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    FAQ/Walkthrough by PyroFalkon

    Version: 2.3a | Updated: 11/01/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ephemeral Fantasia (PlayStation 2)
    Document written by PyroFalkon (pyrofalkon@hotmail.com)
    Current version: 2.3a
    Last update: 1 November 2003
    v2.3a (1 November 2003)
    It's been nearly a year, but unfortunately my site is down for the count. 
    Luckily, IGN has decided to host my FAQs too, so it's all good. A new copyright 
    notice is the only change.
    1. Intro
       a. The Golden Rules of RPGs
    2. Walkthrough
    3. Blacksmith shops
    4. Mini-games
       a. Music
       b. The Drinking Game
       c. Musical Dominos
    5. Unconfirmed Information
    6. Confirmed Information
    7. Version History
    8. Copyright Info
    9. Contact Info
    ||1. INTRO||
    I would like to start by saying that IGN.com, GameSpot, and other reviews
    didn't do this game justice. While it has its problems (most of which slap you
    in the face right off the bat), I think it's much better than it's being given
    credit for.
    Okay, that's off my chest. I played about an hour into the game, then I
    realized, "Hey! I could do an FAQ about this! Woo hoo!" So I started the game
    over, and I wrote as I played.
    I'm going to assume you've read the manual at least enough to know how to walk
    and all that basic stuff. After the end of this tiny section, I jump into the
    game, so if you want character bios, this isn't the place, although I'll offer
    my own comments about personalities and such along the way. For example, if
    there's something particularly stupid in the diaglogue, I'll make a note of it.
    Feel free to submit your own!
    This FAQ is designed to take you from the very beginning to the very end in 52
    game days. There are spoilers all over the place, including plot lines, so
    don't say I didn't warn you.
    One thing I pride myself on is making complete, accurate, and detailed
    instructions on how to get from point A to point B. I can't stand FAQs that
    simply say, "You need to be here, so go here and follow the path." Well, that
    path may have a million intersections, and I don't like getting lost. If you
    ever do get lost, e-mail me and I'll make sure to fix the directions for the
    next update.
    I used Bodi Anderson's FAQ on this game (also available at GameFAQs) as a
    reference, although his is for the Japanese version.
    My strategy may differ from yours. If you have anything to add, by all means
    e-mail it my way. This game is EXTREMELY non-linear after day 5, so you can do
    most of what I did in a different order and still be okay. If you have a better
    suggestion of how to do things, e-mail it to me, and I may put it in the next
    update. You'll get credit where it's due, yada yada.
    Enough of that, it's game time!
    |1a. The Golden Rules of RPGs|
    Three simple rules that dictate play in any and all role-playing games. Read
    'em, memorize 'em, and practice 'em.
    1. Talk to everybody.
    2. Explore everything.
    3. Search everywhere.
    ||2. WALKTHROUGH||
    Let's see... eject button... disc in... loading up... yay! Title screen!
    Okay, if you're a fan of the Final Fantasy series (or, really, any other RPG
    series out there), I recommend you head to the options, then choose Battle
    Config, then turn off Command Memory. This has the same effect as the Cursor
    Memory option of FF games, and I don't really like it. Then again, if you do,
    by all means leave it.
    Choosing start... now loading... wow! Shakespeare!
    So there's this boat in the ocean. It looks small enough to fit inside my
    living room.
    Okay, our orange-haired hero is riding this boat and heading to Pandule Island.
    He wakes up as a seaman tells him the island is just over the bend. Apparently,
    he's been asked to write this happy song for a royal wedding.
    Pattimo, the lute that our hero has on his back, starts talking (maybe our hero
    got a really bad case of motion sickness; I know that when I do, the ship
    itself starts talking back to me). Pattimo makes some off-hand (is that
    off-string?) comment about our hero getting too distracted by women, and that
    he really should try to behave on Pandule. Yeah, right, I can already see where
    this is heading.
    The ship lands; our hero disembarks, and is told he'll be picked up in six
    days. Sounds like a plan.
    After that, you get manual control, but as you walk south, you'll be forced
    into another automatic converation with seaman Kyte, some jabroni that's
    holding a swordfish. Moments later (while still in automatic control), you run
    into Royal Guard Rummy, a strawberry blond who apparently doesn't like wearing
    too much. Gotta love anime.
    Anyway, you finally get to name your hero... The default name is Mouse?
    Blech... Oh well, I always stick with defaults. No one named Pyro will be
    running around this island, I can tell you that.
    (The game zooms in on Rummy here. It's funny, when you look at anyone straight
    on, their nose seems to disappear.) Apparently, Rummy is Mouse's guide on the
    island. She'll lead you to the inn while talking, and everything is still in
    auto control. She gives you a bit of info about the island, like the fact that
    there's only 400 people there, and that everyone is going nutty with
    preperations for the wedding.
    As they continue, you learn that Sir Xelpherpolis is marrying the princess,
    which does sound like a pretty darn important event. Immediately after, Pattimo
    makes a comment about Rummy's breasts (which, I'm sure you've noticed, have
    been merrily bouncing this whole time). Man, games have changed in the past
    Rummy and Mouse make their way to the inn, and Rummy shows Mouse to the room.
    She says that she'll escort you to the palace at 5 PM, but you're free wander
    the city while you wait. She then leaves, and Pattimo and Mouse again strike up
    a conversation. That thing makes me nervous, but apparently Rummy makes IT
    nervous. It wonders whether Rummy has a private adgenda, and warns you not to
    let your guard down.
    Then it reveals that apparently Mouse is not only a good musician, but a thief
    as well. With the island in chaos over the event, swiping valuables should be
    no big challenge, in theory.
    Then, the inn keeper pops into your room and talks your ears off. He finally
    goes away, indirectly giving you a piece of map (accessed by hitting the Select
    Finally, you get freedom.
    |Day 1|
    Off the bat, search the other two rooms carefully for items. You get your first
    chance to save when you exit the inn; from what I can tell, you can save
    anytime you're not in a building or dungeon. I would just like to state for the
    record that I love "save anywhere, anytime" games.
    Hmm... it seems that every house has at least one item to swipe. Not too bad.
    Just make sure to search every nook and cranny inside the houses if you enter
    them. The townspeople don't have anything too important to say, but Golden Rule
    #1 still holds merit.
    Quotable quote #1: "Drinkers always want to drink. They just want to always be
    drinking!" ~Aldon's Brother
    Anyway, explore to your heart's content. Make mental notes and directions so
    you can get to the mall and Pubilc Office whenever you need to. The former lets
    you buy items and weapon upgrades for Mouse, and latter is a source of money
    soon, which I'll explain in a second. At 5 PM, Rummy finds you no matter where
    you are and escorts you to the palace, making automatic control kick in again.
    You and Rummy meet General Bagoth at the palace doors. Sir Xelpherpolis is
    waiting for everyone, so you're led to his throne room. (He looks like a nicer
    version of Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7, I notice.) He talks a bit, giving
    everyone a bit of Mouse's past and reputation. He repeats his request that
    Mouse write and perform a song for the wedding, knowing full well that 5 days
    is a bit unreasonable.
    After agreeing to perform (you're forced into it), Xelpherpolis -- you know
    what, I'm going to call him Xel from now on -- Xel declares you a friend and
    offers to pay you 100,000 gold once the wedding is done with. He pays you 10%
    in advance now.
    Just then, Princess Loreille enters the scene. She's the chick on the front
    cover of the game, and she, like Rummy, thinks clothes are out of style and
    skin is in, and I'm certainly not complaining. For some reason, I have this
    thing for anime chicks with that aqua-colored hair. Bah, I still think Rummy is
    Um, ahem, anyway... Mouse is completely overcome by Loreille's beauty and drops
    Pattimo on the ground. Loreille silently picks it up for Mouse, then hands it
    to them. As they both hold it, Mouse is inspired for his song.
    Now, I'm gong to interject here and explain how this lute-playing thing works,
    because I don't think the game did a good enough job at it.
    First off, hit select to bring up options, and choose controller type. Four
    buttons will be used, but you'll need extremely nimble fingers. Still, I
    recommend the default control type.
    Anyway, the way this works... see those three vertical columns on the left? As
    the song plays, lines (the measures of the song) will scroll up from the
    bottom, and sections will be colored. What you have to do is hold the correct
    button matching the section. Then, as the color lines up with the colored bar
    near the top of the column, you hit the pick button.
    For example, the first note is colored red. So you'd hold L2, lighting up that
    entire column. As the note hits the red bar near the top, you would hit Circle
    to pluck the guitar and make the note. Of course, that's all under the type-A
    control scheme. Your buttons may vary. Watch out for the very last note since
    you'll need to hold all three buttons at once, which is a weird task in the
    type-C and type-D schemes.
    Man, if only Rummy and Bagoth are clapping, they're sure making a lot of noise.
    Anyway, don't worry if you totally bomb this on your first attempt (I certainly
    did), because you can practice anytime afterwards. However, if you do
    exceptionally poorly, Xel will take back some of his advance. Do exceptionally
    well, and he'll give you a small raise.
    After the impromptu performance, an angry Rummy escorts Mouse out of the
    palace. She's a bit jealous of Loreille... I thought it was because my crappy
    performance. You get your manual control back, and now you can practice the
    song anytime you wish by accessing Pattimo through the item screen.
    Anyway, now you can explore the city again. Remember I told you to keep the
    location of the Public Office in mind? To get your advance, head to the Public
    Office building on your map and talk to Cofotober, the guy on the east wall.
    Now that you have some money, it's time to go shopping. Exit the building and
    go southwest a little to the intersection, then take the west path. The road is
    linear if you ignore all the buildings. The road will turn south, then it will
    turn west again. After it makes that west turn, a building will be on the south
    side of the road. Enter; this is where you can buy Antidotes and other
    status-restoring potions. Don't worry about buying anything now, but make sure
    you remember where this building is. You'll need a bunch of Antidotes
    After that, I recommend you buy Live Berries (northwest building of the mall)
    and upgrade Mouse's weapon once (south-central building of the mall). Although
    the weapon is a high priority, those antidotes and Live Berries are a little
    more important at the moment.
    After you have your stuff, keep on exploring. Start where you left off and keep
    pillaging the poor people. If you get antsy and want to hurry to the next
    event, head back to the inn and check your bed. You can sleep and advance the
    clock there by a few hours.
    |Day 2|
    At either midnight (if you stayed up) or when you wake up, Pattimo will suggest
    that you head to the palace. You're forced into it, but you don't have to worry
    about walking there since you're teleported automatically. You begin at the
    entrance of the palace, so move around and get a feel for the place.
    Eventually, you'll want to head to the throne room. It's on the second floor,
    and stairs are provided toward the northwestern corner of the first floor. In
    the throne room, Pattimo and Mouse look around but find nothing to steal.
    Pattimo suggests that you "look over there," although it doesn't tell you what
    exactly "there" is.
    On the north end of the throne room, you can head east or west, though you
    won't get anywhere important if you go east. When you finally do head through
    the northwest door, follow the extremely linear path to Loreille's bedroom. You
    automatically walk out onto her balcony to find her staring out at the starry
    sky. Pattimo starts talking out loud, and it notices that Loreille doesn't seem
    to care that Mouse just broke into the room (or the fact that the thing is
    talking at all).
    For the first time, Loreille speaks, and calls the island paradise a prison.
    Hmm... She then walks away, and Pattimo tells Mouse that they should leave.
    That seemed rather pointless. You're deposited at the castle entrance at the
    base of her tower, and you can go back in... You can't talk to Loreille any
    more, though. I hate it when they keep secrets from me.
    Anyway, you get freedom, so go exploring.
    Quotable quote #2: "People who take things are thieves." ~from a piece of paper
    inside a treasure box in the NE part of town
    At a hair before 6 AM (again assuming you stayed up and explored), you're
    thrown back to your room. The innkeeper whishes you good morning, then tells
    you that the Holy Gem ceremony is happening today. Pattimo suggests you go.
    Sounds like a plan.
    At the beach where the event supposedly will take place, all is quiet and empty
    with no one in sight. Well, not until Mouse looks over to his right, anyway.
    Standing in the water is Rummy, wearing even less than normal. She says that
    the ceremony starts at 8 AM and is held a bit north of where you're now
    standing. She then decides to escort you, which just makes the day that much
    As you head north, you enter your first fight. Rummy is strong enough to kill
    it herself, but she'll comment on how strong Mouse is whether he actually did
    I'm interjecting here again. Now that battles come into play, I want to talk
    about the styles (or stances, as I call them). Before and during each fight,
    you can select what stance you want your fighters to take: offensive,
    defensive, or balanced. Offensive gives you more attack, but you take more
    damage. Defensive does the opposite, and balanced lies somewhere in between.
    Through most of these early stages of the game, I recommend a balanced stance,
    although you can probably get away with an offensive stance, especially if
    you're packing plenty of Live Berries to heal HP.
    You can pick up a D.H. Egg in a treasure box on the west end of beach (head
    down to the Confirmed Information for more about D.H. Eggs, but reailze that
    there are a million spoilers in that section). Within a few seconds, it will be
    time for the Holy Gem Ceremony, and you'll be transported there automatically.
    Some weird funky magic happens as mummies do pelvic dances, and eventually the
    Holy Gem appears after Loreille, who is looking absolutely stoned, passes out.
    It's times like this that you just stare at a game and say "Oookaaayyy..."
    After the ceremony, General Bagoth talks to Mouse and asks him to be at the
    palace in the afternoon. Don't worry, like usual, you'll be transported there
    automatically when the time comes. Rummy, the ever curious one, wants to know
    what's going on, but doesn't stick around to pry. You're left alone with the
    talking banjo again, and you're given freedom to explore the forest. Explore it
    at your leisure, and make sure to level up as much as possible. Ignore
    Pattimo's request to head back to the inn; fighting is more important.
    After the cutscenes, run south a bit, then turn west into the grassy plain.
    Keep heading southwest until you find a sign post in the middle of the plain,
    then head north to the farmers' house. In the house, you can find another map
    piece, this one for your immediate area in the forest, in the little bookshelf
    by the beds. (There's another set of houses nearby to the east, but they don't
    contain any map piece.)
    At 11:30, Pattimo warns that you probably shouldn't go to the palace, but
    realizes that you're going to go anyway. At 1 PM, Pattimo says that it's time
    to go talk to the general, and you're teleported there automatically.
    At the palace, you find Rummy in one of her really ticked off moods again.
    ("Unfortunately, I'll be escorting you," she says. It's not unfortunate to me!)
    She escorts you to Bagoth's chambers anyway, where he greets you happily. He
    asks Rummy to fetch the two of you drinks, then mentions how she's always angry
    at everything. Bagoth leads Mouse to a different room before Rummy gets back,
    leaving her even more angry than how she started.
    Bagoth confides in you that he's been sensing evil approaching the island, and
    he asks if you think he's crazy. I answered yes, because I'm mean like that. He
    leaves you alone, giving you freedom to explore, and Pattimo suggests we get
    the heck off the island. Well, we shouldn't do anything that rash yet... so for
    now, let's explore the castle.
    Within a few steps of leaving the little area, you're attacked. Pattimo wonders
    aloud what the creature is, but lets it pass. I assure you that all the enemies
    in this place are realatively easy, as long as you avoid the offensive stance
    since you'll take mediocre amounts of damage. I just stayed balanced and
    performed well.
    Anyway, now you can explore the castle. The paths are generally linear, but you
    could get lost. The shortest route to the exit from your starting position is
    to head west, go down the stairs, follow the hallway around, north at the next
    intersection, go down those stairs, then just said straight south. However, I
    stick around a bit, grabbing items and talking everyone, not to mention
    leveling up. Of course, it's up to you.
    If you head through the east path closest to the palace entrance, then enter
    the room on the east edge, one of the soldiers there will give you a map piece.
    It's not that detailed, but hey, it's something.
    At precisely 5 PM, Rummy appears out of nowhere no matter where you are. She
    invites you to join her at the restaurant in town at 7:30 PM and provides you
    with a map. Unlike the events so far, you are NOT teleported there
    automatically when the time comes. If you're on the other side of the palace,
    you need to hurry to the exit to get to the restaurant in time. I would suggest
    that you save, just in case you don't make it and need to do a second attempt.
    I timed that it takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to get from the castle entrance to
    the restaurant if you run full speed, don't make wrong turns, and don't talk to
    anybody. Therefore, the absolute latest you can leave the palace is at 6:20,
    and that's cutting it close. If you get there early, I'd suggest practicing the
    song. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes.
    Okay, here's how to get to the restaurant. Exit the castle, then cut through
    the town square. Exit the square from the southwestern exit, then head north
    immediately (like you're going to the Public Office). Turn east at the next
    entrance and pass under the bridge, then take the first north. Go up the little
    ramp, then head east (the only way you can). After the next section loads, keep
    going east. The road will end and turn north, then give you another
    intersection. Go north, then turn east when you come to the next T-section.
    You'll pass a little well on the north side of the road, and the next building
    you see is the restaurant. (Double-check your map to find the exact place.)
    In any event, once you're in the restaurant and 7:30 rolls around, Rummy
    appears at a table. You sit with her, dine, and can ask her questions about
    Loreille, Xel, the wedding, or Rummy herself. If you want the most information,
    choose Loreille last and choose the others repeatedly until she starts
    repeating herself.
    Once you're ready to continue (or if you're in a hurry to just get on with it),
    ask her about Loreille twice to trigger the next event. Rummy gets rather mad
    again and walks out to the balcony, where Mouse follows her. There's a short
    dialogue exchanged, then Rummy leaves. It's 8 PM, and you again have the
    freedom to explore. You may want to get the piece of map on the east side of
    town. It's held by a peace-keeping officer inside the church, which is two
    buildings south of the restuarant.
    Things are getting a little creepy on the island, so let's take Pattimo's
    suggestion of getting out of here (just humor me). Once you get the map piece,
    exit the church and head east. Cross the stone bridge and follow the road
    around as it eventually heads south. At the intersection, keep going south, and
    you'll go down a small ramp. You'll be on some dirt in an area behind some
    houses if you're on the right track. Cut west between the buildings until you
    find the cobblestone road, then turn south. This road is linear for a long
    while before giving you an intersection. At it, go west, then keep following
    the road north. At the next intersection, go west down the little ramp. At the
    next intersection, go south. Yet again the road become extremely linear. Take
    the west turn when you get to the T-section, and you'll be back at the harbor
    that you started the whole adventure on. Keep going west, and you'll enter
    automatic control.
    Mouse sees a guy sleeping on the job, so he sneaks past him and heads to a
    little red rowboat. Mouse heads out to see, thinking about things, and Pattimo
    notices that the boat didn't get very far before turning around. Loreille's
    words about the island being a prison come back to haunt Mouse. He decides to
    just head back to island, and you're given manual control.
    |Day 3|
    It's now 6 AM, and we need to book it back to the inn. From the harbor, go
    east, and take the north path at the intersection. The cobblestone road is
    linear for a long time, then you reach a familiar T-section. Go north here,
    then turn west when the cobblestone road shortly ends. Wind your way through
    all the tents and everything, and you'll eventually cross a stone bridge. Keep
    going west through the mall and town square, then head north as if you're
    heading to the Public Office. Go east, pass under the bridge, and jump into the
    inn just beside you.
    Talk to Rinna's father from across the desk. He mentions that the bandits are
    active, so the town is a bit dangerous at night. After a few more warnings,
    Rinna, the innkeeper's daughter, pops up from nowhere and offers to give you a
    tour of the island. Go for it.
    She'll show you several places in the town, then take you to her "special
    place" (it's an area in the forest, you sick pervert!). There, you'll have to
    perform the song for her. You don't get or lose anything no matter how well you
    do, but it's nice to have a high score and to hear Rinna's applause.
    After the song, the Holy Crown Ceremony commences near the clearing. Rinna
    leads Mouse to it. The mummies do more of their pelvic dances, Loreille passes
    out again, and a gold crown appears on the pedestal. After that, you get to
    explore and fight in the forest. Rinna will assist you in fights, but be
    careful with her, because she's a total wussie. You may want to keep her in a
    defensive stance; she's not all that strong on offense anyway. I mean, just how
    much damage CAN you do with a mop?
    By the way, immediately after you get manual control back, head northeast. In a
    treasure box there obscured slightly by the trees will be a map piece. You
    should also head back to Rinna's special place to grab the treasure box you saw
    when you performing the song for her. Hit Select to bring up the map piece you
    just got. Her special place is that little clearing in the southeast corner of
    the map.
    Anyway, run around the forest leveling up until 4 PM when you'll be teleported
    automatically back to the inn. Rinna departs to get ready for the Dancing
    Ceremony, and the innkeeper says that your presence is requested at the castle
    for the wedding reception, but it's not for a few hours.
    You're free to do as you please. At 6 PM, it starts raining, but dancers appear
    in the town square along with a bunch of people anyway. The citizens have some
    nifty things to say, some of which is of course totally pointless. However,
    you're still not due at the castle for another hour, so just explore or relax.
    When 7 PM rolls around, a Lady of the Court will appear and teleport you to the
    palace automatically. There, Xel publicly thanks everyone for supporting him,
    then summons Loreille to appear in her wedding dress. (Isn't that bad luck?)
    She is, of course, stunning, although she has one funky hat.
    Unfortunately, the party is crashed by bandits, led by their leader, Gallhint.
    During the battle, Loreille says that the whole thing is staged and that Xel
    would win by stabbing the leader in the chest. It happens that way exactly,
    with the stab accompanied by a fountain of blood. Xel reveals for apparently no
    reason that he's actually controlling the people on the island, and everyone
    eventually forgets their identity to act how Xel himself chooses. In other
    words, not only does Xel LOOK like Sephiroth, he's just as evil.
    You're left to wander around on your own.
    |Day 4|
    At just a hair before 6 AM, you're thrown into a cutscene with Ano, the magic
    scientist. He makes a comment about the Sacred Sword, and then the scene cuts
    again to Xel and Loreille on her balcony. We find out a bit more just how
    detestable Xel is. After that, the scene changes back to Mouse, wherever you
    were standing when the scenes started, and you're free to explore again.
    At some point in the morning, if you head to the castle, you'll trigger an
    event. Xel more or less threatens you, although he does it in such a way that
    you can't just bash him over the head with Pattimo, although that would
    certainly be a nice option right now. Anyway, Ano pops up, informing Xel of a
    few problems with the Sacred Sword because the Demon Reactor is having issues.
    Ano leaves after making his report, and Xel invites you to dinner with him that
    night since it'll be the only chance you have to see all the treasures up close
    and personal. He says that the dinner in the castle is as 8 PM, and then he
    leaves you in peace to wander everywhere again.
    Immediately, go west along the path past plants. You'll pass Loreille's tower,
    and after you take a few more steps, you'll see the princess herself in a
    cutscene. She dismisses her aides and is left alone with Mouse. She asks you
    what you want from her, and either choice more or less produces the same
    answer. Either way, she basically says that Xel can't be stopped, and we're all
    screwed. We'll see about that!
    You're free to wander around again now, and there's a quick stop we need to
    make. From the castle, go south so you cross the long bridge and fly down the
    stairs. Bear west around the town square, then go north as soon as you can (as
    if you're going to the Public Office). Turn east and keep running, going PAST
    the inn. At the end of the road to the north side is a gray stone building.
    Enter this, then talk to the guy in the back of the room. He'll thank you for
    being a tourist, then he'll give you a Monster Chart, accessible through the
    Item menu. This is a record of the monsters you've fought, although it's pretty
    darn empty at the moment. You won't be able to get more info for the monsters
    for a long time, but I'll mention it when we get there.
    Now you're free to do as you please until 7:30 PM, when a nameless royal guard
    will appear and escort you to the palace automatically for the dinner. Rummy is
    there to serve drinks, but Xel senses something and takes Loreille's drink away
    from her, then orders Rummy to drink it herself. Rummy tosses the blue glass
    away, which bursts into flames (that's some powerful stuff). Rummy is taken
    away for her attempted murder, although Xel doesn't seem too concerned.
    Loreille isn't pleased, but Xel insists that everyone is going to end up being
    his puppets. What a nice guy!
    An explosion in the Demon Reactor sends Mouse scurrying to the scene. Many are
    dead, including Geneal Bagoth. He managed to save the Sacred Sword though, so
    it's not all bad... Although, he was a nice guy. Pity we couldn't get him on
    our side.
    You have freedom, and you can even walk into the building that just exploded.
    However, there's nothing inside the building except for enemies. Then again,
    you could always hunt around here to gain a few levels and some money. As
    always, it's up to you.
    |Day 5|
    At about 6 AM, you get a cut scene of Xel, happy that this is the day of his
    wedding. Immediately after, you get control of Mouse again.
    Sometime between noon and 6 PM, head to the castle. Take the little stone road
    that goes west right before the first planter. Walk on the grass near the
    tower, and Pattimo will make an off-hand comment about being under Loreille's
    Freeze, then go to your Items list. Whip out Pattimo and play Impression, the
    only song you have. No matter how you do, a short dialogue will go between
    Mouse and Loreille, and you'll get a new song, Love Grow! (It doesn't SAY you
    got it, but if you go to Pattimo through the Item screen, you'll see that it's
    there.) Don't take a step, immediately play the new song. You'll get ANOTHER
    cut scene with Loreille, who tosses down a flower.
    Now you're free to explore until 8 PM, when a scene in the town square is
    shown. The dancers keep dancing, and fireworks light the sky as the cloth on
    the statue finally comes off to reveal a stupid large stony version of Xel.
    That guy's ego is so huge, I'm not sure how his head fits on his body. Anyway,
    you're again free to explore until 10 till 9, when Pattimo says that it's time
    to give Xel a new present.
    The wedding gets underway, with Loreille not looking too pleased about the
    whole thing. The crowd happily applauds at everything as a spotlight falls on
    Mouse. Here, you have to perform a new song called Eternal Love, which is
    similar to but much longer than the original Impression. I absolutely bombed my
    first attempt. Here was my score:
    Rank: D
    Great: 96
    Good: 61
    Bad: 81
    Max Combo: 37
    Score: 1610400
    The crowd applauds for you, no matter how badly you did. As Mouse goes up to
    shake Xel's hand, the former sees his chance and pulls his sword out. However,
    Xel is too quick, and he grabs the Sacred Sword to block, completely warding
    the attack. A few words are exchanged, and the guards come rushing while the
    crowd becomes panicked.
    Loreille tries to cheer you on, but Xel says that it's too late to fight. Mouse
    and Loreille look around to see everything frozen. A fight commences between
    you and Xel, but it's a fixed fight that you WILL lose. Don't fret, it's part
    of the storyline.
    Anyway, you see the island getting washed over with Xel's evil magic as Mouse
    gets frozen himself.
    The screen goes black for a moment. When it clears, Mouse is... on the boat
    that had dropped him off??? He's told that he's arrived at his destination, and
    is thrown off onto the docks. The boat disappears in a haze as it sails away.
    Things are getting weird.
    |Day 6|
    Just like last time, seaman Kyte talks to you after a few seconds. The
    conversation proceeds exactly as it had in day 1. Pattimo and Mouse realize
    what's going on with the time, though Mouse plays along as if it had none of
    this happened before. Rummy comes up, bouncing all the way, and repeats what
    she said the first time through. As Pattimo points out, everything that
    happened on the first day is simply repeating itself. It's at this point that I
    thank Konami for putting in the fast forward button to speed the cutscenes. The
    only real difference is that Mouse cuts off Pattimo before it finishes its
    comment about Rummy's breasts. Ah well, at least she doesn't walk away as mad
    this time.
    Once she escorts you to your room at the inn and leaves, Pattimo updates you on
    the situation. It explains it better than I ever could. In short, you need to
    start your journey early and prevent little mistakes the islanders make. Your
    reward will be additional people on your side who manage to remember
    everything, in theory. (Of course, in theory, you were supposed to leave the
    island yesterday, and you weren't supposed to be attacked by a ruthless evil
    guy.) By the way, any item you had at the end of Day 5 is gone (aside from
    equippable items and map pieces), but any that you've swiped from houses are
    back in their drawers or cupboards or wherever.
    You are free to explore the place until 5 PM, when again Rummy will come for
    you and teleport you to the castle to meet with Xel for the "first" time. This
    time, Mouse doesn't drop Pattimo when Loreille appears, but the conversation
    happens as if nothing changed. She touches hands with Mouse, and he plays.
    Here, you can select which song you want to play. I go with Impression since,
    you know, it's the easiest of the three. If you've been practicing, you should
    be able to absolutely tear up the song. Don't forget to collect your advance at
    the Public Office.
    |Day 7|
    It seems that now you're on full exploration mode. You need to find some allies
    and get stronger so you can fight Xel. Sounds like a good idea.
    Let's see, the first thing that happened after day 1 is... *scrolls up his FAQ*
    ... Pattimo suggested that you go to the castle. Well, nothing happened there
    except that Loreille called you a prisoner of the island. I doubt we can
    recruit her, so let's pass on that. The next event was... Ah! It was the whole
    Holy Gem Ceremony! We met up with Rummy, who then took us to the event. Since
    we know that she's going swimming, maybe we can beat her to the beach. Make
    sure to stock up on Live Berries and Antidotes before heading out, you'll need
    For the first time, you'll encounter enemies that can poison you. The poison
    status sticks after a battle, but it only damages you when you're actually
    fighting. Every few seconds, a chunk of your HP is taken, but the game won't
    tell you how much. If you get poisoned (maybe that should be, WHEN you get
    poisoned), always try to do quick attacks. If you're in the middle of a long
    attack, HP will still be taken away during the animation, and it can be a total
    killer, so be careful.
    You'll need to get to the beach by 6 AM. I timed that I could make it in about
    3 hours (remember, battles don't take game time), so you'll need to leave no
    later than 3 AM. To get to the beach from the city, you need to take a path as
    east as possible. Head to the inn, it's a good starting point. From there, go
    west, and take the first path north up the little ramp. Follow that road as
    east as possible. Eventually, you'll have to take a short turn to end up going
    east again. If you're heading the right way, you'll cross the river on a stone
    bridge. The road will come to an end, and it'll turn south. Go ahead and head
    south with it, turning east at the little garden.
    Now here, instead of following the road, keep going east behind the building. A
    tiny path will be there that will lead you into the forest. This is around the
    area where you saw the Holy Crown Ceremony, but you're still a bit away from
    the beach. Follow the dirt trail south, around the bend, and east. When you
    come to an intersection, head east, then follow the dirt path north. Keep an
    eye out for a small dirt path on the east edge of the forest: that's what you
    want to head to. After that, follow the dirt path as northeast as you can.
    You'll eventually stumble onto a piece of map in a treasure box! Keep heading
    northeast, following along the coastline of the river. You'll be able to
    recognize the exact part of the beach by a small pile of brown rocks (where
    Rummy hid behind to change clothes). Once you make it, chill for awhile or
    fight around to get some money. Those weapon upgrades are expensive!
    At 6 AM, Rummy will appear there. Mouse explains what's going on, but Rummy
    doesn't believe him, not that I can blame her. ("So, uh, the time is doing the
    thing like in the movie Groundhog Day. No really, it is!") She gets ticked off,
    changes clothes, then says that she'll escort you to the ceremony anyway.
    There's no period of fighting this time, you are teleported immediately. You
    watch the Holy Gem Ceremony again, and General Bagoth again comes to ask you if
    you'd speak to him at the castle. Rummy promises to pick you up after noon
    Just like on Day 2, at exactly 1 PM you'll be teleported to the castle
    automatically. There's no new dialogue until the General asks you whether you
    think he's crazy. This time, I chose "No." Mouse goes through the trouble of
    explaining things to Bagoth, but the General doesn't believe him. Pattimo
    suggests that you show him proof, like foretelling something that will happen
    in the next few days. Sounds good, keep it in mind.
    (I just had a chilling thought... does this mean that a talking guitar is the
    brains behind the good guys? That's not too reassuring.) You're free to wander
    around the castle. At 5 PM, whether you're in the castle or not, Rummy will
    appear and give you the invitation to dinner that night at 7:30. Again, you
    won't be teleported automatically, so get there early.
    The dinner goes a little different this time, with Rummy getting absolutely
    drunk off her cute little butt, and she poses a question to you: whether you
    think she's attractive, especially compared to the Princess. How can you say
    that those gorgeous green eyes are unattractive? I can't, I'll tell you! The
    problem is, Rummy doesn't believe it. Bah.
    Rummy passes out moments later, and Mouse does the gentleman thing, walking her
    (well, practically carrying her) to her house. A short cut scene ensues, and
    when it finished, almost 12 hours passed. Remember where Rummy's house is, I
    use it as a reference point several more times.
    Anyway, once she's home, Rummy softly says (once Mouse has left), that if he
    really can tell what's going to happen in the future, he should stop her from
    doing what she's planning. Well, we know she's going to try to explode
    Loreille. It will fail, but she doesn't know that yet. Keep that in mind, we
    can prepare to do it later this week.
    |Day 8|
    Since you're this close to the fish store, you can easily get another map piece
    if you have at least 1000 gold. Across the street from Rummy's house, slightly
    north, is the fish store. Enter it, then take the stairs on the east side of
    the building to get to the sunny beach. Head south until you see a narrow
    building with a blue awning. Now, somewhere along the wall hidden by the blue
    awning is the door. It took me a few seconds to find it the first time, but I
    assure you that there's a door there. Enter, and talk to the man behind the
    counter. Choose Buy, then immediately cancel, and he'll offer to sell you the
    map piece for 1000. ("Free map piece, no purchase necessary! Well, except for
    the map piece.") Grab it.
    Okay, on the first week that we were here, Rinna managed to talk us into a date
    this day. Maybe we can free her from the spell (since we already know she's an
    ally due to the bit of fighting we did in the forest), so book it back to the
    inn. From the fish store, head north, go around the little fenced-in grass, and
    you'll soon find the road that goes to the Public Office and the inn. Talk to
    Rinna's father from across the desk like you did last time.
    Mouse looks a little stoned as he listens... maybe he's still a bit tipsy from
    last night? As before, Rinna pops up and wants another date. Accept, and follow
    her as she takes you on a tour through the island again (don't you love the
    fast-forward button?). Things get a little different once you get to her
    special place though... instead of playing Impression, you have to deal with a
    new song called Woods Energy. THIS SONG IS FRIGGIN' HARD. Here's my first
    Rank: D
    Great: 33
    Good: 26
    Bad: 103
    Max Combo: 13
    Score: 416,300
    As you can see, I blew it. Big time. Good thing she's a naive girl, or she
    would have taken that mop and broke it over my head.
    Anyway, the Holy Crown Ceremony commences, and you're forced to watch it. Hurry
    and finish checking out the mummies' strip routines, then get ready to run (as
    if you wouldn't run from mummies doing strip routines in the first place).
    Okay, with Rinna in tow, let's go check on Rummy, see if she's sobered up yet.
    Hit select to bring up your map. As you can see, you'll have to go south, then
    west, then southwest, then north, then west. Do so. Once you're back in town,
    go west, then south. You'll head down a small ramp, and the road ends. Turn
    west here. Cut between the buildings, then go north when you hit the
    cobblestone road. Keep going west at the intersection, then go west around the
    buildings when the road ends. You're on the right path if you cross a crappy
    wooden bridge and you find yourself in the mall.
    From here, so southwest after you cut west through the mall and town square.
    Head south, and the second building on the west side is Rummy's. Approach her
    door, and you'll eavesdrop on her planning something. Creepy... although we
    already know what she's going to do. At least we know that she's still planning
    it, and she wants us to stop her, but we can't do a thing until tomorrow. Keep
    it in mind, however.
    Okay, you're taken back to the inn automatically at 4 PM like last time. You
    are once again invited to the castle for the wedding reception, but this time
    there's no escort to the castle. To get the cutscene, you have to be on the
    castle courtyard (the area between the bridge and the front door) at 7:45.
    Sephiroth -- er, Xel -- appears for the party, and it's crashed again by the
    bandits. One death later, Xel more or less admits that he knows Mouse is aware
    of the time loop, but brags that Mouse can't do anything about it. Xel seems
    even more evil than Sephiroth, but his taste in clothing is far worse.
    |Day 9|
    Since we know that Rummy is going to try something tonight at the dinner that
    will won't be very healthy to her, let's go try to warn her ahead of time.
    After noon, head to the castle. Rummy's room is on the floor below you. Take
    the first path west, and bear west when the path turns north and splits into
    two. Take those stairs down, then follow the path east. At the intersection,
    head east until you smack into a wall. Take a quick hop south, then another
    path east. You'll encounter another set of stairs, but that's not the target.
    The room that's just east of the stairs is Rummy's room. Head in there and talk
    to her.
    She'll leave you, and leave three items on her table at the same time. Save the
    game, then check out the piece of paper. Hmm... apparently, her homemade bomb
    can be nulled with a Nightmare Root. Now check out the flower and stone, and
    you'll engage in a fight. This monster is called Jaylamu. He's strong, but he's
    awfully slow, so you shouldn't have any problems if you have some Live Berries
    in reserve. Beat him to get the Root. If only all quests are this easy.
    The dinner occurs at 8 PM, remember, so you'll need to get to the kitchen
    before then. Simply reverse the directions I gave you to go back to the stairs,
    but don't take them. The kitchen is right across from them. Talk to the chefs,
    and you'll find that you'll need to come back between 7 and 8. I suggest that
    you just fight around in the hall until the appointed time. Either way, go back
    into the kitchen when the time comes and talk to the chefs. They'll tell you
    that the glasses with the wine are "over there," or by the shelves toward the
    west end of the room. Save the game, then check the glasses, and you'll be
    asked which glass the Princess was given. Choose the Blue one, and you'll
    engage in another fight with Jaylamu, albeit without arms. Take him out like
    before. Afterwards, you'll be automatically taken to the banquet.
    The scene starts the same way, with the drinks being served. When Xel orders
    Rummy to drink the now-unpoisoned wine, however, Mouse volunteers himself. He
    takes a drink, much to Rummy's scare, but because the bomb has been defused, he
    simply hands the glass back with a smile. He then sits back down and starts
    eating, oblivious to everything, reminding me a bit of Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
    With no reason to toss her in a dungeon, Xel just resumes the dinner and lets
    Rummy be.
    The scene breaks to after the banquet. Rummy stops Mouse in the hall and asks
    how he knew about the poison. Pattimo decides to make himself known now and
    answers for him. Mouse lays a hand affectionately on Rummy's shoulder, and
    POOF! You get a new party member! Finally, battles AREN'T solo!
    Now that you have a second member, I need to tell you something that may break
    your heart and/or annoy the snot out of you. Remember that you can upgrade your
    weapon at blacksmith shops? The problem is that every character has their own
    shop. Yeah, it bites... I'll put a list at the end of the FAQ to tell you where
    they are, but I'll also put it here in the walkthrough. Rummy's is the
    southwest building of the group of six in the village mall, near the one for
    Now, didn't it annoy you that you lost all your items after the time warp?
    Let's prevent that from happening next time! Save the game if you haven't
    recently, and then get the heck out of the castle. From the starting point,
    head south and bear east, and follow the path around west and north to take the
    stairs down. Step west a bit, then just run south, and you'll be free of the
    Then, head all the way south until you're down the stairs. Immediately head
    east, go north around the mall, and cross the wooden bridge. Keep going east
    until you find the gray cobblestone road and head south. Follow the road as it
    bends southeast, and turn west at the intersection. Go down the little hill,
    then immedately go into the gray building just to the south. This is the
    village bar.
    Talk to the woman at the bar, the one with blue hair. This is Claire, the
    famous watchmaker everyone in the world has been talking about. After speaking
    with her, talk to the girl at the far west edge, behind the counter. Buy a
    drink for 200G, then talk to Claire again. You'll pass the drink to her, making
    her happy. One conversation later, you now have access to her watch shop.
    |Day 10|
    Mess around or sleep until 6 AM. After that, we should go check out the watch
    shop. A good starting point is the statue in the center of the town square, so
    head there. From it, take the road in the southwest corner of the square, then
    turn west at the intersection. Keep following the road west, and you'll
    eventually slam into the watch shop's door.
    Once you enter, Claire will greet you. Go ahead and check things out, then
    leave anytime. As you do, she'll stop you and give you a premonition that
    you'll be involved with something big (well, gee whiz, ya think so?). Pattimo
    then talks, and Claire doesn't seem too surprised. What's more surprising to
    her is Mouse's knowledge of what's really going down on the island. She managed
    to accept it as the truth though. As Claire and Mouse touch hands, WHAM! you've
    got a brand spakin' new hottie on your side!
    Your party is now three-strong, but let's not leave just yet. Enter the watch
    shop again, and Claire will take you to the basement. She'll show you a safe
    that she dubs the Time Vault, since items inside it don't get destroyed when
    the time loops! The vault works like a bank. Deposit everything that you know
    won't be carried over, including all your money. Claire will also unlock the
    second floor door, in effect letting you quickly scale the wall. Between the
    safe and the second door, Claire is a real time saver! (I know the pun was
    stupid. I write stupid puns, it's what I do.) You can store up to 5 item types
    in the vault, and as many of that type as you want (for example, you can shove
    99 Live Berries in there).
    I suggest that you take your new gals to the castle or forest and get them
    trained for battle. Every experience point counts. By the way, the smith shop
    for Claire is two buildings to the west of the restaurant where you dined with
    Rummy. Don't fight for more than a few hours though, because you'll want to
    have plenty of time to go deposit your items and money in the Time Vault.
    After that, there won't be much time left, so go ahead and chill until 10 till
    9, when the wedding occurs. You'll be taken to it automatically, if you so
    desire. Go to it, run through the drill, and don't worry about getting killed.
    Of course, you may be asking, "Why should I bother fighting if I'm going to
    lose?" One word: abilities. Just because you don't get experience points
    doesn't mean you won't learn new abilities. Take the pain, it's good for ya,
    and you won't get a game over, I promise.
    |Day 11|
    Most of the intro is chopped away. The scene opens with you already standing on
    the dock. The gorgeous Claire welcomes you, and she follows you when you're
    taken to the inn (although you don't actually have to watch that this time).
    You, Claire, and Pattimo will relax in the room, trying to figure out what to
    do. Mouse hears something outside the room and investigates, finding only a
    mop. Apparently, Rinna overheard the conversation. Hmm... well, I'm pretty sure
    we know of at least one more possible ally. Once Mouse heads downstairs, Rinna
    says hi, but runs the heck away. Talk to her father from across the counter,
    and you'll be told that she took off. You can't do anything more for her now,
    so let's get some other allies.
    For the next one on your list, you need to throw Claire out of your party. Go
    to the menu screen, then choose Status. Select Claire, then Remove From Party.
    Don't worry, she's back in her shop, waiting for you when you need her.
    Head west from the inn and north up the little ramp. Head east, then north at
    the next main interseciton, and go up THIS small ramp. From here, follow the
    road west, ignoring the intersections. You'll pass under the long bridge if
    you're heading the right way. Eventually, you'll encounter a small park. Go
    west through it, and you'll see a little shrine with a stone bird. Go northwest
    from there, and you'll see a little dirt path in the woods. Follow it as it
    bends south, and you'll eventually encounter a house. This is the home of
    Plosi, an artist who is going to paint a portrait of the Princess as a wedding
    Plosi's protrait of the princess would probably be very beautiful, if not for
    the fact that Plosi seems to want to paint her in her bra and panties (as if
    she doesn't show that much skin in the first place). Mouse was going to leave
    at that point, but Plosi pleads with him to bring a young girl to him to
    "refresh his memory what a young girl's skin looks like." We know two young
    girls, don't we?
    I'm going to choose Rummy since, you know, I think she's hotter. You can find
    her in her room in the castle, and you can find Claire in her shop. Choose
    either one, and put her into your party. Take your partner through the paths
    again, and head to Plosi's house. Plosi then jumps your chosen model, who then
    goes to town on his sorry butt, and not in the good way.
    As Plosi licks his wounds, Pattimo and he make a deal with your model as an
    unwilling partner. Take whomever you chose back to Plosi's house between 6 AM
    and 9 AM on the third day of the week, or Day 13 by now. I'll remind you of it
    when we get that far. For now, we can't do a thing until tomorrow. Pick up the
    other girl again if you wish, then mess around until 5 PM. Rummy will escort
    you to the castle as usual. Go through the motions as you've done twice before,
    although you won't have to play the song this time. You still get your advance
    of 10,000, however, back at the public office.
    After that, don't forget to withdraw your items and money from the Time Vault.
    You'll need them, you know.
    |Day 12|
    Nothing important happens today. Just level up if you wish; as I said, those
    weapon upgrades are expensive.
    |Day 13|
    This is going to be a busy day. Remember, you promised to deliver either Rummy
    or Claire to Plosi this morning. Make sure your chosen hottie is in your party,
    then head to his house. Once the time rolls around (6 to 9 AM), you'll have to
    boot the third person out of your party if you haven't already; just you and
    the chosen model should be under your control. Head inside and watch magic
    being made, or something.
    Once the painting is done, Mouse gets the wise idea to disguise himself as
    Plosi's assistant. That way, they can get into the interior of the castle.
    Immediately, you are attacked. No problem, though, just fight hard. Plosi is a
    wuss, but he can serve as a healer. The fight shows Plosi that you are telling
    the truth about the time loop, which is cool. He may be a bigger perv than I am
    (which is something), but that's one less person who is absorbed by Xel's
    The scene continues to the princess's room. She dismisses all her aides because
    she can see through Mouse's disguise. He tosses it away while Loreille asks him
    why he bothers resisting the time loop. Plosi understands that her threatening
    attitude is mostly because she cares deeply about him, turning the game down
    the romance road. Mouse and Loreille hold hands, with the latter wishing luck
    to the former.
    The scene cuts away to the outside. Plosi and Mouse leave, with Plosi agreeing
    to help you, if for no other reason than to pick up chicks. Perhaps he thinks
    the castle is a nightclub, I dunno. Anyway, as the two shake hands, Plosi gets
    taken out of the time loop. You now have four party members, although Plosi has
    no way to directly attack at the moment. He also doesn't have a blacksmith
    shop, since his weapon (a paintbrush, of all things) only has one level.
    There's no time to take a break, though. Quickly head to Claire's shop for a
    new happy item, one which will make your life so much easier. First, she tells
    you that you can now store up to 10 item types in the vault, doubling its
    capacity. Second, and most importantly, Claire shows you a floor mirror that
    can teleport any inactive party member to you. Now, you don't have to run
    around and hunt down your allies! We're getting into the fancy crap now!
    Anyway, grab the two people you trust most, then head to the inn. We're not
    heading to the wedding reception tonight, we have another ally to get! Once
    inside, stand in front of the counter across from Rinna's father, and just
    chill. At exactly 7 PM, he'll tell you that Rinna still hasn't showed. Mouse
    and Pattimo now figure out what happened. Thinking back to your first meeting
    with her, you know that she has a favorite place in the forest, so she's
    probably there. You'll need to hurry, so you may want to save right now in case
    you have to make another attempt.
    Remember how to get there? From the inn, head west, then turn south at the
    Public Office, then head east through the town square toward the mall, just
    like you did to get to the pub for Claire. This time, though, bear to the north
    of the mall, not the south. You'll cross a crappy looking wooden bridge if
    you're on the right path. Keep heading east, and you'll the cobblestone road.
    At the south-or-east intersection, take the east route, going up the little
    ramp. Follow the road as it makes a sharp turn south. Look for the gray
    building with a big brown bottle on the east side of the road. Go behind this
    building and keep heading east. You'll see another small ramp going north here
    that you need to take. Follow that road and turn east when the road goes in
    that direction. Immediately after, the road turns south. Again ignore the turn
    and KEEP GOING EAST past the buildings. You'll be in the forest on a light
    brown dirt path. Turn south, and go ALL the way south. Turn east into the
    trees; this is where Rinna took you when you played the song for her.
    Pattimo will hear Rinna scream. She's surrounded by baddies (including those
    pelvic mummies) who want to re-educate her on how time works on the island.
    Mouse steps in, and a fight ensues. Slaughter the Phoenix Masks first, they go
    down easily. Once the ox dude is alone, he's a piece of cake. You may not even
    need to heal anyone at that point. Just use your strongest attacks, and he'll
    fall in no time.
    The mask chips away to reveal a hideous beast named Grantus who decides to take
    his leave. Let him go, there will be other times to slaughter him. For now, we
    have to check on Rinna. She apologizes for running away, but explains how
    afraid she was. Mouse plays a song to calm her (you don't have to play it), and
    Rinna feels better. As she leans on Mouse's shoulder, the spell breaks. You
    won't be able to use her for a little while, but don't fret, she's safe.
    Anyway, Mouse delivers the sleeping Rinna back to the inn automatically, saving
    you a trip. She is put to bed, and the day ends.
    |Day 14|
    With four characters already on your roster, today is more or less pointless.
    You could use it to gain your people's skills, or upgrade weapons, or get
    money, or heck, you could just sleep the day away.
    |Day 15|
    Because Rinna is asleep for now, recovering from the whole Grantus ordeal, her
    dancing spot is taken by a little blond girl like the other four. Pity, I
    wanted to see Rummy do some dancing...
    Anyway, there's nothing to do today either. However, make sure that you've
    deposited all your items and money in the Time Vault before continuing. You
    don't want to lose all your stuff, do you? You are given the option to crash
    the wedding again to attack Xel. It's up to you whether you want to, and again
    you will lose, but if you want one more chance to gain some abilities (or to
    play the song), then go for it.
    |Day 16|
    The beginning of week 4. Gettin' tired yet?
    This time, we're greeted by Rinna. She recognizes Mouse off the bat, so we know
    that she's cured of the spell. Rinna asks to be a part of the group now. Who
    could say no to that cute face? Accept, and you'll now find that your party has
    grown to 5 total. Trust me, she'll now be stronger than Mighty Mop Girl.
    Well, sorta. If you look at Rinna through the Skill screen from the menu,
    you'll see that she still only has one skill, Spring Cleaning. However, you
    should also notice that a fifth option has suddenly been added under the Skill
    list. It's called "Change." Click it, and Rinna turns into RindRinna. She now
    wears the same attire that she had on when she was dancing, although to me it
    looks likes she's a super hero with blue bunny ears, or something. (This is
    like Sailor Moon Syndrome: "That's a good disguise, adding those things in your
    hair! I can't recognize you at all!") As RindRinna, she is much stronger, and
    has a nice healing spell. Rinna, by the way, has no blacksmith shop. Both she
    and her alterego have weapons with only one level.
    Anyway, let's see. With only four characters recruited (not including Mouse),
    we only have one-third of the roster. Let's start getting more!
    You can now recruit Kyte, the seaman who welcomes you the first (and sixth) day
    of your visit. This is a multi-step process, but everything has a beginning.
    Since you're on the harbor already, you can see the target building. From your
    starting position with Rinna, go west, and a bit south. That stone building
    with the rowboat is Kyte's house, and we need to get there tonight. Go in now,
    though, to get some treasures, if you desire.
    Okay, the first thing you need to do now is get your items and money. You may
    want to put in Rinna and whoever of the remaining three are the least powerful
    to do some leveling up. Just be sure you're done by 6 PM, because you need to
    get to Kyte's house between 6 PM and 10 PM.
    All right, fast forward to 6 PM. Here's how to get to Kyte's place from the
    town square. Bear south and go east through the mall, then cross the stone
    bridge into the bazaar area. Keep heading east until you find the cobblestone
    road that you're probably very familiar with by now. Head south along it, and
    south again at the intersection. The path is pretty much linear then, until you
    come to a T-section. Head west there until you go into the building at the very
    western tip of the harbor, the building the with the rowboat on the roof. When
    you enter it, you'll be thrown into a short cutscene, followed by a musical
    interlude with a brand new and pretty tough song, although it's not nearly as
    bad as Woods Energy. Of course, I still bombed my first attempt. Here was my
    first score...
    Rank: D
    Great: 47
    Good: 35
    Bad: 104
    Max Combo: 15
    Score: 587,200
    Regardless of the outcome of the song, you get a round of applause from the
    drunks. Kyte will offer you his own special drink, which seems to be about 250
    proof from everybody's reactions to it. Well, say yes to drinking it anyway.
    Mouse gets smashed, but hey, Kyte's your friend now. In addition, you now get
    the new song permanently, Call From Sea. This is the hard one you just dealt
    with, and it can now be accessed anytime through Pattimo from the Item screen.
    Kyte helps Mouse out of the building, saying that he'll be there for you
    anytime you need him... well, except the 4th day of the week. You can't do
    anything more with Kyte just yet, so now that the hellish song is over with,
    you can relax your fingers a moment.
    All right, if you look at the party, you'll see that your allies are all
    remotely weak. Sure, maybe two or three that you've constantly used are a
    threat, but in general, everyone is a total wussie. We need some big guns, and
    since we've done as much as we can with Kyte for now, we should find another
    target. Remember back when we told General Bagoth the truth, Pattimo said we
    should use proof? Let's give him some!
    |Day 17|
    In order to talk to General Bagoth at all, we have to agree to meet with him on
    the second day of the week. The place where we make the agreement is at the
    Holy Gem Ceremony, just after it happens. Let's head there now.
    You have to get there before 8 AM. Remember how to get there? If you do, skip
    the next two paragraphs.
    From Kyte's place, head east, and turn north at the intersection, heading back
    into town. The path is linear for awhile. At the next intersection (when the
    cobblestone road stops if you keep going north), go east. Head up the small
    ramp, then go northwest. You'll soon hit a T-section, and you need to head
    east. You'll go up another small ramp if you're heading the right way. When the
    road goes south, go east behind the first building on the east side of the
    road. There's a small ramp there that you need to take. Go north on the ramp,
    then turn east as soon as you can. Keep going east and you'll encounter the
    dirt path that leads to the forest.
    Once you're in the forest, go south along the white dirt path. The path will
    eventually wind around and do a U-turn, ending up heading northeast. Stay on
    it, then head east when you hit the intersection. Shortly after the
    intersection, the path will turn north. You may see a path going east (you took
    if when you beat Rummy to the beach), but ignore it. Go north, and you'll be
    out of the forest maze. Once you're clear of that part of the forest, head east
    a bit, then north across the bridge. Head northeast past the forest clearing
    until you get to the beach. You'll probably be right around the shrine already;
    if not, it's probably a bit north of you.
    Fight around the shrine to gain cash and experience if you wish, but make sure
    you're standing near the shrine's entrance at 8 AM, when the ceremony comences.
    Watch the mummies do their Chipendale impressions, then Bagoth will come up,
    etc. You know the drill.
    At 1 PM, you'll be automatically taken to General Bagoth in the castle. Make
    sure that you answer "No" when he asks you whether he's crazy. You'll go
    through the process of explaining things to him again. Leave the area by going
    down the west hallway near the south end of the room. Continue through the
    short hall north and head down the stairs. Follow the hall as long as it's
    linear, then turn north at the intersection and head down those stairs. Head
    south, then turn west as soon as you can. Take the FIRST north path, the one
    that takes you to a room (instead of the stairs), then go through the doors on
    the north wall. This room is where two of Ano the magic scientist's assistants
    are researching things. Talk to them both, then enter the room on the west edge
    of the previous room. Inside this room is Ano himself, sitting on a table and
    reading a book. Talk to him, then exit the room. Pattimo voices the plan. Head
    back the way you came, but turn south at the intersection to exit the castle.
    Turn east after you pass the planter furthest from the castle, and follow that
    path around to the back of the castle. Talk to Jailson, the old dude who's
    wearing blue that's standing by the huge flower. Take a step toward the flower,
    and you will engage it. Rip it apart like you know you can.
    Check on the fallen Jailson to pickpocket his key. You would think that the
    guard that's standing two feet away would arrest Mouse or something, but
    whatever. Go back into the castle through the main entrance now, and turn east
    immediately. Follow the hall as it turns north. Jailson's room will be the
    first door to your west side. Enter the room (the key will activate
    automatically), then check the dresser in the very southwest corner to get
    Jailson's clothes. Go back the way you came, and head west toward Ano's room
    again. When you're in the room BEFORE Ano's room, go to your items list and
    select Jailson's Clothes. Mouse pulls a Mission Impossible and goes into Ano's
    room alone looking like a perfect clone. The cutscene is automatic, and Mouse
    walks away with the Reactor Key. Yay!
    You don't have any chance to rest though, because we're going to get Kyte!
    Remember where the harbor is? Starting at the town square, head east (bearing
    south), cross the stone bridge, east to the cobblestone road, south, follow the
    road south until the intersection, west. Just to the north of the road are a
    few rowboats. Kyte will be standing there examining things.
    YOU HAVE TO GET HERE BEFORE 6 PM. It may be tight, but you can make it as long
    as you left the castle by 5 PM. (Don't worry if you miss, you can get Kyte
    later.) Talk to him, and he'll ask if you need his help. Answer in the
    affirmative, and he'll join your party, although this is only a temporary thing
    for now.
    After you take a few steps, you'll engage in a fight with some real wussies.
    Kyte has low defense so he may take some damage, but don't worry about it too
    much. If he doesn't survive, no problem, he'll be alive once the battle is
    Afterwards, Pattimo makes himself known and tries to explain what's going to
    Kyte. The sailor has as much trust as he has hair on his head (i.e., none). He
    says that he needs to see these time demons for himself. No problem, the castle
    is only a short jaunt away.
    Once you get there, Kyte refuses to use the front door, but no matter. Head
    around the east path, the one you took to find Jailson. See the door on the
    castle wall? Enter. A fight will ensue after the cut scene. These are the same
    demons you've been fighting all game, so rip them apart. After the battle, Kyte
    finally believes you. Mouse and he shake hands, and WHAM BAM THANK YOU BALD MAN
    you've got your next ally! His weapon is all the way up to its highest level,
    so he doesn't get a blacksmith shop.
    Remember, Kyte's going to be behind everyone else at this point as far as power
    goes, but there's nothing more to do this day, so you may want to just go
    somewhere and level him up.
    All right, no more for today.
    |Day 18|
    If you failed to get Kyte last night, you can get him today. Just talk to him
    sometime before 6 PM, and you'll go through the same motions. If you DID get
    Kyte, then this day is pointless as far as the story goes. Just level up Kyte
    and the rest of them.
    Other than that, there's nothing specific you have to do today. You've been
    working hard for 17 days, so you deserve a little break. There is a mini-game
    that you have access to, and you can win six map pieces by playing!
    All right, first, deposit all items in the Time Vault, but keep your money.
    Remove Claire from your party if she's in it, too. Then, from the town square,
    head east bearing north around the mall, then cross the wooden bridge. Keep
    going east until you find the gray cobblestone road and head south. Follow the
    road as it bends southeast, and turn west at the intersection. Go down the
    little hill, then immedately go into the gray building just to the south. This
    is the village bar where you met Claire, remember?
    Claire is inside, and she's drinking away. Talk to the girl in red and black
    behind the counter, and you'll pay 100 G to play the drinking game. For your
    first six wins against Claire, you'll get a map piece for a remote location of
    the island. All wins after six net you Phoenix Potions, which are VERY helpful.
    For tips on playing the mini-game, consult my Mini-game section near the bottom
    of my FAQ.
    |Day 19|
    You're free until 8 PM... or rather, the event happens at 8 PM. All you have to
    do is make sure that you're at the right place at the right time. I would
    recommend that you have one of your strongest people and one of your weakest
    with you. This way, you won't get bored standing in one place, since you can
    level up the wussie while you wait. But of course, it's up to you.
    Head to the castle, but head west at the first planter. Follow the path around
    until you see two doors. Go into the open door and climb the set of stairs all
    the way to the top. There, you'll encounter a locked door. Just make sure
    you're standing there at 8 PM to trigger the event.
    Bagoth will appear by the door and greet you. Mouse tells him about the reactor
    explosion, and Bagoth volunteers the party to investigate. Once inside, Pattimo
    explains what's going on. Bagoth and Mouse find some enemies, and the general
    orders an attack.
    Your party of three engages the enemies and is surrounded, but you should have
    little trouble. The enemies all heal with fire attacks, making Plosi's Hidden
    Talent and Rummy's Hard Punch and magic attacks worthless, though Kyte's water
    spells and Plosi's thunder spells will do it.
    Once the battle is finished, the reactor cools and doesn't explode. As Bagoth
    touches Mouse's hand in thanks, the spell breaks, and the general is now on
    your side. The pair leave the reactor and celebrate their victory with the
    piddly soldiers and Ano. Mouse gives the Reactor Key back to Ano, and the
    cutscene ends.
    As normal, I suggest subbing out whatever two people you have and subbing in
    the newbie (Bagoth in this case) and perhaps your weakest member of the others.
    And also as normal, it's entirely up to you.
    If you do plan on using Bagoth, you may want to upgrade his weapon a time or
    two. His blacksmith shop is south of Rummy's house. Take the second west turn
    and you'll see a large brown building on the south side of the road, and the
    entrance faces north.
    Anyway, it's getting late, and there's not much you can do for the rest of
    today. Good night and sleep tight, or good night and happy leveling-up,
    whatever you choose to do.
    |Day 20|
    Nothing at all to do today, but make sure you shove your items and money in the
    Time Vault before proceeding.
    |Days 21-22|
    You're greeted on the harbor by Kyte... but... but he's going through the same
    speech. Aw, damnit, did I miss a step?
    ...Wait a second, that part of his speech was different. Grr, he was just
    screwing with me... I'll kick him.
    Well anyway, you've got Kyte... Nothing to do for the first two days this week,
    except for withdrawing the items and money. Take this lull in the game to level
    up and get some gold, and try to level up Rummy's and Bagoth's weapons if you
    haven't already. You'll need their strength soon.
    |Day 23|
    It's time to start the process of getting Ano the Magic Dragon... er,
    Scientist. Make sure you have Rummy AND Bagoth in your party, then head to
    Ano's room. Remember where it is? Head into the castle, take the first west,
    then the first north, then the doors to the west. He'll appear there at noon,
    and due to how long this is going to take you, you'll want to MAKE SURE that
    you're in there before him. When he appears, talk to him, and Mouse will
    explain what's going. Ano looks at him like a sack of wet dirt, then goes on
    giving a mathematical reason it can't happen.
    Go ahead and talk to him again if you wish. Once he dismisses you, enter the
    room beside his (the one with his researchers). Talk to the one in the corner,
    and he'll make mention of Ano's special happy pen, the gold feather thingy.
    Since we like getting stuff, I say we get one of those pens! Besides, it may
    come in handy later (hint, hint...).
    Keep Bagoth and Rummy in the party, then exit the castle and hurry toward
    Rummy's house. From there, run south and take the second road that turns west.
    Run west along there, passing Bagoth's blacksmith shop (unless you want to
    upgrade his weapon right now), and keep following the road. It will turn north,
    then you'll go west up a little ramp, and then turn south again. Follow that
    road, and about halfway down you'll see a shop on the east side of the road
    with a gold feather sign. Enter here.
    The merchant says that it will take weeks to get the right feather for the pen,
    which is more time than we have due to the loop. Pattimo wisely suggests we get
    the feather ourselves. It's time to take a field trip out of town. Make sure
    that run button is being held down the whole way.
    Exit the shop and go back the way you came. When you get to the T-section, head
    south. Keep bearing east as the road slightly bends in that direction. When the
    road ends, walk between the buildings and turn west. You'll see a crappy road
    made of bricks and dirt. Follow the trail south and west. Speak to the guard,
    and he'll let you leave the town.
    Follow the dirt trail as it winds west. The first treasure box you encounter
    has a map piece, thankfully. You'll encounter some rather strong enemies, but
    you'll get some nice experience and gold from them. You shouldn't have too much
    trouble if you have plenty of recovery items with you. You DID remember to
    withdraw them two days ago, right?
    The trail is extremely linear until you reach the second road sign. Take the
    west path and follow it; make sure to grab the treasure chest to get a piece of
    map. The path is linear for awhile, and then you'll encounter another road sign
    with an accompanying intersection. REMEMBER THIS INTERSECTION (call it Point A
    if you need to). Go north and follow the road as it curves west. You'll soon
    find another intersection; choose south, and you'll enter the Forest of Hope.
    If you thought those directions were confusing, trust me, it gets worse.
    You may want to save right now, because it's REAL easy to get lost in the
    forest since there are paths everywhere. Keep heading south at all
    intersections, and you should end up curving southeast. Keep going east and
    you'll immediately find an intersection, giving you the choice between east and
    south. Head east again, and you'll be forced to choose north or south after a
    few steps. Go south; you'll know you're on the path if you find a clearing with
    a treasure chest containing 10 gold. From this clearing, go south, and follow
    the path as it bends west. Keep going west and you'll shortly be on the white
    sands of the shore. From this shore, head south, and bear east. Re-enter the
    forest as soon as you can, and you'll be right on the doorstep of a village.
    Talk to everyone around the village. You'll find out that the golden bird shows
    up at night at the graveyard. Oy, it's a long way back... but the trip will be
    worth it, right? Reverse your directions to exit the forest, obviously.
    Now you get a lot of time on your hands. You'll need to be in the graveyard
    after midnight, but you have nothing to do until then. You could just go to the
    graveyard now and wait, or you can do something else if you please. It's up to
    you. Just be sure to have both Rummy and Bagoth in your party when you're set.
    When you're ready to go to the graveyard, be it now or later, you'll have
    another small maze to deal with. Remember the intersection at which you went
    north to get to the forest (called Point A)? Go there, but this time, take the
    east path, and you'll hit another intersection after a few steps. Take this one
    north. More trail, and another intersection. Take this one west. Talk to the
    guard, and he'll let you in.
    Trace your way west through the graveyard and you'll find a building with a
    treasure chest beside it to the south. Be careful here, you may get into a
    fight with the undead. They're quite strong defensively, and you'll have to
    rely on offensive magic to beat them. Anyway, grab the contents of the chest,
    then enter the building. Talk to the guy in there for a piece of map, then rob
    him blind if you wish.
    |Day 24|
    At midnight, the golden bird will appear and fly around, then land on a branch
    north of the building, just at the coast of the river. Check it, and you'll
    engage it. It's pretty strong defensively, but it's nothing you need to be
    afraid of.
    After you layeth the smacketh down on its candy bootah, you'll win the Gold
    Feather. Exit the graveyard and turn south down the dirt road. At the next
    intersection, turn west, then south. This should be looking REAL familiar. Take
    the next intersection south, and follow the linear trail back to town. Cut
    between the buildings again to get back on the road, and take the road north.
    Head back to the pen shop (remember the way?) and talk to the clerk. You'll
    automatically hand over the pen, and you'll be told to come back in 6 hours.
    Blow off those 6 hours any way you wish, then go back to get the pen.
    You can't do any more for Ano at the moment, but there's stuff to do for others
    you haven't met yet. Leave the pen shop and get ready to run.
    Alter your party any way you wish, but make sure that Kyte is NOT in the active
    party. Head back to the trail that leads out of the town. Yes, we're going back
    to the maze of rocks.
    At the east-west intersection, go west. At the next one, east. At the next one,
    north. At the next one, north again. You'll cross a bridge if you're on the
    right path. At the next intersection, go east. At the next, north. You'll come
    to the coast and enter a cutscene in which Kyte is already standing there.
    The two of you watch a ship rise from the water. It looks like it's been
    through a few tornados of Wizard of Oz quality. The ship's name is Matilda, and
    it used to be Kyte's. He tells a tale of his ship being attacked by a sea
    monster. He was the only survivor, and wonders why the monsters were so strong.
    He has resolve to figure everything out though, since he's free of the time
    After the scene ends, go north on the beach. Poke around and you'll find a
    chest with a map piece. After that, you're free to do whatever you want.
    There's nothing more to do today until tomorrow evening.
    |Day 25|
    Today is short. At 6 PM, get to the castle and go to Ano's room. He'll be
    sitting at his table where you left him two days ago. Talk to him, and he'll
    tell you to leave him alone. Choose the option to talk to him, and he'll get
    more ticked. He angrily throws his pen into the table, breaking it. Aw, what a
    Mouse hands over the gold pen that you've received awhile ago. He wonders how
    you could have known his pen would break (I'd like to see Mouse try to explain
    my FAQ). Ano then fully understands about the time thing, and he sees a time
    demon. You engage it; it's nothing you can't take out.
    Once the battle is over, Ano is kneeling and panting. (Why? It's not like he
    did anything during the fight!) He shakes hands with Mouse, and you have a new
    ally! Only five more to complete the roster! Ano's weak, like all the
    newcomers, so you may want to level him. His weapon, the Book of Magic, doesn't
    need to be upgraded.
    Oh, another thing about Ano. Hopefully you got the Monster Chart from the dude
    in the gym back on Day 4. Up till now, the enemies in the book have been mere
    shadows with no information. However, now that you have Ano, you can start
    filling in the gaps.
    Might as well practice it for a bit now. Put Ano in the party and check his
    skill list. His second skill is Chart. When used in battle, you'll see an
    enemy's dimensions (for no reason), but more importantly you see its HP, MP,
    and any elemental strengths and weaknesses. Once charted, you can access the
    information anytime in the Monster Chart. You obviously can't permanently chart
    bosses, but you can still use the move in battle to get their info.
    Anyway, there's nothing more you need to do, so you could just sleep away the
    rest of the night. Just be sure to deposit your items and money first!
    |Day 26|
    You awaken on the shore, as usual. Ano welcomes you and flips a bit about
    Pattimo being able to talk. Add him or not, doesn't matter.
    As you walk along the cobblestone road, notice that Kyte isn't standing there
    like he normally is. There's a guy with blue hair and wearing a green vest
    standing there instead. Talk to him, and you'll trigger a cutscene. Pattimo
    realizes that something's amiss. Time to go find our friend.
    Make a quick stop at Claire's shop to rearrange your party and get your cash
    and items. Definitely put Rummy in your party, because we're going to end up
    making life easy on your feet and time now. This is going to be a LONG trip, so
    stock up on healing items if you don't already have them. Don't worry, you'll
    only have to run this far once, I promise. Ready? Let's go!
    Leave the city from the southern entrance, heading yet again to the trail maze.
    When you reach the first intersection, go west. At the next, go east. At the
    next, north. At the next, north again. You'll cross a familiar bridge if you're
    going the right way. At the next, east. At the next, east a second time.
    You'll know you're on the right path if you pass a small house. Inside here is
    a woman who will max out the party's HP and MP, sorta like an inn in typical
    RPGs. This is a good place to save, too. On the little desk inside the building
    is a piece of map. Grab it.
    From the building, head east. You'll be on the western gate of the swamp. It's
    time to get a little stinky.
    Once in the swamp, take the first east when the dock splits. Take the east dock
    when you reach the little island. When that short dock splits, both ways head
    to treasure, including a map piece (friggin' helpful in here). Grab the booty,
    then head back the way you came. If you take the north dock on the island, you
    can grab a Super Live Berry if you wish. Either way, head back to the first
    dock split and take the north path.
    After the dock winds around a bit, you'll come to another split. Take the one
    that heads northeast. At the next little island, head north, and you'll get
    another piece of map. Keep moving along the dock to pick up a few more items at
    the dead end, then head back to the island and take the east dock this time.
    The dock will wind around a bit, but you'll finally be free of the swamp. Talk
    to the soldier standing by the gate, and he'll give you a piece of map. Hit
    Select to take a look at it for a moment. See the path that exits east near the
    northeast corner? That's where you want to go. Follow the line of trees as the
    path curves back south. Stay along the trees, and just keep heading south. You
    may want to rotate the camera 180-degrees here because the trees obscure a
    treasure box that contains a piece of map. Like all map pieces, you'll want
    this one.
    The path will curve slightly east and back south, but the trees will be your
    guide the whole way. Eventually, you should step on a brown dirt path. It leads
    south into more white rocks. At the first intersection, head west. Within a
    moment, you'll leave the little area and enter another forest. The path here is
    linear for awhile. Keep an eye out for a little pile of blue flowers on the
    ground, which marks an intersection in the path. Take the southeast route here.
    The path will curve around and eventually go west. Keep following it, and
    you'll finally enter a tiny town, the Woodcutter's Village. Take a breath, you
    earned it.
    If you've hurried through this day, you'll probably be in the village around
    the evening. Hang around until night falls, and go into the house closest to
    the lift at the south side of town. Inside is a guy named Moricorne. Talk to
    him and he'll give you a piece of map for the area. Gotta love map pieces.
    Since we can't do anything else around here for today, it's time to get a
    technique that will save you time. Hopefully, you took my suggestion and placed
    Rummy in your party. Battle and battle and battle, and have Rummy use her Hard
    Punch until she learns Hi-Kick. Once she does, use it until it hits level 5,
    and you'll get Diving Kick. If Rummy uses that one a few times, Mouse will
    learn a move called Power Jump.
    Power Jump is the answer to your silent prayers. It allows you to instantly
    transport to any place that you've managed to collect a map piece for! To use
    this happy power, go to the status screen for Mouse. It's sitting there on the
    menu as an option, sort of like Rinna's Change command. Using it will hack 100
    HP off of Mouse, but one Live Berry will take care of that.
    Anyway, hang around the Woodcutter's Village until the sun rises again, or
    level up, or something. It may be a long wait if you decide to be idle, but
    either way, you need to be in this village in the day time.
    |Days 27-30|
    In the morning in the Woodcutter's Village, head to the lift. Look for a guy
    just to the west of it wearing orange. This guy's name is Reyan, and he has a
    mission for you. Talk to him, and he'll ask you to go get the parts to repair
    the lift. Agree to do so, then get back to the blacksmith shop that upgrades
    Mouse's sword. Hopefully, you know Power Jump so you can instantly teleport
    there. Otherwise, you'll have to walk. Simply talk to the woman behind the
    counter, and she'll hand over what you need, once you pay her 1000G.
    Head back to the Woodcutter's Village and talk to Reyan again. You'll hand over
    the parts and get a crappy D.H. Egg for payment. Ah well, at least the lift is
    going to work again. After that, walk to the lift and look for a big guy named
    Varely. Talk to him, and he'll thank you for fixing the lift by giving you a
    new song, entitled Celestial Road. It's real short, and real easy. Here's my
    first score...
    Rank: B
    Great: 20
    Good: 9
    Bad: 1
    Max Combo: 15
    Score: 1,900,000
    Now, I'm going to assume that you picked up both pieces of map that were in the
    swamp. Hit Select to check out your map, which is probably half-done by now. As
    you can see, the word "Swamp" is on two map tiles, split across the center.
    Click the map sqaure that shows the top half of the word. You can see two
    islands and a bunch of docks, but also a trail through the forest. That trail
    is your next target, but make sure you have at least 11,000 G and a lot of Live
    Berries before proceeding. We're going to get Kyte back!
    Since you have the map, you can Power Jump over there if you have it.
    Otherwise, you'll have to leave the Woodcutter's Village and wind your way back
    to the swamp. Either way, get to that trail in the forest. Follow it, and
    you'll come to a village on the beach that SEEMS abandoned. However, if you
    explore the town and houses, you may see shadows around. If you check them,
    they will talk to you. Hmm...
    Once you're done exploring, head to the northeast corner of the city. You'll
    find a huge, hollow tree. Stand before it and play your new song, Celestial
    Road. Doing so will make a huge beam of light shoot out of the tree, and it
    will open up. Walk into the tree, and you'll be moved to a pale area that is
    the real village! It's a floating island, hovering miles above the planet!
    If you arrive in the evening, there will be a little boy next to the tree when
    you appear. If you arrive earlier, he'll be on the southeast side of town.
    Either way, he serves as a shop for items, but he has something more important.
    Talk to him, and after you exit the shop menu, he'll offer to sell you a map
    piece for 1000G. I don't think I need to tell you whether you should buy it.
    Head to the building in the southwest corner of the village. Inside is the
    village leader, who explains that his people are not effected by the time loop
    Xel has done. However, he is powerless to do anything about it, and doesn't
    like meddling in the affairs of humans anyway.
    Make sure you talk to every single person in the city (there are eight
    citizens, some of whom are in houses). Note that you don't have to talk to
    anyone who is invisible back on the planet. Also, make sure you go to the well
    in the center of town and check it. Pattimo will see the view and comment on
    Once all the eight people have been spoken to and the well has been checked, go
    back near the tree entrance. Just south of the tree is a building with a
    run-down shed beside it. Enter here, and talk to the old guy. He'll offer to
    let you ride the falcon for 10,000 G. Go ahead and accept, you'll be making
    back your money FAST.
    A putry blue falcon will take Mouse far from the main island. You'll be
    delivered to a tiny island west of the village. Unfortunately, your allies are
    not with you, you'll be doing this mission alone. Head northwest from your
    landing location to find a stone building. This is the entrance of what
    arguably wins the award for the Most Annoying Dungeon In The History Of Gaming.
    It's relatively easy, but it's large, complex, and full of enemies. The first
    two aren't that serious in and of themselves, but most of your battles will be
    AT LEAST 6-on-1, and you don't get much experience at all (1 to 3 points per
    enemy). So, you have a bunch of worthless fights in the biggest dungeon in the
    universe; talk about boredom. The only good thing with so many fights is the
    large amount of money you're going to earn.
    Let's worry about that later though. This dungeon is by far one of the complex
    pieces of architecture in any game known to man. Several other FAQs advise that
    you make a map, and I advise that as well. However, I will provide you with
    directions, so use my words and, if you wish, your map together.
    Let me start by saying that this dungeon, complex though it is, is very linear
    in the sense that you will end up having to explore pretty much every inch of
    it anyway. Don't worry about missing any chests, because you'll see them all.
    Finally, I *highly* recommend that you set the camera to the overhead
    perspective. It makes calling directions a million times easier, and that way
    no chest or landmark will be obscured by a wall.
    All right. This dungeon has several floors, and you start at about the
    south-central part of the first floor. From the entrance, head east, the only
    way you can. The path turns north, then splits into three paths: south bearing
    east, north bearing east, and north bearing west (straight ahead). Call this
    area Point A, we'll be back here in a moment. For now, head north bearing west,
    and the path will soon turn west.
    Keep going west, ignoring the first intersection. At the end of the hallway,
    the path takes a tiny turn south before splitting into another intersection.
    Head west from here. You'll pass three hallways leading south, and each one
    leads to a dead end with a treasure chest. Grab what loot you want, but don't
    forget to keep moving west once you retreat from the dead end.
    Eventually, the hallway will turn south (the fourth south, if you're counting
    the number after you initially turned). This one does not lead to a dead end,
    so keep going. After going south a bit, it will then turn back west. There will
    be three hallways leading north, all of which have dead ends, but two of which
    have treasure. Keep heading west once you have your fill.
    The path will turn north, then turn west again. You'll encounter a turn to the
    south, but it leads to a dead end with a box. Head west again, and the path
    will split into two, letting you choose north or south. This area is a circle,
    but your target is more south, so go that way. After a moment, the path will
    break west; keep following it.
    When the hall finally bends north again, you'll see a stone tablet in the
    corner. This is the first of four tablets that are scattered around the first
    floor. Check it, and you'll discover a switch. Go ahead and press it. There's
    some treasure just north of your current location, but other than that there's
    nothing else in this area.
    Once the switch is pressed and you have your treasure, head back east. I
    assumed you've explored all the dead ends, so you can skip those on your return
    trip. Get back to Point A, then turn south bearing east. There is another stone
    tablet waiting for you. Check and press, then head north bearing east. You're
    done with the southern half of floor one for the rest of this dungeon.
    Go north from the southeast tablet (the one you just messed with), and your
    path will be quite linear. You'll be pretty much forced to turn west, so go
    ahead and do so. The path becomes a four-way intersection, with you coming from
    the east, stairs to the west, and more hallways north and south. There is a
    single treasure if you take the north path, but you can entirely ignore it if
    you wish. To continue smacking switches, go south.
    The path will turn west shortly. Keep following it, and you'll find another
    three-way intersection. This small area is a bit complex, so read carefully. Go
    north, and skip the the first intersection you come to, which leads to a dead
    end. Take the next opportunity west. Keep going west, and you should be dumped
    into a room that's just a hair larger than the hall sizes so far. Bear SLIGHTLY
    west and go north.
    You'll know you're on the right path if the hall turns east. The first east
    leads to a box at a dead end. Grab it if you wish, then go north. You should
    enter a VAST room. In the very center is a stone tablet, but not one of the
    four you need to mess with. Check it if you like, though, and you'll get a
    "scary" message.
    Leave the large room via the east path. The hall splits into a four-way
    intersection. Go north, then east at the end. Keep going east and you'll find a
    turn south that leads to a dead end with a box. GRAB THIS ITEM: it's an
    equipable item called Spiritual Protection that prevents you from falling
    asleep. Keep moving east and go down the turn that can lead you south to get
    you another item. After that, go back north, and head north at the
    intersection. At the end of this little hallway is the third stone tablet with
    the switch. See the staircase on the other side of the wall? We'll be heading
    there eventually, but don't go exploring for it yet.
    From the third stone tablet, head south, then west. Keep moving until you're
    back at the huge room. Once there, take the path that's in the northwestern
    corner. That path leads north and makes sharp turn east. It will then curve
    back north and smack into a T-section. Take this path west. At the end of the
    hallway is the final stone tablet. Check it, press the switch, and turn south.
    You'll go into a small room with a little pool of water. Check that, and you'll
    be given full HP and MP along with the chance to save. Do so, you've earned it.
    All four tablets have now been checked and their switches pressed. Remember the
    first staircase? You need to get back there. From the fourth tablet, head east
    and take the first turn south. Follow that path south, and as it curves west
    and south. You'll be back at the friggin' large room. Exit it via the south
    path, and keep heading south until the path breaks west a moment before going
    south again. You should shortly be back at the tiny room. Go east of that, then
    turn south. Ignore the turn west and keep going south. Take the turn east as
    soon as you can, and the staircase should come into view.
    Once down the staircase, the path becomes linear for about half a second, then
    splits north and south. Go south and follow it as it wraps around east. Take
    the stairs that the path leads to. Here, you'll be on a very linear path that
    goes west, north, east, north, and west. At the end is a treasure chest. It
    doesn't contain treasure, but it does contain a switch. (Yes, more switches.)
    Press it, then retrace your steps up the stairs.
    As you come to the intersection again, head north this time. The path ends up
    going west a moment, then it splits. Take the path leading north and follow it
    as it turns east, south, and west. Take the stairs at the end of the hall, and
    you'll be taken to another extremely linear path. This one takes you west, then
    south, then east. There, will be a treasure chest with another switch. Press
    this one too, and again retrace your steps back up the stairs.
    Go back to the intersection that you were a few seconds ago, but this time go
    west. After a moment, the path splits yet again, asking you to choose north or
    south. Go north, and take the stairs. For the third time in a row, you'll be
    dropped onto an area that features a short, linear path to a chest. Go ahead
    and pop it, hit the switch, and retrace your steps.
    Back at the intersection, so south and take those stairs. You'll be thrown onto
    a fourth path similiar to the other three. Nail the final switch, and the
    screen and Dual Shock will give you a signal that all four are pressed. You're
    done with switches! Retrace your steps back to the intersection. It's time to
    go back to the first floor.
    Retrace your way east, east again at the intersection, south as the hall turns,
    and east at that intersection too. Take those stairs back to the first floor.
    You should be standing at a familiar four-way intersection. Go south and move
    along as the path turns west. This should be looking familiar. Go north at the
    intersection, then take the second west. You'll run into the small room yet
    again. Go north, and you should wind up in the big room again. Again take the
    northwest path and follow it north, then east, then north again. You'll soon be
    at the T-section. If your health is low, or you want to save, I'd suggest going
    west back to the pool. Once you're ready, go east from this T-section. The path
    is quite linear, although it splits twice to dead ends with treasure chests. At
    the end of the hallway is the second set of stairs that you saw from across the
    wall when you messed with the third tablet. Now it's time to explore this part.
    Go down the stairs and you'll be delivered to a small, linear hallway. All it
    does is go south, then west, then south again. At the end is another set of
    stairs. Take them. You'll again be taken to a very linear path. This one goes
    east, south, and west to more stairs. The next path goes west, north, east,
    south, west, north, and east to another staircase. Take that one and you'll be
    on another path that's almost entirely linear as well. Go south, then west,
    then south, then west again. The first turn north leads to a dead end, although
    it has a treasure box. Keep going west, and the hall bends north, then west,
    then north, then east, then north. Another set of stairs greets you. We're
    almost there, just hold on a bit longer!
    Take the stairs and you'll be on another linear path. This one goes west, bends
    south, turns west, turns south and snakes around a bit, turns east, then south,
    then east, then north, then west, then north again. You should be in a room
    with a huge tile with a picture of the sun on it. Step on that, and you'll be
    This is the last floor. Go east, take the first turn south, then follow that
    around until you hit a T-section. Go east from there.
    You'll see Kyte on the ground wrapped up by tentacles. Talk to him, and you'll
    save him from suffication, then engage a boss. You'll be facing two zombies,
    both of which can be taken out by one or two Jump Slashes by Mouse. You'll have
    Kyte as an ally for this, but he can really only serve as a healer (although he
    can do that very well). Just keep up the pressure against the boss once the
    zombies are down, it will fall before too long.
    Now the entire dungeon is caving in, and you have to do the Metroid thing.
    You'll have four game hours to exit the place, although if you're good you can
    make it out in two. Remember, since battles take no game time, all you have to
    worry about is your path. I'll help you out by giving you the directions you
    should choose at intersections, as well as landmarks to help you. If you've
    been making a map so far, you should already see the best way. Ready? Here we
    West, north, east, teleporter.
    Linear path that goes south, east, south, west, north, west, north, snakes a
    bit, east, north, curves east, south, stairs.
    South, west, south, east, south, east, skip the intersection, north, east,
    north, northwest, stairs.
    East, north, west, stairs.
    North, east, north, stairs.
    West, south, west, north, west. Here you can go west to the pool, but you don't
    need to. South, curves west, south, skip, east into the big room. Exit out the
    south way, and you'll be at the small room. Go east, south, skip, east, north.
    That should bring you to the four-way intersection with the stairs just to the
    west. Go east, south, west, south, west, and you'll see the exit. Get the heck
    outta there.
    Kyte and Mouse will take some heavy breaths, something I joined them in after
    that run. They decide to take the birds back to land, and when they get back to
    the main island, Rummy will greet them. She hugs Mouse happily, something Kyte
    and I are a tad jealous of.
    Pattimo and Mouse realize that the falcons can get back to the mainland (that
    is, not just Pandule Island). They decide to tie messages around their ankles
    and send them to Mouse's partners in crime. You have the chance to name them,
    but as usual I stick with the default names, Beak and Fang. After they birds
    fly away, Kyte gives you two pieces of map, letting you Power Jump back to that
    dungeon any time you want. There's a plot hole: the thing caved in, but you can
    go back? Whatever.
    Anyway, that's over and done with. You've now got Kyte back as an option for
    the party whenever you want. You're done for this week, but you should have
    large sums of money after that dungeon (I made over 70,000 G). This would be a
    good time to upgrage weapons and buy items. Remember to store everything in the
    Time Vault before advancing the week, and you'll be all set.
    |Day 31|
    So we've been in Pandule for a month. We've come a long way. We're not done
    yet, but we're getting there.
    Okay, get your items and money, along with two allies, as normal, then make
    your way to the inn. After noon, talk to Rinna's dad from across his desk.
    You'll receive an item called a Gift from the Palace. Immediately head upstairs
    to your room. The moment you enter, a little cutscene will take place. Turns
    out that the gift is a broken watch from Loreille. We know where we should go
    with a broken watch, don't we?
    Talk to Claire in her shop and she'll examine the watch. It's of high quality,
    quite a nice little item. She'll take it from you to repair it. This does not
    make her unavailable; you can still have her in the party if you so desire.
    Now, Power Jump your way over to the Woodcutter's Village. Exit the village
    immediately and go along the forest path as it curves north. It will curve west
    after a moment, then curve north again. You'll then be on a familiar dirt trail
    among some white rocks. At the intersection, go east.
    From here, the path is quite linear. At the first intersection that you come
    to, the southern path leads to a house where you can pay 500G to be healed.
    Also inside is a piece of map; just search her bookshelves to find it. When
    you're ready, take the path that leads east. Skip the next intersection and
    keep following the road as it slowly curves around east toward north. As you
    enter the Dark Forest, you'll be confronted by a few thieves. You'll engage
    them; don't worry, they have the strength of buttered toast.
    After shredding them, their leader, Gallhint, appears to condemn his people for
    fighting a battle they couldn't win. Recognize him? He's the one whom Xel kills
    week after week at the wedding reception. Gallhint has the intelligence to
    notice that Mouse is a thief as well. He wouldn't make too shabby of an ally,
    would he?
    While it's rude to scoff at Gallhint's plea to avoid the forest, we need to
    tell him about the time loop. Go ahead and move forward. At the intersection of
    the path, go northeast. When you get to the white stones, go east. You'll
    encounter a rather small white wall with an arch. Inside that wall is
    Gallhint's fortress. Go in, talk to everyone, explore, yada yada. Inside
    Gallhint's room is a piece of map in one of his dresser drawers. Go ahead and
    grab it, Gallhint doesn't mind. There's also a mini-game here, which I address
    in the mini-game section.
    Once you're done here, then you are free for the rest of the day. Level up,
    maybe win some money from your new mini-game, or just sleep the day off.
    |Day 32|
    Nothin'. Just sleep.
    |Days 33-35|
    Today, and the rest of the week, is short. After noon, Power Jump over to
    Gallhint's fortress. Enter his little house, and you'll get a cutscene.
    Apparently, Gallhint is quite aware of what's going on already, and he's simply
    willingly died since this all began. He also thinks that no one can defeat Xel.
    We'll just see about that!
    Anyway, he blows you off, and you have nothing else to do for the rest of this
    week. You may want to play the drinking game with Claire to get those map
    pieces if you haven't already, or you may want to level up, or... well, you
    know the drill by now.
    |Day 36|
    Nothing happens, but grab your items and money, along with two good party
    |Day 37|
    Do what you want to during the morning, but make sure you're in the city at 1
    PM. Then, Rinna's father (or Rinna herself) will appear and tell you that
    you've got a beautiful but tough guest in the lobby of the inn. Could it be
    Rummy? We'll see; the thing teleports you there automatically.
    Rats, it's only Zenne, Gallhint's girlfriend. Well, maybe she'll have something
    interesting to say. She seems ticked off at Mouse for something, but the two go
    outside to talk.
    Remember that Zenne overheard the conversation between Mouse and Gallhint?
    Apparently, that slightly jarred her memory, and she knows that something will
    happen to Gallhint. She pleas for Mouse's help, saying that only Mouse can save
    him since the two men are so alike. She then takes her leave, expecting you to
    do something about it. I hate being the hero, I'm expected to do everything.
    Anyway, immediately Power Jump over to Gallhint's fortress. Gallhint will be
    there to greet you, and to choke your neck while yelling at your face. Sheesh,
    some people get snippy during time loops. Gallhint explains how he was suckered
    into coming to the island in the first place. Apparently, the plot initally
    went that every single thief was killed. However, it hurt Gallhint so much that
    he bargained with Xel, and only he was killed so the others were spared. That's
    why he doesn't mind dying week after week.
    Mouse starts walking away. When Gallhint challenges him, Pattimo throws in a
    bit of reverse psychology. The two also know the main rule of acting ("Leave
    them wanting more!"), and they leave just as Gallhint takes in Pattimo's words.
    Zenne talks to Gallhint, pretty much damning herself for bringing her plea to
    Mouse. Gallhint smacks her (which doesn't seem too Gallhint-like from her
    reaction), and she decides to leave to prepare for the attack which always
    happens on the third day. Gallhint slams his head into the wall, angry at
    himself for his cowardice. If he gets tired, I would be more than happy to slam
    his head into the wall for him.
    You then get manual control. There's nothing else to do today, but get ready
    for tomorrow. Some neat stuff is going to happen!
    |Day 38|
    All right, so we didn't convince him initially, and he became an unmitigated
    ass when we tried it on Zenne's request. Perhaps we should go try to talk to
    him again. Remember, today is the middle of the week, when the bandits attack
    Xel. Even though we haven't been there in some time, we should drop by the
    wedding reception. Hopefully Gallhint will listen to us this time.
    Do what you wish in the morning and afternoon, but make sure you're standing on
    the castle grounds at 7:45 PM. You'll be taken to the familiar scene of the
    wedding reception. We see Loreille in her wedding dress and funky hat, and the
    bandits attack... yawn... Gallhint runs up to attack Xel, ready to die yet
    again. Guess we'll have to try again next week.
    But wait! Gallhint attacks! He's not laying down like he always does! He's
    actually fighting Xel! Woo hoo!
    Rummy and Mouse join him to fight, and you'll then engage Xelpherpolis himself.
    This one is NOT a fixed fight! Xel is kinda tough, but he's nothing you
    shouldn't be able to handle. Besides, he can be paralyzed, so use Rummy's
    Scissor Kick if you have it, or just use Mouse's Duet. Since Gallhint is
    probably the weakest among the three, let him heal the other two as they fight.
    Woo hoo! He's down! You beat the game! Gallhint celebrates! Rummy has a
    beautiful, happy smile! Time for the credits, right?
    ...Hmm, looks like we all celebrated too soon. Xel turns into a... a something.
    He then declares himself the island's god. Told ya he had a big ego.
    Then he says that the reason people manage to revive after the time loops is
    because the damage is only physical. However, if they're killed by Time Magic,
    they're destroyed entirely. To prove his point, Xel kills one of Gallhint's
    friends. Then, he teleports higher and kills another one. And another one.
    And... Zenne.
    Gallhint's love takes a fatal shot from Xel's magic. She says a few final
    words, then disappears from Gallhint's arms.
    Gallhint charges Xel, but is nailed by a magic blast and disappears as well.
    Rummy finally gets a backbone and tells Xel off, although he just laughs at
    her. After a few words are exchanged, Rummy is nailed by the same magic blast
    that made Gallhint disappear. Xel challenges you to follow her. Go for it.
    |Day ?|
    Mouse trips out, and he wakes up in a house with Rummy standing beside him. The
    two are a couple, and she tells him that he promised to take her out today. You
    then get a close-up of Rummy's face, which is very cute, aside from the fact
    that her nose is missing. Ah well, I'd take her.
    Anyway, Rummy says that Mouse also promised to marry her. Geez, talk about a
    Twilight Zone deal. Speaking of that, check out the clock: the day is ?, and
    the time is frozen at 3 PM. Weird... Talk to her if you wish, then exit the
    house. The two walk down the street talking about "last year, when Xel married
    Loreille." She says that she dreams of getting married, and really wants to
    marry him. This is just so cute and sweet, I may just vomit. (You know, I just
    noticed that while they're walking, you get a slow-mo of Rummy's bouncing
    boobs. This is Baywatch all over again.)
    Anyway, you get back your manual control. You movement is pretty limited
    because Rummy won't let you leave the city. Still, there's some nifty stuff to
    see here, and you can enter an easy fighting tournament. Go for it!
    From where you're standing, go a bit south, then west, then north (as if you're
    heading to the inn). Keep going east past the inn and run to the end of the
    road. The big building (marked Gymnasium on your map) is your target. Go in
    using the first floor entrance and talk to the old guy in green and brown. He's
    the one who gave you your monster chart forever ago.
    You'll engage in several battles, gauntlet style... that is, no time to heal
    between each. You shouldn't have a single problem though, all the enemies are
    pussycats. Cap 'em all, and your reward is a romantic scene of Rummy and Mouse
    (and Pattimo, oddly; I'd leave him at home). They watch fireworks light up the
    night sky, and Rummy wants a kiss. Mouse just gives her one on her forehead.
    Wussie; I'd give her tongue.
    Ahem. Anyway, two seconds later, you wake up again, as if the previous day
    never happend. Weird, huh? This is bizarro world, all right.
    You can do a couple more things on the island here. I assume that I've missed
    some stuff, so if you know of anymore info, please e-mail me. I'll list what
    you can do here, but remember: you can skip it ALL if you want to.
    Go to the Public Office and talk to the guy near the desk. He'll offer to play
    ANY song from the game! That includes ALL the songs you can play with Pattimo!
    You can actually hear how they're supposed to go if you keep screwing up! If
    you're like me and run your sound through a computer, you can take this time to
    just start ripping songs all over the place.
    By the way, head into the Etc... catagory. Notice that there are three songs
    for the Epilogue... in other words, there's at least three endings to the game.
    Go to the harbor where you arrived on the island to take on a guy in a swimming
    race. By tapping X, you swim, and the quicker you tap, the quicker you move.
    You need to get between every pair of flags, making sure to do a 180` about
    halfway through the course. Now, it's REALLY HARD to actually beat this guy,
    because he gets a big boost at the end.
    However, there's a HUGE trick to this!!! I know this is going to sound like a
    BS code, but trust me, I tested this myself. The more times you play the song
    Call From Sea on Pattimo, the faster the bar fills during the race, and the
    longer you can carry that speed! If you keep losing, just stand there and play
    the song over and over and over and over again, then try him.
    For the effort, you get a stupid D.H. Egg, and a dislocated right elbow. You
    can keep taking him on for additional rewards, but it's nothing too fantastic.
    Whenever you're ready to leave this weird place, go to Claire's shop. Check the
    Time Vault and you'll find the Princess's watch, the one she sent to the inn as
    a present for you. Withdraw it from the Vault, and you'll get a cutscene.
    Apparently, Claire's got it all fixed now. As Mouse looks at the name engraved
    on the watch (Loreille), he remembers everything the way it really is, and he
    is teleported back to the real world.
    Mouse wakes up on a beach near Rummy and Pattimo. Rummy is still out, so Mouse
    walks over and gently shakes her awake, at which time you get a good view of
    her sexy butt. She's not too pleased about being woken up, though, since she
    truly enjoyed her dream with Mouse. She admits that though the world was fake,
    being a dream and all, her feelings were not. You'll then be prompted to
    comfort her, or just ignore it all. I chose to comfort her beacuse... well, you
    know why by now. Rummy gets slightly embarrassed, but she's more than happy.
    By the way, if you DON'T comfort her, her in-battle reliability resets to ZERO.
    So, uh... comfort her, darn it.
    Once the scene is over, it's Day 39.
    |Days 39-40|
    The moment you get control, Power Jump yourself to the inn. The moment you
    enter, Rinna greets you and says that there's someone waiting for you in your
    room. Sounds good, let's see who it is...
    DAMN! The moment we get in, we're attacked with a big dude with a bigger sword!
    Sheesh, of all the nerve...
    Well, Mouse, being the cool guy (or whatever) that he his, manages to avoid
    death. Pattimo greets the stranger as Beak. Apparently, the Golden Three greet
    each other by trying to kill one another. Great friends! Beak offers his
    services, and Rinna falls for him, so far as to even say the word "kewl," which
    has got to be a first in gaming history. This island just gets weirder and
    Beak is now an active party member. His blacksmith shop is the same one as
    Mouse's, but even before upgrades, he's one seriously powerful addition to the
    team. Add that to the fact that he has a free healing skill and more hit points
    than most or all of the rest, and you've got one extremely versatile person. By
    the way, if you notice, his resting place is the bed you've been using to sleep
    time away. From now on, if you want to rest, use the bed closest to the door of
    your room.
    There's nothing to do for the rest of the week. If you've been blitzing through
    the game, you really need to do some leveling up here. All your people,
    especially the rookie, will need some strength in the coming days.
    |Days 41-42|
    We're one step closer to ending Xel's reign of terror once and for all.
    After the time loops, Ano greets you and tells you that there's an emergency.
    He takes you to the reactor and shows you the Sacred Sword that has been used
    in the wedding ceremonies. Ano flips out a bit, and you get a cutscene of the
    Then, the WHOLE party appears in Mouse's room. Ano explains that Xel had his
    little cohorts wipe the memories of the islanders clean when it came to the
    treasures. No one knows where the ceremonies will be now. Several question why
    he bothered changing anything.
    Ano suggests that Xel has allowed your group of heroes to live because he
    doesn't think they can do anything. So when he made this change in the plot, he
    unintentionally revealed a possible weakness: perhaps that once we possess the
    Holy Gem, Holy Crown, and Sacred Sword, we could stop this bloody time loop.
    This is only a theory though, but since it's the only plan we have, it's worth
    a shot. It's time to see where those treasures are hidden.
    As the party files out of the room, Ano tells you that he cannot fight in any
    battles since he needs to do some research and get some evidence to support
    this theory. This is fine by me, since he was a pretty worthless fighter
    anyway. He tosses you a dagger, the weapon that Gallhint used. You're then
    prompted to choose your party. I suggest getting two people you're VERY
    comfortable with, especially if one (or both) is a healer. If RindRinna is at a
    decently high level, I seriously recommend you take her with you.
    After that, you're kicked to outside the inn. Save it if you desire, and head
    to Claire's shop to get your money and items. Next, go to Ano's room in the
    castle... you know, in the northwest corner of the first floor. Talk to him,
    and he'll say that he wishes he had someone he could talk to about things.
    All right, exit the castle, then Power Jump the heck over to Gallhint's little
    fortress. Head all the way north through this forest. You'll get to a white
    sandy beach. Go northeast, following the trees, and you'll pass a little pile
    of rocks. Around that is a chest with a piece of map. From the box, go north a
    bit, then head northwest, and you'll see a little path leading north into the
    The enemies in this dungeon are decently tough. This is a pretty good place to
    level, especially if you've been blitzing the game so far. On the other hand,
    if you've can slaughter enemies in here without thinking, then your party is
    extremely powerful and very well on its way to blasting Xel to heck.
    This map can be very long or very short, depending on how much treasure you
    want. See, unlike the Most Annoying Dungeon in the History of Gaming, you won't
    just be walking past every treasure box. I'll list the short way for you here.
    If you want to explore, go for it, just make sure to make a map as you go.
    This is how to get immediately through it, ignoring all boxes. From the
    entrance, go up the tiny ramp just to the west. The ramp goes south, but the
    path it connects to goes west and bends north. Follow it, and at the
    intersection, turn east. You'll soon hit another intersection; go north up the
    ramp. Go northwest here, and you should encounter a wooden bridge. Cross it,
    and follow that path all the way west. After going up the tiny ramp, head
    Go north once the next part of the dungeon loads. When you see the next little
    ramp, go down it, then head northeast. You'll smack into a wall that has
    another little ramp. Go up it, then head east. You should see another wooden
    bridge. Cross that, and go south. At the east-west intersection, turn east. You
    should cross UNDER yet another bridge if you're on the right track. From here,
    the path is linear to the exit.
    Head north once you get out. The path is linear, but make sure you pick up each
    box. One of them contains a map piece, making this trip worlds easier in the
    future. Although this should probably go without saying, you may have to rotate
    the camera to actually see the boxes, as most of them are obscured by the
    Anyway, keep going north, and you'll encounter a hut with a 200-year-old person
    who calls herself the Ugly Hag, and, weirdly enough, she wants you to call her
    that too. Whatever. Talk to her twice, and you'll ask for the Book of Spirits
    that Ano needs. However, she wants you to do her a favor before she gives it
    up. I'm getting downright sick of favors, but we need that book. Sigh.
    I want to interject here to make a couple slams against her dialogue (hey, if
    she allows herself to be called "Hag," she'll allow me to insult her). Why does
    she call the book the "S. Encyclodpedia"? I understand if that's how it appears
    in your item list, but does any human use abbreviations in speech? "America's
    document for basic human rights is the B. of R.!" Also, she says "Even though
    the girls are sisters, they don't get along." Maybe it's just me, but in my
    experience, siblings never get along... maybe being 200 years old has washed
    her brain away.
    Anyway, onto the favor. Apparently, she has four daughters spread throughout
    the land. They're pretty, and they're always arguing about which is the
    prettiest. The hag volunteers you to play pagent judge and oggle all four, then
    report back to her to rank them. Well, at least this favor doesn't involve
    stupid monsters trying to break your face, but it does involve a lot of
    traveling. Of course, it's MUCH easier since you got Power Jump for Mouse. You
    DID get Power Jump, didn't you?
    All right, the first one is close to Gallhint's Fortress. Remember, we passed
    her house on the way to confront Gallhint for the first time. The map piece you
    need to jump to is in the center of the right edge. The woman there is the
    second daughter of the hag. She's named Almeria, and she calls herself the
    We've already passed the second one also. Her house just west of the western
    gate of the swamp; we stayed there to heal on that really long walk to the the
    Woodcutter's Village, remember? PJ to the map piece that has the bottom half of
    the word "Coastline" in "Northern Coastline." Once you arrive, head into the
    only building in that area (check the map if you need directions). This is
    Lupinus, the third daughter of the hag. She says that she has the nicest skin
    of the four.
    Okay, time to get the two you probably haven't seen yet. PJ over to the map
    square that's east of the swamp. It has the words "of Illusion" of "Forest of
    Illusion." Go northeast along the line of trees. When the next section of the
    world loads, go slightly southeast. After a few steps, go straight east. You
    should slam into the next house. Inside here is Lilac, the oldest daughter and
    the one with the most beautiful eyes. Raid her bedside tables for a piece of
    The last daughter is in the middle of one of the many forests. PJ to the square
    that has the graveyard, the one with most of the word "Wilderness." Take a look
    at the map piece for a moment. See near the western edge, there's a path
    leading south into the forest? That's your target.
    Once you're in the forest, head south, and keep heading south at all
    intersections that give you a choice. You'll eventually bump into a T-section.
    Go west here, and you'll find yourself on white sands that should look
    familiar. Go south, bearing east along the tree line. Turn east when you can,
    and you'll find yourself in the Hunter's Village that you visited forever ago.
    Go out the northeast path of the village and head north. Keep going north at
    every intersection, and eventually the path will bend west. Take it, and keep
    going west. You'll bump into the last witch's house. Inside here is Helenum,
    the youngest daughter and the thinnest. Raid this one's beside tables too for a
    piece of map.
    Now that we have all the daughters' names (and the pieces of map in their
    houses), hit the Select button for a moment, then hit X. This is living proof
    how far you've come in the game. All those colored sections, with just a few
    still blue and white, attest that you've been around awhile. Kinda calming,
    Anyway, exit Helenum's house and PJ back to the map piece in the very northeast
    corner. Follow the path north back to the Ugly Hag's house. Talk to her, answer
    "Yes" to her grammatically incorrect question, and she'll ask you to rank the
    four in the order that you think of their beauty. Now, the order you choose is
    up to you, but remember that the names are case-sensitive, and only perfect
    spelling will get you through. Their names again are Almeria (sexiest), Lupinus
    (best skin), Lilac (best eyes), and Helenum (thinnest).
    Once you give her your ranking, she'll turn over the Spirit Encyclopedia. Talk
    to her again, and she'll become a shop with some potent healing items. Also,
    she'll offer to sell you a map piece for 1000G.
    With the book in hand, PJ over to the castle. Run to Ano's room and talk to him
    to hand him the book. He takes a brief glance, then tells you to come back the
    next day, by which time he should have finised his research. Cool, we're
    getting somewhere.
    |Days 43-44|
    24 hours after you gave Ano the book, he's managed to figure out everything he
    needs to know. After his explanation of everything, he gives you back the book
    and becomes another option for your party. He's probably a bit behind in level
    by now, so you may not to bother with him. Also, put Rummy in your party for
    now. You may remove her later if you desire, this will just save a step.
    The three treasures are being kept in three separate dungeons. To get to the
    first one, PJ to the map square just east of the swamp (the one with
    "Illusion"). Follow the line of trees north along the west side, and you'll
    soon see a little stone arch that marks a path not on your map. SAVE THE GAME,
    then go in, and follow it as it goes west and turns north. You'll eventually
    bump into a big blue wall. Pattimo decides to use the bomb potion that Rummy
    used to try to kill Loreille in the first days. She says that she buried it
    near her house. Blast.
    Go to Rummy's house and follow her yard around until you're near her bedsheet
    that she has hanging in the southeast corner. Check the wall around there to
    find the Strong Gunpowder. Since you're right near Claire's shop, go in and
    double-check your party. You're about to encounter some EXTREMELY strong
    enemies, so you may want to put a healer in there. If RindRinna is at a high
    level and knows Dance of Serenity, for love of humanity put her in the party.
    I'd suggest you PJ to the Woodcutter's Village, the town mall, and the Ugly Hag
    to restock all your healing items. Save here while you're at it, too. You'll
    need all the force at your disposal to get through this. With Mouse at 34,
    Rummy at 33, and RindRinna at 31, I had minor issues getting through this. If
    you're weaker than that, you'll have real problems... of course, if you're
    stronger than that (which means you've actually taken time to level up during
    the game--good for you!), you'll have an easier trip.
    Once you're ready, PJ back over to the blue wall. You'll use the potion
    automatically. Once you're on the other side of the wall, you are in the Forest
    Dungeon. The enemies you need to watch out for are the Flower Spirits and Star
    Spirits. They are EXTREMELY strong offensively, and it will take at least two
    or three hits to bring them down. They seem rather susceptible to sleep, so if
    RindRinna is in your party, don't be stingy with Dance of Serenity if you have
    it. Do not be afraid to use items, and heal between each battle; don't worry
    about the cost, you'll be making the money back with every battle.
    A word of warning here. This dungeon nearly made me quit the game out of
    frustration MANY times. To be honest, if I wasn't writing this FAQ, I probably
    would have. Bite your lip at the sheer imbalance of the game, and just try your
    best. Determination on the player's part is one extremely important element to
    getting through this. If I can do it, I know you can too. Trust me, just keep
    faith in your own abilities, and play your hardest.
    At the first intersection (the one immediately after the wall), go east. The
    path will turn north, passing a few blue flowers on the ground. Go north until
    you can't anymore, then choose east. This path goes east, bends north, then
    bends east again. You'll soon find another T-section. Go south. The path will
    shortly bend west, then north, then east, but it's totally linear.
    You'll then find a little gravestone thing. Talk to it; it tells you to leave
    and asks if you want to. Answer no. It'll then ask if you are fighting to stay
    on the island. Uh, no, we're trying to get the heck outta here. Say no again.
    It'll ask you what you're fighting for. Choose what you wish. The stone will
    say a long speech, then asks if you really believe that you can free everyone.
    Choose yes. The forest (and your controller) will shake, and a new path is
    opened a little ways from your current position.
    Exit this little area west. The path has changed and U-turns around east.
    You've already been here; head east and turn south again at the T-section.
    Follow the path as it bends west. Instead of curving toward the stone however,
    it now curves south away from the stone. Go south with the path, and it will
    U-turn east immediately.
    The path is pretty linear for awhile, but eventually splits into a T-section.
    Choose the south path (the path marked with pink flowers). The path immediately
    goes east, then turns north for a moment, then east again. You'll hit an
    intersection; go north. Eventually, the path will U-turn south. After a tiny
    turn east, you'll be presented with another intersection. Go east (the path may
    be a bit obscured by the trees). The trail will curve north and be linear, but
    it will hit an intersection eventually. Head north here, and eventually the
    path will curve west where you'll find another intersection. Go south. The path
    is very linear from here. Eventually, it will curve south, and you'll be at the
    doorstep of the boss!
    This boss, oddly, is quite weak compared with what you just had to deal with.
    Blast the little monkey things first, then target the main boss. As long as you
    keep your HP up, they'll all be worm food in no time, and you'll get stupid
    amounts of experience and gold. Afterwards, check the pedestal to get the Earth
    Crown (wasn't it called the Holy Crown before?). One down, two to go!
    Reverse directions and head north, taking the path as it curves back west. The
    path is linear for awhile. At the intersection, go east and follow it as it
    goes south. Head west at the next intersection. At the next, west again. The
    path will go north, then U-turn back south. Head west at the intersection.
    You'll know you're on the right path if the next intersection you encounter is
    the one marked with flowers.
    Go north here. The path is linear for awhile. Go north at the first
    intersection, then go west at the next. The trail will shortly U-turn back
    east. You'll see the gravestone again. Talk to it, and answer yes. Now the
    trees are back to the way they were when you entered the place.
    Exit the little area west, and the path will curve south and back east. The
    trail is linear for awhile. Go west as soon as you can. Again the path is
    linear for awhile. Go south at the next intersection, and keep going south
    until you slam into the trees. You'll be forced to go west here and... you'll
    see the blue wall! The hell (well, this hell) is over!
    There's a piece of map quite close to you, so let's get that before doing
    anything else. From the stone arch, head north. You'll eventually exit the
    forest and you'll be on the beach. Search carefully around the cliff near the
    east edge, and you'll find it nestled in a treasure box. The box is obscured by
    trees, so you'll need to rotate the camera to get south at the top.
    Go around and restock your healing items. After that, chill until 8 PM on day
    44 (4th day of the week). Whether Rinna is in your party or not, a soldier will
    appear and say that she has been kidnapped. You'll be teleported back to the
    inn, where Rinna's dad will give you a ransom letter. The party gathers in
    Mouse's room to discuss matters. Apparently, the kidnapper is Grantus, one of
    Xel's little buddies. Remember, he's the one we slaughtered when he tried to
    smack around Rinna the first time. Grantus wants Mouse in a duel with Mouse in
    return for Rinna. Go ahead and accept the duel, since we have to do the heroic
    And then, wait until...
    |Day 45|
    At 5 AM, you'll be teleported to where you need to go. Grantus waits for Mouse
    with Rinna unconscious beside him. Pattimo and Grantus strike up a
    conversation, in which the former asks why bother to have the duel since Mouse
    will wake back up if he loses. Grantus explains that there is a tribe called
    the KANON. The KANON can manipulate time. Grantus, the other two servants, Xel,
    and Mouse are all descendants of the tribe. If a KANON member fights with the
    intent to kill, then the time loop would have no effect (which explains why
    bosses stay dead once Mouse slaughters them). That means that Grantus will be
    intending to kill Mouse in this duel. How nice.
    This ALSO means that up until now, Xel has never really fought you with all his
    heart. If he had, you'd be dead on the fifth day of this adventure. Hmm...
    Anyway, Rinna wakes up at this point. She punches Grantus, which has even less
    effect than her broom had. Grantus actually apologizes to Rinna for the
    inconvienence, since he simply wanted to draw Mouse out into a duel. For being
    an evil... an evil whatever, he certainly has high morals and is rather polite.
    Rinna declares that she will fight too, but Pattimo nicely tells her to blow
    Grantus pulls off his mask to reveal that his face is that of an ox's anyway.
    He picks up his battle axe as Mouse draws his sword. And away we go!
    Grantus is invincible against all status ailments, so don't bother with Duet or
    anything like that. Just use Slash since that takes the least amout of AP (you
    may even get to attack twice in a row sometimes). You can use items if you need
    them, but if you're even remotely strong, Grantus will be a pushover. Just
    attack, attack, attack. Grantus will fall to one knee when you damage him
    enough. If Mouse is still standing at that point, you have the match won. Just
    Slash until Grantus submits.
    Grantus explains that while Xel may be enjoying himself with the time loop,
    Grantus is getting really bored after all these years. (This has been going on
    for years? I wonder how old Rummy REALLY is.) He was waiting for a strong
    warrior to fight with, and now that he has, he's pleased. He gives Mouse a key
    to Loreille's room. He tells you that her room is sealed with magic on the 5th
    day of each week, but that key will let you in. Grantus then says goodbye,
    walks several paces away, and kills himself with a magic spell. Rinna and Mouse
    make him a tombstone, and Pattimo utters a final goodbye.
    Rinna says that 6 PM is the latest you should get to the castle. That gives us
    plenty of time to run one quick mission to show some respect to Grantus. After
    all, he wasn't all THAT evil, was he? He deserves a pretty flower for his
    grave. (How girlish is THAT?)
    First, make sure you have at least 1000 G on hand. PJ to the map square that
    contains Rummy's house. Across the street from her house is the fish shop.
    Enter it, then go down the stairs on the east edge to descend to the beach. Go
    north and follow the sands as they bend east. You'll soon see another fish
    shop. Pass it and enter the building beside it, the one with the red awning.
    Talk to the guy behind the counter. We need a deal here, so get a Wish Flower
    (the Paltina flower costs ten times as much, and we don't have 10000 bucks
    worth of respect to Grantus).
    You may want to change your party, because even though the trip is short, you
    don't want to make it more dangerous than it needs to be. PJ to the map square
    with Ano's Ruins (also the Woodcutter's Village). Enter the ruins and find
    Grantus's tombstone. Stand before it, then go to your Items list. Select the
    flower, and you'll leave it by Grantus's grave. May he rest in pieces... er,
    All right, time to go save the Princess! PJ to the city and drop off all your
    items and money at Claire's shop, because you're not going to have another
    chance this week. Arrange your party, then head to the castle.
    The moment you cross the bridge to the castle, the entire party will appear at
    the side door. They decide that only three people should attack, and Rummy
    volunteers herself. Counting Mouse, you can only put one more person in there.
    Up until now, you know that I've been preaching about having a rotation system.
    The second reason I recommend one is so you get used to everyone. At this
    point, however, you pretty much know who you like and who you don't. For your
    second person, just pick someone you really like, especially if they're at a
    high level. My choice was RindRinna, and oddly, this threesome is my alpha
    team, the squad I perfer most of all combinations.
    From the entrance, head west and ignore the doors. At the intersection, go
    west. At the next, go north. Follow that hall west and go up the stairs. You're
    now on the floor that you normally come in on. Go east, skip the firth path
    north (which leads to Ano's room) and take the second. Turn west at the
    T-section, and take those stairs up. Go east at the intersection, then enter
    the throne room just to the north. Exit the throne room via the hall in the
    northwest corner. It's linear from here, just take the stairs up when you get
    to them.
    You'll get a cutscene that stars Loreille. She's rather pleased about Mouse's
    appearence and reacts accordingly. Rummy acts like she wants to vomit, and
    Mouse acts likes he's confused. Ah, young love.
    Anyway, you suddenly get a time limit. You need to take Loreille the heck out
    of the castle quickly. Even though you see her following the party, she doesn't
    get to fight. Run through the throne room, go west, take the stairs, south,
    west, north at the stairs. Go east, take a short trip south, then east, north
    the next, then run out the side exit.
    You go into auto mode here and retreat into the woods, where the rest of the
    party awaits by a campfire. Mouse is all smiles as he approaches, and the party
    celebrates their victory! Credits time! Good job on beating the game, it was
    tough, but--
    Wait, what's that bang? Even the party's attention gets diverted. Fireworks are
    being fired into the night sky; they're having the wedding ceremony! Everyone
    turns to Loreille in wonder... and the princess pulls an Exorcist, spinning on
    her torso. Brilliant light shines from her, and her body freezes.
    You're then greeted by Jawarro, one of Xel's two remaining servants. She
    explains that the "princess" is Lloyd, a robot created from magical science. A
    quick shot of the ceremony shows that the real Loreille is still unwillingly in
    the clutches of Xel. The bastard.
    Jaws then explains her plan and badmouths the deceased Grantus, then casts a
    spell on Mouse. As Mouse floats up to be dropped into a blackhole, Jaws says
    that she'll get rid of the hero and wipe the memories of the rest of the party
    clean. Mouse helplessly floats there, and Gallhint's dagger slips out of his
    pocket into the hole. Suddenly, a hand grabs the weapon and chucks it through
    Lloyd, destroying the robot and making the hole disappear! Yay!
    You're prompted to pick the party. Grab two that you're comfortable with, and
    you'll engage Lloyd. It has the strength of moldy sausage. Rip it apart like
    you know you can.
    Once it's finished, Jaws takes her leave. Ano checks out Lloyd, and Rummy gives
    Mouse a bear hug, the lucky rodent. Two seconds later, a huge firework marks
    the time loop.
    |Days 46-47|
    Mouse wakes up where he always does. He and Pattimo see Gallhint's knife
    pinning a card with the royal family's crest. Hmm... Rummy appears and tells
    you to get to Claire's shop, where everyone already is. Family meeting!
    Ano has examined Lloyd, and is thoroughly depressed because he can't figure it
    out. After the party gives him a pep talk, he says that he will figure it out
    in two days. Then he finds a piece that he doesn't understand. Claire picks it
    up and for some reason knows exactly what to do with it. Anyway, Pattimo
    correctly states that he and Mouse aren't going to get anything done standing
    there. You're given the option to use the Time Vault and get two party members,
    though Ano and Claire are taking a vacation. Make sure to do what you need to
    now, because you won't be able to enter Claire's shop until Ano is finished.
    Now, since we can't do anything for awhile, let's run around and get some more
    map pieces to complete the collection. Assuming you've followed my walkthrough
    all the way through without exploring on your own, and assuming you've played
    the drinking game with Claire enough times to win all the map pieces you can
    from her, you should be missing only 10 pieces. For two, Power Jump to the map
    piece that's just to the west of the palace.
    Hit Select to bring up the map. See the path leading north at the northwest
    corner? Take that. As the road bends east, look for a box that's obscured by
    some trees. That box contains your map piece. Keep moving east on the road.
    You'll soon encounter a little village, home to some coal miners. Go all the
    way to house at the very east edge and raid the drawers there to get the piece
    of map for the area.
    Now PJ over to the map piece with the graveyard. Again hit Select to bring it
    up. Your target is the path that exits out the west edge. Walk along this road
    as it bends southwest, and you'll find yet another box that is obscured by a
    tree. That one has what you need.
    Now you have the entire northern half of the map. Nifty, huh? Keep heading
    south on the road you're still on. At the intersection, go west. There will be
    two treasure boxes there, one of which contains your next map.
    Now, PJ to the map piece with Rummy's house. Head south and take the main road
    that leads west. Keep walking along the main road as it turns north, then west,
    then south, then west, north, and west. Here, you'll come to an intersection.
    Go southwest and you'll find a huge brown building. Inside is a museum of old
    artifacts and things. Search the bookshelves for a piece of map.
    Exit the building and continue along the road north. When it splits, go west.
    Follow it around and you'll go up a tiny ramp, then U-turn back north. Keep
    going and you'll find a rather large building. This is a fortune teller's shop.
    Make your way through the obstacles he has around him and talk to him. Though
    he says that telling your fortune will cost you 30G, he'll later say that this
    one was free. Agree to get your fortune told, and once you're done, you'll be
    given a piece of map.
    All right, for the next two pieces of map, you have to get to the points in the
    early morning. Whether you want to level now or just sleep is up to you, but
    make sure you're ready to go bright and early in the morning.
    For the first one, PJ to the map piece that's east of the one with the word
    "Town." Hit Select... see that there are two paths leading out of the south of
    the map? You need to go on the western one. Head south down that very familiar
    cobblestone road. Keep going and you'll eventually go down a little ramp. There
    is a guy in a white shirt and green pants standing there at the bottom. Talk to
    him, and you'll recieve your next piece!
    For the next, PJ to the map piece with the words "Forest of Hope." You may not
    know this (and I probably should have told you eariler), but you can PJ from
    one map piece to the SAME map piece. So, once you land, keep PJing until you
    wind up in front of the witch's house. This will just make the trip a little
    shorter. Run south, the only way you can, and you'll find yourself in the
    Hunter's Village. There's a guy in the northeastern part of town named Varinton
    (he's wearing brown clothes and a blue vest). Talk to him, and you'll get the
    map piece.
    The last two map pieces can be found under Confirmed Information, later in this
    |Days 48-50|
    After 10 AM on the third day of the week, head back to Claire's shop. Ano
    greets you, feeling absolutely worthless. Apparently, Claire locked him out of
    the watch shop and took over repairing Lloyd. Talk about strong women. At that
    moment, Claire appears. Pattimo realizes that something in her has changed
    (maybe she's kicked the bottle?).
    She then tells Mouse that she has an alternate identity. She goes through her
    train of thought and finishes by saying that she too is part of the KANON
    tribe. Spiffy!
    The party gathers around Lloyd again, discussing stuff. She says that if you
    can get her all three of the spiritual treasures, she can make the thing move
    again. Sweet, we have a mission.
    She moves beside her mirror and shows you inside it. Apparently, the mirror is
    the entrance to the World of Darkness, and Twinboom (that f'ugly thing that he
    is) is hiding out there. If we slaughter him, things will start changing in the
    real world. Claire says that as long as she is with you (read: in your active
    party) you can go into the alternate world.
    Okay, here's how things work. The mirror's main function, to get party members,
    has not changed. In order to actually go to the alternate world, you'll need to
    talk to Claire, who is standing beside the mirror. As for now, she won't let
    you go into the world, which is fine. Since we want all the allies we can get,
    let's try to get the parts for Lloyd!
    Grab two people you like and make sure your inventory is decent. The dungeon is
    rather tame compared to what we've dealt with, so you may want to put Claire in
    your party if she's a few levels behind the others. That way, she'll be ready
    for the trip to the World of Darkness.
    Hopefully you took a break like I suggested and got those map pieces. PJ to the
    little village with the coal mine (it's the one that has the entire word
    "Nomon" in it). Once there, save it if you wish. Take a breath, then go into
    the coal mine.
    Compared to the Forest Dungeon, the enemies here shouldn't give you too much
    grief (especially if you're using the same party). If you have at least one
    healer, especially RindRinna, you'll be more than fine. The most dangerous
    enemy is the dragon, but it's extremely slow. You can easily heal whoever gets
    smacked and still have time to get off a full round of attacks. Just don't do
    anything with a fire attribute on that one and you'll be fine.
    The coal mine itself is only the entrance TO the dungeon, not the dungeon
    itself. At the first intersection, go east. Then, south. Then, south again.
    It's a windy path, but it's linear, and it'll take you down a floor. That path
    is also linear, and will also take you down a floor. Now you're in the third
    basement. Go south, and at the intersection, go south again. The path will bend
    west and go down another floor. Down there is a blue wall like the one blocking
    the Forest Dungeon. You still have the Strong Gunpowder on you, so blast the
    wall. Welcome to the Water Dungeon!
    Here, the enemies get more serious, but they're still far less of a threat than
    the ones in the Forest Dungeon. Also, it's pretty long and annoying, but I'd
    still rather go through this one than the one on Kyte's quest.
    Anyway. Right from the entrance, go west. Follow this path around, and you'll
    cross a bridge. Keep going north and follow the path west, and you'll go under
    a different bridge. At this intersection, go south, and follow it until you
    change floors.
    On this floor are two switches that must be pressed before you can go on. The
    path is linear for a moment. When you hit the intersection, go north. At the
    next, north again. At the next, west. There you'll find the first switch. Smack
    it, then head back the way you came. When you get back to the first
    intersection you came to on this floor, go south. At the next intersection, go
    west. There you'll find a little pool to heal and save. After that, go east
    (past the path you were just at). You'll see another path going southeast, so
    take it. You'll eventually run into another intersection. Go south. At the end
    of the path is the second switch. Press it and go back to the intersection you
    were JUST at. Head north there, and follow the path around. At the next little
    intersection, go north, then south as soon as you can. You'll see a
    diamond-shaped teleporter. Step on it to move to the next floor.
    Now, I'm not going to give my usual directions here, because the room is
    actually FAR less complicated than it looks. Instead of a complex series of
    hallways, this is more like a room with a bunch of obstacles all over the
    place. The teleporter is in the center, to give you a slight bearing of your
    Okay, remember the Most Annoying Dungeon In The World? (How could you forget
    something so damn annoying?) You had to hit one switch in each corner before
    preceeding. Well, this is similar, but there's a small twist. Each tomb is
    marked with words that represent one of four elements. You have to hit the
    switches in an exact order: wood, fire, water, and time.
    Here are the words...
    Wood: "My powers grow, as all kneel before me. The power that incinerates is
    the only fear."
    Fire: "My powers... The power that extinguishes is the only fear."
    Water: "My powers... The power that absorbs is the only fear."
    Time: "Until the descendants appear... there is nothing to fear. Everything
    before me becomes all mine."
    The wood switch was in the northwest corner, the fire in the southeast corner,
    the water in the northeast corner, and the time in the southwest corner. Once
    you hit all the switches, you'll be allowed to go into the next room. To get
    there, look for a path on the east side of the room that turns north without an
    intersection (it's on the eastern edge of the room). Follow that to go to the
    next floor.
    This room, which is suffering from a massive case of blue, is totally linear.
    The path is a spiral; just move along it until you get to the center. When you
    come there, you'll see a little pedestal with the next treasure. You'll of
    course have a boss fight, but he's not too tough. Keep everyone's HP up, and
    have Mouse use Charging Strike against the groups of little enemies before
    tackling the big guy. Once he's down, claim your prize: the Water Gem (again,
    didn't that used to be the Holy Gem?)! Unfortunately, you must now exit the
    place manually. Oy...
    Need help with the intersections? Here's the order from the teleporter, once
    you're back in the blue cave. East, east, west, west, (west again if you want
    to heal), south, west, stairs.
    East under the bridge, south, stairs to the coal mine.
    North, up a level.
    Linear, up a level.
    East, north, north, exit.
    Time to head to the last dungeon! Since it's late in the game, you probably
    know how good you are in battles and such. Check your items. Think you need to
    restock? If so, go ahead. You may not need to however, since that was a rather
    simple dungeon. I'm not saying that I didn't use healing items, but I did have
    PLENTY left.
    If you took Claire with you and she's now at a high level, I'd suggest you sub
    her out for someone with good offensive magic (or Rummy, since she has the Fire
    attribute attached to her basic attack). Some of the enemies in the next
    dungeon won't take damage from standard attacks, making Claire all around
    useless. Once you're ready, PJ to the map square with the Woodcutter's Village.
    Ano's Ruins is the next dungeon.
    This place features some pretty tough enemies. They're about as strong as those
    in the Forest Dungeon, but hardly as cheap, and by now your level should
    compensate for the difference in strength. The enemies are strong offensively,
    but very slow, so they can't attack as often. You'll be all right, just be
    persistant and remember, no battle is over until you see "Allies are
    Ano's Ruins is pretty short. I'll tell you how to go through it in the fastest
    way, but I encourage you to explore every inch of the lower floor. This dungeon
    will take, AT MOST, 10 game hours to complete. That leaves plenty of time to
    explore its every nook and cranny.
    The hall is pretty linear for awhile. At the first intersection, go northeast.
    At the next, north. At the next, east. At the next, west. Then north. You'll
    start heading back south. At the next intersection, go east. At the next, go
    south and you'll find some stairs to the next floor.
    Okay, this place gets really interesting. The area is shaped liked a clock. The
    stairs are in the precise center of the room. To the east is a room with three
    diamonds in it (3 o'clock). To the south is one with six diamonds. To the west
    is one with nine diamonds. One through eleven are where they should be, with no
    path to twelve (yet). The diamonds in any room are a collective switch for that
    room. So if you step on any diamond in the 5 position, you're activing that
    whole room's switch. Remember that.
    Directly north of you is a tombstone (on the other side of the little wall). On
    it are the following words: "The Time Family is a 3 person family -- There was
    the laidback father, the hard-working-mother and the energetic, happy child.
    One night the 3 went to sleep with their pillows lined up toward the North. But
    the family had a problem. They tossed and turned all night. In the middle of
    the night, everyone had their pillows toward the East. And the mother had
    tossed and turned all night. The energetic child was a problem too. It rolled
    300 times. When it woke up, where were mom and dad?"
    Now, I've got the solution, but it doesn't entirely make sense. I assume that
    something went wrong in the translation...
    Anyway, here's the deal as I see it. All three started north, or the 12 o'clock
    position. Halfway through the night, they were east, at the 3 o'clock position.
    Since the father is laid-back, (and since he isn't mentioned in the story after
    that), he must have stayed at the 3 position.
    That's when things get weird. In order to follow my train of thought, we have
    to ammend one sentence in the story (which is why I think it was mistranslated
    in the first place). Instead of "The child rolled 300 times," make it "The
    MOTHER rolled 300 times." There are 60 minutes in an hour, of course. 300
    divided by 60 is 5. If the mother rolled once every minute, she moved five
    So that sounds like the mother should be at the 8 o'clock position, right? That
    would mean the solution is 8 and 3. Step on them in that order and... nothing
    Here's the thing: it never said that she rolled CLOCKWISE. If she rolled
    COUNTER-clockwise, then she'd be on the 10 o'clock position. That means the
    solution is 10 and 3. Step on them in that order and... bingo! The screen and
    your controller vibrate like a massage pad, and suddenly there's a path leading
    north. Take it, and you'll find some stairs.
    Now, the narrow path surrounding your initial room is just a red herring. Keep
    heading north and you'll see the pedestal with the next treasure. There is of
    course a boss fight, but he's a pussy cat. Shred his little friends, then cut
    him a new one, and the Fire Sabre (wasn't that the Sacred Sword?) is yours! Too
    bad you can't use it in battle.
    You have to get out manually. Once you do, PJ back to Claire's shop and talk to
    her twice. You'll hand over both treasures, and she promises that Lloyd will be
    repaired soon. Sweet!
    If you talk to Claire one more time, she'll still be hinting about "someone"
    being able to help us out to go to the World of Darkness. Well, we found
    Gallhint's knife earlier, but we never found the owner. Let's visit his house,
    maybe he found a way out of wherever he was.
    PJ over to the square that contains most of the letters of "Dark Forest." Run
    into Gallhint's Fortress (notice all the tombstones at the entrance?), then go
    into Gallhint's house.
    Just as I thought, he's there. Gallhint is lying down, thinking about things.
    They talk about things, Gallhint explains how he wound up back in this
    dimension, they go on. Pattimo and Mouse explain about KANON and everything.
    Gallhint requests time to think about things. Sweet. Mouse departs as Gallhint
    talks to his dead comrades.
    You're done for the week. Restock your supplies, upgrade weapons, blah blah
    blah. You know what to do by now.
    |Day 51|
    On the dock, you are greeted by... Loreille? Mouse approaches her, and she
    starts doing the Exorcist thing again. Then the body shatters to show the
    klacking Lloyd. Greaaaaat... Claire appears and says that the thing is all
    fixed and its memory wiped clean, so it won't try to kill us anymore. Good, I
    was getting tired of things that are trying to kill us.
    Anyway, he's your brand spankin' new ally. We've got most of the roster now;
    only missing three. Lloyd, like Rinna, has an alternate personality. He can
    turn into Lloyd-L, the robotic version of Loreille. Lloyd is at level 1, and
    his stats are rather low. However, he'll gain FAST since all the enemies will
    be worth tons of experience points. Besides, Lloyd's HP will compensate for his
    weakness. Oh, and he has no blacksmith shop.
    PJ to Claire's shop and withdraw your items and money. Check the mirror and put
    Claire in your party, then talk to her by the mirror. She'll ask you who else
    you're taking to World of Darkness. Whether you JUST added a third person or
    not, she'll ask you again for a third person. Toss in anyone you desire, and
    she'll say that you shouldn't choose him or her. She asks again, but a
    mysterious voice volunteers itself. Surprise! It's Gallhint! Woo hoo!
    Claire casts a spell, and you wind up in the World of Darkness. It looks like
    it got a wee too close to Ye Olde Neon Paint Shoppe, but whatever. Check out
    the clock. You have a 10-hour time limit here, and you can't PJ. Luckily,
    you're only here for one specific mission. No biggie, you're probably strong by
    Okay, just like inside the castle, no matter where you go here, you're going to
    be smacked by enemies. They're the same enemies you found in the castle, so
    don't worry about it, you should be fine.
    All right, since you're probably more than familiar with the layout of the
    city, I don't think I need to give you every little intersection. From Claire's
    shop, run toward the inn. Take the little ramp before it up. You'll pass a guy
    hanging on the fence if you're on the right track. Go north as soon as you can,
    because there's another ramp there you need to take. By this time, you should
    be heading west. Keep going and you should end up in the park. Go further west,
    and you'll be at Bird Gathering Park.
    Go up the little ramp there and check the statue. It will turn into Twinboom,
    who threatens you. Right, like you're scared. Engage it, and roast it alive.
    Just keep your HP high, and it should be absolutely no problem. To make it even
    easier, have Claire cast Ice Fusion on the others if she has it. That will
    double their attack power against this bird.
    Once you put Twinbloom on ice, he turns back into the statue. You can check the
    statue as many times as you want and fight him as many times as you want for
    more experience and cash, although only once is necessary. When you're
    satisfied, run back to Claire's shop and check the mirror to get back to the
    real world.
    Okay, toss Claire out of your party and add Beak in her place. By the way,
    while going through the roster, notice that Gallhint's name is there? That's
    right, he's FINALLY a permanent member!
    With Gallhint and Beak in the party, head over to Bird Gathering Park in the
    real world (of course, now you can just PJ over there). Check the statue again,
    and Pattimo will yell at it. It breaks apart and reveals the REAL Twinboom!
    The battle engages, but don't use ANY items or ANY magic. Trust me and just
    stand there. After a round or two, the fight is interupted by a flute.
    The battle shifts to outside, where we see blue-haired man standing there. He
    looks a little like old Xel, doesn't he? Luckily, he's not. In fact, he's on
    our side. He hops to Mouse and challenges Twinboom. The name of the man is
    Fang! The Golden Three are reunited!
    The battle starts again, although any damage that has been inflicted to the
    party carries over. While Fang's physical attacks won't be all that hot against
    Twinboom, his only magic attack, Electric Swarm, will do serious damage. Mouse
    is rather weak too, but if he's got Ray Slash by now (which he probably does
    after all the Charging Slashes we've been doing), he can use that. If not, use
    Power Jump. Add all that offensive power to Beak's superb healing skill God's
    Tears, and you have the makings of an invincible force. No wonder these guys
    are the Golden Three! Just do those moves (although you may want Fang to heal
    now and then if the damage gets serious), and Twinboom will go down.
    Twinboom cries "I'm melting! Melting!" (or he would if this was the Wizard of
    Oz), and his true form is revealed: a black ball that crackles with energy.
    Fang splats it, and Twinboom is no more. Mouse finds a key on the ground, and
    like all treasures, he takes it. You're then teleported back to Claire's shop
    automatically for a meeting. They discuss whether the time loop is broken, and
    Claire says that they'll know tomorrow.
    |Day 52 to the end|
    Everyone wakes to... snow? How weird. Even the islanders are confused. After
    all, snow in a tropical island is... um, not normal. Ano appears and explains
    that Twinboom was in control of the actual events that took place each day.
    With him dead, the island is sort of going a bit nutty.
    Ano then gives a plan. Since only one of Xel's little buddies is still alive,
    he suggests that the party goes on the offensive and try to rescue the princess
    again. Sounds good. He and Mouse go to the palace to try something.
    Unfortunately, the guards stop the duo. They don't recognize Ano, and they say
    there's no one by that name in the palace! Bah. The two go to Claire's shop,
    where the rest are gathered for another meeting. Apparently, everyone who was
    connected to the palace is no longer. Plosi is no longer the artist in charge
    of Loreille's portrait, and Rummy is not on the palace guard roster. With
    nothing else to do, they decide to try to rescue the princess anyway, but use a
    sneaky entrance. Pattimo asks Fang for his help, and the man accepts. You're
    now only missing one person from the roster, and you'll get him in due time.
    With the loop more or less shattered (check the clock), the Time Vault is no
    longer nessecery. Also, the party has nowhere to go, so they'll stay in
    Claire's basement, making the mirror no longer needed. It goes without saying
    that the game is very quickly coming to an end.
    All right, first things first. Put both Gallhint and Fang in the party so you
    can see their blacksmith shops. Fang may be a little hurt from the fight with
    Twinboom, and Gallhint may be a bit hurt from being in the dark world. Take
    them both to the inn and rest for 24 hours. Again, with the time loop gone,
    don't worry about losing anything or being late for anything. Bec careful while
    heading there, as there are still time demons running around.
    Once you're done resting, head to Mouse's blacksmith shop. Fully upgrade his
    weapon if you haven't already... you can also upgrade Gallhint's weapon. That
    seems a little illogical to me... I would figure that the Golden Three would
    have the same shop, but whatever. To get Fang a little stronger, you need to
    head to the same shop that forges Bagoth's weapon too, south of Rummy's house.
    All right, now you have a choice, sorta. You know your current mission, but you
    need to be strong for it. I seriously recommend you get your people up to at
    least level 35. All the dungeons are available for you to wreck some havoc
    still, or you could just fight around the town.
    Once you're ready to go, grab two people you really like. Make sure they're
    high-level, and that you're comfortable with them. Check your inventory and
    stock it as much as you need to. If you can afford it, buy 99 Magic Bottles, 99
    Super Magic Bottles, 99 Mega Magic Bottles, 99 Live Berries, 99 Super Live
    Berries, 99 Mega Live Berries, 99 Holy Waters, and as many Phoenix Potions
    When you're ready, it's time to go to the castle. The front gate is closed, but
    we're going to pull a Metal Gear Solid entrance (albeit without stealth camo,
    unfortunately). PJ to the square with the restaurant Rummy took Mouse to on a
    date way back when. Hit Select to bring up the map. See the road that leads
    north into the forest beside the restaurant? That's your target. It's a linear
    path to the back door of the castle. Just be aware that the last part is
    between a few trees, so you'll have to feel your way through a bit. Once you're
    on the castle grounds, go south a hair and take the first door you see. You'll
    be on the first floor of the castle, a place you should be very familiar with.
    The path is linear for awhile, assuming you're skipping all the doors. At the
    intersection, go east, then north and take the stairs to the basement. Go west,
    ignore the first room, and go through the doors. Take the first set of doors to
    the south (you'll use the key you got from Twinboom automatically).
    You'll come to a symbol in the center of a four-way intersection. Each
    direction has one room, and when you step on the red carpet, you'll engage a
    boss. They're not the dragons, though, you'll have to deal with them later.
    The one in the west is slightly annoying, because it heals whenever its hit
    points get low. Just try to use moves that cause paralysis once it starts
    healing, and you'll be okay.
    The one in the south opens with a NASTY move that will inflict around 2500 HP
    damage to everyone on your party. However, it's the ONLY time he does it; the
    move is more mental than physical. After that, his attacks only hit one person
    at a time for 200 to 500 HP, things you can deal with easily.
    The one in the east has a similar attack. It's a little weaker, but handle it
    the same way. Just heal after it does it, then keep up the pressure against it,
    and it will fall.
    Finished? I assume you got the keys in the chests around there. All right, go
    back to the intersection with the symbol and go back north. Go north again,
    through the double doors (you'll again use the basement key). You'll take a
    little set of stairs, then exit into the courtyard.
    Come north a bit, and the camera will right itself to show a little
    three-pronged pedestal. Save here. Behind that pedestal is a stone with a few
    little white marks on it. Go through there, and you'll be in a dungeon.
    Go through the first chamber. At the first intersection you come to, go west.
    Beside the treasure chest there is a little stone pedestal. Stand before it, go
    to your items list, and use the Wing Key. One down, two to go.
    Now, go north. The path is linear; even though there's a really thin path going
    southwest, it's too thin to be traversed. The next intersection has a path
    going southwest, and this one is able to to be walked on. Take it. This path is
    windy, but linear. Use the Horn Key when you get to the pedestal, then go back
    the way you came. Two down, one to go.
    Go northwest when you get back to the intersection. At the next one, go west if
    you want to. There's only a Tunder Charm there, but what the heck. Go north,
    then east (away from the stairs). At the next, go northeast. There's the last
    pedestal. Use your Serpent Key, then go back south. Take the southeast path
    from the intersection. The narrow path you see is again too thin to get
    through. Keep going along the path, and turn east at the next intersection.
    You'll wind south and see your party to the west, but go east instead. There
    will be a pool to save and heal there.
    Now head back to your allies. Don't talk to any of them, just head to the door.
    With all three keys in their place, the doors will open to a room the size of a
    football stadium. Then, Jawarro's three lil' dragons will make an appearance.
    You'll have to slay them, one by one (luckily... I wouldn't want to fight them
    all at once). Now you can make a party switch if you desire.
    Dragonix Alpha, the first one, is really frickin' buff. Keep up the offensive
    pressure, but still keep one person devoted to healing only (perhaps two, if
    things get nasty). The thing casts Fire Armor, which will hit the next person
    who uses a physical attack against it with fire. Keep those HP high, and do not
    be afraid to use expensive items.
    After the fight, you can switch again, a good idea if one or both allies were
    seriously hurt. Dragonix Beta, the second one, is just as tough, but it never
    casts Fire Armor or anything like that. Again, you can switch your party if you
    desire, and I seriously recommend you add Rummy if she's not already there.
    Dragonix Gamma, the last one, is a pussy cat... er, pussy dragon. Let Mouse use
    Power Jump and have Rummy use Hard Punch. The dragon should be shishkabob in no
    After that, Pattimo says that a lot were wounded from the battle. (Really? He
    must have been watching another fight.) You're prompted to choose your party
    again, but Claire forces her way in. Women, whatchya gonna do?
    Don't be afraid to choose someone that is hurt at the moment. Once you're given
    back control, you can walk through the double stone doors again back to the
    healing/saving pool. If you die from here, you don't REALLY want to fight those
    dragons again, do you?
    Anyway, go south of the giant symbol in the huge room when you're set. Take
    those stairs up. Happily, there are NO intersections in this entire part! It's
    very linear, just take every staircase you come to. None of them have anything
    behind them, so don't bother walking around them.
    You'll eventually come to another set of double doors. STOP IMMEDIATELY. You're
    about to enter a hard battle, one that can only be won with strategy, and you
    need to make preperations.
    First, make sure your party is COMPLETELY healed. I mean both HP and MP.
    Second, set Mouse to Offensive, and Claire to Defensive. If your third person
    is an attacker, set him or her to Offensive. If it's a healer, Defensive. If
    both, Offensive. I had Rummy, and put her on Offensive. Basically, no one
    should be Balanced.
    As Mouse passes the stone doors, he sees... Loreille! As he runs for her, she
    yells to him to stop. Just then, Jaws herself comes down from the ceiling. She
    calls some more of her pets, little spiders called Gresto. She offers to
    bioenhance Claire, who rightly refuses, and then a battle ensues.
    You'll be surrounded by them all, but do not attack Jaws herself. Just wipe out
    her little spiders, most of which are conveniently in groups, so just use
    Charging Strike. Each of the baby spiders have about 1000 HP, and Mouse's
    Charging Strike very well may damage them for more than that. This is a really
    easy one, comparitively. Once the battle is over, Jaws curses you, then another
    battle will start.
    Here's the hard one. Jaws engages you, but the real targets are those arms on
    her back. Let me say that the enemies' attacks aren't THAT strong. You've dealt
    with much stronger things before. The problem is that most of the attacks can
    inflict poison, and THAT is the killer. Also, every turn, the arms will get
    healed. Oy...
    To start, have Claire cast Lag immediately if she has it. That will drop the
    speed of all the enemies, giving you a slight edge. From then on, only have
    Claire use Heal Circle. As long as an ally is gradually recovering, he or she
    cannot be poisoned. Even if an ally IS poisoned, Heal Circle will immediately
    cure it.
    Next, have Mouse and your other guy attack Grantos C. This one can actually
    revive dead Grantos, so we need to take it out first. Now, it's going to be
    healed for about 1500 HP per turn. That means that if you do more than 1500 HP
    damage to it in one turn, you're winning. You just need to keep up the
    pressure. Have Mouse use Power Jump, and have your other attacker use his or
    her most powerful offensive move. I can almost assure you that you won't be
    able to take out Grantos C before it gets healed once. However, between Mouse
    and Rummy, I was able to cause 2300 HP damage to it per turn. After only two
    turns, it died. I believe that the arms have somewhere around 3000 HP, and I
    know they have at least 2500.
    Now that Grantos C is down, target Grantos F next. This is the one that heals
    all the arms at once. Again, use Power Jump and whatever else powerful move
    you've got. Do not be tempted to have Claire attack, just keep telling her to
    use Heal Circle. This one can also be taken out in two turns if you keep up the
    With both healing arms down, the battle becomes worlds easier. Just use
    Charging Strike repeatedly to attack all four arms at once. Have your other
    attacker target Grantos A first, since it has the most powerful attack of the
    remaining four. Once A is down, take out D and E in either order. All B can do
    is poison, and since Claire is using Heal Circle all the time, you have nothing
    to fear from that one.
    Once all the Grestos are down, Jaws has one more trick up her sleeve. Now she's
    going to attack you personally, which means you can finally target her. Jaws is
    not very strong, but keep the Heal Circle move going for as long as possible
    again, to prevent poisoning. Jaws will go down after a rather short number of
    The mask comes off of Jaws and shows a rather beautiful face. She makes a short
    speech about power. While they're trying to figure things out, Loreille somehow
    manages to free herself. They talk about the classes of KANON: Jaws and
    Twinboom were Masters, those who possessed mid-level powers. There is a higher
    class called the Holy, who have have more powers than Masters. The latter kept
    bioenhancing their bodies to get more powerful, although they never made it.
    Claire says that it's silly to just change one's body for the sole purpose of
    power. Jaws thinks she's not beautiful, but Pattimo disagrees. Then, Jaws jumps
    or falls or both off the tower.
    Suddenly, Xel appears in full armor. He grabs Loreille, commenting that he
    never thought Jaws would be taken down. Have you ever noticed that baddies
    never think anything will go wrong? Maybe that's why they lose so much.
    Anyway, he says that he's going to take Loreille anyway, and Mouse won't stop
    him. As Mouse readies himself, the rest of the party appears. Ano challenges
    Xel, who accepts. Now, you can pick two members of your party. Xel is strong
    offensively, but he doesn't have that many hit points. If you have two
    attackers with powerful moves, and one healer to balance the damage, you'll be
    more than fine. Don't even waste time with Power Jump or anything. Mouse will
    still be in offensive mode from the fight with Jaws, so just have him use the
    standard Slash.
    Wouldn't it be nice if that was the final fight? Ha. Once Xel is on his back,
    Ano makes a long speech explaining Xel's plan. It's ironic that Ano seemed to
    be the one who resisted the idea most in the first place, and here he is
    explaining everything to main baddie. Weird.
    A few more words are exchanged, and you find out that Xel isn't really a Holy,
    he's only a piddly Master like Twinboom and Jawarro. Apparently, the Holy in
    this world is Loreille! Xel explains the nature of his plan. In short, he
    manipulated time on the island to drain her power into him. That way, he could
    grow stronger. Once the party challenges him, he drains her power rapidly,
    gaining stronger by the second. He grows wings and changes form, again a la
    Sephiroth from FF7. He then traps everyone in a whirlwind and throws them off
    the tower. Nice guy.
    Mouse wakes up alone by Ano's Ruins. Well, not entirely alone... seconds later,
    GRANTUS appears! Because you put those Wish Flowers by his grave, he's
    convinced that you're a nice guy. He then offers to join your party! They shake
    hands, show a brilliant flash of light, and you have now completed the whole
    roster in this game! Yeah, baby!
    They hear another voice and find Gallhint trapped under a stone. He says he'll
    be fine and tells Mouse to check on the chicks. The first one he finds is
    Claire, who is conscious and quite happy to be alive.
    Grantus shows that they are in KANON Ruins, not Ano's Ruins, after all. Because
    the four of them are all descendants of KANON, they wound up here. Claire gets
    a preminition about things. Apparently, the island city has been ripped apart.
    Houses are in shambles, the streets are flooded... Gallhint then dons a cape
    and becomes Captain Obvious:
    Quotable Quote #3: "This looks bad."
    As Mouse and Grantus study the ancient writing, Gallhint and Claire discuss the
    new ally's alignment. Gallhint points out that if he had any evil intent, he
    wouldn't be on KANON Ruins with the rest of them. Fair enough, that proves he's
    on our side. As I said before, I'm tired of people trying to kill us, it's not
    very nice.
    You're then prompted to pick a party, although your choices are quite limited.
    Claire again will come with you whether you like it or not, but you can pick
    Gallhint or Grantus as your third member. I decided to test drive the newbie.
    Pattimo tells Gallhint to get back to the tower, and not to move forward until
    everyone has gathered up again.
    Now that you have manual control, for the love of humanity, save it. I highly
    doubt you're going to want to go through all that again.
    Check the clock. The time is frozen. Kinda nice, I suppose. The first thing you
    need to do is go south to the Woodcutter's Village. Once you get close enough,
    the Celestial Leader appears and also states the obvious. He gives you a
    spiritual stone, which is the key to freeing your friends.
    With time frozen, you can't talk to anybody, so don't bother with anything
    except finding your buddies. Most of them are in town, so let's quickly get the
    one who isn't. Your PJs are disabled, so go to the lift at the south edge of
    town and take it to the plains below. Crystal (kbofam@aol.com) found Lloyd
    Lloyd's in the area of forest around the lift to the woodcutter's and the farm.
    He's next to a small tree.
    Specifically, he's near a clump of dirt and bushes in your current map square.
    Hit Select to check it out. All right, you see the building in the northeast
    corner. Look west, and you'll see a clump of stuff in the middle of a plain.
    That's where Lloyd is laying. Walk up to him, check him, and you get your first
    ally. You can reform your party if you wish, or just leave your current two in.
    Klack klack klack.
    Continue on by going southeast and crossing the wooden bridge. Once you're in
    the next map piece (the one with the Forest Ruin), head to Rinna's secret
    place. You'll find Rinna lying there between the tree stump and the pond. Check
    her, and Mouse will use the spiritual stone to wake her.
    Go north and enter the city, but make sure you talk to the Celestial man
    standing there. He'll upgrade Rummy's, Bagoth's, Fang's, and Grantus's weapons
    for a charge.
    Crystal (kbofam@aol.com) also found Kyte nearby...
    As you walk into town coming from the forest stay left on that small portion of
    brick/stone walk with just a couple of houses that comes to a dead end.  Kyte
    is there.
    Speficially, the moment you enter the city and finish talking to that Celestial
    dude, go south all the way down the road. Heavens, how in the world did I miss
    him the first time?
    Anyway, as you can see, the city is in absolute shambles, but don't worry.
    After getting Kyte, head back up to the intersection, then go west, then south.
    You'll find another Celestial citizen who will upgrade Mouse's, Gallhint's,
    Claire's, and Beak's weapons. Keep going south to find another one who will
    sell you Magic Bottles of all flavors and Holy Water. Restock as nessecery;
    don't worry about money, you won't need it anymore. After you resupply, go back
    All the streets are blocked off down here, so go back up the little ramp you
    took to get here in the first place. At the intersection, go north, and follow
    the road west. Cross the stone bridge, then go north as soon as you can. Make
    your way to the restaurant, where Rummy waits sleeping in front of the door.
    Check her to revive her.
    If you go east and cross the bridge, then head north, you can buy those potions
    that boost your attack. If you go west, then north, you can buy bombs. Buy or
    don't buy whatever you want, and when you're ready to continue your search, go
    west then south of where you found Rummy.
    Skip the path going east and follow the road as it turns west. You'll encounter
    another Celestial person who sells you Live Berries of all flavors. Keep going
    west, and you'll find Beak lying by the water. Check him to revive him, and add
    him if you desire. The Time Vault is also here, but you should have all your
    items already. If not, withdraw everything, because you won't need the Time
    Vault ever again.
    With Beak in tow, head back east and go up the little ramp. At the
    intersection, go west. Just after you cross under the bridge, you'll find
    Bagoth laying there. After he's revived, keep going west, into the park. Just
    south after you enter the park will be Fang and a Celestial merchant who sells
    you all sorts of charms. Now, for love of humanity, do yourself a HUGE favor
    and BUY AT LEAST THREE FIRE CHARMS!!!!!!!!!! Look people, I can't stress it
    enough. You NEED Fire Charms. Get as many as you can. It will make an upcoming
    fight a million times easier. You've trusted me up to this point, so you REALLY
    need to trust me here. (Note, by the way, I didn't say FLAME Charm, I said FIRE
    Anyway, head west through the park and Bird Gathering Park. Take the forest
    path northwest of where the statue used to be and follow the trail west to find
    Plosi. Continue south to Plosi's house to find another Celestial merchant who
    sells you Revive and Phoenix Potions.
    Now, go back to where you found Bagoth. The house just to the south of him has
    a collapsed wall that you can walk up. Climb it to the roof, then head north
    toward the castle. Take the west path near the first planter and follow it
    around to find Ano.
    Now that you have everyone, enter the castle through the front door. Go west at
    the first intersection, skip the path to Ano's room, and go down the stairs.
    Now turn east, east again at the intersection, and southeast at the next one.
    Go north to take the stairs to the basement. Go west, then north through the
    double wooden doors, down the stairs, and out into the courtyard.
    Enter the dungeon as you did before. This time, the place has changed, and
    you're given an intersection immediately. Oy... Don't be afraid to use magic
    here because there are a million healing pools all over the place.
    Directly west is a healing/save pool. East of the entrance is the rest of the
    party, and this is the last time you can make any changes. Choose whatever two
    are the strongest and most reliable. Then, go around to the northeast corner of
    the room and take the stairs there. Go east at the intersection, then east
    again. You'll find some stairs that you need to take. Go west, and you'll find
    another pool.
    Heal and save, then go sorth and go down THOSE stairs (not the ones that are
    north of the pool). At the next intersection, go north immediately. Follow this
    one around till you find more stairs to take. Keep going west and you'll find a
    third pool.
    Heal and save again, then head south. At the intersection, turn east, and go
    south. There are stairs there, so head down them. Now go east, and the path is
    linear. Long, maybe, but linear. More stairs, also linear, more stairs.
    At the next intersection, go go north. You'll come to a set of double doors, so
    go through them, then take the stairs. Go north and you'll see a pool. This is
    the same one that you used before confronting Jaws's dragons. Use it, save the
    game, and take a deep breath. It's time for the final battle!
    Go around north and east, into the room where you fought the dragons. Approach
    the symbol, and a cutscene will occur. Mouse stands in the center of the
    circle, and rays of light shoot to the heavens. Mouse is taken up to where
    Xelpherpolis awaits.
    Xel starts by saying that he wasn't lying about the reason he wanted Mouse: he
    really did like his music. He just didn't expect that Mouse was a KANON and
    would try to save Loreille. Xel is also angry at Mouse because Loreille fell in
    love with him. Bah. Xel spreads his wings and issues a threat. A battle ensues,
    but don't bother fighting. This is a fixed fight, one you're supposed to lose.
    Just sit patiently and wait for Xel to smush you.
    After that, Xel picks up Pattimo and flings it away, then readies a spell to
    blast Mouse. Loreille picks up the instrument and releases her power into it,
    then hurls it back to Mouse. Power transfers between the two, and another fight
    All right, this is the real fight. To give you an idea of his strength, I
    managed to beat him with Mouse at level 44, Rummy at level 44, and Beak at
    level 39 the first time I went through the game. The second time, I had Mouse
    at 47, Rummy at 46, and Rinna at 46, with a party level of 48.
    I hope to Heaven that you bought all those Fire Charms like I told you to. FOR
    You see, Xel's most powerful attack is a big fire spell that rocks everyone for
    over 2300 HP without defense. He does this A LOT, and if you don't heal your
    people from it FAST, you'll be hurting. In one battle I had with him, he cast
    the spell SEVEN TIMES IN A ROW. No matter how fast I tried to heal from it, I
    lost in the end. Luckily, that was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and no fight you
    have with him should end up that way. If you cannot survive this attack, you're
    screwed and may as well stop playing now. You need to master defending against
    it to have any sort of chance.
    By the way, the Fire defense attribute STICKS upon death. So, if one of your
    people is defended against Fire, then dies, and is then revived, he or she does
    not need another Fire Charm given to him or her.
    Xel has limited MP, so just keep trying to outlast him. Xel heals himself
    toward the end, but not nearly enough to make it scare you. In fact, when you
    do see him healing himself, relax a hair, because you'll know that you're on
    the way to slaughtering him.
    Using two healers and one attacker is slow, but much more safe than two
    attackers and one healer. I had Mouse attack with Ray Slash, Rummy heal with
    Heal, Super Heal, and Mega Heal, and Beak dispensed items. If anyone goes down,
    don't hesitate to put your attacker on healing duty until everyone is set.
    Remember, this is the final battle. Use any item and move you can and want to.
    Use Phoenix Potions anytime anyone falls until you run out. Use Mega Live
    Berries and Mega Magic Bottles whenever you need to. Xel has exactly 30000 HP.
    Most elements will not work against him, so just use basic attacks. While this
    really goes without saying, I've seen it more true than in this RPG. Your level
    will seriously determine the difficulty of this battle.
    As you damage him, the columns behind the party and Loreille will raise. That's
    the sign that you've got him on the run, but still don't relent from your
    strategy. If you're using two healers, don't take one of them off healing duty
    to get in an attack, because you may pay for it later.
    Once the battle is over, Xel pleads that no one approach him. He says that he
    realized the power of a Holy is way too much for his body to handle. Even if
    Mouse and company hadn't attacked him, the he would have died in a week. That's
    the whole reason for the time loop: he would have begun decaying on the sixth
    day. So, he didn't really want to inconvience anybody, he just wanted to live.
    His final wish is for none of the heroes to witness his death, and the party
    obliges. As Xel collapses, he compliments Mouse's chivalry, then slowly dies
    while uttering Loreille's name.
    |The Ending|
    The next scene you see shows the whole party gathered outside the tower,
    including any you didn't find on the way to the castle. Mouse exits the tower
    and runs to Rummy. The two hug, and it looks a like a romantic scene may
    happen, but Loreille's appearence sort of extinguishes the flames. Loreille
    says that she and Xel will cast a spell to turn the island's time back to
    normal. (It's now apparent that, even though Xel was a baddie, he wasn't
    ENTIRELY evil.) The flood waters that were in the streets get lifted away, and
    the island reverts back to life, sans the time loop.
    Claire talks to Mouse, and the party ties up loose ends of the plot line.
    Apparently, Xel really did love Loreille, which is why he chose the wedding
    days as the specific five days. She then asks Mouse if he wants to rule over
    her heart like Xel did.
    If you choose yes, you see Rummy, who was eavsdropping, turn her back on the
    party and walk away back into the castle. The famous song plays, and Mouse
    holds Loreille's shoulders.
    If you choose no, Loreille says that her heart is her own, and Mouse's life is
    his own, although he'll always be in her heart.
    No matter which you choose, the rest is the same. You see Pandule a day or more
    later. There's a party at the castle, and Rinna tries to wake Mouse up, but
    doesn't hear anything. She assumes he's asleep, but a quick peak inside the
    room shows us that he's not there.
    Ano and Plosi are hanging out in the latter's house. The artist painted a
    portrait of Mouse and Loreille standing together, their hands on each other's
    backs, smiling happily at the camera, or something (and nobody is in their bras
    or panties, which is good as far as Mouse is concerned). Ano excuses himself
    since he needs to get a gift, though they both take one last look at the
    Claire is in her shop. With Lloyd looking on, she fixes another watch. It's
    purple and really fancy, and it's for Mouse. Claire and Lloyd eagerly wait for
    the party to see Mouse again.
    Gallhint stands in front of the gravestones outside his fortress and talks to
    his deceased friends. Apparently, he picked flowers for Mouse (uh...), and he
    tells Zenne not to get jealous. I wonder just which team Gallhint plays for, if
    not both.
    Bagoth is inside the palace rehearsing a speech. He can't quite get it right,
    though, but he's bound and determined to. He thinks it's more fun battling
    monsters though, and I quite agree.
    Rummy is in her house and picks out a long blue dress, of course wondering what
    Mouse will think of her.
    Kyte is on the harbor, choking out one of the other sailors. Apparently, Mouse
    has hauled butt, taking a boat and abandoning the island. Kyte hurries to a
    rail and looks sadly out to sea.
    Grantus looks out to sea too, from a high cliff. A large ship is sailing out to
    sea. The Golden Three have all left. They know that they're just thieves, so
    they decide to just leave before any more trouble is caused. Mouse thinks of
    Loreille, and they seem to look at each other through the miles of distance
    between them. Mouse is slightly depressed, but Beak and Fang cheer him up by
    convincing him to play a song with them. They all play music together as the
    ship sails on.
    Remember, the person whose weapon you're upgrading needs to be in your active
    Mouse: The south-central building in the village mall.
    1st Upgrade: 3000
    2nd: 9000
    3rd: 24000
    4th: 36000
    Rummy: The southwest building in the village mall.
    1st Upgrade: 3000
    2nd: 6000
    3rd: 9000
    4th: 12000
    Claire: Two buildings to the west of the marked restaurant.
    1st Upgrade: 6000
    2nd: 21000
    Plosi: None
    Rinna/RindRinna: None
    Kyte: None
    Bagoth: South of Rummy's house, second street that turns west, large brown
    building just south of the road.
    1st Upgrade: 6000
    2nd: 12000
    3rd: 24000
    4th: 39000
    Ano: None
    Beak: The south-central building in the village mall (same as Mouse's).
    1st Upgrade: 30000
    2nd: 45000
    Lloyd/Lloyd-L: None
    Gallhint: The south-central building in the village mall (same as Mouse's).
    1st Upgrade: 6000
    2nd: 12000
    3rd: 24000
    Fang: South of Rummy's house, second street that turns west, large brown
    building just south of the road (same as Bagoth's).
    1st Upgrade: 6000
    2nd: 15000
    3rd: 33000
    Grantus: The first celestial man you see after the island gets trashed.
    Only Upgrade: 42000
    ||4. MINI-GAMES||
    Starting with Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super
    Nintendo, it became REAL trendy to put mini-games into RPGs. I totally agree...
    if you ever get bored of exploring and talking and fighting, you have ways to
    distract yourself, and usually get some nice booty from it.
    Here, I'll list the mini-games in order of availability.
    |4a. Music|
    As you probably know, you can whip out Pattimo through the item screen. With
    your score, rank, and goods/greats recorded for all to see, you can get real
    creative with it. Heck, I suppose you can even make a drinking game out of it
    ("For every 'bad' you get, take a shot!").
    Scoring is basically conducted in two ways. After a song is done, you get a
    rank of A through D, with an S given for an exceptional performance. You are
    given a numerical score as well.
    The rank is based on your accuracy, and is further based on your greats and
    goods. To get a coveted S rank, you need around 85% or better greats with no
    The numerical score is a little more complex. It's based on not only your goods
    and greats, but it's MOSTLY based on your combo. So, as far as the numerical
    score is concerned, it's better to make five mistakes at the end than one
    mistake in the middle. That's why you can actually achieve higher scores and
    yet receive a lower rank.
    Anyway, here are my current records for playing all the songs. Compare them to
    your own scores to see how well you did. Remember: practice makes perfect.
    Rank: S
    Great: 86
    Good: 4
    Bad: 0
    Max Combo: 90 (The whole thing!)
    Score: 13,643,000
    Rank: A
    Great: 79
    Good: 33
    Bad: 0
    Max Combo: 112 (The whole thing!)
    Score: 13,274,100
    Rank: B
    Great: 26
    Good: 4
    Bad: 0
    Max Combo: 30 (The whole thing!)
    Score: 4,574,000
    Rank: A
    Great: 129
    Good: 15
    Bad: 0
    Max Combo: 144 (The whole thing!)
    Score: 20,504,000
    Rank: A
    Great: 179
    Good: 23
    Bad: 0
    Max Combo: 202 (The whole thing!)
    Score: 27,617,800
    Rank: D
    Great: 55
    Good: 28
    Bad: 61
    Max Combo: 23
    Score: 1,202,300
    |4b. The Drinking Game|
    And speaking of drinking games, Mouse can have one with Claire!
    Go to the bar where you found her any day after 8 PM (she does not have to be
    in the active party). Talk to the girl in black and red behind the counter, and
    you can initiate a drinking game for 100G.
    Before I get into the rules and methods, let me note that the programmers mixed
    up the text a bit. When it's Claire's turn, it says "your turn," and vice
    versa. No matter whose turn it is, though, you are the one in control.
    The way this one works is simple. The goal is to be less drunk than Claire.
    She'll go first, but the controls are identical no matter whose turn it is.
    Once a turn begins, you'll see three two-digit numbers shuffle. This is the
    mixture ratio, and it can range from being one-heavy (80%, 10%, 10%) to being
    equal across the board (34%, 33%, 33%). Simply hit the X button and you'll set
    the ratio.
    After the ratio is set, you'll see a slot machine with several bottles of
    drinks go flying by. Hit the X button to freeze the reels, one at a time.
    Whatever three drinks are across the middle get mixed together in the same
    ratio. The cocktail is then sucked down by whoever's turn is up.
    The color of the panes that the bottles are on represent how much alcohol is in
    them. For example, the glass of water and the bottle of soda are on a blue
    background; they have zero alcohol in them. There are a few bottles with bright
    red backgrounds, and those are probably as strong as Kyte's Shark Killer.
    Anyway, after the target takes a drink, his or her meter will start rising,
    indicating how smashed they are. You'll see both getting drunk by their faces
    and bodies, too. Whether they're just slightly woozy or downright blasted, you
    can see how the game is going.
    The game lasts three rounds, after which the winner is whoever is less drunk.
    If you win, you'll get a piece of map for a remote location. You can get those
    maps 6 times. On your 7th win and thereafter, you'll start getting other items.
    The strategy behind this is a bit difficult. With the speed that the mixture
    ratio and drink selection fly, there's not a whole lot of planning you can do.
    This game more or less relies on luck, although with enough practice you might
    be able to time it well. Remember, the point is to try to have Mouse drink
    low-alcohol drinks, and have Claire drink the hard stuff.
    |4c. Musical Dominos|
    The northeast building of Gallhint's fortress has three thieves inside. The one
    sitting on the chair wants to play a game with you that is similar to dominos.
    This can a be relatively high stakes game: half of your current total is on the
    line. So if you have 40,000G on you, you'll either walk away 20,000 richer or
    20,000 poorer. It's a gamble to say the least.
    When the game commences, it's just you and your opponent. The person who goes
    first is random. Select any of your tiles; the placement is automatic. Your
    opponent then lays down a tile beside yours, and the symbols that touch have to
    match. Then you select another of your tiles to lay on the line. As long as the
    symbol matches, you can add onto either end of the line. If you or your
    opponent cannot make a play -- that is, you don't have a tile with a symbol
    that matches the ends of the line -- then the player must select one tile to
    place on his point pile.
    The game is over after 14 turns. Each player then adds up the number of points
    that the tiles in his point pile represent. The lowest score wins. If you tie,
    then the game is a draw.
    Here's the point scale, with an English translation of the notes for those of
    us who are not musically inclined...
    16th note triplet (three notes joined with two bars) = 6 points
    8th note triplet (three notes joined with one bar) = 5 points
    16th note couplet (two notes joined with two bars) = 4 points
    8th note couplet (two notes joined with one bar) = 3 points
    16th single note (one note with two flags) = 2 points
    8th single note (one note with one flag) = 1 point
    The point values are added per tile. For example, if you have a tile that has
    an 8th single note and 16th note couplet, the total score is 1+4, or 5.
    Obviously, this means that if you are forced to put a tile in your point pile,
    you'll want to choose whatever one gives the lowest total (usually anything
    with 8th single notes).
    The strategy I have is kinda simple. First of all, try to get rid of your
    highest valued tiles. If you start the game with a tile that has two 16th note
    triplets, play that one first (those 12 points would bite you in the butt if
    you had to toss it on the point pile). Second, try to keep a variety of tiles
    on hand. If you have all six symbols, then no matter what's on the ends of the
    line, you can make a play. Finally, if you have any duplicates, try to use them
    as soon as you can. That is, if you have two tiles with BOTH symbols idenitcal,
    play as soon as you can, especially if the total is rather high.
    This game can be QUITE lucrative. If you want to do a bit of cheating, you can
    save just outside the house. If you lose the game, reset the console and you'll
    get your money back.
    This game is far more popular than I thought it was, so I've received more
    e-mail on it than I expected. I always want to test out new information on all
    my FAQs, but, quite frankly, I haven't had the will to play through EF a second
    time. It makes me feel guilty too, because I don't want to pass on information
    that is false simply because I was too lazy to test it.
    So, this is what I'm going to do. This section will deal with e-mails I've
    received (they're all properly credited), and I'll leave it to you to test
    them. They may or may not work, so don't yell at me if something goes wrong. If
    I have enough people tell me that something works, I'll move it to my main
    By the way, I'll be quoting e-mails directly with copy-and-paste, so there may
    be some bad grammar or spelling here and there. There are a few spoilers, too.
    CubbyGrEEn (CubbyGrEEn@aol.com):
    You keep mentioning Power Jump and Ray Slash as Mouses's strongest attacks.
    There are more. Here is my list of Ultra Art Skills:
    Power Jump - from Rummy
    Gaia Wave   - from Bagoth
    Whirling Cuts - from Kyte
    Cleaning - from Ano
    Hurry - from Claire
    Rhythmical Beat - from Rind Rinna
    Portrait - from Plosi
    Double Horn - from Grantus
    Needle Arrows - from Gallhint
    Tsunami - From using Gaia Wave and Whirling Cuts
    Death Gate - From using Cleaning and another skill (or possibly alone)
    Sonic Saber - From using Power Jump and another skill for sure because the
    level of Power Jump was the same as before getting Sonic Saber. Might have been
    Death Gate.
    Becka (llanon_phantom@hotmail.com):
    Hey, I have a little information for your walk through. One: There is another
    side quest/ mini-game. It is called the 12 flowers quest. If you go to the
    swamp during the morning, you can meet a guy there, who is looking for flowers
    for his girlfriend. He asks you to go and get them for him. There are 12
    flowers you need to get. They are:
    Artemis, Paltina, Evergreen, Snow White, Nightmare Lilipus ( each of these can
    be bought in the flower shop near Claire's pup )
    Evening Fog Herb - In a shop on the beach
    Cosmo Color - Bought in the shop in the Celestial Village
    Rapendia - In the northwest floral arrangement at the bird park in town
    Flame Crest - Sold in Coal Miners Village
    Gemini - Bought from Kyaron in the farm near gem ceremony
    Wish Flower - in shop at north end of the beach in town
    Take all of the flowers back to the guy at the swamp, in the morning. He then
    asks you to give them to his girl, who lives near the quarry in town.
    The "nut sack" quest (no, really, that's what its called)
    If you talk to the old women in the Hunters village, she will tell you about
    her sister, you lives on the farm east of town. Go to the farm (Kyaron's) and
    talk to the women there. She will tell that her sisters favorite food is
    Rainbow Salmon. Go and buy the fish, then head back to the wood cutters
    village. Here, talk to the old women again, and she will take the fish, and
    tell you were a "special" item is near Kyaron's farm. (She says 27-28 steps
    east from the chicken coop, but it's actuallyabout 30 steps east of the front
    gate. Translation problem maybe? ) Any way, go back to the farm, and search the
    ground, 30 steps east from the gate. There will be a patch of grass that is off
    color there. In that grass, you will find the nut sack. You use this to change
    nuts from one kind to another.
    Here I'll list information that was submitted and confirmed by people. I've
    noted in brackets after the e-mail how it was confirmed.
    Corn4God55 (Corn4God55@aol.com):
    Just thought I'd let you know--you missed the song "Woods Energy". >-< Terribly
    hard if you ask me, but anyways... You can get it at any time after the first
    5-day sequence, but BEFORE you start adding characters to your roster. On the
    third day, when Rinna tours you of the city, when you go to her spot and play
    her a song, you'll automatically get Woods Energy in your song list. Just
    thought I'd let you know.
    [personally confirmed, and now in the walkthrough]
    Darkwolfe_XV (SHankins@hot.rr.com):
    If you date Rinna again before you free her you can get a new song entitled
    Woods Energy (I have yet to score above a C, so its quite coplicated).
    [same scene as above: personally confirmed, and now in the walkthrough]
    Alan Coleman (olandir@awgc.net):
    I thought you might want to know that there is a way to save a week of time by
    combining your week 2 and week 3 recruiting. In week two you recruit Piosi and
    Rinna. In week three you recruit Kyte and Bagoth. You can do all of that in
    week 2.
    On Day 11 after doing the Piosi thing, I went through the initial motions of
    getting Kyte (i.e. going to the bar at night between 6PM and 10PM and getting
    insanely drunk). On Day 12, I booked it to the beach by 8PM so I could have the
    cut scene with Bagoth. Then after that I booked it back to the dock to meet
    Kyte. Now I figured it'd be tight to get from the beach to the dock before I
    got whisked away to meat Bagoth at 1 PM but I made it and got Kyte to the
    castle to meet a time daemon all before 1 PM. However if you think that's too
    tight for your taste, you can go get Kyte after you meet with Bagoth and do the
    steps to get the key from Ano. The only thing is that you have to get to the
    dock and grab Kyte anytime between 6 AM and 6 PM on day 12.
    Then just continue through the steps the rest of the week to get Piosi and
    Rina. On day 14 go do the task at 8PM to stop the General from getting blown up
    in the reactor.
    So if you do all of that, you'll have an entire week off your adventure and get
    2 more recruits earlier in the game.
    [this IS possible, I just didn't go through the game this way]
    James Lorent (XdXrXaXcXoX@aol.com):
    The old guy in the gym East of Rinna's Inn sometime during Day 4 Week one holds
    an item Called the "monster chart"  a list of all the monsters in the game, but
    of course you only see the one's you've beaten.
    [personally confirmed, and now in the walkthrough]
    Polaris (SEVENCITIES@aol.com):
    D.H. eggs are useful for one thing-- getting Death Hiyokos (aka 'Death
    Chickens') as part of your team. If you go to this chicken coop looking type
    house near the park in town and go inside you'll find this guy who calls
    himself the Hiyoko Geezer. He'll offer to keep your DH eggs for you. When you
    go back the coop after a while the geezer will tell you that the eggs have
    hatched. From there, you'll get to choose one (of many) Death Chicken to be
    part of your party. They can actually do some real damage, especially when they
    use their magic attack (This makes 'em great for when you're just beginning).
    They also come in some pretty cool colors and styles-- including tye-dye!!
    [I knew about this, just never bothered writing it in the walkthrough]
    nitro_rules (nitro_rules@hotmail.com):
    Once you gain a monster chart (by going the the gymnasium in the evening) all
    the monsters you have fought are shown but only as shadows. However you can
    gain information on them by using Ano's skill 'Chart',  then the monsters which
    have been charted and the information on them can be seen anytime you like (you
    do not need to chart bosses).
    [personally confirmed, and now in the walkthrough]
    jacknifeheart (jacknifeheart@netscape.net):
    By the way...  at one point (before day 4) in the game pattimo says to steal a
    boat and get off the island.  You can steal one at the harbor you arrived on
    (during the night I found a boat just kind of lying there.) of course it
    doesn't get you off the island but it's an interesting cut scene.
    [personally confirmed, and now in the walkthrough]
    Darkwolfe_XV (SHankins@hot.rr.com):
    Right after the scene in the morning of the fourth day where Zel talks to Ano
    you can go to the reactor to watch a small scene with the princess.
    [personally confirmed, and now in the walkthrough]
    BabsyJ (BabsyJ@webtv.net):
    In the morning right after the scene with Ano [on day 5] if you go out in front
    of the reactor at 6am (before the scene with Xel) you get a scene with
    Loreille.  She's out with her ladies in waiting and appears to be getting in
    her morning exercises (good to know even some game characters have to work out
    to keep their girlish figures) she sees you and dissmisses her girls (hehehe). 
    Then she askes you what you what and you have a choice: 1. you wish to save her
    and 2. you want get off the island.  I chose the first one because I'm a
    hopless romantic (and I always like to see the main characters get some) but I
    don't think it matters, I get the feeling that she says the same thing either
    way- which is the whole thing is unstoppable and theres nothing we can do,
    we're all doomed.....AAAAHHHHH!!!!!
    [personally confirmed, but this is the same scene as above (Darkwolfe_XV's
    e-mail), which can first be seen on day 4, not day 5]
    Stephen Man (stephenman001@hotmail.com):
    After you follow Rummy into the dimension where you spend the same time over
    and over,after the boxing tournament,when you wake up,go outside.There should
    be a guy wearing an ox mask named Stefano.He will tell you that there's a weird
    guy at the harbour(the place you appear after every time loop).Go there he will
    challenge you to a swimming contest.If you win you'll get something.I think
    it's a romantic scene but I'm not sure....shamefully,I lost every time I took
    him on.So I'm not sure.
    [personally confirmed, and now in the walkthrough]
    Xharas (x3mAMV@rogers.com):
    If you collect all 100 D.H. Eggs, you will be teleported to another dimension.
    You get to meet King Death Hiyoko and receive D.H. Manju (The Famous Dessert:
    The Death Hiyoko Dumpling). So far I haven't figure out it's use. As proof of
    the D.H. Manju I made a video downloadable at
    [confirmed because of the movie]
    Martin Yerby (blankcld@yahoo.com):
    I did mostly the same thing you did but I didn't get Fang. I beat Twinbloom
    before Fang showed up. This triggered a new ending. Everything is hte same
    except Beak and Mouse are on the boat sailing away and Beak says it seems one
    lady reall fell for him and that is when Rummy shows up and she says she can't
    believe what that he ran off like that but she will follow him anywhere. Beak
    says he is going to sleep and say when they dock make sure there are lots of
    good lookin girl and they all fall for him, then he just kinda passes out.
    [confirmed by Xharas (x3mAMV@rogers.com), who says...]
    Beating Twinboom before Fang shows up is difficult. The only way I was able to
    achieve this is equip Mouse with Darkness, Ice and Water Gems. Have Mouse use
    Slash, then Claire use Ice Tornado, followed by Slash and Jump Slash by Mouse.
    The third party member does nothing. You can probably replace Claire with
    Lloyd's Dark magic and use Grand Cross instead of Jump Slash to do more damage
    but I didn't have time to test it yet. For the 2nd Ending
    [confirmed because of the movie]
    Nikita (niki_hito@yahoo.co.uk):
    if you go into the map screen 3 from bottom on the far right and go to the
    housing area, talk to the guy in the white top and green trousers (he was
    standing next to the cow pen for me but he moves about). He will ask you if you
    want any food, he's a shop. I don't know if you have to buy anything from him
    ('cos I did) but after he'll sell you the map piece for 1000G. I did this while
    waiting for Ano and Claire to finish with the cute Lloyd. (yeah, I'm sad!)
    [confirmed in front of my eyes]
    Ahmad Safwat (arzwart@hotmail.com):
    To achieve the last piece of map (most bottom 2nd from the left), go to the
    most southern to the right double story house (near the entrance of the quarry)
    between 6.00 am to 7.00 am and talk to one of the 4 quarry men on the 1st
    floor. (I got the map on 42nd day after getting the Spirit Encyclopedia, but I
    bet you can get it any other day before that).
    [confirmed in front of my eyes]
    v2.3a (1 November 2003)
    It's been nearly a year, but unfortunately my site is down for the count. 
    Luckily, IGN has decided to host my FAQs too, so it's all good. A new copyright 
    notice is the only change.
    v2.3 (06 February 2003)
    Added a new piece of Unconfirmed Information.
    v2.2a (25 December 2002)
    No new information, but I've changed my legal info. I'm now carrying my guide
    on my own website; you can find the URL at the bottom of the document.
    v2.2 (24 December 2002)
    I've found the last two pieces of map, thanks to reader contributions and a
    little detective work from my offline friend.
    v2.1 (10 December 2002)
    A reader gave me the upgrade costs for Fang's Weapons, a piece of Confirmed
    Information, and an addition to a piece of confirmed information.
    v2.0a (12 November 2002)
    A reader has given me a possible location to a map piece that I was missing.
    It's in the Unconfirmed Information section.
    v2.0 (25 October 2002)
    WOO HOO, IT's VERSION TWO!!! Man, if you people only knew how much time and
    crap I've dealt with to go through my guide... Yeesh...
    Okay, here's the deal. I borrowed the game from my friend on the 11th as I
    promised, and I've finally gotten all the way through it. I've tested out most
    of the information that was unconfirmed, and I'm happy to say that nobody gave
    me any misinformation. All confirmed info is now in the walkthrough itself, but
    that's only the start. All remaining grammar and spelling errors have been
    zapped. I've corrected mistakes in directions (including one part where I have
    no idea how any of you knew what the heck I was talking about considering how
    badly I messed up). I've got 99% of the blacksmith list done; I'm just missing
    the prices for Fang's last two upgrades. I found two of the four map pieces I
    had been missing as well.
    In short, this guide is even more complete than before, and it's certainly the
    most complete one on the Net. I thank all of you for reading, and please drop
    me a line if you enjoyed it or have a suggestion to make it better. Oh, and
    grab a Mountain Dew; it's on me in celebration of getting this done!
    v1.5 (10 October 2002)
    Okay, this is a huge update in terms of time, but you probably won't notice
    anything huge. I've gone through the ENTIRE FAQ, checked it word for word, and
    did a massive spelling and grammar check. There weren't too many corrections to
    be made, but there were enough to warrant the effort (which means I *don't*
    feel like I wasted my time). I've decided that this weekend I'm going to borrow
    EF from my friend and play through it a second time to double-check all my work
    and some of that unconfirmed information... more on that as it develops.
    Finally, as you may have noticed, I've changed the look of my FAQ so it has the
    same clean appearance as my modern FAQs.
    v1.4 (13 September 2002)
    Two quick additions. A contributor has sent me info about the D.H. Eggs, and
    I've added that under confirmed information. He also confirmed something
    another person had said, so I've moved that from unconfirmed info to confirmed
    v1.3 (22 August 2002)
    All righty, we've got a bunch more reader contributions. Some are unconfirmed,
    some are confirmed, but all will be in either section 5 or 6. Finally, I've
    decied to start a mailing list for this guide. Head down to the Contact Info
    for details.
    v1.2 (09 August 2002)
    So, I feel really stupid, because I looked through my FAQ and found out that I
    *did* indeed write where Fang was located, making the last contributor look
    silly for submitting it, and making me look even more silly for writing it. Ah
    well... I'll leave it there as a testiment to my stupidness. Anyway, I've added
    a "new" section called Confirmed Information. This section is where I'll move
    anything that's unconfirmed that gets confirmed. Ya dig? Good, because that's
    the purpose of this update: to move something from section 5 to section 6. Woo
    v1.1a (29 July 2002)
    Another month since I updated... I'm starting to get the want to play through
    the game again! Unfortunately, I sold my copy of my game, but I can borrow it
    from my partner in crime. Anyway, I only made one tiny, TINY change: a reader
    discovered where Fang is after the Great Flood, and for some reason I neglected
    to put his location down... Ah well, I'm only human.
    v1.1 (24 June 2002)
    So it's been nearly two months since I updated this... Oy... I've added one
    huge section, so check it out. It's the new #5, entitled "Unconfirmed
    Information," which is information that... well, isn't confirmed.
    v1.02 (02 May 2002)
    I missed a step about how to get one particular character. That was corrected
    for my by JSan (jsan2011@aol.com).
    v1.01 (11 April 2002)
    Added how to get Love Grow and Eternal Love (check Day 5). Added the locations
    of Lloyd and Kyte at the end of the game. Also created the version history and
    tossed it near the end of the document.
    v1.0 (31 March 2002)
    I finished the game, along with the FAQ! I changed the copyright info since I'm
    now allowing it to be distributed (I don't like too many people getting hold of
    anything I do that's incomplete).
    v0.1g (28 March 2002)
    Went forward, slaughtering (and writing) all the way.
    v0.1f (25 March 2002)
    Got further in the game. Tossed the whole ability and magic list because I
    figured that all the info is there for you in the Skill or Magic screen. Even
    though the descriptions aren't very clear, using any skill or spell once will
    explain to you how to use it much better than my text can. However, if you
    really did like having the list, tell me and I'll add it again in a future
    v0.1e (21 March 2002)
    Advanced more into the game. Added a bit to the opening paragraph too. Added
    the mini-game section.
    Also, I want to apologize to anyone who may have been confused with my comments
    at the end. See, I write this as I play, and I use it as a notepad too. I
    usually remember to delete my personal comments or notes before submitting it
    to GameFAQs, but it slipped my mind this time. So, um, sorry about that, and
    the instructions are back to being accurate.
    v0.1d (17 March 2002)
    Got a bit further in the game. Altered the ability and magic list, and
    rearranged things a bit.
    v0.1c (16 March 2002)
    Added the table of contents, got further in the game, expanded the abilities
    list to include the new characters, added the blacksmith shop list, and did a
    whole bunch of other nifty stuff.
    v0.1b (2 March 2002)
    Let's see... I started the walkthrough again where I left off. Also, I added a
    running list of abilities and magic, plus my records when I played the songs.
    Finally, I switched my e-mail address back to my old one, and changed the
    copyright info.
    v0.1a (17 February 2002)
    I just got home with the game, so there's not much here at the moment.
    This document is copyright 2002-2003 for J. "PyroFalkon" Habib. If you plan to
    use any of it as part of another FAQ, you need my permission first. However, if
    you plan to post it on a website or e-mail it to someone or whatnot, you may do
    so without my permission AS LONG AS IT IS NOT ALTERED IN ANY WAY. I'd like you
    to drop me an e-mail so I know where you're going to take it, but I will not
    require you to do so. You may download it or print it at your leisure.
    The most updated version will always be found at these sites:
    Other sites may have up-to-date versions, but check GameFAQs or IGN first.
    ||9. CONTACT INFO||
    If any information is incorrect, or you wish to submit something, please e-mail
    me. My address is found on the bottom of the FAQ. Credit will be given where
    it's due.
    If you submit something to me, I will credit you by the name you signed in the
    message body or by the name attached to your e-mail. I will also post your
    e-mail address unless you specifically tell me not to.
    If you wish to be e-mailed when this FAQ is updated, send your request to me.
    If you have a junk mail protector on your e-mail program, make sure you put my
    e-mail address on the safe list, or my messages may not get through.
    Good luck in Ephemeral Fantasia, and may you discover some hidden way for Rummy
    to strip down to nothing more than her birthday suit!

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