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"The Red... it filters through."

This just so happens to be my favorite first person shooter game ever. Everything about this game seems to have been tweaked just for my liking. I first bought this game when it came out several years ago, after loving it and playing the hell out of it, I ended up selling it. Moving onto newer games, that broke through the barriers and beyond with graphics, game play, and story I figured it would only seem to top Red Faction. However, I was wrong. I picked up this game just last week, and stuck it in my PS2, becoming almost instantly familiarized with the memories that were long since lost and buried. Deciding to withhold on the main game, I hit the multi-player mode. The Lobby had managed to once again in that short 20 minutes of play time, convince me that this wasn't the kind of game that became overshadowed by new games that would surpass it, but instead remain a true FPS gem, that goes on as very underrated and unrecognized amongst a wide majority of people. This is Red Faction.


This game makes me drool, that's how fun it is. If I could exaggerate for a moment, this game requires me to keep a handkerchief at arms reach during all periods of play. The multi-player is amazing. The bot/player count may not be impressive in terms of quantity, but it makes up for that in AI. With many difficulties to set the AI level at, winning can be difficult or a real challenge depending on your skill. Aside from the basic necessities of knowing how to play the game, there are also hidden secrets found within each multi-player level. Finding them and utilizing them just adds more layers to the cake and creates a more exciting experience. Apart from the multi-player though, you have the main game mode, I have trouble deciding which I had more fun with. You go through multiple places on Mars leading a rebellion against an unjust organization and trying to capture freedom and justice. While doing this, you'll see outfit changes such as disguises and battle upgrades, not to mention acting out stealth missions, all this wraps up just a small part of something much bigger. During the game you can kill and hide bodies, to avert from being caught by camera robots, or body guards. Blowing holes in walls to proceed to new areas, traveling through ventilation ducts, are all here. Goody.



You play as a miner working for an evil corporation that abuses and mistreats your fellow comrades. He goes by the name of Parker, and his mission is to help free the miners and take part in the rebellion. Acting as a savior against the evil regime, he suits up in many different costumes and takes on different persona's. Almost like a James Bond on Mars adventure this game delivers. Being the good guy isn't always the step to take though, as even though you're saving people, you can kill your own people. I personally enjoy wiping out everything in sight to wet my appetite to kill polygons.


Graphics and Sound

The graphics are kind of blocky, and even a bit shabby. I really didn't mind though, because the game play had me too glued to my screen to even nit pick at them. I swear this game will put you in a trance and steal your life away. The levels themselves are better designed than the characters, and the special effects are okay at best. Some minor things like blood splattering (resembling much to my dismay, like flying red blocks) are something to roll your eyes at. The sound is pretty generic as well. The voice actors do quite a nice job, but as for background music it lacks captivation. Don't get me wrong though, it's not bad. This category is just average at best.



The game isn't very long, you can beat it in under 15 hours time. However, the replay value is very high, as the story mode is fun to play, and the multi-player mode is hours of fun to be spent with a friend. The regular game is good for two or three plays and I'd recommend giving it a thorough trial and exploration before moving onto to something else.


Final Verdict

Should you get this game for the Sony Playstation 2? Hmm… duh, of course you should. This game reeks of awesomeness and to pass up on this game is a mistake. It's easily purchasable at a local game retailer for likely no more than 15 dollars. While you're at it though, you should pick up the game's sequel, Red Faction 2. It should also be for a cheap price, due to it being out a long time as well. Final game score:


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/25/06

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