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    Character FAQ by Kashell Triumph

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    Character Guide and FAQ by Kashell Triumph
    Copyright 2003 Philip T.
    Email: KOS_MOS_loverboy@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents:
    1.) Legal Information
    2.) Purpose
    3.) FAQs
    4.) Recruiting
        a. Mouse
        b. Kyte
        c. Claire
        d. Rummy
        e. Plosi
        f. Rinna
        g. Rindo Rinna
        h. Bagoth
        i. Ano
        j. Beak and Fang
        k. Gallhint
        l. Grantus
        m. Lloyd
    5.) Credits
    (1*)Legal Information: First off, if you want this guide to be put on your web
    page or anything else, you must email me and ask for my permission. Should I
    find someone who took this guide without my permission, I will deal with
    you. I don't think you want me (or the law) to get involved. The use of this
    guide on any web site is a violation of copyright. Second, if I find out
    that some of my guide has been copied onto your web page or anything else,
    I will consider that to be plagiarism. You want to use something? Then email
    me and give me the proper credit. Finally, all trademarks and copyrights are
    owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. If you happen to
    see a website something from this guide on it, notify me ASAP.
    Alright, that just had to be said. *sage nod*
    (2*)Purpose: The purpose of this guide is to help you, the player, recruit and
    use the characters of Ephemeral Fantasia, the game. Many people get stuck
    and don't know what to do in order to recruit someone. They end up stop
    playing this amazing game as a result. This guide serves to help you not 
    get frustrated in finding someone and get this person without much hassle. And
    I've noticed that all of the guides on GameFAQs.com are sort of...incomplete.
    SO! Let us begin.
    (3*) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Alright, if something is not explained 
    to you in my guide, then email me. But don't expect an answer to a question if
    you ask one of the following.
    Q: How do I recruit...?
    A: Stop there...this guide will tell you.
    Q: I missed recruiting someone! What's going to happen now?
    A: Always remember that you will always have a second chance to recruit
    someone. Every character is required in order to complete the game (with
    the exception of a few secret characters). If you mess up, just wait for
    the next time loop to happen and start again.
    Q: That person is not there! What did I do wrong?
    A: Make sure you followed everything I told you. I'm pretty sure I gave a
    fairly detailed explanation on how to recruit this person.
    Q: How does this person learn this skill?
    A: I'll exlpain that too.
    Q: Mouse isn't learning this skill from my party members. How come?
    A: Keep on using it. It really shouldn't take too long.
    Q: What is a good party to use?
    A: Depends on you really. All of the characters have a strength and
    weakness. Some are excellent mages, others are excellent attackers. It all
    comes to making sure you can heal yourself but still let loose with powerful
    Q: Can I change my character's names?
    A: Beak and Fang are the only two other characters who can have their names
    Q: What should I do while waiting for events to happen?
    A: There are various little things you can do. One option is to look for
    treasure, especially D.H. Eggs. You can then give these to the D.H. Geezer.
    Another thing you could do would be to find the 12 flowers for the man at the
    swamp. This is a pretty time consuming quest, but it rewards nice. Finally, 
    training your characters is a great thing to do. Learn skills and spells to
    make your characters unstoppable.
    Q: What is your fantasy with Rummy?
    A: I'll just tell you that involves chocolate. 
    (4*) Recruiting: Alright, let's get started! Remember that if you mess 
    something up, you can still recruit them. All you have to do is wait for the 
    Time Loop to end.
    a.) MOUSE-The heroic bard/thief who has a passion for gold, women, adventure,
    and music.
    How to recruit: Insert your Ephemeral Fantasia disc into the PS2. I think you
    can manage from there.
    Mouse is an awesome character. He learns awesome skills, and is a very strong
    fighter. His magic is pretty useless, but you won't even care because he just
    kicks major ass in terms of physical strength.
    Slash-Mouse starts with this skill. Mouse runs up to the enemy and hits it
    with a solid downward cut. A good starting skill.
    Duet-Mouse starts with this skill. After he puts his sword back into Pattimo,
    Mouse hits the enemy with his insturment and cause paralysis. This is a very
    convenient skill to use when fighting those enemies with a lot of HP. It will
    usually work, and the paralysis wares off after a long time.
    Jump Slash-To learn this skill, use Slash until it reaches level 3. Mouse
    jumps into the air and lands a mighty hit on the opponent. While, stronger
    than the Slash attack, the Jump Slash takes longer to recover from, and will
    sometimes miss the enemy. Still, a nice attack.
    Charging Strike-To learn this skill, use Jump Slash until it reaches level 5.
    Mouse will rush through an area of enemies, dicing all in his way. This is an
    excellent skill. It's powerful, and attacks a group of enemies all at once. I
    use this skill many times throughout the game.
    Ray Slash-To learn this skill, use Charging Strike until it reaches level 8.
    Mouse will summon up some energy and let loose with a mighty ray of light.
    This is the last skill he learns by himself, and it is a very good one at
    that! It has the Light attribute.
    Mouse has the ability to acquire skills from his friends. However, all of the
    skills he learns this way will cause him to lose a fixed amount of HP.
    Hurry-To learn this skill, have Claire use her Speed Chain ability. Mouse will
    summon up some energy and spin around, causing a time shift. This will allow
    the speed of all members to greatly increase. I use this skill only when Mouse
    has plenty of HP, because it takes away 120 HP. This has the Time attribute.
    Portrait-To learn this skill, have Plosi use his Sketch ability. Mouse will
    draw a doodle of a bizarre specimen and it will come to life and attack the 
    enemy. While amusing, this attack takes away 400 HP. There are better attacks
    to use. This has the Holy attribute.
    Power Jump-To learn this skill, have Rummy use her Diving Kick ability.
    This is a great skill! Mouse leaps into the air and lands a might Fire kick.
    But the real great thing is that it allows you to jump from map piece to map
    piece. Who needs an airship when you can just Power Jump? This ability costs
    100 HP (even when you're using it to move around on the map).
    Gaia Wave-To learn this skill, have Bagoth use his Terra Break skill. Mouse
    lets loose with a flurry of green slashes in hopes of an instant death attack.
    This will not work bosses. It costs 200 HP.
    Cleaning-To learn this skill, have Ano use his Lost Page skill. Mouse creates
    a mystical seal and attempts to erase the enemies defensive attributes. This
    is a very handy skill. It takes away only 50 HP, and works most of the time.
    Needle Arrows-To learn this skill, have Gallhint use his Triple Shot skill.
    Mouse conjures up a deadly rain of needles that hits all enemies. While this
    attack does do some descent damage to all the enemies, it takes away a lot of
    HP (320). Use magic if you want to get rid of all the enemies at once.
    Whirling Cuts-To learn this skill, have Kyte use his Sea Cat Call skill. Mouse
    hits an enemy with mighty blows of water. This is a great skill against flame
    type enemies. It also costs 100 HP. Nice, eh?
    Wild Cross-To learn this skill, have Beak use his Catharsis skill. Mouse
    hits one unfortunate enemy with a cross slash that ends up exploding in a
    flash of flames. It takes away 350 HP.
    Rythmical Beat-To learn this skill, have Rindo Rinna use her Manic Rhythm
    skill. This a fun skill to learn. Mouse does a little dance, and the music
    notes end up falling on top of the enemies. It costs 280 HP to use. This has
    the Illusion attribute and sometimes causes confusion.
    Double Horn-To learn this skill, have Grantus use his Horn Thrust skill. This
    skill has the Evil attribute. Mouse gives an enemy a deadly slash, and I think
    that there is a chance of instant death on the enemy. I'm also pretty sure
    that it costs 260 HP.
    b.) KYTE-A man of the sea who loves the ocean and hard liquor.
    How to recruit: It is best to do this on day 1.
    Go see Kyte at night at the pier. He is located in the house with a boat on 
    top of it.  You'll go through a little conversation with him, and play a new 
    song as well. When he asks you to drink the Shark Killer, choose to drink it. 
    After that scene has ended, come back in the morning to the pier on day 2. 
    He'll join you, and you will automatically get into an easy fight. After that 
    scene has ended, take him to Pandule Palace. Instead of entering through the 
    main gates, go to the right side and enter through that door. 
    You will get into another fight, but this time with a demon. Kyte will then 
    join you permanentaly.
    Kyte is an okay party member. He has some strong attack power, and it is very
    easy to change his weapon. All you have to do is feed him a different type of
    fish. He also learns some healing magic and water attack magic. He will be 
    useful at first, but as you start to get more characters, you will end up
    forgetting about him.
    Wield-Kyte starts with this skill. Kyte will run up to the enemy and smack him
    with his fish. While not as powerful as Mouse's Slash or Jump Slash, it still
    packs a punch (and is just amusing to know that the enemy was killed by a
    Shark Killer-To get this skill, use Wield until it reaches level 2. Kyte opens
    up his famous drink and pours it over one ally to increase that person's
    attack power. This is a great skill to use against bosses.
    Sailor's Song-To get this skill, use Shark Killer until it reaches level 2.
    Kyte lets loose with his raspy voice and increases the defense of all allies.
    This is another great ability to use for boss battles.
    Bald Head-To get this skill, use Wield until it reaches level 3. Kyte
    quickly rubs his bald head and it's glimmer blinds all enemies. This attack
    is amusing to say the least, but not very useful. It rarely worked for me.
    Preach-To get this skill, use Bald Head until it reaches level 2. Kyte 
    walks up to a group of enemies and babbles on and on about something. This 
    will decrease their morale. Why anyone would use this skill is beyond me.
    Cat Call-To get this skill, use Wield until it reaches level 4. Kyte throws
    some dead fish onto an enemy. This summons up some cats to quickly run over
    the enemy causing damage. This attack is a great attack in place of 
    Wield. It does take a while to recover from it, though.
    Sea Cat Call- To get this skill, use Cat Call until it reaches level 4.
    Kyte will throw fish onto an enemy but this time a flock of seagulls
    (no, not the 80's band) will come and peck at all the enemy.
    The only use with this skill is for Mouse to learn Whirling Cuts. Other than
    that, I just attack with Wield or Cat Call.
    c.) CLAIRE-The mysterious and gorgeous watch maker with amazing drinking
    How to recruit: I do this on Day 1 as well. Go to the restaurant in the Map
    Area that says "Bizarre." You'll know you're at the right place because it has
    a picture of food on it. Claire is there at night. Talk to her, and then talk
    to the bar tender. Buy a drink, and talk to Claire once again. After that, a
    conversation will be begin. Once that is done, you'll be notified that you'll
    be allowed into Claire's Watch Shop. So, on Day 2 go to the entrance of her
    shop. This should be done during the morning or afternoon. I don't think it
    makes a difference. Anyway, you'll speak to Claire, and once that conversation
    has ended, leave her shop. Outside, she'll stop you and the two of you will
    converse some more. She will then join you.
    Claire isn't much of an attacker, but her strength in magic is superior. She
    has the ice attribute, so she is something to watch out for when fighting fire
    enemies. Her skills also help boost the parties attributes. She uses a whip in
    Chain Attack-Claire starts with this ability. Claire will run up and smack the
    foe with her weapon. This is the only attack skill she has. If you happen to
    like using Claire, be sure to upgrade her weapon so it does some descent
    Cologne-To get this skill, use Chain Attack until it reaches level 2. Claire
    will use her beauty to bedazzle a foe in hopes of causing confusion. This
    skill rarely works for me, but I use it anyway to learn her next ability.
    Speed Chain-To get this skill, use Cologne until it reaches level 2. Claire
    summons up some Time power and whirls around her weapon. This causes everyone
    to increase in speed. I use this skill many times. The main reason, however,
    is because it is what causes Mouse to learn his Hurry skill.
    Guard Circle-To get this skill, use Chain Attack until it reaches level 4.
    Claire once again summons up some Time power and whirls her weapon around,
    this time causing chain links to surround each member. This causes an increase
    in defense.
    Heal Circle-To get this skill, use Guard Circle until it reaches level 2. The
    same deal again with this skill: Claire whirls her weapon around and causes
    green chain links to wrap around the party. This time, their HP will slowly
    regenerate! This is a very nice skill to use in those grueling boss battles.
    Something interesting about Claire is that after you recruit her, you will
    have unlocked the new Drinking mini-game. Go the bar at night and talk to the
    bar tender. At 100G per game, you and Claire will face off to see who gets
    the most drunk after three rounds. Playing is simple, just press the X button.
    The mixture ratio will always appear randomly, so there is no fixed pattern.
    After that has been selected, a slot machine will appear. Press X three times
    and three drinks will appear. Each drink corresponds to the percentage of the
    ratio you found.
    e.g. Ratio: 20%, 50%, 30% and your drink was a small bottle, a large bottle
    and a medium bottle, then the drink will be made of 20% of the small bottle,
    50% of the large bottle, and 30% of the medium bottle.
    This will continue for three rounds. If your bar is lower than Claire's after
    the third round, then you win! The prize? You get a piece of map! There are
    nine pieces of map that can only be found from the drinking game, and at
    100G per game, the odds are that you'll get them in no time. Of course, the
    game is based on luck as the ratio meter and the slot machine are random.
    Finally, a rule of thumb is the bigger the bottle, the more potent the drink.
    Try to time the slots just right so Claire gets the big bottles and Mouse gets
    the cups of water. Good luck, and make sure that you (the player) stay sober!
    d.) RUMMY-The strong and beautiful castle guard who acts as Mouse's tour guide
    on the Isalnd of Pandule.
    How to recruit: Alright, are you ready? First off, save your game if you still
    have some time before 7:00 in the morning. Ok, on Day 2, go to the beach where
    you saw Rummy bathe (tee hee!) during the first week. Be sure that the beach
    where you're waiting is the one with a large brown boulder in sand. Rummy will
    appear at 7:00 in the morning. After your conversation, you will once again be
    taken to watch the freaky Gem Ceremony. Later that day, like last week, you
    will be invited to go to dinner with Rummy at the exact same restaurant. So,
    head on over to the restaurant and wait for her. She should appear around 7:30
    I believe. This time, your conversation will be different. She'll ask you a
    question, but it doesn't matter how you answer. Later, you will take her home.
    Ok, now we are on Day 3. Go to her house in the afternoon and if she says
    something to herself, then you know you're on the right track. I shouldn't
    have to remind you to be saving your game every now and then. 
    Ok, so on Day 4. Go to Rummy's castle room sometime in the afternoon. Her room is
    located on the first floor of the palace on the eastern side. Rummy and you
    will talk, and she will then leave. Examine all of the items on her desk. Once
    you examine the flower, you will fight a boss. Just attack away at it, it
    shouldn't give you too much trouble. After that fight you will get the key
    item called the Nightmare Root, head on over to the kitchen between 7:00
    PM and 8:00 PM. This is also located on the first floor of the castle. 
    Be sure to first heal your party up with some items. Ok, so examine the table 
    with all the wine cups and choose to place the Nightmare Root in the Blue Cup 
    (middle option). You will fight the same boss again. Alright, that's all there
    is to do. Just watch the scene play out and Rummy will join you after your
    Rummy is an excellent party member. Not only is she gorgeous, but her skills
    and magic are excellent. She learns powerful fire magic, as well as very nice
    healing spells. She uses her martial arts skills to take down any enemy that
    stands in her path. And her victory pose is just amazing.
    Power Punch-Rummy starts off with this skill. She will run up to an enemy and
    deliver a fire punch. This is a great skill, and doesn't cost too much
    AP to use. Also, it works wonders on water enemies.
    Scold-Rummy starts off with this skill. Rummy will knock some sense into a
    fellow party member and cure the paralysis status. It's a pretty useless skill
    if you ask me. I really don't recall using it.
    Hi Kick-To get this skill, use Power Punch until it reaches level 2. Rummy
    will show flexible she is and give the enemy a kick in the face. This skill
    has no attribute, and is what I used in place of Power Punch. Not only it
    powerful, but it also leads to Rummy learning other amazing skills.
    Scissor Kick-To get this skill, use Hi Kick until it reaches level 4. This
    attack will not work on flying enemies. Rummy will give the enemy a leg
    sweep and hopefully cause paralysis to the enemy.
    Diving Kick-To get this skill, use Hi Kick until it reaches level 5. Rummy
    will leap into the air and land a furious kick. While very damaging, it does
    cost a lot of AP to use. Luckily, you only have to use it until Mouse learns
    his Power Jump skill.
    Iron Dragon Fist-To get this skill, use Hi Kick until it reaches level 10.
    Rummy will perform a furious combo attack on one unfortunate foe. This is her
    ultimate attack against an enemy. I'm pretty sure that it is the 
    fire attribute, but regardless it is still an awesome skill.
    Swirling Kick-To get this skill, use Scissor Kick until it reaches level 4.
    Rummy will focus her energy into her leg and let loose with a shockwave
    of energy attack that hits an enemy area. A wonderful skill indeed. Couple
    this with Mouse's Charging Strike, and enemies in areas stand no chance of
    survival. It has the Wind attribute.
    Aura-To get this skill, use Power Punch until it reaches level 4. Rummy begins
    to meditate and all of her HP is slowly restored. This is good when you want
    to not waste MP on healing.
    Focus-To get this skill, use Aura until it reaches level 2. Rummy will enter
    a ready position and focus outside energy into herself. This will increase
    her attack power significantly. I only use this during boss fights when I know
    that they'll be long. This skill costs too much to be of use in regular
    e.) PLOSI-The old, perverted artist of Pandule whose talent with a paint brush
    is legendary.
    How to recruit: I recommend doing this on Day 1 after you recruit Rummy and/or
    Claire. Go to the Bird Gathering Park (the place with the odd bird statue).
    Now, go west some more and you should find a clearing. Follow the path and you
    will end up finding a house with a paint brush and pallete on top. Make sure
    that Mouse is alone, and enter the house during the afternoon. You'll meet
    Plosi and learn that he needs some...inspiration. So, leave his house and grab
    one of your lady friends (Rummy or Claire). It makes no difference which you
    choose, but Claire is easier to find. Take her back to Plosi's house and
    another scene will begin. He will tell you to come back on Day 3 between 6:00
    and 9:00 in the morning. Alright, there is nothing else for you to do but
    wait until that time. So go back with the girl you chose (no other member can
    be present) and yet another scene will begin. You will be automatically taken
    to the castle with Plosi. A fight will begin with a demon. After you beat it
    you'll be taken to Loreille's room. After a cute little scene between Mouse
    and the princess, Plosi will finish his work and outside the castle gates, he
    will join you.
    At first, Plosi may seem pretty useless because the only skill he has is one
    that blinds the enemy. But if you stick with him, you'll find that he has some
    pretty helpful skills, and learns deadly thunder and illusion type magic. If
    you are looking for a mage to compliment or replace Claire, then Plosi is one
    way to go.
    Black Ink-Plosi starts with this skill. Plosi will shoot some ink at an enemy
    in an attempt to blind it. This attack is pretty useless, but as I said...if
    you stick with him he can get better.
    Hidden Talent-To get this skill, use Black Ink until it reaches level 2. Plosi
    will drink a sip of wine and breathe out a flame blast against one enemy.
    This attack is damaging against water enemies. Against regular enemies, it
    still works well in finishing the enemy off.
    Sketch-To get this skill, use Black Ink until it reaches level 3. Plosi runs
    up to the enemy and sketches it onto some paper. The explanation of this skill
    says that it allows you to read the monsters stats. So far...I haven't been
    able to gain anything from using this skill (except for Mouse learning
    Portrait). If anyone knows how in the world this skill works, do tell me.
    Brush Up-To get this skill, use Hidden Talent until it reaches level 2. Plosi
    takes his paint brush and tickles the enemy, lowering their offensive powers.
    This attack is pretty amusing, but it requires a lot of AP.
    X Mark-To get this skill, use Brush Up until it reaches level 2. Plosi takes
    out a red paint brush and forms an X shape onto an enemy. This will
    cause Paralysis. Personally, this skill costs too much AP to be of use...so I
    stick with Mouse's Duet skill.
    Psych Spray-To get this skill, use Hidden Talent until reaches level 3. Plosi
    will blow a rainbow powder from his brush all over the enemy area. This will
    cause confusion to them. If this works, then this skill is very potent.
    f.) RINNA-The cute and chipper inn keeper who enjoys dancing and playing with
    How to recruit: You need to have recruited SOMEONE in order to recruit Rinna.
    On day 1, you will meet with a recruit (in my game it was Kyte). You will
    converse with him about how to stop Xelpherpolis and his spell of time. Rinna
    will over hear you speak and run away scared. After you have finished talking,
    go downstairs and talk to Rinna. She will run away again (where she goes is
    beyond me). Alright, now do something until day 3. At 7:00 PM in the evening, 
    go talk to Rinna's father. You'll learn that she has been missing for quite
    sometime. Head on over to Rinna's secret spot in the forest. It is the Map
    Piece with the Forest Ruins on it. Her spot is on the south side of the area.
    You should find a clearing, and then be taken into an event. Rinna will be
    surrounded by a man in an ox max with his followers. You will be forced into a
    boss fight. Take out the wierd things first with skills like Jump Slash and
    Hi Kick, and then focus everyone's attack on the ox man. Be sure to keep your
    HP up if it falls below 200. Once that is over, you'll learn that the man's
    name is Grantus. After he leaves, the scene becomes very cute as Rinna joins
    your team.
    Rinna's Mop weapon isn't much to speak of, but it still amusing to watch. Her
    true strenght lies in her amazing healing magic. She can cure status, as well
    as heal practically all of your HP.
    Spring Cleaning-Rinna starts with this skill. Rinna will run up to the enemy
    and let loose with a smack of the mop. The attack power on that is rather low,
    but it lets her learn some more skills.
    Extermination-To get this skill, use Spring Cleaning until it reaches level 2.
    Rinna rushes up to her enemy and lets loose with a 3-hit combo attack with her
    mop. This is just an enhanced version of her Spring Cleaning skill. If you
    enjoy using Rinna, then this will be the attack to use.
    Wake Up-To get this skill, use Extermination until it reaches level 2. Rinna
    pulls out a bucket of water and splashes over one of her friends, removing the
    sleep status. Amusing skill, but pretty worthless.
    g.) RINDO RINNA-Rinna dressed in her bunny outfit that uses music to help her
    friends and hinder her foes.
    How to recruit: Recruit Rinna first (obviously), and then go the Skills menu
    under Rinna. You'll notice that she has the Change option, so select that.
    Rinna will then become Rindo Rinna (RindRinna for short).
    Rindo Rinna is much better than Rinna. She uses a Tarinba to attack, and will
    learn dances to help the parties stats. Not only that, but she learns some
    very helpful spells. If you plan on using Rinna, I suggest making her Rindo
    Tarinba Shot-Rindo Rinna starts with this skill. The bunny girl will throw her
    insturment at one foe in a flash of colors. This is the only attack skill she
    starts off with, so if you plan on using her...don't expect a lot of power.
    Recovery Dance-Rindo Rinna starts with this skill. Rinna will jump and beat
    her tarinba once, causing a green sparkle to heal HP. As Rindo Rinna levels
    up, this skill will prove to heal more than Super Live Berries!
    Battle Dance-To get this skill, use Recovery Dance until it reaches level 2.
    Rinna does a double kick, and then swirls her tarinba around. This will cause
    an increase in all allies attack power.
    Dance of Serenity-To get this skill, use Recovery Dance until it reaches level
    3. Rindo Rinna will perform a soothing and slow dance against one enemy area,
    and this will cause them to fall asleep. I only use this skill to learn other
    Manic Rhythm-To get this skill, use Dance of Serenity until it reaches level
    2. Rinna will flip and skip about causing musical notes to appear. These notes
    will then fall on the enemy. This has the Illusion attribute, and is a very
    nice skill to learn. It also teaches Mouse his Rhythmical Beat skill.
    Woozy Dance-To get this skill, use Battle Dance until it reaches level 2.
    Rindo Rinna will jump around and then shake her "groove thang." All enemies
    will get a decrease in offense power. Another great skill to use against 
    Dance of Joy-To get this skill, use Dance of Serenity until it reaches 
    level 3. Rinna steps left and right, left and right continuously. Every time
    you complete the Dance of Joy, the experience points earned at the end of
    battle increase. This is a great skill to use for building up low level
    characters. Just be sure to keep Rindo Rinna at high HP and status free.
    h.) BAGOTH-The general of the Pandule army with nerves of steel and a heart of
    How to recruit: On Day 2 in the morning, watch the Gem Ceremony at 8:00 AM.
    After the ceremony has ended, Bagoth will speak to you and ask for a meeting
    in the palace. You will be taken to the meeting automatically at 1:00 PM. The
    two of you will talk, and when he asks you a question, pick no. Mouse will
    try to make him understand what is going on in the island, but Bagoth will
    leave anyway. No go down to the second floor (you're currently on the fourth
    floor) and head to the west side. Within one of the rooms, you'll find Ano.
    Speak with him, and he'll shoo you off. Exit his room, and enter the room
    right next to his. There are two of his assistants in there. Talk to both of
    them to learn about Ano's favorite Gold Pen and about the head Magic Scientist
    named Jailson. Let's go find Jailon! So, head outside of the palace. Ok, now
    go through the east side and run up to a man with a large plant. Talk to him,
    and he will reveal himself as Jailson. Now, talk to the large plant. You'll
    get into a mini-boss fight. The plant has a lot of HP, but it doesn't hit too
    hard. Use fire attacks for big damage, and be sure that you fight it with a
    full party. Once you've finished that, inspect Jailson to receive the key item
    called the Jailson Key. 
    Alright, now what you have to do is enter the castle
    and head to the east side of it. One of the doors on the left side of this
    area should've been locked. But now with the Jailson Key, you'll have gained
    access to it. So enter the room and search the dresser to receive the new key
    item called Jailson Clothes. Head on back over to Ano's room, but before you
    enter, go to your Item menu and select the clothes you found. Mouse will put
    them on (being the master of disguise) and convince Ano to hand over to you
    the Reactor Key. Now just do whatever you wish until Day 4. On Day 4, go to
    the palace but this time enter the west area (the place where Bagoth dies).
    Head inside the door and go up the long stairs. You'll end up near a door.
    Wait here at this door until 8:00 PM. Bagoth will come up to that area and
    will wonder what you are doing there. After a scene, you'll enter a boss
    fight. You'll face against one Buyuko, and 5 Huyukos. These are fire-based
    enemies, and attack quickly. Use area attacks to get rid of the Huyukos, then
    focus on the Buyuko. If you have skills that increase defense like Sailor Song
    then I suggest using them. When the fight is finished, Bagoth will speak with
    you and join you.
    Bagoth is a very strong fighter, and learns some descent earth magic as well.
    He has some strong moves, but it takes a while for him to recover from them.
    Bagoth uses a club in battle to bash his foes to bits. If you're looking for
    some killer power, Bagoth is the way to go.
    Clobber-Bagoth starts with this skill. Bagoth will rush up and smack the enemy
    with a downward beat. This sometimes causes paralysis, but don't rely on that
    too much.
    Bashing-To get this skill, use Clobber until it reaches level 2. Bagoth will
    run up to the enemy and perform a three hit combo on the enemy. He'll hit left
    and right, and then down the center for some descent damage.
    Terra Break-To get this skill, use Bashing until it reaches level 4. Bagoth
    will use all of his might to cause the earth to open and allow hot lava to
    flow out. This attack may cause instant death to an enemy area. It doesn't 
    damage the monster either. I'd only get this so Mouse can learn Gaia Wave.
    Hammer Throw-To get this skill, use Bashing until it reaches level 6. Bagoth
    will bless his weapon with Light power and shoots a bullet. This is a 
    wonderful skill to use against dark enemies. Even against regular enemies,
    this skill works great.
    i.) ANO-An intelligent, but stubborn magic scientist who uses knowledge to
    overcome any obstacle.
    How to recruit: Of all the characters to recruit, (with maybe the exception of
    Beak and Fang) Ano is probably the most difficult. Alright, before you try to
    get him you need both Rummy and Bagoth recruited and in your party. I suggest
    doing this first (and LONG) step on Day 1 just in case you get lost. Head
    to the town square, and follow the pathway south to the next map area. Keep
    following the path until you see two white buildings with a grassy pathway
    in the center. You can go through there and you'll be on a new path. Talk to
    the guard, and because you have Rummy in your party, he'll let you go. Follow
    this pathway, and stop at the intersection when you can't head any farther
    north. Now, head west until you can head in the southern direction. If you
    happen to see a village, then you've made it to the right location. Speak to
    everyone, and they'll give you information about the Golden Bird. The key
    points are: it lands in the grave yard and it arrives at midnight. 
    Alright, so now you need to head to the graveyard. To get here, head north. 
    Keep going north until you find a sign in the road. This isn't the right sign
    we're looking for, but continue along that pathway. You'll come across several
    signs, but the one of importance is the one saying the "cemetary is west." 
    Now you have to head west and you'll see a guard. Speak to him (with Bagoth)
    for access to the area. The enemies in this area have very high defence, but
    magic will take care of them easily. If you have some time, go into the house
    and search around for some treasures. Around midnight, the bird will appear.
    It will fly all over the place, but you don't have to follow it. Patiently
    wait for it to land, and then speak to it once it does. You'll get into a
    fight. Mouse should use Jump Slash, Rummy should use either Hi-kick or Diving
    Kick, and Bagoth should use Bashing. Heal your HP with Rummy's magic. After
    the fight ends, you'll get the Key Item called Golden Feather. Alright, head
    back to the town. To the west of the town square, there is a house that has
    a feather on it. Go inside and speak to the man at the counter. He'll inform
    you to return 6 hours later. Do what you like until that time, and then return
    for your Golden Pen. Now wait until the afternoon (Noon and 6) to speak to
    Ano. You'll get into an event, and when the option appears to Leave or Keep
    Talking, choose to remain. Ano will become upset and break his pen. Mouse
    then presents the pen that you obtained. You'll get into a mini boss fight.
    Use your regular attacks on this guy. It shouldn't be too much of a deal for
    your team. After the fight, Ano will join your team...finally.
    Ano is probably the weakest attacker in the game. Heck, even Rinna hits harder
    than him. But when it comes to magic, Ano is the best of the best. He learns
    fire, light, holy, dark, evil, and flame magic. This makes him a deadly force.
    Moth Swarm-Ano starts with this skill. Ano will open his book and send a bunch
    of moths out to attack all enemies on screen. It sounds good, but it's very
    Chart-Ano starts with this skill. Ano will rush up to the enemy and analyze 
    it, showing the offensive and defensive powers. When fighting a boss, this
    skill is useful in figuring out what skills to use.
    Lecture-To get this skill, use Chart until it reaches level 2. Ano will ramble
    on and on to an enemy, causing it fall asleep. This is an ok skill, nothing
    to great.
    Lost Page-To get this skill, use Lecture until it reaches level 2. Ano will
    open up his book and a piece of paper will fly out and dissolve on the enemy.
    This will cause the foe to miss a turn. Lost Page also makes Mouse learn his
    Cleaning skill.
    j.) BEAK and FANG-Mouse's best friends that have come to help Mouse in his
    quest to restore the Island of Pandule.
    How to recruit: Alright, for an excellent walkthrough of getting these two
    guys, I'm going to tell you to read the Beak and Fang FAQ made by
    StanIsMyMaster. She has giving you everything you'll need to know in order
    to successfully recruit these guys. Not only that, but she has all the skills
    listed that Beak and Fang learn. I totally suggest recruiting these two guys
    because they are strong fighters and let Mouse learn some really powerful
    Special Skills. Follow the guide and you won't be sorry with the results. I 
    will give you some pointers so you don't get frustrated:
    *Have Mouse learn his Rythmic Beat skill. You're going to be facing many
    enemies at once (Mouse does this quest alone) and it will take too long to
    kill them all with Charging Slash.
    *Keep a plentiful amount of Super Live Berries. These will help restore the
    280 HP that is lost from the Rhytmic Beat skill.
    *If you happen to ever face the Tentacle monsters (dirty ^_^), don't panic.
    While they have boss music, they aren't much to worry about. Just use Slash
    or Jump Slash to finish them off.
    *The monsters in the dungeon give out great money, and are very easy. The only
    enemy to look out for is the blue Merman. They can cast a water spell that
    does random damage (up to 140 for me) but that's not even much to worry about.
    *When facing the boss, have Kyte take care of the two corpses while Mouse does
    Ray Slash (if you have it), or Jump Slash against the main boss. Use Kyte's
    First Rain spell to heal lost HP.
    *Finally, you are going to be fighting PLENTY of monsters. I suggest saving
    the treasure chests for later because you can always come back with a full
    party. Good luck!
    k.) GALLHINT-The leader of the bandits with a secret known only by him.
    How to recruit: Obtaining Gallhint will require some exploration, and you must
    have recruited all the characters listed above (except for Beak and Fang
    because they come at different parts in the game.) First, make sure you have
    a full party. Now on either Day 1 or Day 2 of the week, head to the Wood
    Cutters Village. From this town, head north until the path splits. Take the
    southern route and keep on this trail. Eventually, you'll end up in an event
    involving some bandits. You'll get into a fight. Use your regular attacks to
    take them out, they are quite easy. Gallhint will then appear and you will get
    into an event. Follow him back to his hideout and talk to everyone. You can
    leave now. Wait until the afternoon of Day 3, and return to his house. Speak
    to him and you'll get into another event. That's all there is to do for now
    except wait until the next week, so do whatever you like.
    So you're now on the next week. Do what you'd like during Day 1. On Day 2,
    stay at the inn between 1:00 and 4:00 PM. Around this time, head downstairs
    and Rinna will tell you that someone is here to speak with you. You'll see
    an event with Zenne. Once that is over, head back to Gallhints hideout to see
    another event. Now just wait until Day 3. On Day 3, head to the Palace around
    7:00 PM and wait for the recurring event to start. This time, you'll see some
    different dialogue and get into a fight with Xelpherpolis. Your party will
    consist of you, Rummy, and Gallhint. Have Gallhint attack or heal with items,
    Mouse should let loose with Ray Slash, and Rummy should either heal or use
    Scissor Kick or Diving Kick. Don't worry about increasing stats, just try to
    kill Xelpherpolis as soon as possible. Once that is over, you'll get into a
    long event/scenario. But since you've completed all of these steps, you'll
    have recruited Gallhint. He'll just appear at a later time.
    Gallhint is an awesome character! He learns some really kick ass attacks, and
    he uses a cool throwing knife in battle. He is a great character to replace
    or compliment Bagoth.
    Knife Throw-Gallhint starts with this skill. Gallhint will throw a knife at
    one enemy, causing moderate damage. Like Slash, Bash, and other starting
    skills, this skill is good at first but soon ends up becomming useless.
    (5*) Credits
    -Konami for making this awesome game!
    -Sony for making the most amazing system ever!
    -StanIsMyMaster for allowing me to reference her. Go Okage!
    -GameFAQs.com for just being one very awesome site and putting this FAQ on it.
    -My self for writing this thing...phew

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