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    FAQ/Walkthrough by charjer0

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 03/03/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Title:   Ephemeral Fantasia Walkthru (NA version)
    Author:  charjer0
    E-mail:  charjer@hotmail.com
    Version: 0.1
    Date:    March 03, 2002
    A Little About This Walkthru
    A Little About The Game
    Copyright and Other Stuff
    Left Analog Stick - Move around; LED light on
    D-Pad - Move around; LED light off
    Select - Show map (this will show you the area map if you have it, 
    otherwise it will show you the entire map of the island)
    Start - Pause
    X - Accept; in the map, if you are looking at an area map, pressing this 
    button brings up the entire map of the island
    O - Cancel, skip through dialogue
    [] - Shows compass/clock; brings up menu; closes menu
    /\ - Fast forward through CGs; camera zoom
    R1/L1 - Rotate camera
    Up/Down - Scroll through menu
    Right/X - Accept
    Left/O - Cancel
    /\ - Change camera view
    L1/R1 - Change ready character
    L2 - Semi-auto AI mode
    R2 - Full AI mode
    Start - Pause
    Music Mini-Game
    Start - Begin song
    O - Pick
    L2 - Red
    L1 - Green
    Right - Blue
    A Little About This Walkthru
    This walkthru will not include a list of magic spells, skills, secrets, 
    or items in the game.  It will also not have boss fight tips.  Except 
    for the boss fight tips, the rest of the information can be found in 
    BAnderson's Ephemeral Fantasia FAQ/Walkthru.  This walkthru is just to 
    make it a bit easier to follow what to do in the game and when and how 
    to recruit the characters.
    A Little About The Game
    This is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill RPG.  The game is based on a 
    five day week.  Not seven, five.  At the end of five days, time "loops".  
    Or, you start back on day one, but count it as the next week.  For 
    example, if you've gone through week one and time loops, don't count it 
    as day one on week one.  Instead, count it as day one on week two.  
    Confused?  Go through it a couple of times and you'll lose count of what 
    week you're on.  Then it won't matter what week it is.
    There is also the concept of time in this game that I should tell you 
    about.  You may think, "Hey, this is like any other game.  I have lots 
    of time to get to my next destination."  Well, you're wrong.  One game 
    hour (if you follow the clock/compass) is approximately equal to one 
    "real world" (as in the world you and I are in right now) minute.  So 
    please be careful about this.  You don't want to miss key events that 
    you need to see in order to complete the game.
    Also, there is an option to let the computer take over your battles.  
    You can do that if you like, although it is not recommended by me.  And 
    don't forget to pause the game when you need to go to the bathroom or 
    get something to eat.  It stops the watch from running and during 
    battles.  Unlike RPGs like the Final Fantasy series, there is no "Wait".  
    All the battles in this game are "Active".
    During the course of the walkthru, don't worry if you don't follow what 
    I did word for word.  I'm just putting down what I did.
    The main character of the game.
    A thief and travelling musician.
    Mouse's companion.
    A talking guitar.
    Princess of the island of Pandule.
    Prince of Pandule.
    He is going to marry Loreille so he can become the new king of Pandule.
    Captain of the guards that protect the princess.
    General of Pandule's army.
    Resident watch maker.
    Frequents the bar often.
    Palace's top magic scientist.
    Old sea captain.
    An artist.  A perverted artist.
    Daughter of the innkeeper.
    A friend of Mouse and another thief.
    A friend of Mouse and another thief.
    Another thief.  His fortress is on the eastern part of Pandule.
    A robot brought to life with the help of magic.
    One of three of Xelpherpolis' group of time priests.
    He has the head of a bull.
    One of three of Xelpherpolis' group of time priests.
    He has the head of a bird.
    One of three of Xelpherpolis' group of time priests.
    You'll find out what this person looks like.
    Celestial Citizens
    People who live in the clouds above the island of Pandule.
    Confused?  You'll see later in the game.
    Week One
    -Day One-
    "Congratulations, you've been invited to play for Prince Xelpherpolis at 
    his wedding, blah, blah, blah..."
    You (Mouse, or whatever you decided to name him) start out on a boat.  
    After the conversation with the captain, you talk to Pattimo.  It asks 
    you a question, so answer however you want.  I don't think it affects 
    the story at all.  The opening credits come out and you get dropped off 
    at the docks on the island of Pandule.  Rummy (you did read the 
    Characters section, right?) meets you there.  She drops you off at the 
    inn and suggests that you explore town a little.  After she leaves, the 
    innkeeper comes in and starts talking, and talking, and talking.  When 
    he finally finishes, you get your first map piece.  You can sleep if you 
    like, or you can explore town.  If at any time you'd like to rest, go to 
    the single bed and examine it and select how many hours you'd like to 
    rest.  I suggest exploring town.  You can go into people's homes and 
    loot their belongs.  For now, just stay within the map that you have 
    Eventually, the game will stop and Rummy will arrive and pick you up to 
    meet the Prince and Princess.  You meet them and you get your first song 
    of the game.  Don't worry about not doing a good job on it.  You just 
    have to finish playing it.  If you've played Guitar Freaks before, this 
    mini-game shouldn't be too hard.  After the meeting, you'll be free to 
    go and do as you please again.  Some time during that night you'll be 
    magically whisked away to the castle.  Okay, not magically, but the game 
    will take you there.
    Feel free to look around, take things, what not.  When it reaches a 
    certain time, you'll be automatically taken to the Princess' room.  
    After the conversation, you leave.  You should be taken back to the inn.
    -Day Two-
    "Witness the amazing....snake dance?"
    Welcome to day two of your stay on the island of Pandule.  Enjoying 
    Anyway, the innkeeper comes in and suggests watching the summoning of 
    one of the sacred stones.  When Pattimo talks, you get to make another 
    decision (don't you like making those; feels like you have your own 
    mind, doesn't it?).  I chose yes.  After you leave, Rinna comes in and 
    finds that you had already left.
    You get sent to the beach, where you find Rummy swimming.  She changes 
    her clothes and joins your party, which consists of just you and her.  
    Roam around, get in a couple of battles, search for chests.  The game 
    will automatically take you to the ceremony.  There you meet General 
    Bagoth who makes a request of you.
    After the ceremony, feel free to roam around again.  When the time 
    arrives, you'll be taken to the castle and have your meeting with 
    Bagoth.  During the conversation, when I could, I chose "No".  He's 
    happy, then let's you go.  Be careful now because the castle has become 
    a dungeon.  Random battles occur here now.  Anyway, make your way down 
    two floors and out of the castle (the main entrance/exit to the castle 
    is on the second floor).  Rummy meets you outside and asks you to meet 
    at the restaurant at 7:30 pm that night.  She gives you the map for the 
    area.  Take a look at it.  I know you don't have the map showing the 
    route so follow my directions.  Best to do it now before you run out of 
    Go south down the bridge to the town center.  You'll see buildings to 
    the west.  Go around these buildings so that you're going north.  Keep 
    going north until the path turns towards the northeast and continue 
    following it in the easterly direction.  Following this path takes you 
    back to the inn.  Now, before the inn, there should have been a path 
    going north.  Take that path and follow it east.  The screen will change 
    to black and you'll see Now Loading in the bottom right.  You are now on 
    a new map block.  Continue east past the ramp.  Go up the first north 
    path past the ramp and continue north until you get the Now Loading 
    black screen again.  If you check the map, you'll see that you have the 
    map for this area.  It's the one that Rummy just gave you.
    Now that you've found the restaurant, feel free to do what you like.  
    Just don't forget where the restaurant is.  Around 7:30 pm, go into the 
    restaurant and Rummy should be on the second floor.  When you two talk, 
    you'll have a list of conversation topics.  If you want information, 
    choose the option about Princess Loreille last.  Otherwise, just pick 
    that one and the story progresses.  Dinner ends and you can do what you 
    -Day Three-
    If you want to go on a tour of the city with Rinna, make sure you're at 
    the inn between 6 and 10 am.  Those are the times Rinna is working.  If 
    you don't want to, don't sweat it.  What you do is go up the innkeeper 
    and talk to him.  Rinna overhears the conversation and asks if you'd 
    like her to take you on a tour.  I chose "Yes".  She takes you through 
    parts of the city, you play a song for her, and you get to see another 
    ceremony take place.
    After the ceremony, exit the gates and go in a northeasterly direction 
    to find a chest.  In it is another map piece.  Sooner or later, Rinna 
    has to leave to go back to work.  Take a look at the map to see how to 
    get back to town.  Once you get back, in the map that has "Town" on it, 
    there should be the word "Mall" to the west of the town center.  Go 
    there and you'll find a bunch of shops.  There's also a blacksmith here 
    that'll upgrade Pattimo.  Remember this location for future reference.
    If you're on this map around 3:15 pm on this day, you'll get to see 
    another ceremony in the town center.  Not a sacred stone ceremony, but 
    it still involves dancing.  Later, a maid from the castle meets you and 
    tells you that she's to escort you to the castle for a wedding dress 
    ceremony.  During the ceremony, Gallhint and his bandits attack.  Watch 
    the events, then you'll be free to do what you want.
    Let's go get another map piece.  Remember the route you took to get to 
    the restaurant?  Let's go get the map piece for the area you don't have 
    yet, the one in between the restaurant map and town center map.  Take 
    that same route, but instead of going north to the restaurant map, you 
    should see a path going to the east.  Take that path and enter the first 
    house on the south.  Talk to one of the people next to the door inside 
    and they'll give you a map piece.
    -Day Four-
    "Trouble brewing..."
    You should get a cut scene involving Ano, Loreille, and Xelpherpolis.  
    Not all of them together at once, but one having them.  Any who, head up 
    to the castle some time in the morning and you'll have a run in with 
    Xelpherpolis and his priests.  Ano comes in during the conversation, 
    then you get invited to dinner later that night at the castle.
    Next, if you want to take part in a scene involving Loreille, go to the 
    other side of the castle.  If you don't want to, skip to the next part.  
    Pass by the front and go to the tower on that side.  You'll get into an 
    auto event with Princess Loreille.  When you have to choose an option, 
    pick whichever you want.  It shouldn't matter which one you pick.  You 
    just get a different response.
    Let's go get more map pieces.  Why are we getting them?  Well, one is to 
    be able to find things easier.  And the second, you'll find out later, 
    when you start forming your party.  Go down to the town center map.  
    Take a look at the map for this area and you'll see there are two exits 
    go the west.  Take the northern west exit off this map.  Go in a 
    southwest direction following the path until you come to a building that 
    looks like a temple.  Go inside and search the bookshelves to find a map 
    piece.  Leave the temple and go to the northwest to the map west of the 
    town center map.  Look for another temple-like building and go in.  
    Inside is a fortune teller.  Pay the man, he'll give you your fortune, 
    and offers you a map piece.
    Now you're free until around 7:30 pm when someone from the castle comes 
    to pick you up for the dinner that Xelpherpolis invited you to.  Watch 
    what happens during dinner.  After all that, there's an explosion.  
    Watch it play out.  After all this is done, you're free again.  If you 
    have enough time, I suggest paying a visit to the bar.  You need to get 
    there before 12 am.  If you don't make it, it's okay.  Just do it before 
    the end of the second week between 8 pm and 12 am.
    In order to get there, start from the town center map and go south of 
    that big statue.  Follow the path to the east and you'll change to 
    another map block.  Continue east over the bridge and through the 
    bazarre.  Then go south and you should see a cobblestone path.  Follow 
    it for a while.  If you arrive see a squarish block of water surrounded 
    by a fence (this is the pond, keep it in memory for now), you've gone 
    too far.  You'll need to go back one map block.  Go a bit to the east 
    and one of the buildings here is the bar.  You'll get a cut scene where 
    you meet Claire.  After that's done, go up to the lady behind the 
    counter to the west and buy some liquor.  Go back and talk to Claire 
    again and watch the scene play out.
    -Day Five-
    "The wedding day is finally here..."
    At 6 am, you'll be shown a cut scene with Xelpherpolis and Loreille.  
    And then you have free time until 9 am.  Why not spend this time getting 
    another map piece?  Simply take the same route you took to go to the 
    pub, but keep going south, following the cobblestone path to the next 
    map block.  Continue following the path until you reach a pond.  There 
    should be a man on the north side of that pond.  Talk to him and he'll 
    give you a map piece.
    If it's between 12 and 6 pm and if you'd like to learn a new song, go 
    back to the castle.  Go to the west after passing through the gates 
    until Pattimo says something.  When it does say something, don't move.  
    Stay at that spot.  Go into your item screen and select Pattimo and play 
    a song.  The Princess comes out, says something, and you'll learn a new 
    song.  If you play that song, she'll give you an item.
    Now let's go get another map piece.  Go into the castle.  On this floor, 
    in the room in the southeast, talk to the soldiers.  One of them will 
    give you a map piece.
    Around 8 pm, you'll be shown another event, so have a watch at that.  
    Around 9 pm, you'll be taken to the wedding ceremony, where you'll have 
    to play.  Go ahead and select the newest song that's on that list.  
    After that's over, watch what happens next.
    Week Two
    -Day One-
    "What the hell?..."
    You're on a boat on your way to Pandule.  Prince Xelpherpolis invited 
    you to play at his wedding ceremony and you're wondering, "What the 
    hell?!"  Basically what happens is Rummy comes and picks you up and 
    drops you off at the inn.  You have a chat with Pattimo.  It tells you 
    what's happening to the best of its knowledge and you get the lead out 
    of there before the innkeeper comes in and starts babbling.
    Around 5 pm, Rummy comes to pick you up to meet Xelpherpolis and 
    Loreille, again.  You can use the /\ button to fast forward through the 
    events if you don't want to watch them (you did read the Controls 
    section, right?).  After this event, leave the castle and go to the town 
    center.  Do you remember that building that looks like one of those city 
    hall type buildings that you pass by when you go to the inn from the 
    town center?  To get your money, it has to be before 8 pm.  Go in there 
    and talk to the guy sitting down and he'll give you your payment.
    Why not start recruiting people for your party?  Let's start with the 
    one named Kyte.  If it's between 6 and 10 pm on days one, two, or three, 
    follow these directions.  Take the same route you took to go to the bar, 
    but continue on like you were going for the map piece.  Keep going and 
    you'll eventually reach the docks where you arrived.  Go past that to a 
    building that has a row boat on it.  Once inside, an event will occur.  
    So play them a song and drink that drink.  Then he'll tell you his name 
    and when you can go get him.  For those of you who can't remember, it's 
    days one through three.
    If it's still before midnight, go back to the bar and talk to Claire.  
    She'll tell you to take a visit at her watch shop later on.  Remember 
    this bit of info.  Now comes the hard part.  Recruiting Rummy.  I 
    suggest that you do this right after you leave the bar.
    -Day Two-
    You have to go through the map with the Forest Ruins on it.  Follow the 
    path until you change map blocks.  You should have exited to the north.  
    Follow the path and cross the bridge.  Now travel in a northeasterly 
    direction until you change map blocks again.  This time, go east until 
    you hit the shore and just wait here until about 7 am where an event 
    will happen with Rummy.  As a side note, this area should look like the 
    area where you were during week one when you were brought to this area 
    as an auto event.  After getting her in your party, go north to the Sea 
    Ruins and watch the ceremony again.  Bagoth will talk to you again, 
    blah, blah.  You'll automatically be taken to your meeting when the time 
    arrives.  Pick "No" again.
    After the meeting, rush down to the second floor and go to the northwest 
    area.  Enter the room to the north and talk to the soldiers there, then 
    go to the room to the west and speak with Ano.  After you finish there, 
    run out of the castle.  Rummy may come and find you here and ask you to 
    meet her at the restaurant again.  Anyway, go east around to the back of 
    the castle and speak to the guy next to the plant.  His name's Jailson.  
    After you speak to him, examine the plant and you'll fight it.  After 
    the fight, examine Jailson's body to find a key.  Go back into the 
    castle, turn east, then north, and Jailson's room should be on the first 
    door on the left.  Search around for Jailson's clothes.  Once you have 
    them, go back to the area before going into the room that Ano is in and 
    select Jailson's clothes in your item screen.  You'll see an event and 
    receive a key from Ano.
    Now make your way go the restaurant and wait outside till about 7:25 pm.  
    Go in and Rummy will be upstairs.  You'll have dinner again, but this 
    time will be a bit different.  When she asks if you think she's weaker 
    than the Princess, pick "No".  You can pick "Yes" if you like, but "No" 
    is nicer.  Then you'll walk her home.  Get ready for the next day.
    -Day Three-
    If it's between 6 am and 12 pm and if you remember the way, go back to 
    the docks and get Kyte.  He'll be to the east of the docks.  Speak to 
    him and he'll join your group.  Now you need to convince him, so go back 
    to the castle and go to the east after passing through the gates.  Go as 
    if you were going to talk to Jailson, but instead go into the first door 
    you see.  You'll get into a fight to convince Kyte and you'll be able to 
    recruit him any time from now on.  To upgrade hiw weapon, you'll have to 
    buy different types of fish.  Don't ask.  I hardly used him.
    If it's still before 12 pm and if you have at least 2000 G, go to the 
    map directly south of the town center.  For future reference, Rummy's 
    house is the second house on the west when you enter this map.  Anyway, 
    go into the first building on the right, and exit through the northeast 
    to get to the beach.  Go south to a building that has a roof that's 
    blue.  Inside, buy something from the shop owner.  You don't have to buy 
    a lot, just something.  Quit the menu and you should get the option to 
    purchase a map piece.  Purchase it.
    Now, go on to Rummy's house between 12 and 6 pm.  You should get some 
    kind of event where you hear her talk.  Okay, that's that.  If it's 
    before 6 pm, pay Claire a visit.  Follow these directions.  From Rummy's 
    house, go north to the town center map.  From there, go west until you 
    change to another map block.  Continue on west and you should get to a 
    building.  This is Claire's watch shop.  Remember where this building 
    is.  It will serve as your base of operations later in the game.  The 
    door should be unlocked so go in.  You'll be shown an event.  After it's 
    done, exit the building.  You'll be shown another event and you will now 
    be able to recruit Claire into your party like Kyte.  Go back into her 
    shop and you'll be shown another event and be able to recruit her.  Her 
    weapon upgrade shop is two buildings west of the restaurant.
    -Day Four-
    Between 12 and 6 pm you'll need to go to Rummy's room in the castle.  
    It's located on the first floor, so you'll need to go one floor down 
    from the entrance.  Once on the first floor, head to the southeast 
    corner.  Her room is the one to the east in the southeastern corner.  
    You'll see an event.  After she leaves, read the note on the desk, then 
    examine the flower.  You'll get into a fight.  Kill it and you'll 
    receive an item.  Next, you'll need to find the kitchen.  It's on the 
    same floor, but in the northwest corner.  You'll find it.  It has two 
    cooks in it.
    Between 7 and 8 pm, make sure you're in there.  Talk to the chefs in 
    there and they'll direct you to the cups.  Examine the cups, select the 
    middle option, and you'll fight the flower again.  Not a hard fight.  
    After that, it'll cut to dinner.  Then you'll see what transpires and 
    after that, you'll be able to recruit Rummy.  As a side note, Rummy's 
    weapon upgrade shop is on the town center map.  It's to the east of the 
    big statue thing and a bit to the south.  The entrance to the building 
    is on the west.
    -Day Five-
    Nothing really important here except the wedding and time looping again.
    Week Three
    -Day One-
    Just a recap, if you saw a beam of light and a message saying "so-and-
    so" has been released from the time loop or something to that equivalent 
    after the steps above for Rummy, Kyte, and Claire, then you actually 
    were able to recruit them.
    Okay, moving on.  Someone should come to meet you at the docks when you 
    first arrive.  In my game, it was Claire.  You'll go back to the inn and 
    have a conversation and you'll see Rinna listen in.  After that event, 
    head downstairs and talk to the innkeeper.  After that event, check your 
    items.  If you don't have the spare key that was given to you by Ano 
    from the previous week, then you'll have to do those events again.  Just 
    go back up to Week Two Day Two for the reminder.
    Anyway, let's go recruit another character.  Follow these steps.  From 
    the inn, go to the west and up the ramp.  From the ramp go east until 
    you change map blocks.  From here go east until you see a ramp.  Go up 
    the ramp and head west until you change map blocks again.  Keep going 
    west until you change map blocks one more time.  On this map block, you 
    should see a monument in the middle.  Go past this to the northwest part 
    of the area.  It should lead off to a forest path.  Follow this path to 
    the southwest until you reach a house.  If anyone is in your party, you 
    must remove them.  Make sure the time is between 12 and 6 pm then talk 
    to the guy outside and he'll tell you that this house belongs to Plosi, 
    the name of the character you'll recruit next.
    You'll see an event.  After the event, go get either Rummy or Claire.  
    Claire's probably easier to find right now, so go get her.  You do 
    remember where her watch shop is, right?  Once you have her, go back to 
    Plosi's house.  Best to do this in one day.  Anyway, once you get back 
    and see the event, remember that you need to return here on day three 
    between 6 and 9 am.
    -Day Two-
    Nothing special here.  You should get the meeting with General Bagoth 
    event again around 1 pm.  Again, answer "No" when you get the chance.  
    This event will be a bit different.  Also, if you found that you didn't 
    have the spare key, do the events above again.  Have fun with this 
    -Day Three-
    Okay, now some action.  Go back to Plosi's house on this day between 6 
    and 9 am.  Watch the event here and you'll be able to recruit him from 
    now on.
    After you recruit Plosi, go back to Claire's watch shop and you should 
    get an event involving Claire's magic mirror.  This thing makes it 
    possible to recruit members that you've "freed" from the time loop 
    engulfing the island into your party without going out to hunt them 
    down.  Remember this.  It will make life easier.  Also, I would like to 
    add the reminder about the Time Vault.  Store the items on you that are 
    perishable.  Key items and equipable items will not be afffected by the 
    time loop.  The other stuff will disappear.
    Around 7 pm, go back to the inn and talk to the innkeeper to see an 
    event.  After that's done, open up your map and take a look at the map 
    block that has the Forest Ruins on it.  If you notice, on the southern 
    part of the map is a path that has a small pond at the end of it.  That 
    is your destination so get there as fast as you can.  Once you arrive, 
    you'll be shown an event introducing Grantus.
    You may or may not get into a battle.  I can't remember.  After the 
    event finishes, you'll be shown another event and you should end up in 
    the inn.
    -Day Four-
    During the day, do pretty much whatever you like.  Around 7 pm, go up to 
    the castle.  After you pass through the gates, turn west and follow this 
    path around to the side of the castle.  It should bring you to the door 
    that General Bagoth came out of during week one where he died.  What you 
    need to do is go in that door, go up the huge flight of stairs and wait 
    by the door until 8 pm.  When the time arrives, Bagoth should be up 
    there.  Talk to him, then enter the door.  You'll be shown an event, get 
    into a fight (not with Bagoth), then be able to recruit the General.  To 
    get to his weapon upgrade shop, you'll need to go past Rummy's house, 
    past the building after, turn into and follow the path going west after 
    the building past Rummy's house.  Follow it west until you change map 
    blocks and his upgrade shop is the first house on the house.
    -Day Five-
    Nothing of interest on this day except Rinna waking up and time looping 
    Week Four
    -Day One-
    Okay, recapping once again.  Members you should already have: Claire, 
    Rummy, and Kyte.  New people: Plosi, Bagoth, and Rinna.
    Well, Rinna should be meet you at the docks when you arrive yet again.  
    Now, I suggest leveling up and exploring the island outside of the town.  
    Go back to Claire's watch shop and use the magic mirror.  Be sure to put 
    Rummy in your party.  You'll need to learn a certain skill called Power 
    Jump.  What this skill does is "power jumps" you from the map you're on 
    to any other map that you already have.  The skills you need to have 
    them learn are in BAnderson's Walkthru, but I'll list the steps here.  
    With Rummy, use her Hard Punch attack until you learn the move called 
    High Kick.  Now use that until she learns the move called Diving Kick.  
    Use that move in a battle and you (meaning Mouse) should learn the Power 
    Jump skill.  The only drawback to this move is that you lose 100 HP 
    every time you use it.
    Anyway, for now, I suggest putting Rummy and Bagoth into your party.
    Once they're in there, go to the map block south of the town center and 
    follow the path all the way down until you get to two buildings.  Go in 
    between the buildings then go west until you see a guard.  Talk to him 
    with Rummy and Bagoth in your party and he should let you through.  You 
    are now outside of town.  Once you get to the next map block, random 
    battles will start occuring.  Try not to miss any chests since some of 
    them will have map pieces in them.  If you get lost, you can always 
    check your map.
    You should try to find the Hunter's Village on this day.  It's located 
    on the western side of the island.  You'll need to move north, go 
    westward once you can't go north any father, then go south.  If you make 
    it to a forest, you're on the right track.  Follow the forest out to a 
    beach, continue south but stick close to the shrubbery.  It should take 
    you into the Hunter's Village.  If you make it there between the times 
    12 and 6 pm, talk to everyone.  One person will sell you the map piece 
    for that block for 1000 G.  Another person should tell you about the 
    Golden Bird and where you can find it.  And another person should tell 
    you what times the bird is there.  Remember, the Golden Bird lands at 
    the old church by the cemetery between 12 and 5:59 am.
    Hey, let's go get another map piece while we have some time.  On the 
    eastern side of the Hunter's Village is an exit going north.  Take it 
    and follow the path to its end.  At the end is a house that belongs to 
    "witch".  Search the house for a map piece and talk to her if you want 
    to restore any HP and MP.
    Now go back to Hunter's Village and go back two map blocks north.  On 
    this map block, look for a sign that has "West - Cemetery" or something 
    to that equivalent on it.  It should be a path that's going to the west.  
    Take it and go all the way to the end.  You should see a guard.  If you 
    followed my advice and put Rummy and Bagoth in your party, you should 
    have no trouble getting past the guard.  Go into the building and search 
    around for some items.  Talk to the person in there to get a map piece.
    -Day Two-
    Around midnight, you'll see the Golden Bird fly in.  Just be patient and 
    wait for it to land.  Once it does, examine it and you'll get into a 
    fight.  Win and you'll receive a golden feather.  Okay, you just 
    completed the hardest part in recruiting Ano, the magic scientist.
    You can continue to roam around and find more map pieces if you like.  
    If you leave this map block to the north and continue to the east, you 
    should run into another "witch"'s house.  There's another map piece in 
    there, so just search around.
    To the east is the swamp.  There's at least three map pieces in there.  
    Just explore, they're not all in one place.  When you go out the east 
    exit of the swamp, talk to the guard there if it's still day time to get 
    the map piece for that block.  To the east of the swamp is another house 
    that has "witch" inside.  Her house also has a map piece.  If you 
    continue south from here to the map block south of the block that has 
    the witch's house, you can find another map piece in a chest.  A bit to 
    the east of where you found the map piece should be some dirt.  That 
    leads to a path.  Take and follow the eastern fork.  When you reach 
    another fork, take the eastern one again.  (I'm not too sure about that 
    last sentence.  There may or may not be a second fork.  If there isn't, 
    please disregard.)  Follow the path until you find a single house.  Yep, 
    another witch house.  Go find the map piece inside.  Okay, that's as far 
    as you need to go on this side of the map for now.
    Going back to the map block that has the sign with "Cemetery" on it, if 
    you go south from there and follow the path going to the east (you'll 
    also go north and east again), you should find another town called 
    Coalmine.  One of the buildings here has the map piece for this map 
    block.  Okay, let's head back to town now.  Power jump if you learned 
    it, otherwise, it's the long road for you.  Otherwise you can just roam 
    around ahd level up a bit more.
    -Day Three-
    Okay, I hope you remember where Ano's office in the castle was.  You'll 
    need to go in there between 12 and 6 pm on this day.  Go in there, talk 
    to him, and watch the conversation.  After that's done, go into the next 
    room and speak to the guard sitting at the desk.  Now leave the castle 
    and go back to the town center map.  You'll have to go look for the pen 
    shop now.  Follow these directions.
    Go as if you were going to Bagoth's weapon upgrade shop, but instead of 
    going into that building, continue on the path.  You should be going to 
    the west, then north, up a ramp and in a southerly direction.  One of 
    these buildings has a picture of a feather pen on it.  It's on the 
    easter side of the street/path.  This is the pen shop.  Go in and talk 
    to the guy.  Since you already have the golden feather, it'll just skip 
    the intermediary part.  Anyway, come back in six hours.
    Once you have the pen, there's not much more to do on this day.
    -Day Four-
    If you would like to recruit Beak and Fang, follow these directions.  
    They're not essential to passing the game, but you can recruit them if 
    you like.  Otherwise skip this day entirely and do something else like 
    leveling people up or upgrading weapons or learning new skills.  Or if 
    you'd like to see the different endings, I suggest creating a save file 
    now.  One for recruiting Beak and Fang, and the other one without them.
    First, make sure Kyte is not in your current party.  Now, you'll need to 
    be at the map block four blocks north and one block west of the town 
    center between 12 and 6 pm.  This is the north beach.  When you arrive 
    between these times, you'll see an event with Kyte.  And that's that.  
    Do what you like for the rest of the day.
    -Day Five-
    Nothing really of interest here.  Time loops yet again.  As a note, from 
    here on out, I will no longer be naming what week it is.  I'll just be 
    putting up what day you should do what and what should happen, blah, 
    blah, blah.
    Next Week
    -Day One-
    If you wish to still recruit Beak and Fang, follow the walkthru for this 
    week.  Otherwise skip down to "Alternate Next Week or The Next Week".
    When you arrive at the docks again, go to the east of them to where Kyte 
    usually is.  You'll notice that he isn't there, but someone else is in 
    his usual spot.  Talk to him.
    Now power jump to the map block southeast of the block with the eastern 
    swamp exit.  If you haven't learned that skill yet, you'll have to walk.  
    Take the southern exit and when you reach the fork, take the western 
    path.  When you reach another fork, take the eastern path and follow it 
    all the way to the village.  Welcome to the Woodcutter's Village.  Talk 
    to everyone.  If it's still before 12 pm, go into the house closest to 
    the lift and there should be a person inside.  Talk to him to receive a 
    map piece of this block.
    Now go talk to the people to the west of the lift.  One of them will ask 
    you to go to the blacksmith to get the broken lift parts.  Accept the 
    request.  Now, power jump (otherwise you'll have to walk all the way 
    back around to town) to the town center and go to your blacksmith.  Talk 
    to the person behind the counter to receive the parts.  Unfortunately, 
    you'll have to pay out of your own pocket.  Now power jump (or walk) 
    back to the Woodcutter's Village, if you were able to get the map.  Talk 
    to that guy again and he'll give you an item.  If it's still before 12 
    pm, go directly east of those guys and you should find a guy chopping 
    wood.  If it's after 12 pm, you'll find two guys standing on the eastern 
    side of the lift.  Anyway, talk to the people and one of them should 
    give you a new song.  If it's already past 12 pm on this day, then wait 
    till the next day to go do the next steps.
    -Day Two-
    Now power jump (from now on, I'm going to assume you have this skill) to 
    the northernmost map block of the swamp that you have and exit out of 
    the north exit of the swamp.  Follow the path all the way to the 
    village.  This is the Abandoned Village.  Find a tree on the northern 
    part of this village that has kinda big mushrooms.  Play the new song 
    you received in front of it and you'll be shown an event.  Go into the 
    light and you'll enter the Celestial Village (not sure if it's the name, 
    but it's the village with the celestial citizens).
    Talk to everyone outside first.  One of the people will be selling a map 
    of this block for 1000 G.  Find the house in the southwest corner and 
    you should see an event.  Now find a building that has a shed behind of 
    it.  Go in and talk to the man in there.  He'll make you an offer for 
    10,000 G.  If you have the funds, go for it.  You'll be shown an event 
    and you'll be on a small island off of Pandule.
    Go to the west and you'll see some constructions.  Go in the door.  Be 
    prepared for this dungeon.  It can get confusing, so remember where you 
    entered it.  Once inside, you'll need to go to each corner of this giant 
    maze and activate four switches.  I suggest going clockwise from the 
    southwest because once you activate the four switches, you'll need to go 
    down on level via the stairs closest to the southeast switch.  You'll 
    also find a pool on this level.  You can restore HP/MP and save at this 
    thing.  Don't forget how to get out of here.
    Well, go down one floor via the stairs closest to the southeast stairs.  
    You'll find four set of stairs.  Down each one is a chest with a switch 
    inside.  You'll need to go down each of the stairs and activate all the 
    switches.  Once you're done that, you'll need to go back up to the first 
    Take the stairs in the northeast down.  Follow the path and you'll come 
    to a warp.  Take it and you'll appear in a rocky area.  Follow the only 
    path you have.  When you reach a fork, go south.  When you reach another 
    fork, go to the east.  You should automatically be shown an event, then 
    get into a boss fight with Kyte in your party.
    After you beat the boss, you'll need to manually make your way back out 
    to the surface.  Once outside, watch the event.  When you see the name 
    entry screen, just enter the names you'd like for Beak and Fang.  You 
    won't be able to get them recruited now, but you'll see them later.  
    You'll also receive two map pieces from Kyte for that island you were 
    -Days Three to Five-
    There's nothing really left to do for the remaining days, so just level 
    up, upgrade weapons, and the next week should come soon enough.
    Alternate Next Week or The Next Week
    -Day One-
    For those of you not recruiting Beak and Fang, this is the Alternate 
    Next Week.  For those of you continuing on after going through that 
    dungeon on the island, this is The Next Week.
    Anyway, make your way to the inn.  Around 12 pm, talk to the innkeeper 
    and he should give you an item.  After he does, go to Claire's watch 
    shop and talk to her.  You should see an event.  Put some people in your 
    party, go outside the shop, and power jump to the map block east of the 
    block that has the Woodcutter's Village.  If you're not past the witch's 
    house, go past it and just follow the path.  When you reach the forest, 
    you'll see an event and get into a fight.  After the fight, you'll meet 
    After the event, continue up to the next map block and make your way up 
    the map in a northeasterly direction and you should arrive at Gallhint's 
    Fortress.  Gallhint's in one of the buildings.  In the building he's in, 
    search around and you'll find a map piece of this block.
    That's pretty much it for this day.
    -Day Two-
    Not much to do on this day.
    -Day Three-
    Between 12 and 6 pm, go back to Gallhint's Fortress and talk to 
    Gallhint.  You'll be shown an event.  That's the major thing for today.
    After that, I suggest going to the map block north of this block.  
    Search this area for a map piece.  There's also an entrance to a 
    dungeon.  I suggest doing this now while you have time.  Plus, it'll 
    make it easier on you later.  Don't forget to go in there without other 
    people in your party.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to give you 
    precise directions for this dungeon, especially if you want to get all 
    the items in the chests.  If the enemies here are giving you trouble, 
    then you haven't levelled up enough yet.
    Well, when you make it out, just follow the path and grab the map piece 
    in the only chest on this block.  On the next block is another witch's 
    house.  Go in and talk to her.  I'm not exactly sure, but either the map 
    piece in her house is somewhere in the furniture or you have to purchase 
    it from her.
    -Days Four and Five-
    Nothing really important except time looping again.
    Next Week
    -Day One-
    Nothing really important happens here.  Do what you like today.
    -Day Two-
    If you are in town between 1 and 4 pm, you'll see an event involving 
    you, Rinna, and Zenne, Gallhint's girlfriend.  After the conversation 
    ends, head to Gallhint's Fortress and talk to him.  After that 
    conversation ends, you're pretty much free until the next day.
    -Day Three-
    The whole day is pretty much open.  When it's 7 pm, make your way to the 
    castle and wait until 7:45 pm.  At that time, you'll see the event with 
    Gallhint crashing the wedding dress ceremony, only it's a bit different 
    this time.  Then you get into a fight with Xelpherpolis.  After the 
    fight, watch the next event.  Go after Rummy.
    -Day ?-
    Watch the event play out.  When it finishes, go outside and you'll see 
    another event.  After it's finished, you can go down to the docks.  
    Unfortunately you can't power jump.  Also, if you look at your 
    clock/compass, you'll see that the day number has been replaced by a 
    question mark.
    Anyway, head down to the docks and you can talk to the swimmer.  Beat 
    him in a swimming race and he'll reward you with a D.H. Egg.  It may 
    take a few tries unless you are that damn good.
    Another place to visit is the gym.  It's to the east of the inn.  Go in 
    and you can take part in the tournament that they're holding.  You have 
    to go through five rounds and it's not hard.  Once you've finished with 
    that, you'll see an event.
    -Day ?-
    Don't you hate it when things repeat?  If you didn't get to do the 
    swimming race yet, go ahead and try it out.  Otherwise to go Claire's 
    watch shop.  Go to the time vault and take out the item called 
    "Princess' Watch".  Watch the event.  You'll end up on a beach with 
    Rummy.  Watch that event, and when you have to select a choice, I 
    suggest picking the first one.
    For those of you that went through the steps above where you named Beak 
    and Fang, this part's for you.  Return to the inn and go upstairs.  
    Otherwise, you'll see an event involving Beak, Mouse's (or your chosen 
    name for him) friend and fellow thief.  He's part of your party now and 
    using the single bed.  So if you want to rest from now on, you'll have 
    to use the double bed.
    I couldn't remember what day it was, so just do what you want for the 
    remainder of the week.
    Next Week
    -Day One-
    You'll see an event.  Watch it play out.  After it finishes, go to Ano's 
    room in the castle and talk to him.  After you finish talking to him, go 
    to the witch's house that's five blocks north and two blocks east from 
    the town center map.  Remember this place?  Go in and talk to her.  
    She'll ask you to rank her daughter's by the most beautiful.  Their 
    names are Lilac, Alumeria, Lupinas (or it might be Lupinus), and 
    Helenum.  It doesn't have to be in that order, but spelling does count.  
    If you get one name spelled wrong, you'll have to start over again.
    Anyway, once you're done with that, she'll give you the book you need, 
    so go back and talk to Ano.  He'll tell you go return in 24 hours.  So 
    go play or something.
    -Day Two-
    After the 24 hours have passed, go visit Ano again and watch the event 
    play out.  Go get some party members.  Put whoever you like in there, 
    but you must have Rummy.  Now go power jump to Ano's Ruins (in my 
    opinion, it's the fastest dungeon to complete, but also the hardest in 
    terms of enemies).  It's on the same map block as the Woodcutter's 
    Village.  Go in and examine the wall.  Then leave and power jump to the 
    map block south of the town center.  Make your way to Rummy's house and 
    instead of going inside, go around to the backyard.  Then go to the 
    southeastern corner, past the laundry and search.  You should find an 
    Once you have the item, go back to Ano's Ruins and examine the wall 
    again.  After the explosion, go back in.  It's kind of like a giant 
    maze.  There's stairs on the western side of the floor, so make your way 
    there and go down one floor.
    The rooms in here are set up like a clock.  So go into the 3:00 room and 
    step on a switch.  Now go to the 10:00 room and step on two switches.  
    Go back to the 3:00 room and step on a different switch and you should 
    get a message saying something like "something has moved" or something 
    to that equivalent.  Now go into the 12:00 room.  Go towards the 
    pedestal and right as you reach it, you'll get into a boss fight.  When 
    you win, grab the item.  You'll see the event.  Now go back outside.
    Once you're outside, power jump to the east swamp exit.  Look for a path 
    that goes west in the shrubbery/woods on the west side of the map block.  
    Go in and follow the path.  Make your way to the wall and examine.  
    After the explosion, go back in.  Welcome to the Forest Ruins.  It's 
    confusing and the enemies are annoying.  I can't quite remember it, but 
    I'll do my best to guide you.
    Go north until you hit the shrubbery wall, then go in an easterly 
    direction.  Your destination is a carved rock thing that you can talk 
    to.  Answer the questions in this order: no, no, [select an answer], 
    yes.  Now you'll have to go south, then west, then south again, then to 
    the east, and when you can north to another map block.  If you find 
    another carved rock, don't talk to it.  If you did already, select "No".  
    Anyway, look around here for the next item on a pedestal.  The same 
    thing will happen.  You approach it and get into a boss fight.  After 
    you win, grab the item and you'll see an event.  Now you'll need to go 
    back to that first rock you talked to and pick "Yes" to reset the trees 
    so you can leave the Forest Ruins.
    -Day Three-
    Once you're back on the east swamp exit map block, power jump to the 
    village of Coalmine.  Once you're there, go into the mine.  You'll need 
    to go down two or three floors.  On the southwestern part, you'll find 
    the entrance to the Water Ruins.  Examine the wall and go back in after 
    the explosion.
    You'll need to go down one floor.  Once you're on that level, you'll 
    need to find two switches.  One is in the northwest and the other is in 
    the southeast.  Go for the northwest one first.  Then the southeast.  A 
    warp will appear to the north of the southeast switch once they're both 
    activated.  Take it.
    This floor has a nice tile pattern.  It also has four switches.  You'll 
    need to press in order from the southeast switch counterclockwise.  
    After you've done that, exit out the northeast path to the next room.  
    If you see blue (that's water) in the middle, then you'll need to go 
    back and hit the switches in order again.  Then the water should be 
    In that room, just follow the path down collecting the items in the 
    chest.  Once you get to the bottom, you'll need to go up that little 
    hill in the middle.  Approach the pedestal and you'll get into another 
    boss fight.  After you win, grab the item and you'll see another event.  
    Now you have the long and tedious task of making your way back out of 
    the Water Ruins and out of the mine.
    Now you can do whatever you want for the rest of the day.  Nothing 
    interesting is going to really happen until day four.
    -Day Four-
    Be sure to hang around town today.  Around 8 pm, a soldier will tell you 
    to go to the inn.  Once there, watch the event.  Choose "Yes" when you 
    get the option.  Now, just do whatever until day five.  Go down to the 
    beach.  You do remember how to get there, right?  When you get there, go 
    north and one of the buildings here has an item called the Wish Flower.  
    Buy that if you wish to recruit Grantus.  If not, don't worry about this 
    item.  If you do buy it, put it in the time vault so you don't have to 
    go buy it again.  You can sleep, that makes the time pass by quicker.
    -Day Five-
    At 5 am, you'll automatically be taken to the Ano Ruins.  Watch the 
    event and then you'll get into a fight with Grantus.  Watch the scene 
    after you win.  Grantus should give you a key.  You should be taken to 
    the castle automatically, if not, power jump there.  You should have an 
    event with everyone outside the eastern door.  Rummy's going with you, 
    so choose another person.
    Once you're inside, you'll need to go up two floors (the third floor).  
    Go into the throne room and go through the western door.  Just follow 
    the path from there to get to Princess Loreille's room.  Once you have 
    her, make your way back out the same way you came in.  Watch the event 
    and then you'll get into a fight.  After the fight, watch the next 
    Next Week
    -Day One-
    At the beginning of this day, you should be shown an event right off the 
    bat.  After the conversation ends you'll be give these options:
    Change party members
    Use Time Vault
    Exit Claire's Shop
    or something like that.  Make sure you have two other people with you 
    before you leave Claire's watch shop because you won't be able to return 
    here until day three.
    -Day Two-
    Not much to do here.
    -Day Three-
    Go back to Claire's shop some time in the morning and watch the event.  
    If you've already done all three of the dungeons above, then talk to 
    Claire two more times to give her the other two treasures.  
    Unfortunately, you won't be able to go into the World of Darkness just 
    We have time, so let's go talk to an old friend.  Power jump to 
    Gallhint's fortress and go into the southern building.  You'll see an 
    event.  After that's done, you won't really have much left to do.
    -Days Four and Five-
    Not much to do.
    Next Week
    From now on, I will no longer be listing days.  I will just be listing 
    events.  And I think I will also stop doing the "Next Week" thing, as 
    World of Darkness
    You'll see an event with you, Claire, and your new friend Lloyd.  After 
    that event and go to Claire's shop.  If you want to recruit Grantus, 
    take the wish flower out of the time vault, power jump to Ano's Ruins 
    and place the flower on his grave by facing his grave and selecting the 
    wish flower in your item menu.  Return to Claire's shop and talk to her 
    to go into the World of Darkness.  Hopefully she'll ask you who you'll 
    want to take.  Select anyone and she should say no, that's not the right 
    person.  Gallhint should show up and he and Claire should join the party 
    and you are whooshed to the World of Darkness.
    The World of Darkness is a mirror of the island of Pandule except now 
    it's one large dungeon.  I hope you remembered the way to Plosi's house 
    because that's the direction we're going in.  But instead of going on 
    that forest path, go up to the bird statue thing and examine it.  You'll 
    get into a fight with Twinboom.  After that's done, go back to Claire's 
    shop and examine the mirror to get back to the real Pandule.  Use the 
    mirror again to put Beak in your party, if you recruited him.  Otherwise 
    just make your way to the bird statue here in the real Pandule.
    Examine the statue and you'll get into a fight with the real Twinboom.  
    If you have Beak, after a few rounds you'll see an event showing the 
    entrance of Fang and you'll continue the fight with him in your party.  
    After the fight, Mouse (you) or Fang (if you recruited Beak) will crush 
    Twinboom and you should find a key in his remains.
    You should see an event next involving snow.
    To Save A Princess
    You'll be shown another event involving Jawarro and Princess Loreille.  
    Now you have to get to the castle.  Get your party members and let's go.  
    Go to the map that has the restaurant on it and go past it into the 
    forest.  Go towards the northwest to the next map block.  Then enter the 
    eastern door of the castle.  From here, you'll need to go downstairs to 
    the basement.  Go west from the stairs until you reach two doors, one on 
    the north and the other to the south.
    Enter the southern doors.  In this room are three more rooms with 
    carpets on them.  Once you step on the carpet, you'll get into a boss 
    fight.  After each boss fight, open the chest and grab the item.  Once 
    you've gotten all three keys, exit this room and go through the north 
    doors and continue on to the outside.  This area is where the wedding is 
    held every week.  Go through the doors on the other side and continue on 
    to the next room.
    This place is confusing, so the best advice is I can give for this area 
    is to follow the left wall.  The first pedestal you'll need to insert 
    one of the items into should be to the west.  Just face the pedestal and 
    select one of the three keys from your items.  One of them should work.  
    Just follow the left wall since it will bring you to the other two.  
    Please note: do not go up any stairs.  After you've put in the last key, 
    just make your way to the east, then south and you should see the other 
    party members waiting by a door.  If you go east and south of them, 
    you'll find a healing pool.  Heal and save if you need to, then go back 
    to them and you'll go into the room.  You'll see the three dragons and 
    fight them one at a time.  In between fights, you'll get to select your 
    party members.  After the fights, go up the stairs in this room.  From 
    here, just continue to go up.  Don't miss any chests on the way up.
    Once you make it to the top, you'll be shown an event.  You'll then get 
    into three fights with Jawarro.  In the first fight, don't target her.  
    Just kill those other things around her.  In the second fight, don't 
    target her but the arms on her back.  In the third fight, now you can 
    target her.
    After you've won, you'll be shown another event.  Then Xelpherpolis will 
    enter and you'll be shown another event.  You'll wake up in front of 
    Ano's Ruins.  If you put the wish flower on Grantus' grave, he'll join 
    your party now.  Claire and Gallhint are also there.  After the 
    conversation ends, select your third party member, then make your way to 
    the Woodcutter's Village.  Unfortunately, you are no longer able to 
    power jump.
    Preparing For The Final Battle
    When you reach the Woodcutter's Village, you'll be shown an event with 
    the celestial elder.  He'll give you an item.  Now you have to go find 
    your other party members.  Well, you don't have to, really, but you can.
    Parts of the town are now blocked off by water, so finding a bunch of 
    people will be relatively easy now.  Rinna is at her "secret place".  
    That pond on the Forest Ruins map east of the town center.  Everyone 
    else is in town.  You should be able to find Kyte, Beak, Fang, Bagoth, 
    Rummy, and Plosi without too much difficulty.  You'll notice that there 
    are some celestial people in town.  Some of them upgrade weapons while 
    others sell items.  Use them to your advantage.  One celestial citizen 
    to note is the one by Plosi's house.  He sells a recovery item that 
    restores 100% health.
    Once you think you're gotten enough people, go back to the place where 
    you found Bagoth.  To the south, you'll see a plank going up a house.  
    Use this to get up to the bridge to the castle.  Once there, enter the 
    eastern door again and go down to the basement.  Go out the north door 
    and continue on outside.  Go in the opposite door and continue through 
    the next door.  Here, you'll see the people you found.  If you wanna 
    switch people in your party, talk to the person you want to have in your 
    Otherwise, just make your way downstairs.  You should end up just south 
    of the healing pool once you make it all the way to the bottom.  This 
    place should look familiar.  It's east of where you fought those three 
    dragons.  Go to that room again and step onto the symbol in the middle.  
    You'll see an event and get into a fight with Xelpherpolis.
    Don't worry about losing this battle, you're supposed to.  After you 
    lose, you'll be shown an event with Loreille powering you and your party 
    members up.  You'll now have the final battle with Xelpherpolis.  If 
    you've been leveling people up and learning skills and recovery spells, 
    this battle should be a piece of cake.
    After you win, you'll be shown another event.  Then the ending.  If you 
    have Beak and Fang, the ending will have them in it.  If you don't have 
    Beak and Fang, the ending will be similar, but it won't have Beak and 
    Fang.  Then the credits roll and that's the end of the game.  
    Congratulations on a job well done.
    Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, for developing the game.
    BAnderson, for writing a great walkthru for the Japanese version of the 
    GameFAQs, for posting this walkthru.
    Video Game Strategies, for also posting this walkthru.
    Copyright and Other Stuff
    Ephemeral Fantasia Walkthru (NA version) (c) 2002 by charjer0
    Ephemeral Fantasia (c) 2001 by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan
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    expressed written consent of the creator.

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