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"Mars goes wild!"


This was my very first playstation 2 game. And now that I think about it, a lot of this game made way for many other games in terms of gaming evolution. This is all thanks to the GEO-MOD Technology in which I will delve into further in a little bit. And not just the GMT, but much much more has paved a bright road indeed. Red Faction will never be just an ordinary run of the mill first person shooter. And in my books it ranks high up there as one of the best FPS's of all time. This classic will bring you to worlds you had only imagined and after that is all said and done, it will bring you even further.


The story on top of the game play provides a super strong back bone for this game. You play as Parker, a man who travels to Mars in hopes of a better life which was promised only to run into a rude awakening. The Ultor guards you work for are abusing their workers, and on top of that workers are mysteriously disappearing and a dangerous plague is breaking loose. A possible revolution is on the rise. I couldn't have asked for a better story, very original. And come to think about it in terms of real life, life on Mars really isn't all that crazy of an idea any more;)

Game Play

Red Faction is a FPS. There are a lot of things in this game that (since this was an early title you have to think in terms of 5 years ago) set the record straight for a lot of FPS. Also for the very first set of FPS's to come out on the PS2 this game has gone well beyond it's expectations. Lets talk about the GEO-MOD technology which doesn't really effect the game all to much but makes an impact none the less. With GMT you are able to blow holes into walls literally as far as you can go. You obviously need the bigger guns capable of explosives but you can tear tunnels through walls blow by blow. You don't use it all to much in the game but there are times where you can use it or not. It's a really neat effect also during intense shoot-outs and you have left a trail of craters. You eventually build up quite an arsenal and the variety is quite different. You can even use a riot shield to batter or protect yourself (pretty different if you ask me) The flow of the game play is slowly progressive, the more you go on the more you...well you get the idea of that. There is also a mixture of styles here in game play. There is ladder climbing, swimming, platform jumping, and vehicle driving. And there is an AWESOME variety of some futuristic vehicles to control or go along for the ride. Also many of the levels take place both in and out doors in day or night. So yeah this game has it all Even a nifty 2 player mode so you can go head to head with your friends and experiment with the GEO-MOD or just practice and have fun!


For a much older game the graphics never fail to impress. Everything looks really good from the gunfire down to every explosion. Every environment in terms of details speak for themselves. You will never find yourself in a wide open vacant area with nothing but nothing to look at.


The controls take a little getting used to but are very easy once you do. Scrolling for weapons and movements are easy and even the vehicles control really fluid and nice.

Sounds/Music/Voice Acting

The sound effects are great! The voice overs...meh they were okay but still really good and not bad enough to count. And the music, well could have been more of a variety of music but different.

Play Time/Replay Value/Buy or Rent

This game is tremendous, really really large. When I was playing I thought it was going to be endless at first. So yes this game is garbanzo! Also the replay value is pretty decent considering once you beat it you play it some more. Not to mention it has a two player mode where you can battle your friends in huge fully destructible environments. This is a definite BUY!

-Happy Gaming!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/21/06

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