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    Skills FAQ by bigdave45

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    Skills FAQ for Ephemeral Fantasia (PS2)
    Origination Date: January 22, 2003
    Copyrighted by BigDave45, but feel free to post this wherever you like, but 
    don't change a word without approval. 
    I am writing this FAQ because, especially at the beginning, the skills 
    system for EF can be a bit overwhelming, and at this moment, there is no 
    descent FAQ regarding the skills system for EF at gamefaqs.com. I was 
    especially interested in knowing how to learn new skills, and that fact 
    will be the main focus of this guide. 
    Firstly, this is not a general walkthrough. PyroFalkon has a great one 
    available at gamefaqs.com, and I want to thank him for all the help his 
    walkthrough gave me for getting through the game. He has little information 
    on skills, though, and while BAnderson's guide does give a listing of the 
    skills, they are for the Japanese version and his name translations are not 
    the same as what Konami gave them. I do wish to give credit to them, 
    Now, onto the skills...(I'll also rate the characters as I go along). 
    The skills systems of EF may be one of the best action systems in all of 
    RPG (even if the presentation leaves much to be desired). Instead of having 
    a simple "attack" command, the characters begin with "arts", which can range 
    from anything from physical attacks to healing skills, though the game also 
    has a separate magic system (which this guide does not discuss since the 
    magic system is very linear with new spells simply learned as the character 
    levels up). kills, however, must be leveled up individually by use in 
    battle, and as the skills gain in level through repeated use, more skills 
    will be opened up. Additionally, skills use AP points, which determines how 
    fast a character can act. Each character has 10 AP and when the AP meter is 
    filled, a character can act, using a skill that deplites a certain number of 
    AP points. The more AP a skill requires, the longer a character will have to 
    act before he/she can act again until the green AP meter fills once more. 
    For the most part, I believe I now possess every skill in the game (I know 
    I have all of Mouse's), but I may find some more. 
    1. Mouse- main character musician whose come to the island to save it from 
    its time prison. Until late in the game, he will be your strongest physical 
    attacker with the most diverse array of physical attack skills. 
    Mouse actually has three different types of skills: ones he learns on 
    his own, ones, called super skills, he learns when one of his allies uses 
    a certain skill, and ones, called ultra skills, he learns when using two 
    super skills in the same battle. All other characters only have one set of 
    Skills      Attribute             Lv. Learned                         AP
    Slash        none                starting skill                          2
    A simple single attack on one enemy. About as basic an attack that you can 
    Duet        none                 starting skill                          2
    Mouse attacks with Pattimo (his guitar) and cause paralysis, but no damage. 
    Good to use when Mouse is all alone, but quickly gets old. 
    Jump slash   none                  Slash lv. 3                         4
    A stronger single attack on one enemy. Keep slashing and you'll get it. 
    Charging Strike  none                 J Slash lv. 5                    5
    Mouse attacks an entire group. VERY helpful to get as soon as possible. 
    Ray Slash        Light                C Strike Lv. 8                    6
    A very strong single enemy attack. Devastating attack even against 
    the strongest enemies, which you'll start to face by the time you 
    have this skill. 
    Super skills (learned when ally uses move a certain number of times in 
    battle). These skills also cost Mouse some HP to use. 
    Power Jump       Fire             Rummy's Diving Kick                 5
    Mouse jumps on one enemy with fire energy. Loses 100 HP per use. 
    Also be aware that when you learn this skill, Mouse (and the rest of 
    the party) can move to any place you have a map if yu select "Power Jump" 
    on the Skills menu. 
    Gaia Wave        none              Bagoth's Terra Break               5
    Has a chance to kill chosen character, but rarely works. Loses 200 HP 
    per use. 
    R. Beat    Illusion               RRinna's Manic Rhythm                6
    Mouse dances and his notes attack every enemy. Pretty cool. Loses 280 HP 
    per use.
    Portrait     Holy                  Plosi's Sketch                      7
    Mouse paints a little figure who attacks every enemy. The only reason to 
    include Plosi in your party. Loses 400 HP per use. 
    Cleaning      none                  Ano's Last Page                      4
    An attack that can eliminate a defensive attribute, but not all that useful. 
    Loses 50 HP per use. 
    Needle Arrows   Wind             Gallhint's Triple shot                  6
    Attacks all enemies with magical knives. Loses 320 HP per use. 
    Leaf Screen     none              Lloyd's Wooden Ball                    7
    Leaves lower enemy accuracy. Not real useful. Loses 80 HP per use. 
    Double Horn      Evil            Grantus's Horn Thrust                  9
    Destroys all enemies in one area. Semi-useful, but does not always work. 
    Loses 260 HP per use. 
    Wild Cross      Flame           Beak's Catharsis                      6
    Mouse performs a cross against one enemy that does major damage. Very good 
    stuff. Loses 350 HP per use. 
    Silent Cross   Thunder           Fang's Vacuum Spear                  6
    Like Wild Cross, but can also silent opponents. Only slightly better. Loses 
    350 HP per use. 
    Whirling Cuts    Water         Kyte's Sea Cat Call                    5
    Three quick attacks against one enemy. Not bad for early on, just like 
    Kyte. Loses 100 HP per use. 
    Hurry         Time             Claire's Speed Chain                   10
    The speed of all allies (that is the fill of their AP gauge) increase 
    greatly. Great to use when getting other characters to learn more skills. 
    Loses 120 HP per use. 
    Mouse's Ultra Skills (learned when two Super Skills are used together in 
    the same battle). These also take some of Mouse's HP to use. 
    Drainage       none             R. Beat + Double Horn                   8
    Drains HP from the enemy to give to Mouse. Very cool. No HP cost to use it 
    since it actually fills your HP. 
    Tsunami        Ice               W. Cuts and Gaia Wave                 9
    A wave of cold water floods all enemies. Not bad. Loses 390 per use. 
    Death Gate     Evil              Portrait + Cleaning                  10
    The Gate to Hell sucks in enemies. Works rather well. Costs 800 HP (ouch!) 
    per use. 
    Time Roar     Time               Leaf Screen + Hurry                    4
    Stops all opponents. Not bad. Loses 400 HP per use. 
    Sonic Saber    none           Power Jump + Needle Arrow               1
    Very rapid attack on one enemy. With only 1 AP, a nice attack. Loses 300 AP
    per use. 
    Grand Cross     Light            Wild Cross + Silent Cross            10
    Combining the two best Super attacks creates the game's greatest attack. 
    Loses 700 HP per use, but well worth it! Learn it quickly! This skill 
    makes the Beak/Fang quest all worth while, even beyond those two strong 
    2. Rummy- the love-struck palace guard who is a very well-rounded fighter, 
    especially considering her healing magic. She's also a hot little blonde 
    with a DOA body. She's a good character to keep as strong as you can. 
    Hard Punch        Fire            starting skill                     3
    A simple punch, with fire attached to it. A basic attack. Rummy has better. 
    Scold        none                starting skill                       3
    This heals paralysis, but so few enemies use paralysis that you'll hardly 
    ever use it. 
    Aura          none                Hard Punch lv. 4                    10
    Slowly restores HP, but stops when her AP guage is full. Good to use at the 
    end of the battle when other characters are about to defeat the enemies. 
    Hi-Kick       none                  Hard Punch lv. 2                    4
    A single kick. Better than hard punch, especially since you have to get it 
    to lv. 10 for one of her best attacks. 
    Iron Fist Dance      Flame            Hi-Kick lv. 10                     8
    Rummy attacks five times, including a flipping kick. It takes A LOT of work 
    to get, but it's very powerful and well worth the effort. 
    Diving Kick      none                 Hi-Kick lv. 5                      5
    Rummy jumps into the air and dropkicks one enemy. Since this is the move 
    that teaches Power Jump, learn it very quickly. 
    Swirling Kick      Wind                 ????????????                     6
    I'm not sure how I got this, except that I had both Diving Kick and Hi-Kick 
    at lv. 5, but I don't think Diving Kick just went up at the time. It might 
    have been Scissor Kick, but I never liked that attack and I don't remember 
    using it too much. Anyway, this skill attacks all enemies in one group. 
    Very nice, however you get it. Sorry.  
    Scissor Kick          none                Hi-Kick lv. 4                  5
    A low kick that has a chance to paralysis the enemy, but only briefly (
    nothing like Duet). 
    Focus              none                    Aura lv. 2                 10
    This skill strengthens Rummy's attack power, but because it costs 10 AP, 
    only slightly useful in boss battles, if at all. 
    3. Claire- the clock maker who will be one of your first allies, and while 
    she isn't that strong, her skills make her the best healer. 
    Chain Attack         none                starting skill                 2
    A weak single attack. Claire is not about offense and her only physical 
    attack is proof of that. 
    Cologne             none                Chain Attack Lv. 2               4
    Confuses one opponent. Virtually worthless. 
    Guard Circle         Time                Chain Attack lv. 4              6
    Increases the defense of allies. Not bad. 
    Heal Circle           Time               Guard Circle lv. 2           7
    The best healing skill in the game. Slowly regenerates HP. Unlike Rummy's 
    Aura, Heal Circle not only affects all allies and lasts more than one round, 
    but it also cures status effects like poison. With Claire in your party, 
    health should not be your worry. 
    Speed Chain              Time               Cologne lv. 2               5
    Along with Heal Chain, these are Claire's main skills as this skill increases 
    the speed of every ally for the duration of the battle. 
    4. Rinna/ RindRinna- little girl from the inn whose also a dancer at the 
    Central Park. Rinna actually has two distinct forms: Rinna and RindRinna. 
    As Rinna, she's weak and pathetic, but as RindRinna, she's a dancer with 
    remarkable abilities. RindRinna is actually a good party member throughout 
    the adventure, but especially when you have learned all her skills. 
    Spring Cleaning           none            starting skill                2
    Very pathetic attack with a mop. 
    Extermination            none             Spring Cleaning lv. 2          5
    She's screams while being pathetic. 
    Wake up!                  none            Extermination lv. 2            1
    Wakes an ally by throwing water on them. So sad. 
    PLease be RindRinna. Become RindRinna by choosing Change on the Skill menu. 
    Don't hurt the poor little girl. 
    Tarinba Shoot             none              starting skill                3
    She throws her little bell-ring thing and hurts an enemy. Not very strong. 
    Not her main form of combat. 
    Recovery Dance           none               starting skill                5
    She dances for one character and restores a good deal of HP. Not too bad. 
    Battle Dance             none           Recovery Dance lv. 2             5
    A dance that increases offensive power of all allies. Not bad. 
    Woozy Dance              none           Battle Dance lv. 2               5
    OK. This is weird. She gives offense-lowering gas to the enemy while 
    wiggling her behind. Weird, and not very effective as a skill. 
    Dance of Serenity         none          Recovery Dance lv. 3            5
    She dances and the enemy sleeps. Shouldn't that be the Boring Dance then? 
    Nevermind. Use it to gain the better dances, and it is effective on its own. 
    Manic Rhythm         Illusion          D. of Serenity lv. 2              6
    Now we've gotten somewhere! This dance creates notes that attack an enemy. 
    Very cool! and powerful too. 
    Dance of Joy            none           D. of Serenity lv. 3               5
    You will dance for joy too when you get this skill. For every dance she does, 
    up to ten, the EXP are increased very nicely for the party. However, if she 
    is made to stop dancing (killed, put to sleep, paralyzed, stopped, etc) then 
    all your work is for naught! Keep her HP high while she dances for major 
    leveling up.  
    5. Plosi- the perverted painter whose battling skills are pathetic. You will 
    want to dump him as soon as you can. His magic is quite good, but since you 
    use magic so little in this game, who cares?
    Black Ink           none               starting skill                4
    Weakly blinds enemies with black ink. Pathetic. 
    Brush Up              none              Hidden Talent lv. 2            5
    Even more pathetic. Tickles the enemy, which lowers enemy offense. 
    Psych Spray           none               Hidden Talent lv. 3           8
    Confuses an area of enemies, but not always effective. 
    X-Mark               none                Brush Up lv. 2                 9
    Draws a V mark on an enemy with the hope of stopping the enemy, but it fails 
    Sketch               none                Black Ink lv. 3               10
    Plosi draws the enemy, but instead of doing something cool (like Mouse's 
    Portrait does), Plosi merely learns the enemy stats. Yawn. 
    Hidden Talent        Fire                  Black Ink lv. 2             3
    Plosi breathes fire, and while this looks cool, it's his only attack skill, 
    which leaves him so disappointing. 
    6. Kyte- the old man of the sea, whose a fine physical fighter early in the 
    game and has some cool skills, but tails off at the end, especially when 
    Bagoth gains his better skills or when Beak arrives. Odd. Complete Kyte's 
    quest to get Beak, only to replace Kyte with Beak as the strongest physical 
    attacker. Odd. 
    Wield                 none               starting attack                 4
    Attacks with a fish like a sword. He can "equip" different fish, but there 
    aren't a great variety of fish that he'll actually use. 
    Shark Killer           none                 Wield lv. 2                  5
    His strong brand of alcohol will increase the strength of one ally. He pours 
    it over the ally though; it isn't drunk. Odd. 
    Sailor's Song           none             Shark Killer lv. 2               5
    He sings and the other allies cry, which strengthens their defensive powers. 
    There should not be crying in video games, but any skill that powers up all 
    allies is a good one. 
    Bald head                 none               Wield lv. 3                  6
    This is odd too. Ity does exactly what is says. Kyte uses his bald head to 
    blind all of the enemies. Very odd. 
    Preaching                  none              Shark Killer lv. 3          8
    I want an explanation for this one. Kyte preaches to an enemy and the morale 
    of that enemy goes down, which makes the enemy less willing to fight. Maybe 
    I need to know what Kyte preaches. If it's that he's good and they're bad and 
    they should sdtop being bad, then that's OK. He preaches to Mouse and Mouse 
    seems to get stronger. Whatever. It only affects one opponent so that's not 
    really great no matter what. 
    Cat Call                    none              Wield lv. 4                8
    This is really cool. Kyte tosses fish at one opponent and hungry cats come 
    running. Trust me, when hungry cats come running, you get hurt. So does the 
    enemy. This may be the coolest (not the strongest, mind you, but the coolest) 
    attack in the game. 
    Sea Cat Call                none                 Cat Call lv. 4          10
    Obviously translated incorrectly, Kyte does not call Sea Cats, but Sea GULLS. 
    Of course, cats are cooler than gulls, but in this game, hungry gulls cause 
    more damage. Dumb game.  
    7. Bagoth- loyal, to a fault, general, whose is rather strong,  but frankly, 
    not as cool as he could be.
    Clobber                       none                 starting skill          4
    He smacks an enemy with his big stick. Why he fights with a big stick and 
    not something cooler, I don't know, but big stick does some nice damage. It 
    rarely also might paralyze an enemy, but very rarely. 
    Bashing                        none             Clobber lv. 2             6
    He smacks an enemy three times. Three is better than one so Bashing beats 
    Clobber with only a slight difference in AP. 
    Hammer Throw                    Light             Bashing lv. 6             8
    With only Cloober and Bashing, Bagoth sucks. When you get Hammer Throw, 
    however, he's much cooler. Hammer Throw is much stronger as he throws a 
    white beam of Light at the enemy. If he only had an area attack, he'd be 
    Terra Break                Earth             Bashing lv. 4              8
    This is not an area attack, even if it attacks an area. This is a 
    kill-attack; the enemy is dead or nothing, and it works only occasionally. 
    If this was a reguarly spread attack, then my feelings towards Bagoth would 
    change, but for now, he's just OK. Much better than Plosi, but really not by 
    8. Ano- the magical scientist (isn't that a contradiction since science and 
    magic are generally considered conplete opposites, or maybe a poor 
    translation of magical professor?) with big red glasses and meager powers. 
    However, he is a great magic user (a magic scientist good at magic? No way!). 
    Ano is the only character that I'd use to play with magic instead of skills, 
    especially since he has at least twice the MP of everyone else. He still has 
    some skills, though. 
    Moth Swarm                 none              starting attack               5
    Ano opens his magic book and little white moths attack all his enemies. Is 
    there any shock that this is a very weak move? It is also Ano's only attack 
    skill, but that doesn't mean all his skills are worthless. 
    Chart                       none            starting attack (sort of)      5
    If you have the Monster Chart item from the guy in the Gym, then you can 
    have Ano Chart each enemy's HP, MP, strenths and weakness. Those seeking a 
    challenge could try to chart every monster in the game. Have fun. This is 
    the reason for having Ano on your team, if you call that a reason. 
    Lecture                       none           Chart lv. 2                 5
    Ano may not like being called a professor by Pattimo, but he lectures like 
    Ben Stein. He lectures, monsters sleep. Any questions?
    Last Page                       none          Lecture lv. 2               6
    Ano holds up his book and magically a page flies out to the enemy, stopping 
    it from using a special attack. Except that this move teaches Mouse 
    Cleaning, it's worthless.  
    9. Gallhint- the bandit who once liked to die but eventually gains a 
    backbone. His knife is not particularly strong, but he isn't a total loser 
    either. However, by the time he enters your party, he won't be your 
    strongest member. 
    Knife Throw                  none              starting skill             2
    Gallhint throws a single knife at one opponent. This is weak, but the weak 
    can get strong when put in numbers. Keep working it to get numbers. 
    Triple Shot                  none               Nailed lv. 2                3
    Three is better than one, especially when it attacks an entire area. Triple 
    Shot makes Gallhint a very descent fighter. Not great, but certainly 
    Rush                          Wind            Triple Shot lv. 3        10
    I don't quite get it. He punches. Yippee! Why does he get Wind attribute on 
    his punches when his knives didn't? Why does it cost 10 AP when it isn't 
    THAT strong? Why only attack one enemy? Not as cool as it should be. 
    Nailed                          none           Knife Throw lv. 2          5
    This is actually pretty cool. With a high rate of effectiveness, Gallhint 
    manages to stop his opponent after putting it in a box of light. Beat it 
    when it stops. That's good strategy!
    Mug                             none           Nailed lv. 3               5
    He's a bandit. He steals money. Why? Doesn't the game have a lot of money 
    anyway? I have lots. I don't need to steal. If it was like Final Fantasy 
    and Mug meant Steal and Attack, then Mug is good. This is not Final Fantasy, 
    no matter how PyroFalkon wants to make Xel into Sephiroth. Mug is not that 
    Hurricane                    none            Mug lv. 2                   5
    OK. Has anyone gotten this to work? It says he paries attacks. He does the 
    Hurricane, he stands there, he takes a hit. I don't know. Whatever. 
    10. Beak- the "big guy" of the Golden Three, and is he ever a big guy. What 
    a nice big guy with a big sword and nice big attacks. If Bagoth was only as 
    cool as Beak. However, for those who love magic, Beak has none. That's right. 
    Not a single spell. Who cares? Magic stinks!
    Edge                         none              starting skill            4
    It's a one stroke attack. It's a nice start, but Beak can do more. 
    Double Blow                    none            Galvanize lv. 2            7
    Two is better than one. Now we're getting better, but Beak can do more. 
    Catharsis                     none               Double Blow lv.          9
    Three is better than two. Now this just rocks, but Beak needs more. 
    Holy Wave	          none               Double Blow lv. 3          7
    If Bagoth had this move, he would be cool. He doesn't but Beak is definitely 
    cool. He attacks a whole area, and it's VERY strong. I like very much. Beak 
    doesn't need anymore. 
    Rage Wave                 none                   Catharsis lv. 2          8
    See? I said no more, but he got greedy. Rage Wave is very strong, but not 
    only does it attack every enemy, but it hits the allies too. That's a bit 
    too strong. Too much I say. 
    God's Tears                none                Starting Skill             7
    What's this? A great attacker and he's a healer too? Yes! God's Tears heals 
    one character, not for a lot, but who's complaining? 
    Loud Snore                none                 Blessing lv. 2              10
    Just like Rummy's Aura, Beak lays down to take a nice nap in the middle of 
    battle. However, unlike Rummy, Beak should usually be the last persobn to 
    attack so you'll rarely use this. 
    Blessing                    none              God's Tears lv. 2          8
    Not only does he heal HP, but he heals status conditions too. What a guy!
    Galvanize                 none                  Edge lv. 2                5
    This is another odd skill. Beak goes into a different pose with his sword 
    glowing, apparantly defending. Why is he defending? Attack! Attack! Attack! 
    Or at least heal somebody. 
    11. Fang- the third member of the Golden Three. Fang is not as strong as 
    Beak, but is dynamite when it comes to his one magic attack. He does have 
    skills, though. I mean actual useful skills. 
    Spear Thrust                  none            Starting skill             3
    One simple spear thrust. Not impressive, but he must have more. 
    Hyper Jab                       none          Spear Thrust lv. 2          5
    Many lightning-quick thrusts. Now that's better, but still isn't all that 
    Insanity Spear                Evil             Hyper Jab lv. 2            10
    OK. Now this is wild. He jabs and he jabs and he jabs and he jabs until the 
    enemy's dead, but what? He's down to just 1 HP. 1 HP?!? Is that cool? I 
    don't think that's cool. That's insane. OK, then it's probably the right 
    thing then. Just be careful. 
    Wolf Fang Spear                none            Insanity Spear lv. 2       7
    Be careful. Don't say Wolf Fang F...or you'll have the anime people banging 
    on your door for royalties. As for Fang, he splits his spear and attacks 
    twice. OK. What's that? More powerful than Hyper Jab? No, not really. Come 
    on now. 
    Whirlwind Spear            none            Wolf Fang Spear lv. 2           8
    Ah, now this is what I want, Fang's most powerful attack. It'll rip apart a 
    King Ruse or Quartz King with ease. Yay!
    Sky Spear                  none                 starting skill             3
    He throws the spear and it comes back. Sure OK, but I want more. 
    Thunder Spear              Thunder              Sky Spear lv. 2             6
    A spear with Thunder power. OK. 
    Vacuum Spear               Thunder             Thunder Spear lv. 2         1
    This is a nice attack, but really what's the big deal? Huh? 1 AP. Just 1 AP? 
    That means Fang attacks again and again. That's good. It'll also teach Mouse 
    Silent Cross, though it took me forever to actually get it. If you aren't 
    getting it right away either, just be patient; you will. 
    12. Lloyd/ L-Lloyd- the odd little robot that pretended to be a princess. It 
    can still become the princess, but L-Lloyd is so stupid it's worthless. 
    Regualr Lloyd has the same Base EH Values for Strength, Spirit, and 
    Dexterity. That's good. L-Lloyd. has either 999 for Stremgth and Dexterity 
    and virtually nothing for Magic, or 999 magic and nothing for the other two. 
    To make things worse, they flip-flop not based on your controls, but they 
    flip every time you gain a level. Worst of all, L-Lloyd doesn't even have 
    descent magic (they're the same lame magic Mouse has). L-Lloyd is worthless 
    so I don't even know if it has any skills beyond the three it starts with. 
    Regular Lloyd, however, has some interesting skills. 
    Analyze                       none                Starting skill           4
    This is Lloyd's main ability, almost. It scans the enemy and learns what it 
    can about it. 
    Duplicate                     none              After first Analyze         3
    Once you have Analyzed an enemy, go to the Skills menu and you will see the 
    option Duplicate. Select it and you will get a choice of all the enemies you 
    have analyzed. Then, in battle, if you pick Duplicate, Lloyd will become that 
    enemy. You will also no longer have control of Lloyd, but it is cool to watch 
    a Time Demon fight on your side. 
    Head Bomb                         none          Starting skill             3
    Lloyd tosses its head at an enemy. It explodes, but somehow it comes back on 
    his shoulders. Odd. 
    Wooden Ball                      none           Head Bomb lv. 2             10
    Lloyd curls up into a ball and cannot be hurt. He cannot attack either, but 
    he's safe, and since he's cute, it's good to keep things safe that are cute. 
    Wooden Missile                  none         Wooden Ball lv. 2              6
    Lloyd shoots a bunch of missiles at the enemy. A fairly effective attack too. 
    Overload                        Time        Wooden Missiles lv. 2           10
    Lloyd curls up into a ball again. This time he explodes, and unlike his head, 
    he doesn't come back (unless you use a revive or Phoenix potion on him). 
    Folks, suicide is never the answer, even with Lloyd. Don't kill him for fun. 
    Sport maybe, but not for fun.
    13. Grantus- he's the big bull, who with flowers in hand, will join your 
    party. He comes in so late, and is such a low level, he can't be any good, 
    right? What do you say? He's the best character in the game? Now why is 
    Demon Bull                     none         Starting skill               5
    He attacks with his axe, and he's at such a low level, he's not strong. 
    Well, he is going up levels now, but come on, he can't be the strongest 
    character, can he?
    Demon Roar                      none          Demon Bull lv. 3            5
    He shouts at the enemy and they get scared. Come on. That's not strong. 
    Show me how he's strong. 
    Brandish                        Evil           Demon Bull lv. 2           10
    Oh, that's strong! He attacked all enemies? OK. That's nce, but come one, 
    really, the strongest? So maybe he's getting close to level with the others, 
    but come on. No way. 
    Horn Thrust                     none            Brandish lv. 2             9
    An area attack. I've seen those before. They aren't too strong. What's that? 
    Grantus just wiped out an entire group of King Ruse and King Quartz with one 
    touch? That's strong. That's real strong. That's kick ass strong! OK I give. 
    With these group attacks doing as much damage as most character's most 
    powerful single enemy attacks, Grantus is the strongest chracter for the end 
    of the game. Pair him with Beak and you're unbeatable! Just be sure to level 
    him up first, but with the clock broken, you have all the time in the world 
    to get him close to your level. 
    Iron Blast                         none        Horn Thrust lv. 2           7
    Two strikes. That's real nice too. Real nice, but Horn thrust is still a 
    little better, but I won't complain. 
    As far as I know, these are all the skills in the game. I have not maxed out 
    every skill to 10 to see if there is something hidden (I don't have that 
    much time on my hands), but I feel confident this is everything. 
    I again want to thank PyroFalkon and BAnderson for their great guides, 
    without whose help I would not have finished this game, most likely. And, 
    I want to thank all of those who have taken the time to read my little 
    guide. I hope it's been helpful. Enjoy!
    Copyrighted by Dave Erhardt. 2003. 

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