out with one or two abilities
    and go from there. You gain abiliteis by using them in battle. Every Character has there own 
    abilities and magic.
          I decided to write this faq because the only one I have seen is for the Japanese version
    of the game. I really hope you enjoy.
    ii.Story(from the manual)
    	The island of Pandule, country of sun, sea, and freedom, is a virtual 'Garden of Eden'.
    A lone island surrounded by perilous seas, it boasts abundeant natural resources and has no 
    neighbors to present the treat of war. Those who set foot on this island never want to leave, 
    and in fact, no one of any visitors who have gone home.
    	One day a letter from Pandule arrived at the home of a young man. It was from the Lord
    Xelpherpolis, ruler of Pandule. He wanted our hero to compose a song for his wedding 
    celebration five days hence. Thus, the young composer shed his less respectable identity for a
    while and set out for the legendary Pandule.
    	Mouse- A traveling minstrel, Mouse has a secret life as a thief, which he assumes 
    occasionally in his travels throughout many lands. Invited to Pandule by Xelpherpolis after 
    hearing of his musical prowess.
    	Pattimo- Mouse's traveling companion, a living instrument. A member of the Romel race, 
    who are said to live 500 years. He cannot move on his own, and has passed from host to host 
    over the years.
    	Rinna- The daughter of the owner of the inn where Mouse is staying. A very cheerful young
    girl. She wants to give "Mr. Musician" a tour but, needs to finish her chores.
    	RindRinna- Rinna in her Dancing clothes.
    	Bagoth- The general who leads the Army of Pandule. He suspects there is something strange
    on the island of Pandule. He speaks to about his worries.
    	Rummy- Mouse's guide on the island. She is secretly in love with Mouse but thinks he is 
    in love with the princess.
    	Claire- The owner of the Watchmaker Shop on Pandule. Suspets something is wrong with the
    time on Pandule because all the watches break in five days but loves getting the buissness.
    	Ano- The magic scientist on Pandule. He is in control of the Demon Reactor. Also is 
    working on the Sacred Sword for the wedding.
    	Kyte- A sailor who lost his most precious ship and his mates to a sea creature.
    	Plosi- Hired to paint a picture for the princess. Asks Mouse for information on her. He 
    is a big pervert.
    	Beak- Mouse's old friend from his home. Part of the Golden Three with Mouse and Fang.
    	Fang- Mouse's old friend from his home. Part of the Golden Three with Mouse and Beak.
    	Gallhint- A thief who is in love with Zenne a fellow thief. He knows about the island and
    keeps doind things over and over.
    	Lloyd- A creation of one of Xelpherpolis minions. After Claire fixes him he is a friendly
    wooden ally.
    	Grantus- One of Xelpherpolis' minions. He wants to duel you. Wears the bull mask.
    II. NPC's
    	Xelpherpolis- Betrothed to Lorreille, but no one knows how this came to pass. He holds 
    the real political power in Pandule, but with his marriage to Loreille, he will become King in 
    name as well. He invited Mouse to Pandule to compose and play a song at his wedding.
    	Loreille- The princess of Pandule and the sole inheritor of the royal line of Pandule. 
    Lost both her parents when very young. Her wedding is in five days. She has done everything she 
    can for the good of Pandule, but for some reason recently she seems cold to everyone.
    	Twinboom- One of Xelpherpolis' evil minions. Wears the bird mask.
    	Jawwarro- One of Xelpherpolis' evil minions. Wears the snake mask.
    III. How To Get Each Character
    	Mouse- Main character.
    	Rinna- Meet her at the Inn on Day 3 of the first week and she will give you a tour of 
    Pandule. After you gain at least one ally in week two, there will be a scene at the beginning 
    of Week 3 at the Inn where she overhears your conversation. On Day 3 of this week, meet 
    Rinna's father at the Inn at 7 PM to find out that she's run away. Run to her hidden place to 
    save her from Grantas and minions. She'll join you at the beginning of the next week. Or wait 
    until the end of the game and after you fight Grantus she will join you.
    	RindRinna- Go to change in Rinna's Skill screen.
    	Bagoth- Talk to Bagoth after the ceremony on day two (8 AM - 3 squares east, 1 square 
    north). Afterwards, talk to him in the castle at 1 PM and reply NO when he asks your opinion. 
    Run down to the room next to Ano's (2nd floor, northwest corner). Talk to the researchers and 
    then talk to Ano in the next room. Run around the east side of the castle and talk to the 
    gardener Jaelson. Fight the plant and take the key from Jaelson. Go to his room on the second 
    floor, east-side, before 6 PM. Take his clothes and go to the waiting room outside Ano's room. 
    Use the clothes and get the Demon Reactor key from Ano. On the fourth day, be at the door to the 
    Demon Reactor by 8 PM. Bagoth turns up. Talk to him and go in. After a boss fight Bagoth will 
    join you.
    	Rummy- On Day 2, be at the beach by 7 AM. There you will meet Rummy. Later that day, meet
    her at the Restaurant at 7:30 PM. You'll walk her home. On day three, visit her house between 
    12-6 PM. You'll hear her mutter something but won't be able to get in. On day four between 
    12-6 PM, go to Rummy's room in the castle (first floor southeast corner). She'll run off. Read 
    the notes on her table and then grab the flower. After a fight, you'll get the Nightmare Root. 
    Go to the kitchen between 7-8 PM and add the Nightmare Root to the Blue Glass. After another 
    fight, the dinner scene will replay. Afterwards, Rummy will find you and join. 
    	Claire- To get Claire, go to the bar between 8 PM and 12 AM (Days 1-4). The bar is in the
    southeastern corner. There you will meet Claire. Buy a bottle of liquor and give it to her. The 
    next day, visit her at her shop. 
    	Ano- On Day 3, visit Ano in his room on the 2nd floor of the castle (northwest corner). 
    Talk to him and then talk to the researchers in the next room. One will talk about the golden 
    feather pen. Go to the pen shop. Talk to the lady and then go to the Hunter's Village. Take 
    Rummy and Bagoth with you. Rummy will get you past the guard at the far south past all the 
    houses. Take this path west/north and then south. When you get there, during the day, talk to a 
    little girl by the archery targets about the golden bird. Then talk to the man in the blue vest. 
    Then head to the cemetery. Bagoth will get you past the guard there. Between 12-6 AM, find the 
    large golden bird and fight it. Take the feather back to the pen shop. Six hours later, get the
    pen and take it to Ano. A boss fight breaks out. Afterwards, Ano joins you.
    	Kyte- Visit the bar in the southwest. You'll play a song for Kyte and have a drink. Go 
    back to the harbor east of the bar during the day. He should be standing next to a red boat. 
    Recruit him and you'll have to fight. Afterwards, take him to the castle and enter in the east 
    side entrance. After a fight, he'll be convinced and join you.
    	Plosi- (First available in week 3) To find Plosi's house, you have to head out east on 
    the path behind the Inn and take a U-turn at the first northern path, which will turn you back 
    to the west. Take the path back through the town center map under the bridge and into the next 
    map. Run through the park/shrine into the next area. Plosi's house will be down a path. Take 
    Mouse there by himself on Day One or Two between 12-6 PM. Plosi will ask you to bring back a 
    female. Get one of the women you've recruited and come back before 6 AM on the third day. Go 
    back with that same person on Day Three between 6 and 9 AM. He'll take you to the castle where 
    you get attacked. After a meeting with the princess, he will become an ally.
    	Gallhint- If you want to get Beak and Fang, recruit them first! On days 1-3, talk to 
    Rinna's dad any time in the morning to get the broken watch. Take it to Claire at her shop. 
    Either during that week, or any following the broken watch incident, visit Gallhint in his 
    hideout in map on day 1 or 2 between 12-6 PM. You'll have to fight his girlfriend and partners 
    to gain access. On the next week, meet Rinna on day 2 from 1-4 PM. After the talk with Zenne go 
    immediately to Gallhint's hideout. Now, wait for Xelpherpolis' speech on day 3 at 7:45 PM in the 
    castle yard. A fight will break out between Xelpherpolis and Gallhint, Mouse, and whoever else. 
    After the fight, answer YES and a series of scenes will play out in an alternate dream world. Go 
    to the fighting arena in (along the same path as the Inn) and talk to the old man. You'll fight 
    in the tournament. The next day, head to Claire's shop and get the broken watch out of the time 
    safe. Things will revert back to normal. Now, go back to the Inn and Beak will be there. Then 
    before you fight Lloyd you will see Gallhint's hand grab a dagger and throw it at him. After all 
    this go to the hideout and talk to Gallhint.
    	Lloyd- After a fight with Lyod, Ano will pick up his parts. Give Claire all three 
    treasures and the next week he will join you.
    	Grantus- After you defeat him at Ano's Dungeon return there later and put a Wish Flower 
    on his grave (bought at flower shop on beach in center square) and after a little bit of playing 
    he will join. On the top floor of the flower shop in Bazaar a man will tell the story of a hero 
    defeating an evil man and putting flowers on his grave then comes back to life.
    IV. Weapon Upgrade Locations
    	Mouse- At mall in center square in a double house at the middle path in the east side.
    	Rinna- None.
    	RindRinna- None.
    	Bagoth- Go west past the church in the map south of the center square. Fist shop on the 
    south side.
    	Rummy- At the mall in the center square. The shop on the east side, southern most house 
    facing west.
    	Claire- West of the resturant where you eat with Rummy.
    	Ano- None.
    	Kyte- Feed him different fish to change his weapon.
    Scabbard Fish- Bought at the fish shop across from Rummy's house(strongest so 
    far/initial equip)
    Micro Fish- Bought at the same place as Scabbard Fish.
    Hammerhead Fish- Found in or around the old hag's house.
    Horned Devil Fish- Found during Beak and Fang quest.
    	Plosi- None.
    	Gallhint- Same as Mouse.
    	Lloyd- None.
    	Beak- Same as Mouse.
    	Fang- Same as Bagoth.
    	Grantus- Talk to the a celestial person at the entrance to the celestrial village.
    V.Ability List(coming soon)
    	Thanks go out to:
    Konami for making this awesome game
    Gamefaqs for having an awesome website
    Razorskin intoliquidsky@yahoo.com for letting me contribute in his webite: 
    All the people on the Ephemeral Fantasia message boards
    God for being himself
    Family for letting me live even though I piss them off
    Friends for being friends
    Girlfriend for being my girlfriend
    	This faq is meant for personal use only. It cannot be printed and sold or put on your own
    website without permission. If you as a reader see this on any other site except for gamefaqs 
    e-mail me with the name of the site and there e-mail address. It cannot be altered what so ever.
    This is owned made and copyrighted by Bradley Flikeid. I have no association with konami or sony 
    and all the place and character names are copyrighted by them.

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