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    Ability List/Map Piece Location FAQ by Squall Lionheart

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/12/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Squall Lionheart's Ability List/Map Piece Location FAQ
    Version 1.1 (July 12, 2002)
    This Document Copyright Nathaniel Gaugler 2002
    The (!) means not complete (but it doesn't mean empty)
    Table of Contents
     1. Legal Stuff (got to do it, don't want to)
     2. About the Author (that's me)
     3. Ephemeral Fantasia?!!
     4. Revision History (how long it's taking me to make this)
     5. Questions? Comments? Contributions?  (E-MAIL EM)
     6. Abilities (!)
       6a Mouse (or whatever you named him)(!)
       6b Rummy (!)
       6c Claire
       6d Plosi (!)
       6e Bagoth (!)
       6f Rinna (!)
       6g RindRinna
       6h Kyte (!)
     7. Map Piece Locations (!) 
     8. Frequently Asked Questions (determined by e-mails)
     9. Credit 
     10. The End
    _/1 Legal Stuff \__________________________________________
       Well, this is the part I dislike.  Don't take from my work; there is no 
    point.  It's available to everyone who uses GameFAQs, so why take public 
    property?  If you do see my FAQ on any other websites besides GameFAQs, then 
    let me know and I can take legal action.  Again note that taking my work can 
    result in your immediate loss of contributions and having your e-mail 
    filtered by GameFAQs.  
    _/2. About the Author \____________________________________
       My name is Nathaniel, this is my first FAQ and I started it last week.  
    I've been a gaming addict since I was 4, and I've noticed that there was no 
    ability list on GameFAQs for Ephemeral Fantasia.  This angered me, as I 
    usually look up ability lists on the site.  
       I own an NES, and SNES, a Nintendo 64 (regrets), a Gamecube, a PSone, a 
    genesis, a Sega CD, a Game Boy Pocket, a Game Boy Advance, and of course a 
    PS2.  Why I'm not selling all those old ones, I don't know.
      Enough about me, let's press on toward the FAQ!!!
    _/3. Ephemeral Fantasia \__________________________________
      Well, I don't know about the Title, but I'll clarify the subject of the 
      Ephemeral Fantasia is an RPG unlike any other.  You go through time loops 
    (example: the same 5 days over and over) which your character (Mouse) is 
    unaffected by. As you progress through the game, you must acquire new 
    abilities and new allies to conquer the evil dude who controls time on the 
    island of Pandule.  THIS IS NOT A WALKTHROUGH!!!!!!
    This will only help you get abilities.
    _/4. Revision History \____________________________________
    Version 1.0 (July 1, 2002) 
      Started the FAQ (you'll never see this one)
    Version 1.1 (July 12, 2002) 
      Submitted the FAQ for hopeful posting
    Version 1.2 (July 20, 2002)
      Felt bad cause I haven't finished
      Fixed some stuff added some stuff
    _/5. Questions? Comments? Contributions? \_________________
      Please e-mail all of these to HumanComputer42@aol.com.  You must include 
    these 2 things:
    1.	You must put the name of the game in the subject line   and then what it 
    is (example: subj: Ephemeral Fantasia Hate Mail) and I will read it.  
    2.	You must include text in your email, no hyperlinks, no stupid questions, 
    no Spam, no advertisements. Only your question and your question alone. 
      The questions I am asked the most will be posted in my Frequently Asked 
    Questions section.  That way the emails with the same questions over and over 
    again should cease to be.
    _/6. Abilities \___________________________________________
      This is the section that all of you are wanting to read. It contains the 
    ability lists of all the characters (or will have them all) and how to get 
    them.  If there are any mistakes, see section 5 about e-mailing me. Now to 
     The abilities are listed like this:
    <ability name>- <ability description> (as the game says)
    Prerequisite-  <how to get it>
    Comment- <stupid or helpful, your decision>
    AP use- how long it takes to recharge
    /6a.  Mouse \______________________________________________
    (The hero, you know, the guy with orange hair.)
    Slash - Cuts opponent from the front.
    Prerequisite - Start the game.
    Comment - decent attack, low AP use.
    AP use - 2
    Duet - Hits opponent with Pattimo causing paralysis.
    Prerequisite - Start the game.
    Comment - Low AP use, causes paralysis, no combat damage.
    AP use - 2
    Jump Slash - Slices opponent while jumping. (Duh!)
    Prerequisite - Slash Lv.3 
    Comment - The first move to use more than 2 AP, better combat damage than 
    AP use - 4 
    Charging Strike - Attack while charging through enemy.
    Prerequisite - Jump Slash Lv.5
    Comment - Group attack is good, same damage (as far as I can tell) as slash.
    AP use - 5 
       Now, Mouse has some special techniques that can only be learned from your 
    allies. I'll let you know what Ally and what Art they have to use for Mouse 
    to get it.
      Note: These techs are learned randomly, some may get it on the first use, 
    others could take 200, as it is all random.
      Note (again): Some take HP and AP to use, so these are risky. 
    Hurry -
    Prerequisite - Claire's Speed Chain
    Comment - When I had this move, it was useless, but I lost it when I 
    restarted my game. (I thought I missed getting Rinna)
    Cost 10 AP (I think)/ 100 HP (I know)
    Power Jump - Kick while jumping high in the air. Use to change location. Fire 
    Prerequisite - Rummy must use diving kick.
    Comment - This is my favorite move!! When you use it on the field, you can go 
    anywhere you have a map piece for!!!!
    During Battle, it is not as useful, as it costs too much for the damage it 
    deals. (Same effect as leap potion)
    Please note that you can't escape from certain areas such as the Castle, the 
    Swamp, the Old Rock Quarry, and other monster infested, dungeon like areas.
    Cost - 5 AP / 100 HP  (100 HP out of battle, will not go lower than 100.) So 
    if you have 110 HP, then it won't take HP.  All the way up to 199 HP, it 
    won't go under 100.
    Portrait - A monster made of energy attacks. Holy attribute.
    Prerequisite - Plosi must use sketch.
    Comment - Dang! This is awful!  Why would anyone use this? 
    Cost 7 AP / 400 HP  (400 HP!!!!!)
    Rhythmical Beat - Notes fall on all enemies when one dances. Illusion 
    Prerequisite - Manic Rhythm
    Comments - Amusing, too costly for much use.
    AP use - 6 AP/ 280 HP
    That's all I have for Mouse, more on the next update.
    __/6b. Rummy \_____________________________________________
    Supermodel / Royal Guard
    Hard Punch - A straight, hard punch on an opponent.
    Prerequisite - Get Rummy, duh!
    Comment - Rummy's first move, not too well, but you have nothing else.
    Element - Fire
    AP use - 3
    Scold - Nullifies paralysis of one ally.
    Prerequisite - nope
    Comment - Wouldn't punching a paralyzed ally make him more paralyzed? 
    AP use - 3
    Hi- Kick - Runs into the opponent from the front and does a hi-kick.
    Prerequisite - Hard Punch Lv.2
    Comment - at least it won't heal fire enemies.  I wonder if kicking the ally 
    would cure blindness?  (It doesn't)
    AP use - 4
    Scissor Kick - Attacks by scissoring one's legs. 
    Prerequisite - Hi-Kick Lv.4
    Comment - Nice attack + paralysis, pretty useful.
    AP use - 5
    Diving Kick - a drop kick.
    Prerequisite - Hi-Kick Lv.5
    Comment - pretty cool, good combat skill. Time to charge is a small problem.  
    Teaches Mouse to use power jump.
    AP use - 5
    Aura - Your own HP becomes fully restored
    Prerequisite - Hard Punch Lv. 4
    Comment - good, but it needs to effect others
    AP use - 10AP
    Focus - raises offensive powers
    Prerequisite - Aura Lv. 2
    Comment - way too costly for use
    AP use - 10AP
    More (if I find more) on the next update.
    _/6c. Claire \_____________________________________________
    Watchmaker/ Supermodel
    Chain Attack - attack with chains (duh!!)
    Prerequisite - get Claire
    Comment - The only move of Claire's that deals combat damage, but it rarely 
    does enough to matter.
    AP use - 2
    Cologne - Causes temporary confusion to one opponent.
    Prerequisite - Chain attack Lv.2 
    Comment - How she uses cologne from using the Chain attack is beyond me.
    AP use - 4
    Speed Chain - Increases the speed of all allies. 
    Prerequisite - Cologne Lv.2 
    Comment - Raising speed is good, and this gives Mouse the special Art 
    "Hurry". A useful move, even if it doesn't do any combat damage. 
    Element - Time (Time is an element??)
    AP use - 5
    Guard Circle - Increases the defensive power of all allies.
    Prerequisite - Chain Attack Lv.4
    Comment - Useful for temporary defense raising.
    Element - Time
    AP use - 6
    Heal Circle - All allies. HP will gradually recover.
    Prerequisite - guard circle Lv.2
    Comment - Claire became one of my best healers (next to Rinna and RindRinna) 
    with this move.  Final Fantasy masters (such as I) would just call this Regen 
    Element - Time
    AP use - 7 (the only downside to this move.)
    Claire is finished, I hope that you enjoy using your mastered character.
    _/6d. Plosi \______________________________________________
    The Pervert Painter
    Black Ink - Throws black ink tools the covers their eyes.
    Prerequisite - Get Plosi (if you want to)
    Comment - worthless
    AP use - 4 
    Hidden Talent (or lack thereof) - Blows fire from one's mouth. Fire 
    Prerequisite - Black Ink Lv.2
    Comment - Uh, I think this one is worthless too, even if it does do combat 
    Element - Fire
    AP use - 3
    Sketch - Learn the enemy's statistics.
    Prerequisite - Black Ink Lv.3
    Comment - Really high AP use, and I can't tell how to read the stats.  Please 
    E-mail info you have on this. I'll give credit to the first method that 
    AP use - 10 (must be old age)
    Brush Up - Reduces enemy's offensive strength by tickling them.
    Prerequisite - Hidden Talent Lv.2 
    Comment - uh, no comment.
    AP use - 5
    More (if I feel like using Plosi) on the next update.
    _/ 6e. Bagoth \____________________________________________
    A General who is loyal to a fault.
    Clobber - Beats opponent with a staff. Could cause paralysis.
    Prerequisite - Get Bagoth
    Comment - Pretty useful for a starting move, definitely better than Plosi's.
    AP use - 4
    Bashing - Hit three times with a staff. Could cause paralysis.
    Prerequisite - Clobber Lv.2
    Comment - A decent move, but it has and AP drawback.
    AP use - 6
    Q. Why are there only two skills for Bagoth?  
    A. I just got Bagoth yesterday, give me a break.
    _/6f. Rinna \______________________________________________
    The Innkeeper's Daughter 
    Note: she is a different character than RindRinna. Well, sort of.  Rinna must 
    use her skill "change" (in her skills menu, under Auto Sort) to become 
    RindRinna.  They have different stats, different skills, and different Exp. 
    Levels, so I treat them as two different characters. The only thing they 
    share is HP/MP levels.
    Spring Cleaning - Wield a mop as a weapon.
    Prerequisite - Get Rinna.
    Comment - Mega Mop Girl's starting move.  (She uses the Pledge Grab-It mop)
    AP use - 2
    Extermination - Wield a mop while screaming.
    Prerequisite - Spring Cleaning lv.2 
    Comment - you can't tell she's screaming.
    AP use - 5
    Wake Up! - Wake up one ally by tossing water on them.
    Prerequisite - Extermination Lv.2
    Comment - She throws sparkles from a mysterious bucket. (It comes out of 
    AP use - 1
    More when I obtain more skills.
    _/6g. RindRinna \__________________________________________
    A Bunny-Hooded Rinna
    Recovery Dance - Dance that will restore HP.
    Prerequisite - Make Rinna Change to RindRinna.
    Comment - The first skill to heal HP.
    AP use - 5 
    Tarinba Shoot - Throws a Tarinba. (DUH!!!)
    Prerequisite - none
    Comment - No comment.
    AP use - 3
    Battle Dance - Dance that will increase offensive strength.
    Prerequisite - recovery dance Lv.2
    Comment - Quite interesting, it starts with a Hop-Kick!
    AP use - 5.
    Woozy Dance - Dance that will reduce offensive strength.
    Prerequisite - Battle Dance Lv.2 
    Comment - Not even funny, this move looks (and is) stupid.  She shakes her 
    butt, smoke comes out, and then a giant neon-red circle appears around the 
    opponent.  VERY USELESS.
    AP use - 5 
    Dance of Serenity - A dance of sleep.
    Prerequisite - Recovery Dance Lv.3
    Comment - useful, especially in the Old Rock Quarry.
    AP use - 5
    More as I get it.
    Manic Rhythm - This heated dance will inflict damage. Illusion Attribute
    Prerequisite - Dance of Serenity Lv. 2
    Comment - Odd, but it hits your opponent
    AP use - 6AP
    Dance of Joy - EXP pts. will increase with the number of consecutive dances
    Prerequisite- Dance of Serenity Lv. 3
    Comment - This is cool, it helps raise RindRinna
    AP use - 5AP
    I think that this is it for RindRinna
    _/6h. Kyte \_______________________________________________
    Crazy Seaman (I'd have more for him, but I seem to have misplaced this Ally, 
    and I will have to re-obtain him.
    I apologize for the inconvenience.) 
    Wield - An attack with fish, power depends on variety of fish.
    Prerequisite - Get Kyte (or Get Kyte again.)
    Comment - Decent beginning move, don't forget that Kyte's weapon is fish, so 
    to upgrade him, you must feed him fish. 
    A walkthrough on this site says that he's already at his max, but feed him, 
    and he will upgrade.  Just thought I clarify that.
    AP use - 4
    Shark Killer - Pour the "Shark Killer" drink on an ally. Offensive powers 
    Prerequisite - Lv.2 Wield 
    Comment - This is ridiculous.
    AP use - 5
    Sailor's Song - Start to sing mariner's song. Increases defensive powers of 
    all allies.
    Prerequisite - Shark Killer Lv.2
    Comment - Oh geez, glowing music notes don't make your body stronger, milk 
    AP use - 5 (generating glowing music notes must take a lot out of him.)
    _/7. Map Piece Locations \_________________________________
    Okay, my ASCII really stinks, so don't yell at me, but I'll read hate mail 
    about it. If My Map Piece directions don't get you to the map piece, please 
    e-mail me, and I'll try to help you.
          1    2    3    4    5    6    7
         ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___  ___
      A [___][___][___][___][___][___][___]   
      B [___][___][___][___][___][___][___]
      C [___][___][___][___][___][___][___]
      D [___][___][___][___][___][___][___]
      E [___][___][___][___][___][___][___]
      F [___][___][___][___][___][___][___]
      G [___][___][___][___][___][___][___]
     This is the way the map is in the game, a grid that is 
    7 X 7.  This grid is how I give my directions.  If I tell you to go to a 
    certain square, try to do your best to get there.  I'm not sure if the times 
    of day affect them.  The ones I do know it does are when you must talk to 
    people outside.  Those Map Pieces must be obtained during the day.
    Map Piece Locations (in the order I got them)
    1.	F4 Inn Area - Given to Mouse (indirectly) by Rinna's Father.
    2.	F6 Forest Ruin Area - Northeast of the Forest Ruin in a treasure box.
    3.	E6 West Farm Village - In the house, just search the place.
    4.	F5 Bazaar - At F4, go to the road behind the inn and head east, keep 
    going east until you see a building with two doors to the north side of 
    the road.  Across the street is the church. Enter the church and talk 
    to the Female guards.  One of the girls by the door will give it to 
    5.	E5 Restaurant Area - Rummy gives you this when she invites you to the 
    6.	E4 Castle (not detailed at all) - go east from the entrance (inside) 
    until you walk into a door.  Inside the room there are 4 soldiers. The 
    top left (if your compass has north pointing toward the top of your 
    screen) soldier gives you a map piece. It's not detailed, so you can 
    pass this one up.
    7.	F7 South of Rummy's Beach - Not too far from the northern exit to 
    Rummy's Beach.  (I call it Rummy's beach because she swims there.) Head 
    straight south from the exit and you can't miss it.
    8.	G5 Southeastern Bay Place - If you came from the west road of the 
    Bazaar (the one that ends up going south) you should end up going down 
    a small hill. STOP!! Okay.  Now that you've stopped, look west.  If 
    there is a guy with green pants standing next to the barrel-thing, then 
    you are there during the day, at the right time.  Talk to him, and he 
    gives you a map piece.
    9.	G3 Historical Society - Go to the Historical Society (it looks a lot 
    like the public office) and examine the bookshelves, one of them holds 
    the piece of map.
    10.	G4 Rummy's Pad- There is a fish market with stairs inside that is not 
    that far from Rummy's Pad.  Go down the stairs to walk on the beach.  
    Follow the beach southward until you come to a building with a blue 
    awning.  This is a souvenir shop, and it sells a map piece.  You must 
    buy something (I tried not buying anything, it doesn't work) and I 
    would recommend the bottom one, as it is only 300 G and the top one is 
    1000 G (if I remember).  Either one you choose, you must have 1000 G 
    left over to buy the map piece.  I hope you still have some of 
    Xelpherpolis' cash advance!
    11.	F3 Bird Gatherin' Park - Go to the fortune teller's house (north of the 
    historical society) and after you get your fortune told, the fortune 
    teller gives you a map piece. (and she says it was a free reading!!) 
    12.	G2 Leavin' Town - Make sure you have Rummy in your party.  Just follow 
    the path to leave town (head for the mountains) and then you'll come to 
    a treasure. Guess what's inside?
    13.	E3 Headin' for the Forest of Hope - When on F3, you should come to a 
    sign. From the sign, you should head west until you come to a treasure. 
    (May not be done)
    14.	E2 Old Hags' House I - Go north from the hunter village (F2) using the 
    back path (just walk through town) and you will come to an old hag's 
    house.  Search all the nightstands (they're next to the beds) and you 
    will locate a map piece.
    15.	F2 Hunter Village - Let me try to show this with an ASCII map.
       /    /         /      /     /
       /    / House 1 /      /Shelf/ 
       /    /         /      /_____/ 
       /    /         /         0  0_Man who holds Map Piece
       /    /_________/       
       /        [_]________Stairs
       /        [_]
       /    O O ______people 
       /    O O     
       /     /--------/
       /     /House 2 /       HOUSE 3 (too lazy to draw it)
       /     /        /
        Okay? Not too hard.
    16.	D1 Goin' to the cliff - This is really easy, it's on the only path to 
    the sector, and it is in a box that is partially hidden under a tree.  
    Not difficult to find, though, as it is right across the road from the 
    OTHER treasure box!  Great hiding spot Konami!!
    17.	 E1 The Cliff - This one's easy too! When the path splits, head west.  
    If you don't find it, then you need your eyes checked.  It is in the 
    treasure box on the edge of the cliff.  It is not hidden at all, 
    18.	C2 Northern Coastline - As you go north, you'll cross a bridge, then 
    the paths split (again). Go west to treasure containing a super magic 
    bottle, then keep going west through a semi-hidden path that leads to 
    the beach and another treasure (contents forgotten).  Go slightly 
    Northwest from there and you should see another treasure. The contents 
    are the map for C2.
    19.	B3 Northern Coastline - In C3 you will come to a sign. From the sign go 
    north to the Beach.  Head Northeast along the beach until you get to 
    the Northern-most treasure.  Inside is my good friend, the Map Piece.
    20.	C3 Old Hag's House II - From the sign (the one that says East to the 
    Swamp) go east.  Before you reach the swamp, you should see a house.  
    Enter and you'll find a hag lives there.  Search the tables to east of 
    the entrance (inside) to find the map piece.
       WOW! 20 Map Pieces!!
    21.	C4 Swamplands - I hate this place.  Go on the second path that leads 
    North first, and you will come to a platform.  Head east from the 
    platform and the road splits. Head north at the split and you will find 
    a treasure box on the edge of the path.
    22.	B4 Swamplands - Now go back to the first path that lead north.  Keep 
    going north until the road splits, and from that split, go northeast.  
    You will soon come to another platform. From this platform, you should 
    head north.  The map piece is on this road.
    23.	B6 Old Hag's House III - After you leave the swamp by the Eastern gate, 
    keep going until you reach another hag's house.  Search the nightstands 
    by the beds and you should find the 23rd map piece. 
    24.	D6 Woodcutter's Village - Go South from the Hag's house until the path 
    splits.  From the split, head west until you come to the Woodcutter's 
    village.  MAKE SURE YOU AVOID THE ANO RUINS!!!!!!!!! YOU'LL DIE!!!!!! 
    Heading west through the village, pass the first two houses that are on 
    the south side, the check the third. Talk to the Man inside (early 
    morning, 4th day for me) and he'll give you the map piece. 
    25.	D3 Some path - I made a power jump over to C3, and then I went North up 
    to D3.  The treasure box is nearly hidden by a tree, and I almost 
    walked past it.  Make sure you look around the first part of the path.
    26.	D4 Coalmine Town - I kept heading east until I got coalmine. Head east 
    until you see a lady in front of her house. She should say something 
    about a door-like ruin in the mine.  Enter her house and search the 
    place.  You will find a map piece.
    27.	C6 South of the hag - I jumped over to B6 and headed south again. The 
    treasure box containing the map is hidden from view if the compass 
    faces north, so turn it so that west is at the top. Check the boxes as 
    you see them.
    28.	D7 Old Hag's House IV - I took the eastern path (C6) and followed it 
    until I found a hag's house. After I searched her bookcases, I found a 
    map piece.
    29.	B7 Old Rock Quarry - I hate this place, there are no reference points! 
    As soon as you get here, head northeast to the top corner of the 
    sector. I hope you find it folks, and I'm sorry I couldn't help more.
    Well, shortly after I headed north into the real rock quarry, I got 
    clobbered badly, and got knocked back to day 1.
    30-38. F1, G1, B1, C1, B2, A3, C5, D5, G7 Miscellaneous Unreachable Areas 
    - You can obtain these map pieces through the drinking game you play with 
    Claire. Any night after you get Claire, go to the bar at night and talk to 
    the bartender who gave you the drink you used to get Claire.  She'll ask 
    you to have a drinking match with Claire.  Pay the 100 G and begin. If you 
    win enough, you should get these map pieces. (1 per victory) When you win 
    all of these, you will begin to get Phoenix Potion, which is like a full 
    39.D2 Graveyard - After you get Bagoth, you can go to the graveyard.  Go    
    in the house that is near the graveyard and talk to the man.  He'll tell 
    you not to wander around in Graveyards (good advice!!) and then he gives 
    you a map piece.
    40. A7 North of old Quarry Ruins - Second treasure chest on the path that 
    leads north as soon as you leave the old quarry ruins.
    41. A6 Hag's House V -On a bookcase in the hag's house.	
    42. C7 Gallhint's House -Check the table nest to the door in the house 
    Gallhint is in. (southern one) Also, I'm pretty sure you have to get this 
    one somewhat early during your quest to get Gallhint.
    _/8. Frequently Asked Questions \________________________
    I have not yet received questions as of the last update.
    _/9. Credit \____________________________________________
    Me, Squall, for writing this FAQ
    CjayC, for making GameFAQs
    People who helped me:
    Alphawolfsquadron- gave me map piece locations
    Wakka82 - Let me know that I was done with Claire, and submitted abilities 
    in the correct format for me. KUDOS!!
    CAMmander@aol.com - Informed me of an interesting thing.  Mouse learns 
    from his opponents, he also told me that he got Cleansing (yes this is the 
    same name as Rinna's magic) ability from Doug.  (unconfirmed, someone help 
    me confirm this)
    _/10. The End \__________________________________________
    This is the end, there is no more, so go away, or you'll get bored.

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