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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Viper_

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/27/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            [ R E D | F A C T I O N ]
                               [ D E M O | F A Q ]
                            [ V E R S I O N | 1 . 2 ]
                       <<<by Viper (Viper70783@aol.com)>>>
                              Created May 26, 2001
                          Last Updated: June 27nd, 2001
    [ T A B L E | O F | C O N T E N T S ]
    [ 1 ]  Contact Info
    [ 2 ]  Game Info
    [ 3 ]  Controls
    [ 4 ]  Demo Walkthrough
           [ 4.1 ] Part One
           [ 4.2 ] Part Two
           [ 4.3 ] Part Three
    [ 5 ]  Weapons
    [ 6 ]  Vehicles
    [ 7 ]  Enemies
    [ 8 ]  12 Ways to Not Get Killed
    [ 9 ]  Version History
    [ 10 ] Disclaimer and Other Legal Crap
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    [ 1 ] == [ C O N T A C T | I N F O ]
    E-mail:          Viper70783@aol.com
    ICQ:             98977273
    MSN Messenger:   Viper0783@hotmail.com (Please don't e-mail this address)
    AIM:             Viper7679
    Online Alias:    Viper (Can ya guess?)
    E-mail I would like to recieve:
    -Comments/Suggestions about this FAQ
    -Questions about this FAQ
    E-Mail I would not like to recieve:
    -Unintelligent hate mail (Example: "ur faq sux and ur mama iz fat and ugly")
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    -E-mails from people with poor grammar
    [ 2 ] == [ G A M E | I N F O ]
    Red Faction is a first-person shooter.  You run around with an itchy trigger 
    through the eyes of an abused, underpayed, rebellious miner on Mars.  
    Basically, you and
    your miner buddies are pretty pissed off at your employor, Ultor, so you 
    take up arms and
    decide to kick their asses bigtime.
    The game has a grand total of 15 weapons of minor and mass destruction and 5 
    vehicles for
    you to joyride in.  However, only 4 weapons and 1 vehicle are available in 
    the demo (See
    the aptly titled sections "Weapons" and "Vehicles" for more information).
    That's not it, though.  Red Faction features a unique feature known as the 
    Basically, this handy little feature allows you to destroy almost anything, 
    granted you
    have enough fire power to do so.  Locked door in the way?  No problem!  A 
    well-placed bomb
    set next to the door and blow a hole around it.  Enemy hiding behind a 
    pillar?  Grab a
    rocket launcher and permanently take care of his little hiding space.
    The GeoMod's usefulness is almost infinite, and so is its pleasure to the 
    gamer!  I
    recommend you play around with it.
    In the demo, you have to reach the communication facility and send a 
    distress signal.  There
    are three parts to this.
    [ 3 ] == [ C O N T R O L S ]
    These are the default controls:
    Move forward:          Left Analog stick up
    Move backwards:        Left Analog stick down
    Strafe left:           Left Analog stick left
    Strafe right:          Left Analog stick right
    Look/aim:              Right Analog stick
    Primary Fire:          R1
    Secondary Fire:        R2
    Jump:                  L1
    Crouch:                L2
    Reload:                D-Pad up
    Holster Weapon:        D-Pad left
    Sniper Mode:           D-Pad down
    Message Log:           D-Pad right
    Use:                   X
    Previous Weapon:       Square
    Next Weapon:           Circle
    Pause demo:            Start
    Options menu:          Select
    Exit Demo:             [Start] + [Select]
    [ 4 ] == [ D E M O | W A L K T H R O U G H ]
    [ N O T E ] |
            [ 4.1 ] == [ W A L K T H R O U G H | P A R T | O N E ]             | 
    This FAQ is |
    used on the |
       "Medium"  |
    difficulity |
    You start out in a large room full of pillars, loaded with your trusty 
    Right in front of you is a rocket turrent (what fun!).  To your left is some 
    Assault Rifle
    ammo and some Remote Bombs.  You can grab these now or wait; I prefer to use 
    my pistol for
    this part.  Finally, to your right is some health (unless you are about to 
    die, save the
    health until after you've killed all the enemies in this room).  In front of 
    you and to
    the left and right are doors where a seemingly endless amount guards will 
    spill out of.
    You may use the rocket turrent if you wish.  The guards may destroy it, 
    though, in which
    case you'll have to take them on with your pistol.  Or, if you want to, you 
    can save the
    rocket turrent until after the enemies are gone and use to witness the 
    powers of the GeoMod.
    If you wish, you can put a suppressor on your pistol by tapping R2.  I have 
    found that it
    makes no difference whether or not you have the suppressor.
    Needless to say, shoot the guards as they come in.  They each take about 3-5 
    shots from
    medium range to the stomach/chest area, or (obviously) one shot to the head. 
      On the
    easier difficulties, this is especially simple, since the enemies tend to 
    walk right up
    to you, shoot you, miss, shoot at you some more, miss a lot and hit you 
    once, and then
    they reload.  They stay pretty still, so you can easily go into sniper mode 
    and finish
    them in one quick, painless blow.
    Note that unlike other shooters, if you reload with bullets left in the 
    clip, you lose
    those bullets.  So, I would recommend you fire until you run out of bullets, 
    jump behind
    a pillar while you reload, and jump back out.
    After you kill an enemy, run over their body to collect ammo.
    After you kill all the enemies (you'll know you've killed them all when 
    Hendrix messages
    you again), go to the door directly in front of where you started, in the 
    outer hallway.
    The door will be locked, but that's not a problem.  Remember those remote 
    bombs to the left
    of the starting position?  Yep, time to use 'em.  Place one either to the 
    left or right
    of the door, back up a good distance (ten feet should be safe), and blow it 
    up.  You'll
    see a hole where the bomb blew up the wall.  Try to squeeze through the hole 
    to bypass
    the door.  If the hole isn't large enough, another well-placed bomb or two 
    should do the
    trick.  After the get through, follow the hallway until you reach the hatch. 
      Hit the
    Use button (default is X) to open it, and climb down the laddar (don't 
    *drop* down the
    hatch.  Use the laddar instead, unless you want a premature demise).  When 
    you hit the sub-
    level, the next section will load.  On to Part Two!
             [ 4.2 ] == [ W A L K T H R O U G H | P A R T | T W O ]
    Enter the door in front of you.  You have now entered what appears to be a 
    dock, though the water has been iced over.  You'll see a man in red trying 
    to warm up.  He
    tells you to make an opening in the ice for the mini-sub.  Next to him are 
    two cases of
    remote bombs.  You could make an opening and successfully waste a remote 
    bomb or two, or
    you can just release the mini-sub and let it crash through the ice (the 
    prefered method
    here).  Enter the room next to the man and hit the switch on the console.  
    There are some
    Med-packs directly behind the console, in a white storage case on the wall.  
    Grab that if
    Note: You can kill the man without any penalty, but that would be a waste of 
    ammo.  If you
    want a laugh, put a remote bomb on him (you don't *really* need them 
    anymore, but they're
    helpful [but not needed] in two situations after this).  He'll run around 
    frantic, waving
    his arms like a lunatic.  After you are done making fun of him, you can just 
    blow up the
    bomb (make sure you're far enough away).
    Whether you kill the bloody wanker or let him live, hop into the water near 
    the mini-sub
    and hit the Use button.  You'll enter it.  The controls for the mini-sub are 
    the same as
    walking on foot.  Hitting R1 or R2 fires a torpedo (of which you have 20).  
    Enter the
    tunnel ahead of you.  When you exit the tunnel and enter the large 
    underwater cavern,  go
    up a little bit.  Behind the stalagmite is another mini-sub which happens to 
    not like you.
    Peek around the stalagmite, fire a torpedo, and go back behind the 
    stalagmite.  Hopefully,
    your first hit will take him out.  If not, keep firing.  Note that his 
    torpedos are homing
    (so are yours, though), but even a direct hit won't kill you.  If you kill 
    him fast enough,
    you can get away unscathed.  Afer he is dispatched, continue onward into 
    another tunnel.
    When you exit this tunnel, another enemy awaits you, though it isn't like 
    your previous
    opponent.  Rather, it is a large fish...thing.  It looks like a cross 
    between a deformed
    whale and a crippled manatee.  Whatever it is, fire a torpedo and back up 
    into the tunnel.
    If you miss, or if it doesn't kill it, fire again while continuing to back 
    After it is killed, go up, shoot through the ice with your torpedo, get out, 
    and climb
    up the laddar leading to land (its on the left, facing the dock).  If you 
    don't have
    any torpedos left, just get out of the mini-sub underwater and swim to the 
    As you get off the laddar, go into the caged area and aim at the barrels.  
    Before firing,
    make sure you are out of the blast radius (about five to ten feet away).  
    Finally, shoot
    the barrels.  In the box that is revealed is some health.
    Leave the caged area and enter the door on the left, go onto the lift, and 
    hit the button
    to start your ascent.  When you reach the top, the game loads the next part.
             [ 4.3 ] == [ W A L K T H R O U G H | P A R T | T H R E E ]
    Enter the door...and then stop in the walkway.  Take out your pistol, tap R2 
    for the
    silencer (not required, but it adds to the sniper effect), and hold the Down 
    button on the
    D-Pad.  A man dressed in yellow will exit the cargo ship.  If you can, shoot 
    him in the head.
    If you miss, whip out your assault rifle (you should have 42 rounds in the 
    clip and 200
    extra rounds, the maximum) and shoot the guards that come out.  The man in 
    yellow isn't
    armed, so the guards take priority.  Then, shoot the man in yellow.  
    Shooting him has no
    real effect, but you get to see him cower and duck his head, as if that'll 
    actually protect
    him from the bullet.  This part seems similiar to Syphon Filter, where you 
    have to chase down
    the evil scientists and when you catch them, they duck and plead for their 
    If you *did* manage to kill the man in yellow in one hit, congratulations.  
    Now take out your
    assault rifle and kill the guards.
    Whatever the outcome of your attempt at sniping, enter the cargo ship and 
    stock up.  You should
    have max health and max ammo for both your pistol and assault rifle.  Enter 
    the large door
    across from the door you entered the room from.  A guard will spot you and 
    hide behind a
    corner as he yells "Miner!"  Take him out, but don't go around the corner 
    just yet.  There's
    a mounted machine gun on the ceiling in the center of the hallway.  Hide 
    behind the crates,
    peek around, and kill the other guard.
    You know have three ways to deal with the mounted gun, in my personal order 
    of preference:
    A) Sneak up towards the mounted gun, taking cover behind the various crates 
    in the hallway, and
    chuck a remote bomb torwards the ceiling so it sticks near the mounted gun.  
    Then, kindly detonate
    the bomb,  Please be wary of the fact that if the gun shoots the bomb as you 
    throw it, it
    will detonate prematurely and most likely kill you.
    B) Simply take out the mounted machine gun with your assault rifle (Or 
    pistol).  I find this to
    be a great way to reduce your ammo.
    C) Simply ignore it.  This isn't entirely recommended.
    Whichever choice you make, go into the second row of doors on the left.  
    This stop isn't
    necessary, but unless you would like your body turned into a bloody piece of 
    swiss cheese, its
    a smart choice.
    On the bottom level of the room, go around some crates in the leftmost 
    corner farthest away from you
    to get your hands on the weapon any FPS cannot live without: the rocket 
    launcher.  You have
    twelve glorious shots with this baby.
    You can explore the other three rooms, but they wield nothing but more 
    health and more guards
    to waste ammo on.  Just be wary that if you explore the air duct, there will 
    be two guards below
    you that will shoot you when you go over one of the two grates in the duct.
    After your done, continue down the hallway (with a non-rocket-launcher 
    weapon, preferably).
    You will meet two more guards who have made the rather deadly mistake of 
    making enemies
    of you; extract your revenge by pumping pieces of lead into their unholy 
    bodies.  Be
    wary of a second mounted gun here.  Take it out however you like.  Also be 
    wary of the hole in the
    floor (and the long, fatal drop that occurs if you manage to successfully 
    fall into it).
    Take out your rocket launcher and enter the door.  You will almost 
    immediatly notice two
    guards on the second floor.  Ignore them, for now.  Behind the pillar is a 
    rather large robot
    who will present to you a plethora of automatic fire and rockets.  Its takes 
    three shots
    from the rocket launcher to down this guy; you should get away nearly 
    unscathed if you keep
    moving and don't just stand still.  Now divert your attention to the other 
    guards and dispatch
    them however you wish to: rocket launcher, pistol, assault rifle, or remote 
    This is the last room in the game, so it's the last chance you'll have to 
    explore the powers
    of the GeoMod.  If you wish, unload the rest of your rocket launcher ammo 
    onto the room.
    Watch in awe as the pillar crumbles and the walls disintigrate before your 
    very eyes.  Don't
    use up all your ammo, though; there still lies one more enemy.
    Go into the door on the right, climb up the laddar, follow the path, enter 
    the door...and
    quickly back up as the final enemy tries to beat you with a club.  Shoot the 
    mother down
    while running backwards.  When his corpse touches the ground, the demo is 
    almost over...
    Enter the room he came from, turn left, go up to the console, and hit the 
    Use button to
    finish this wonderous adventure.
    [ 5 ] == [ W E A P O N S ]
    *=There isn't enough ammo in the demo to accurately determine this figure.
             [ P I S T O L ]
    Firing Rate:      Semi-automatic
    Clip Size:        16
    Max Ammo:         125
    Primary Fire:     Fires a bullet
    Secondary Fire:   Puts on/takes off suppressor
    Description:      Your trusty pistol is one of the most reliable weapons you 
    have available,
                      though the clip runs out of bullets more quickly than the 
    assault rifle,
                      and it seems to do so at the worst times it can.  
    Nevertheless, a sturdy
                      weapon with nice accuracy.
             [ A S S A U L T | R I F L E ]
    Firing Rate:      Automatic
    Clip Size:        42
    Max Ammo:         200
    Primary Fire:     A burst of three bullets; semi-automatic
    Secondary Fire:   Full automatic
    Description:      Great stopping power and a good clip size make this the 
    ideal weapon
                      throughout most of the demo.
             [ R E M O T E | B O M B S ]
    Firing Rate:      N/A
    Clip Size:        1
    Max Ammo:         Unknown*
    Primary Fire:     Tap once to throw bomb; tap again to make it explode
    Secondary Fire:   Tap once to throw bomb; tap again to make it explode
    Description:      The remote bombs are only useful in a handful of 
    scenarios, but usually
                      there's no other way to go than to use these puppies.  If 
    a locked door
                      is blocking the way, you can most likely blast around it 
    with two or
                      three bombs.
             [ R O C K E T | L A U N C H E R ]
    Firing Rate:      Non-automatic
    Clip Size:        1
    Max Ammo:         Unknown*
    Primary Fire:     Fires a rocket
    Secondary Fire:   Fires a rocket
    Description:      Although extremely useful for taking out larger, tougher 
    enemies, the
                      rocket launcher is inaccurate, inconvienent, and 
    cumbersome in normal
                      combat.  Still, like the remote bombs, there are certian 
                      where it is a must.
            [ R O C K E T | T U R R E N T ]
    Firing Rate:      Automatic
    Clip Size:        N/A
    Max Ammo:         50 (Non-replenishable)
    Primary Fire:     Fires a rocket
    Secondary Fire:   Fires a rocket
    Description:      This is the stationary gun you find right in front of you 
    in the beginning.
                      It's extremely handy for taking out the guards, and it 
    fires rockets
                      faster than the rocket launcher does.
    [ 6 ] == [ V E H I C L E S ]
             [ M I N I | S U B ]
    Terrain Type:     Underwater
    Weapon Type:      Torpedo (homing)
    Weapon Stock:     20
    Maneuverability:  Good
    Description:      The only vehicle available in the demo, the mini-sub, like 
    its name
                      implies, is a smaller version of a submarine.  You control 
    this baby
                      for a brief period of time, in which you get to play 
    around with the
                      torpedos.  Not much to say, since you can't really compare 
    it to anything.
    [ 7 ] == [ E N E M I E S ]
             [ G U A R D | A ]
    Weapons:          Pistol
    Durability:       2/5
    Stupidity:        5/5
    Appearance:       Blue uniform
    Description:      This grunt isn't too hard to deal with: a couple shots to 
    the chest, or
                      one to the head, and he's done with.  He's so stupid, 
    he'll run right up to
                      you, fire his entire clip (only hitting you once or twice, 
    mind you, if
                      given the chance), and he doesn't even bother to take 
    cover as he reloads.
                      He is the scum of the enemies.
             [ G U A R D | B ]
    Weapons:          Assault Rifle
    Durability:       2/5
    Stupidity:        5/5
    Appearance:       Blue uniform.  You can tell the difference between Guard B 
    and Guard A
                      easily by how large the weapon is that they are holding.
    Description:      Exactly the same as Guard A, except he carries heavier 
    firepower.  His death
                      should take preference over Guard A's.
             [ M I N I | S U B ]
    Weapons:          Torpedos (homing)
    Durability:       1/5
    Stupidity:        4/5
    Appearance:       The big thing in the water with the four bright lights.  
    Is it really that hard?
    Description:      The enemy counterpart of your own mini-sub, a single 
    torpedo does him in.
             [ L A R G E | W A T E R | T H I N G ]
    Weapons:           The behemoth tries to ram you
    Durability:        3/5
    Stupidity:         4/5
    Appearance:        The cross between a deformed whale and a crippled 
    manatee.  Kinda hard to miss.
    Description:       This guy tries to ram into your mini-sub, but you have 
    nearly all the time
                       in the world to unload a bunch of torpedos at this guy 
    before he even
                       touches you.
             [ G U Y | I N | Y E L L O W ]
    Weapons:           None
    Durability:        1/5
    Stupidity:         5/5
    Appearance:        Judging from the name I gave him, it should be 
    Description:       Could somebody please enlighten me to his reason for 
    existance?  All he
                       does is run from you, and when you corner him, and ducks 
    and whimpers.
             [ M O U N T E D | G U N ]
    Weapons:           Automatic gun
    Durability:        2/5
    Stupidity:         3/5
    Appearance:        The big metallic thing thats stuck to the ceiling.
    Description:       Easily taken out with a couple bursts from the assault 
    rifle, or from
                       a single remote bomb.
             [ R O B O T ]
    Weapons:           Some gun of an automatic nature, and a nice load of 
    rockets to compliment it
    Durability:        5/5
    Stupidity:         2/5
    Appearance:        Uhhh...the big, yellow, floating, metallic thing that 
    trying to blow you up?
    Description:       Requiring three well-aimed rockets, this bad boy is the 
    toughest enemy
                       you'll face, but you'll have no trouble with him, unless 
    you can't aim
                       a gun for your life. To kill him, just fire, take cover, 
    fire, take
                       cover, fire, celebrate.  Just try to dodge the rockets he 
    shoots at you.
    [ 8 ] == [ 1 2 | W A Y S | N O T | T O | G E T | K I L L E D ]
    Here are some univeral tips to surviving first-person shooters:
    [1]   If you have time, go for the head shot.
    [2]   Circle strafe your opponent (strafe and turn at the same time so that 
    you circle him,
          while continuously keeping him under your crosshairs)
    [3]   Needless to say, take out the guy with the larger firepower first.
    [4]   Wait until an area is cleared of enemies until you grab the health.
    [5]   Save your larger weapons for when you need them.
    [7]   Take things slowly.  There's no rush.
    [8]   Learn your terrain.
    [9]   If your gonna reload, don't do it out in the open, where you can get 
    shot.  Take
          cover, then pop back out.
    [10]  If you're under heavy fire, take cover, let things calm down, then 
          take out the opposition.
    [11]  Don't loose sight of the enemy.
    [12]  Keep an eye on your ammo supply.
    [ 9 ] == [ V E R S I O N | H I S T O R Y ]
             [ V E R S I O N | 1 . 0 ]
    The first version.
             [ V E R S I O N | 1 . 2 ]
    I had to fix some grammatical errors and a not-too-minor error in content, 
    which I made in
    my rush to make this FAQ.  My apologies for anyone who was seriously 
    confused in Part Three
    of the walkthrough.
    [ 10 ] == [ D I S C L A I M E R | A N D | O T H E R | L E G A L | C R A P ]
    This completely unofficial guide is copyright (c) by me, myself, and I.  It 
    may not be sold
    for profit.  Only one copy per household.  If it is reproduced, it must be 
    reproduced in
    whole, with nothing missing, including thing disclaimer.  You may not change 
    this guide in
    any way, including (but not limited to) grammatical errors.  If you wish to 
    link to this
    guide, please contact me (Viper70783@aol.com).  You must have my permission 
    in order to
    link to this guide.  You may not take credit for this guide.  This guide 
    must remain in text
    format (.txt), unless I myself come out with another version (such as an 
    HTML version).
    This guide may not be converted to another format, unless I have given you 
    Red Faction copyright (c) Volition
                                                                   [ E N D | D O 
    C U M E N T ]

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