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    Beak and Fang FAQ by QueenMeshi

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/25/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ephemeral Fantasia for the PS2 
    Beak and Fang FAQ 
    Version 1.2 
    January 25, 2003 
    Written by: 
    This Beak and Fang FAQ/guide is copyright 2003-the end of all existence by me. 
    Please, for the love of all that is made of pie, do not steal this guide! Don't 
    take it, claim that it's yours, sell it, or post it on your site without my 
    permission. If you really, really, really want this guide for your site, you may 
    e-mail me at StanIsMyMaster@aol.com. Other reasons to send me an e-mail would be 
    giving me compliments or comments or intelligent critiscism or sending me 
    information over Beak and Fang. When you e-mail me, please include "Beak and 
    Fang FAQ" in the subject line. Remember to be polite, too, please! ^_^ 
    Ephemeral Fantasia is copyright 2001 Riku Sanjo/18 Van Planning and Konami 
    Computer Entertainment Japan. I am not associated with any of the mentioned 
    persons or companies. I just play the game. Yes, I realize persons is an usual 
    Table of Contents: 
    I. Introduction/Revision History 
    II. How To Get Beak and Fang 
        a. Quick steps 
        b. Detailed steps 
        c. Steps for the dungeon 
    III. When Beak and Fang Come In 
    IV. Beak and Fang's Weapon Upgrades 
    V. Beak's Abilities 
    VI. Fang's Abilities/Magic 
    VII. Credits 
    I. Introduction 
    Ephemeral Fantasia is one of my favorite RPGs for the PS2 along with Okage: 
    Shadow King. It's a really fun game for me. I love running around and collecting 
    partners! Sadly, I have not seen much information for Beak and Fang, two of the 
    optional characters in Ephemeral Fantasia. So.. I decided to write a guide for 
    The purpose of the Beak and Fang FAQ is to help you with any problems concerning 
    Beak and Fang. You may not like searching through FAQs and getting some parts of 
    the story spoiled (it happened to me) when you are searching for just how to get 
    Beak and Fang. Maybe you think you missed out on getting them or just Fang or 
    whatever. I hope this guide will serve of use to you for those questions and 
    more. ^_^ 
    Revision History: 
    Version 1.2: Beak's "Holy Wave" has been added; prerequisites have been 
    finalized, so to say. Corrected a few errors and added in some minor details. 
    All I need to do now is get the weapon shop upgrade prices unless anyone else 
    has something else they think should go in here. 
    Version 1.0: Everything you see here. I need to play through Ephemeral Fantasia 
    again and find out some prerequisites for abilities and that'll be about it. I 
    also want to get weapon upgrade prices. 
    II. How To Get Beak and Fang 
    You can start getting Beak and Fang as soon as you have: 
    1) Kyte on your side 
    2) Celestial Road/access to Celestial Village 
    3) 10,000G 
    ##ATTENTION!## You CANNOT do this if you have proceeded too far in the game for 
    getting Gallhint! If you have passed doing the alter-dimension thing that 
    Xelpherpolis sends you to after Gallhint fights back against him, you cannot get 
    Beak and Fang! 
    A. The short, brisk steps to getting Beak and Fang are: 
    1) Meet Kyte on the fourth day of the week after noon at the north shore which 
    is (from the bottom-most left corner) two map pieces to the right; five up. 
    2) Go to the Celestial Village the next week 
    3) Spend 10,000G to ride a falcon to a far-off island 
    4) Go through dungeon 
    5) Fight a boss to get Kyte back 
    6) Leave dungeon before time runs out 
    7) Progress through game 
    B. The much more detailed steps to getting Beak and Fang are: 
    1) Meet Kyte on the fourth day of the week after noon at the north shore which 
    is (from the bottom-most left corner) two map pieces to the left; five up. 
    2) The next week, head to the unknown celestial village. If you have not been 
    here before, it is (from the bottom-most left corner) four map pieces to the 
    right; seven up. To get into the true city with the celestial people, you need 
    to play the song Celestial Road in front of the big white tree. 
    ##Where to obtain Celestial Road: Go to the Woodcutters' Village and speak to a 
    man near the lift about fixing the lift! Once the lift is fixed, there will be 
    another guy near the lift who will give you the sheet music for Celestial 
    3) Speak to everyone in the village and look at the well in the center of the 
    4) Speak to the old man inside the house next to a shed. He will offer you a 
    falcon to ride to the Ghoul Island where Kyte is. The price is 10,000G. Accept 
    5) When you go to the island, it will be only Mouse there in the party. The 
    enemies are very easy and give out lots of money. 
    6) Proceed through the dungeon (steps for the dungeon below), fight the boss, 
    and come back 
    7) Watch the sequence and choose to rename or not rename Beak and Fang 
    8) Progress through the game 
    C. Easy-to-Read Steps to Get You Through the Dungeon Only! 
    From the entrance... 
    1) Head east until you reach the intersection north 
    2) Head northwest at the intersection 
    3) Keep going as far west as you can until you turn south 
    4) Keep going as far west then as you can until you turn north 
    5) Continue to go as far west as you can until you reach the intersection 
    6) Head south and turn west again 
    7) At the end, press the switch on the tomb 
    8) Return to intersection near the entrance at step one 
    From the intersection... 
    9) Head southeast 
    10) Press the switch on the tomb south 
    11) Go north until you reach the room with pillars 
    12) Head west into the next room 
    13) Go south until you reach the intersection 
    14) Take the path north until you reach an intersection 
    15) Turn west and go in that direction 
    16) Go north once you're in a larger hall 
    17) Enter a large room with a tomb in the center; the tomb doesn't need to be 
    bothered with 
    From the tomb... 
    18) Head east to an intersection 
    19) Head as much north as you can 
    20) Turn east 
    21) Go north when you can 
    22) Press the switch on the tomb at the end of the path 
    23) Go back to the tomb in the large room from step seventeen 
    From the tomb again... 
    24) Head as far northwest as you can 
    25) Turn north, east, and north and stop at the intersection 
    26) Head west 
    27) Press the switch on the tomb 
    28) If you want, head south to a pool of water where you can heal and save 
    29) Go back to the tomb in the large room from steps seventeen and twenty-three 
    From the tomb once more... 
    30) Reverse the directions for steps seventeen through twelve to get you back to 
    the room area with the stairs where you were at for step twelve 
    31) Go down the stairs 
    32) Head west to the intersection 
    33) Go south, turn north, and then turn east 
    34) Go down the stairs 
    From the stairs... 
    35) Turn west, north, east, north, west 
    36) At the end of the path is a treasure box which you need to open and press 
    the switch that's in it 
    37) Go back to the area where you were for step thirty-two 
    38) Head north then west 
    39) Stop at the intersection 
    40) Head north, east, south down the stairs 
    41) Go west, south, east and press the switch in the treasure box 
    42) Go back to where you were for step thirty-nine 
    From the intersection... 
    43) Go west to the intersection 
    44) Head north down the stairs 
    45) Go east, south, west and press the switch in the treasure box 
    46) Go back to where you were for step forty-three 
    47) Go south down the stairs 
    48) Head east, north, west, north, east and press the switch in the treasure box 
    49) Reverse your steps to go back to where you were for step twenty-five 
    From this intersection.... 
    50) Go east, south, east, north, east down the stairs 
    51) Turn south, west, south down more stairs 
    52) Go north, east, south, west, northeast for even more stairs 
    53) Head south, west, south, west, north, east, north for yet more stairs 
    54) Turn west, south, east, north, west, north to reach a room area with a sun 
    tile in the center of the floor 
    55) Step on the tile which causes you to be teleported 
    From the new room... 
    56) Head west until you've reached the intersection 
    57) Go south then east where you'll see Kyte and engage in a boss fight with him 
    ##BOSS FIGHT: Magic Sea Gule and Tentacles## 
    It's not a very difficult fight despite it's only you and Kyte. Magic Sea Gule 
    has 2200 HP. Magic Sea Gule absorbs water, so don't have Kyte use his water 
    magic on it! 
    When the fight is over, you have four hours in the game (about four minutes in 
    real time) to get out of there. Don't panic! Here are the directions back... 
    From the boss fight area... 
    1) Go west, north, east to the teleporter 
    2) Head south, east, south, west, north, east to the stairs 
    3) Turn south, west, south, east, north, east, north to the stairs 
    4) Go southwest, east, north, west, south for stairs 
    5) Head north, east, north for stairs 
    6) Turn west, south, west, north, west to the intersection 
    7) Go southeast until you get to the tomb in the center of the large room 
    From the tomb... 
    8) Head south, east, south, east 
    9) Go north then east into the room with the pillars 
    10) South, east, south, west to the exit 
    III. When Beak and Fang Come In 
    WARNING! Some spoilers are ahead. 
    He is the first one to come in. He comes in after you do the alter-dimension 
    sequence Xelpherpolis sends you to. When you return from there and do the scene 
    with Rummy, it is suggested you go back to the inn. Go back to Rinna's inn, just 
    like suggested. Beak will be upstairs waiting for you. Note - Beak will now 
    lounge on your bed in the inn when he is not in the active party. You will have 
    to now start sleeping in the bed closest to the door. 
    Fang comes in pretty late. When you are fighting the true Twinboom at Bird 
    Statue Park, a flute will be heard playing. The battle stops, and Fang will make 
    his entrance. One of the party members in your group will be replaced by Fang, 
    and the fight with Twinboom will continue. Note - If you have Beak in the party 
    when he comes in, you'll get to see a neat little scene with Mouse, Beak, and 
    Fang playing their instruments before going to fight. The Golden Three are back 
    together! ^_^ 
    IV. Beak and Fang's Weapon Upgrades 
    Beak's weapon is the Geoblade. It can be upgraded twice at the same place as 
    Mouse's. It is (from the bottom-most left corner) five map pieces to the right; 
    two up. It is around the bottom left corner of the map piece. 
    Fang's weapon is the Morning Dragon. It can be upgraded three times at the same 
    place as Bagoth's. It is (from the bottom-most left corner) two map pieces to 
    the right. It is at the center of the far-most right side of the map piece. 
    V. Beak's Abilities 
    Beak does not learn any magic as far as I know yet, he only has abilities. 
    Name: God's Tears 
    Information: Restores HP of one ally. 
    AP Used: 7 
    Prerequisite: None; this is a starting ability 
    Name: Loud Snore 
    Information: Self only. Gradually restores HP. 
    AP Used: 10 
    Prerequisite: Blessing level 2 
    Name: Blessing 
    Information: Heals status conditions of one ally. 
    AP Used: 8 
    Prerequisite: God's Tears level 2 
    Name: Galvanize 
    Information: Weakens received physical attacks by 70%. Assumes Galvanize stance. 
    AP Used: 5 
    Prerequisite: Edge level 2 
    Name: Edge 
    Information: Diagonal slice from the shoulder down 
    AP Used: 4 
    Prerequisite: None; this is a starting ability 
    Name: Double Blow 
    Information: Two consecutive cuts made diagonally. 
    AP Used: 7 
    Prerequisite: Galvanize level 2 
    Name: Catharsis 
    Information: Three consecutive cuts made with the full force of one's entire 
    AP Used: 9 
    Prerequisite: Double Blow level 2 
    Name: Holy Wave 
    Information: Attacks an area with waves eminating from a sword. 
    AP Used: 7 
    Prerequisite: Double Blow level 3 
    Name: Rage Wave 
    Information: Sends out a wave of anger. Attacks both enemies and allies. 
    AP Used: 8 
    Prerequisite: Catharsis level 3 
    VI. Fang's Abilities/Magic 
    Fang starts off at a high level in the game and it's hard to level him up, so I 
    do not know much about his magic. 
    Name: Spear Thrust 
    Information: Thrusts at the enemy with a spear. 
    Attribute: None 
    AP Used: 3 
    Prerequisite: None; this is a starting ability 
    Name: Hyper Jab 
    Information: Thrusts the spear quickly. 
    Attribute: None 
    AP Used: 5 
    Prerequisite: Spear Thrust level 2 
    Name: Sky Spear 
    Information: Targets the enemy's weakest point with a spear. 
    Attribute: None 
    AP Used: 3 
    Prerequisite: None; this is a starting ability 
    Name: Thunder Spear 
    Information: Thunder strikes the spear after contact. 
    Attribute: Thunder 
    AP Used: 6 
    Prerequisite: Sky Spear level 2 
    Name: Insanity Spear 
    Information: Launches attacks until the enemy dies. HP is 1 after use. 
    Attribute: Evil 
    AP Used: 10 
    Prerequisite: Hyper Jab level 2 
    Name: Vacuum Spear 
    Information: Fills the tip of the spear with all your energy and launches it. 
    Attribute: Thunder 
    AP Used: 1 
    Prerequisite: Thunder Spear level 2 
    Name: Wolf Fang Spear 
    Information: Spear splits into two and attacks. 
    Attribute: None 
    AP Used: 7 
    Prerequisite: Insanity Spear level 2 
    Name: Whirlwind Spear 
    Information: Spear strikes 3 times. 50% chance of paralysis. 
    Attribute: None 
    AP Used: 8 
    Prerequisite: Vacuum Spear level 2 
    Name: Electric Swarm 
    Information: 7 lightning balls are launched at all opponents. Thunder Attribute. 
    Attribute: Thunder 
    MP Used: 78 
    Level Learned: Starting magic spell 
    VII. Credits 
    Konami and Riku Sanjo/18 Van Planning -- For making such a great game!! ^__^ 
    GameFAQs.com -- For having FAQs for this game (and many more) for me to turn to 
    help me get through some real annoying dungeons! Plus for posting this FAQ. ^_^ 
    Em -- For dealing with me. I Love Sheep, uru. 
    My mommy -- For taking me out to go buy this game. 
    You the reader -- For reading this! ^_^

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