Review by Hittman

Reviewed: 05/25/01 | Updated: 05/25/01

A Very Solid First Person Shooter, worth at least a rent

Red Faction is in my opinion the best singleplayer FPS (First Person Shooter) on playstation 2 at this point.

Gameplay: 9.5
Fast gameplay with no slowdown encountered here. Th action is fast and without auto aim can become very intense, especially with the added of effect of awesome music in certain places. The weapons rock and the geo-mod system adds a nice little touch, sadly though it wasnt really needed at all, there was only one place that i can recall where it was absolutly require, personally i thought it would have been pretty cool to have been in need of it more...oh well i guess we'll have to wait for Red Faction 2. Besides that small little letdown a sweet playing experience nonetheless.

Story: 6
Story-wise its no Metal Gear Solid but still it helps the game move along at a brisk pace. Another bum deal is that there is no real connection with the characters, but i guess thats cause im an RPG fanatic (we can all tell where most of the effort was put into making this game...if you still dont know, well look at the section above).

Graphics: 8.5
Graphically spweaking its quite nice, although i have a thing against's volitions recent style of character face design. The real only bad part in the graphics department is the weak animation in some of the videos and the ocasional area with redundent textures.

Replay Value: 5
I'll probably want to play through it twice because there seems to be a bit of non-linearity (if thats a word)attached to it, I never used the driller vehicle so i probably took a different turn at one point, I think I know where to, so ill probably go back and check it out. But for the average person, unless you absolutly love the game once is probably enough.

Sound: 10
Sound effects are great, most of the time. And with the occasional music track that kicks in when the action heats up really adds to the atmosphere of an already great game.

Buy or Rent:
My motto is always ''rent before you buy'', mainly cause sh*t happens with games every now and then, also there will be people out there who will hate it and have read this review, which would leave me at fault for telling them it is a great game so i suggest always rent before you buy...ALWAYS!!!!

Ending Note:
All i can end with saying that in my mind this game was somewhat a let down, but due to the great gameplay (Very PCish game, what i like, although i hate playin games on a PC) really allowed me to stick with it and play it to through its tough end.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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